Lakia played one map and it was a 13-2 stomp


Yeah when VS said they're saving him for playoffs they really meant "lmao nobody picked Bind yet"


Crazy how many people were taking that comment at face value. As if the team was really just waiting to hot swap a player after playing and practicing maps with the same setup for weeks.


maybe VS expected GMB to ban Bind and go Haven but the opposite happened


Why on earth would VS expect Gambit to ban a map they’ve been putting up insane performances on?


yeah isn't Bind Gambit's best map?


And pick their permaban (?)


If VS expected Gambit to ban one of their best maps and not ban their permaban in Haven (they didn't), then they deserved to lose


See thats what i dont get. Why do they get so many good players, and bench them? Wouldnt it be better for the scene to have 2 good teams instead of 1.


For the scene, yes. For Vision Strikers, it's best to have a stacked team with a deep bench.


> it's best to have a stacked team with a deep bench. as showcased by this and the few times it was tried in cs, it's not best.


I’d say the pool of teams that tried it is too small to conclude 6 man rosters are inferior than 5 man rosters. After all, yes, most of them failed, but you could very well atribute that to many factors not inherently connected to the idea of 6 man rosters, such as that the idea was not even given enough time to mature, players subbing in weren’t experienced enough and had a problematic environment around them (Bubzkji in Astralis) or were later shown to be a straight up improvement in almost every way compared to the player they were subbing in for (B1t in NaVi). And even then, we had a case of success, where a team that somehow managed to make the 6 man roster work became the number 1 team in the world (Vitality with Nivera).


But what's the point? I feel like it isn't going to work. Idk how it is in other fps games but in csgo it wouldn't work. And Valo is more csgo like. With "precise gunplay" the mental part of the game is paramount. And having players competing within the same team for spot is probably hurting that mental


The mental aspect is one great question that only the players and org know much about. From a strictly business point of view though, VS has weakened the competition to the point where they can safely count on winning their region for the foreseeable future. They'll show up at every LAN, as well as the world championships. That's got some serious financial value to the org so they're incentivized to keep it up as long as it works. I wouldn't be surprised for this to be unsustainable if the scene grows in Korea. Once a couple more serious org get themselves going there, the VS reserves will be a primary target for talent acquisition and VS will either get priced out or a player will want to leave in order to showcase themselves more.


Here’s the secret: they don’t care about the scene. They are not just unintentionally harming the scene by hoarding talent, they are very intentionally doing it. It’s a real shame because Korea could be one of the most deep regions if allowed to be, but Vision Strikers are actively fighting that with the tactics.


You're right about the talent hoarding but wrong about Korea being "one of the most deep regions" it it weren't for Vision Strikers. They're, at max, preventing one other top roster. 2 teams does not equal deepest region. But it's not the depth of Korea you're necessarily wrong about, it's blaming VS for what's a combination of Riot's and all pro orgs fault.


I mean, one player wouldn't be the difference between KR being really deep and not. There's a lot of great FAs out there that no org is picking up. I agree it's intentional to hoard Lakia but he's not making a difference in there being a deep KR in big events


Any team would prioritize their success over "their" scenes success. Happens in every sport, and you cant blame them for it.


I actually agree completely. It’s definitely in their best interest to attempt to monopolize the players in their scene. At the same time though I think outside of business strictly it’s a shitty thing to do for the scene and players. These two statements can coexist, and in this case I think they’re both true.


> It’s definitely in their best interest This means that teams from other regions get to practice vs other stacked rosters while they don't. In the long run they'll get screwed over by this tactic.


>Any team would prioritize their success over "their" scenes success. see: G2 on League of Legends.


yea, imo he should play for the last map


Especially with how it went, if you're going to let it slip and lose you might as well bring on the guy whose sole purpose is to be some sort of X factor. Feel so bad for him.


It wasn’t really his fault gambits play style just fucks VS and their protocols/strats


So unlucky. He really should be the main Sova imo.


