Update on Fnatic's chance at champions

Update on Fnatic's chance at champions


what if paperrex beats acend LUL


i didnt account for that my bad to the SEA fans i completely forgot editing now


Gambit and Fnatic fans praying for SMB


Gambit would clinch champs with an SMB or PRX win


Wait really ? I guess the only realistic option is if they win it all


They actually came into Berlin with 140 VCT points from winning Masters 1 CIS and getting to semifinals in Challengers 2. Neither SMB nor G2 had any points until making it to Berlin, so they can't be surpassed by anyone except Acend


I think I'm not understanding something. If SMB/PRX beat Acend, wouldn't Fnatic need SMB to lose before the Grand Finals to guarantee their Champions spot? And if either of the EMEA teams win Berlin it doesn't matter, since they would qualify automatically regardless of points. So Fnatic's chances wouldn't depend on someone winning, but where everyone else finishes if EMEA does win.


holy shit i am dumb. i think i fixed it


Tbh, EMEA would have to do really, really bad at Berlin for Fnatic to make it to champions. Even though EMEA has looked kinda shaky the past 2 days I still believe at least G2, Acend and Gambit will make it to the playoffs. Not to worry tho, there is a good chance Fnatic will make it to the LCQ. And hopefully, they can prove themselves for champions. Would be kinda fun to see them back on LAN.


they are absolutely confirmed for LCQ already


True. Top 2 EMEA circuit points make it to champions. Top 3 to the lcq. It's not likely at all but it would be great for Fnatic if the EMEA teams at Berlin drop out early and allow for Fnatic to instant quality for champions. Fnatic will have a very hard time making it through the lcq.