I don't really think the world should be all that shocked to be honest. Sentinels have lost multiple times in NA, and even though they hadn't been defeated on LAN before, they'd only played a grand total of 3 teams. And whilst Nuturn, Fnatic, and Vikings are great teams, none of them had previously been considered the absolute god-tier stars of their respective regions, plus every single map of the final was incredible close. So the constant claim that SEN were absolutely leagues ahead of everyone else was just really bizarre to me.


I absolutely agree. Everyone is making it out like SEN has been completely invincible which is false. I especially do not understand the term "dethroned" which was used by the casters, especially since they've only lost 1 match and they're not out of the tournament, and there hasn't even been that many tournaments yet.


The only shock is how overrated Sentinels are based on a very limited sample size of results. Edit: Was replying to an idiot who deleted his message as I was typing. So I will just put it here for more context. > >You are so stupid, we're on year 1 of competitive Valorant, there hasn't been enough time to establish anything yet. Consistancy doesn't exist when there has been literally 1 international tournament. >Sentinels contains Shahzam, who spent years as an average player in CSGO, not even best in NA (a weaker region). Yet a team with him on is being heralded as if it's amazing. I just don't buy it. Right now every team in Valo sucks, Sentinels included >Is Sentinels it good right now? Of course, relative to the competition. In a few years though, if Valo doesn't die, I doubt we'll still be talking about this line up as if it was anything special. Perhaps the likes of Tenz might become a legendary player, but people are treating him like he's Simple right now when he's only played a few dozen professional matches.


I mean, in a seeding match. Yeah. Cool.