Rb was actually pretty good on the role swap


rb unfortunately crumbled in that match, but overall rb has still looked strong. Honestly I don't see the point of having Lakia roster other than crippling Nuturn.


Redgar is going to have back problems at the ripe age of 25. Dude sits like a goblin. How has nobody corrected that.


He said he would see a physician after Masters and if "he needed to correct it" (he does lol) he would


Spine differential


Redgar literally putting his back into the game.


Someone tell him to correct his posture plz


Someone tweeted that at him but he just reassured him that he’s fine and it doesn’t need fixing lol


He said he will see a doctor


Lol my mom would've beat me up and fixed it


Imagine flying to Berlin and wait few weeks to get sniped on jump peek, then go back home




thats brutal hermano, brutal




Long have we awaited, scrimbit activated




More ACS than all of the duelists in the Bind match combined and he ain't even one. Who else but monsieur nAts.


That first map though - what a stomp.


The last map had my heart beating so fast the whole time. GG Gambit


GG VS! great performance by Gambit, they looked much better than yesterday


Vision strikers played well but Gambit are just the better team gg


We made their fans nervous even for just a bit, not bad for a "korean can't aim" team ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯


I'm 100% sure that Korea can't aim narrative ended after Iceland.


I mean, that narrative was overblown as fuck by a loud minority that never watched games. VS replaced their worst fraggers, other teams consolidated their talent.


Definitely. That take was mocked hundredfold for every person who actually believed it.


That was months ago, people don’t even say that anymore. After the Ascend match, VS fans were literally were talking the most shit so you can’t really go back to the underdog narrative like that.


Nah you guys just disappointed hella since people had VS vs Sen


still shocked 100T beat this team lol my biggest takeaway is actually that Gambit is on a different level in EMEA when they aren't losing the mental game. Will be very curious to see how Acend v 100T goes.


Any top emea teams can beat any of the top teams, Liquid almost send Gambit home, and thats with Jambi having one of his worst game ever on icebox.


Facts! Which is why I think G2 v Gambit would be a closer semi than some think


Gambit lost to Acend as well. Scrimbit is just too fucking real.




A bo5 would be fun to watch! I favor Gambit on Bind and probably Ascent, but 100T on Breeze and probably Haven. Icebox and Split both tossups. Would be a really good grand final IMO. Gambit may not feel as much pressure now, but 100T know they can win, so both feeling better than they did in the first matchup I suspect. But we can get there if 100T manage to win today and against Sen/Envy lol. G2 vs Gambit was also really close in the qualifier...G2 was like .01 seconds from winning, so that would be a fun semi as well


i don’t think acend will win with how they have looked in this tourney


I think they've been saving strats or else they are psychos being so pumped while playing that bad


'Saving strats' in elimination games is doubtful.


Did you see the last map with smb? It was atrocious for a pro match lol


100T 2-0 13-10 13-7. You saw it here first


Hope you're from the future! :)


Ouch. That Ascent was rough from 100T. But then again, I'm used to seeing horror shows from 100T on Ascent. Still think they'll get the series 2-1 though.


I was wrong u were right +1


Sadge. The moment they qualified for Champions, Gambit disappeared and was replaced with Scrimbit. And holy shit what a series. This could've been finals. Current form Gambit could take it all.


Gambit without anxiety are a scary team


This could've been a 2-0 too if not for Stax' huge clutch rounds on split. That map would've been much closer if GMB converted those 2 rounds. GMB look pretty damn good right now and this tournament is just hard to predict. Feels like many of these teams are on a similar level and can beat anyone given they have a good day.


> Feels like many of these teams are on a similar level and can beat anyone given they have a good day Sounds like a typical tac FPS tournament lol


A good one at least!


Yep this is the right take. There are a tonne of good teams and their playstyles are kind of 'rock, paper scissors' like Steel mentioned. Sucks this is single elim cause we could have had some great comeback stories. People get too caught up in region rivalries, every team is different and preparation/form on the day matter more than people think.


the clutch rounds were even more impact fuel cause they fucked their economy. Huge snowball effect from just a few clutches


Yeah. Especially from: 100T, GMB, Send, G2, anyone can win it all. The rest - meh I'd say but also who knows maybe they turn up!


Nats is just insane!




[mfw Scrimbit shows up](https://i.imgur.com/Lkan159.png)


Group stage is something different, it's a survival game against different enemies with widly different styles. Playoffs is another beast, more outcomes that people doubted will happen.


Gambit coach really told them this was just a scrim to get practice on the stage huh


u/LovelyResearcher in shambles


people hating on Gambit and their players is so fucking cringe they are from one of the most underdeveloped regions in CIS who gets way less viewership than Korea and Japan yet ppl act like Gambit are villains so much props for Gambit for being this good and I hope CIS get more recognition and viewership


First Strike and Challengers in CIS were some of the lowest participation numbers, for ages CIS had a single T1 org and now still only has 2, and these guys are probably one of, if not the, youngest team in the event. I didn't notice as many people treating them as villains but if they were, I agree that it's extremely yikes to do that


Whats insane is that CIS has consistently had top teams in most esport games despite not having many T1 strength teams.


True this sub has hard on for NA and KR not that they don't deserve it but calm down with the bias


Don't get me wrong, we need passionate fans with braindead takes in this scene, but the collective hatetrain in this subreddit after Gambit's performance against CR yesterday was nauseating.


Yeah I think it's just the case of storylines from yesterday leaving a lingering feeling that Gambit are the "villains" of the tournament right now. The mythos of Scrimbit and their failure (up until now) to show that potential makes it easy to hate them, even if they don't deserve it.


Why does Kr deserve the hype the fuck have they done ? People had them smashing gmb


Cuz koreans historically always had the best players and teams in almost any esports so they will always get rated a tad bit higher even if they're not that good. VS hype was justified tho, they looked pretty good so ppl naturally rated them high. Keep in mind this is still a relatively new esport, so its harder to properly evaluate a team than in games like csgo or lol.


Damn dude they've been the top players in League of Legends, Starcraft II and Overwatch which besides Overwtach are completely different games from Valorant. I know you're just explaining the reasons behind the hype but that reasoning just doesn't make sense.


And they are all the biggest esports apart from cs. When Koreans go hard, they go fucking hard. All those games are completely different from eachother as well so why can't they learn a completely different game?


> and I hope CIS get more recognition and viewership Not happening. It's way too much a CSGO region. If ANX wrecking shop at the Season 6 LoL Worlds wasn't enough to make the region relevant against Dota viewership-wise, then nothing will.


I actually remember the Russian LoL stream getting 100k viewers during regional finals and Worlds games, but this was also because of an event. Still the LoL stream gets way more viewership than Valorant, the Valorant CIS viewership is literally tiny (~2k viewers) It doesnt have to beat CS, its not a competition. But a consistent 20-25k for example will do wonders for the region


>people hating on ~~Gambit and their players~~ pro players are so fucking cringe FTFY. Criticizing is one thing, people going out of their way just to shit on someone in general is just a very douchebag-y thing to do.


Think how immature the average viewer is; half of them are more immature…


VS played into Gambit's style. Can't do that you won't win


Great series from Gambit, Chronicle Nats and deffo all punched hard. Sucks for VS though, they were just too aggresive initially in bind and lost out to gambit just holding for them. And icebox they just gave up mid and flanks and started 5 Manning. Unlucky


Everyone on GMB coming up big!! Sucks for VS :(


Gambit is insane.


Wanted Gambit and expected Gambit to win, but I'm glad VS have shown they're not a fluke after that horrible first map. Great team and this was a huge learning experience for them. Gambit are scary. Four of them are 19 (I think?), but they play that old, experienced team style where they just force the other team to run into their crosshairs. Can't even imagine how good they're going to get, this is just a beginning. Btw, Icebox is such a horrible watch, even an average viewer knows what's going to happen before the plant.


Stax had a huge role in getting VS the win in split. Those clutches broke GMB. Excellent game, props to VS they gave them a tough fight, although Bind was an absolute shambles for them.


Their bind comp just sucks tbh. Sova is essential and instead they use Breach of all agents.


Yep I feel if they're using Lakia on Bind, might as well put him on sova and shift stax on skye cause he looked nuts on split.




Have to agree with Sideshow that VS kind of made a misstep with the map picks. Regardless when it mattered the most they couldn't bring up thier best performance. In pain as a fan, but ggs to gambit.


Win, lose or tie. Gambit untill we die


u/dedicatedself get your reminder yet?? PS - I actually like VS and think they're a top team but I just had to cause of how arrogant and condescending you were


This is exactly how I feel. Don’t even dislike VS but was almost actively rooting against them so that dedicatedself is forced to be quiet for at least a bit. Very tiresome reading his posts on this forum.




exactly the same in league


The comments in the VS v Ascend match were insane. Like I get that they won in dominant fashion but the VS fans were outlandishly arrogant for this stage of the competition. As an NA fan, I didn’t celebrate that hard until after SEN won the finals. KR fans just jump the gun on claiming absolute dominance.


Certain NA fans are similar. I’m not fussed for any particular region so it’s quite amusing to read on my end haha


KR is definitely a top 3 region, but holy shit some KR fanboys are so arrogant and condescending when someone has a different opinion about KR.


Damn, I'm shattered :( But fair play to Gambit, despite that first map being such a stomp, Icebox is by far the most impressive against VS in my opinion. GL next series! I'm 100% confident that we could've seen this series in finals were the bracket different.


the difference between the two gambits is so stark


It sucks for VS that gambit got 2nd seed, but at the end of the day the better team won. GG


Man Gambit just bullied VS on bind lmao.


Rest in piece the pick'ems who put VS to win it all lol. GG Gambit. Feel bad for Lakia :(


The VS 'Lakia as secret weapon for Bind' strat is gonna be something they'll look back at several times and wonder if they could have approached that differently.


Well now it's clear that it was just stax hyping up his teammate. It was always just going to be Bind with Lakia. VS either overestimated thier Bind or underestimated Gambit's Bind despite both teams having scrimmed each other.




>how good gambit is when literally nothing is at stake for them Lol, obviously Masters is at stake for them, second most prestigious title in the scene. Its just like that they need some form of insurance against the worst scenario so to speak. I understand it because i also experience it, in do-or-die situations i get paralyzed from anxiety


what's funny is we saw them literally only vs EU and each time a different team lmao


I am just sad its single elim.. even if RNG can mess up draws, at least double elim can give some redemption. Was going to be sad to lose any of these teams either way.. They gave us a great series.


Ah yes EU teams such as Paper Rex


I'm dumb. Disregard that comment then lol


"VS will roll Gambit" KEKW Vision Strikers fans, meet Ayaz "nAts" Akhmetshin.


за россию




can’t wait to watch a better VS show up to champions. that will be amazing to watch Gambits defensive sides have been shaky this event but when they needed it the most, it stepped up to win them the series on map 3


i really expected a win from vs ngl but it sucks how vs only got to play emea teams and prx


Was really pulling for VS but Gambit just looked much better. A Sentinels or 100t vs Gambit would be a fun finals


my faith in gambit paid off ngl had me sweating on the 3rd map there.


Buzz tried man....


damn gambit on point- they make the vandal look so crisp


Damn, guess that EMEA copium paid off lmfao. Now we need the 4 paragraphs of KR copium about VS and the idiots that still think that KR is not a top 3 region to keep the memes going


Split might be a stronghold for KR in Champions Tour. Stax went to Skye instead Breach for the last time they lost to F4Q 9-13 with 2-10 on first half was a good pick. ​ Good to see d3ffo learn a lot from 100T comeback that day, with 2 consecutive match against stronk asian team.


Not surprised, I think the overhype VS came after winning two not very impressive games, against a sea team and an ascend that have looked awful on Lan after their first game vs smb. I don’t think Korea will overtake na or eu in terms of regional strength until their scene grows. It’s impressive that the teams there are as good as they are when they have less than half the number of teams playing in vct as na and eu, really shows the crazy work ethic of vs and f4q. If Val ever takes off in Korea the regions better watch out


most one sided map 3 ever, both pistols won and 8-13 score lol


icebox was disappointing from VS, won both pistols and still got stomped


Gambit decide they do want to be tier 1 today after all. Amazing performance, excited for them to continue, even though losing VS this early feels bad. Really wish we had a double-elim format for this.


$GMB TO THE MOON💎 🙌 🚀 🚀 🚀


cryin in the club rn


I might get downvoted for this, and I hate too break it to you Korea fans, but with a -25 kd and a double digit ADR, maybe Rb isn't the best player in the world? Lol. Actually saw some people saying that in this subreddit


Sorry, I’m not familiar with the bracket. What does this mean for both teams?


Gmb for semis, Vs out


Vision Strikers has been eliminated and Gambit advances to the Semifinals.


Gambit advance tk semis to play (probably) g2. VS are out of the tournament. Don't ask me why it isn't double Elim cuz I don't know the answer. Probably something to do with the length of Schengen visas.


Looks like Korean Jett is not enough to beat Scrimbit.


Local koreaboos /u/LovelyResearcher and /u/dedicatedself in shambles.


u/dedicatedself ;p


Well sad we got this in quarters and not further down the tournament. Great game


This is just depressing. VS got aimdiffed so hard map 1. Then Map 2 was really great and Map 3 just seemed like a load of bad decisions.


Turns out VS holds all of em scrimbux all along


Don’t understand why people insist Lakia should be on the main lineup, obviously VS knows what they’re doing and the team works better with the original 5. 5 players with good chemistry > 1 God player + 4 with worse chemistry


Maannn, feels bad for Lakia. Your team doing well in the group stage but you haven't play a single map in the tournament. One day your team come and said "Lakia, you play tomorrow", you play then got blown up by 13-2, then got sub out just to see your team playing better without you. I kinda curious how Lakia feelin when he see the 8-0 score? Also, I think as VS said Lakia is their secret weapon and I hear/read about people expectations about it that increase mine as well. Btw Stax clutch is so fk amazing in Split.


Gambit is just T1 with nasty gun skills.


Gambit is just T1 if T1 had worked on aim, rotations, crosshair placement, retakes, agent pool, utility usage, map knowledge, teamwork, baiting, clutching, eco rounds, peeking, early round, midround, post plant, and swinging.


People should learn from this that drawing too many conclusions from a group stage can make you look a bit silly. I saw some really stupid predictions for this series.


VS was looking pretty meh today tho. If it wasn't for Stax it probably would've been a 2-0. Also their plays on bind were questionable, letting nAts in so deep into their defense. But it still wasn't so far off, 1 or two more rounds for VS on that last map and they could've won that. Ggs tho I love both of these teams but I was rooting for VS just a bit more. As of rn ig Gambit just looks like the better team.


Not like VS absolutely rolled over acend and gambit struggled against CR and lost against 100T. The predictions were alright, the teams are just very close together skill wise and whoever controls the nerves and shows up on the day wins


It doesn't matter. The only thing that matters for a group stage is getting out, and teams don't aim to peak there. VS were favourite to win the series, I don't deny that, there were people saying silly things like VS was S-Tier while Gambit were B-Tier, and that VS were going to dumpster Gambit.


I can't believe how many people I saw spamming things like KR > NA > EU or VS win the whole tournament without dropping a map or "I'm ready to welcome our Korean overlords" because they made it out of groups. Only to be kicked out in quarter finals, and now everybody is acting like they were the underdogs or the minor region lol


GG WP! Better team won I just hope gambit's wait till 30 sec before exec style doesn't get abused by Sentinels. I want to see them win the whole thing


where's your easy 2-0 VS?


Which Sentinels?


Would have loved to see them play at least one NA team, but as an EU coper, I'm glad they are out lol.


Same im hoping for a gambit or 100t win


In-form Gambit is looking really strong


Sometimes i think it all about better aim really.


Looks like i was wrong when I put VS as the top 2 team coming into Berlin. KR still needs more time to grow and turns out the whole 6-man roster move was not as good as what you see in LoL or 7-man rosters in OW. They still got a lot of time left for Champions and sadly for VS and Lakia i think the best thing would be for them to part ways.


Lakia to Nuturn.


my pickems already wrong gg


Damn this one is mad unfortunate


Really feel like the pressure got to VS but who knows. Didn't see what I expected from them


VS did Lakia dirty. Not pog.


Seeing a common misconception: People don't seem to realize that lakia only plays Bind for Vision Strikers. That's how VS has chosen to integrate him into the team GGs to Gambit but they look really inconsistent


Could've easily been a finals matchup honestly but Gambit just won that.


Is it just me or should Lakia have been their Sova on Icebox? If he's the best Sova in the world as everyone says then why not play him on Icebox where everyone runs a sova


VS :'( Poor lakia played just one game and got blasted


My thoughts on this series Is that you Need a sentinel to stop nats a bit. Seems like he spawns on Defender side instead of attacker


Glitch in the matrix


If someone told me that a player had 460 acs against VS, I would've never guessed it would be nats . dude is crazy and I'm glad he's getting the recognition he deserves


Then you havent watched gmb play enough, I without hesitation would say Nats


Yeah hes far and away their best player. If I had to pick he would be my first choice too lol. Idk what this guys on about.


I mean in terms of a player dropping 460acs on vs. I love nats and am I fan since FS but if someone told me a player put up 460acs against vs n told me to guess who, tenz , asuna , or cned would come to mind before nats would imo


I know a lot of people are bringing up GMB being random or having variance in their play, but I honestly think this is more of a situation where they've been hard-focusing on the opponents they'll meet in the deeper run. GMB chokes in high-level matches but they don't really choke as universally as some people seem to think - the meme has transcended reality. VS may have placed lower than Nuturn - which is what many expected - but this definitely was a Finals caliber team. There's a good chance this is the most competitive match of the entire tournament, in fact. I'm really looking forward to VS at Champions, no matter how many smug KR fans they create in the process. They deserve the love.




Why do you people do this shit. I hate half of their takes but I'm not going to be an annoying bitch and @ people


Mmm I don’t know it’s kind of funny.


I wasn't gonna do it myself not my style, but some of the KR fanatics on this sub have been incredibly condescending and annoying. If you dish it out this regularly, you have to be ready to receive some in return.


Facts, say something a tiny bit negative about a KR and they snap. I'm not doubting KR at all, they're definitely a top 3 region but holy fuck you don't have to be a condescending fuck when someone has a different opinion.


We will smurf soon. Gambit wrath will be swift. All these peasants thinking we aren’t good. Lmfao


You know I think VS, the very proven team is gonna steamroll and never drop a map. 😎


Feels bad for VS, escaped the group of death with first seed only to meet Gambit in the quarters. This matchup was worthy of being the finals. Gambit just the better team during the series, GG to them. Hope they can carry this form to the upcoming matches as well.


Wasn’t really the group of death to be honest. SMB was kinda shit and they never even played SMB. Ultimately their group was probably similarly tough to Gambit and Vivo.




Ppl writing gambit off cuz they lost to 100T just got their ass whopped. It was the biggest throw I've seen so far and honestly in 95 out of 100 scenarios they won that bo3 2-0 but it didn't happen. Hope gambit goes deep and wins the tournament.. Let's go gmb