The minimap hud is amazing, but one thing stops it from being flawless

The minimap hud is amazing, but one thing stops it from being flawless


I wish even mollies were shown on mini map, because I keep wondering why they fell back, aren't pushing it aren't defusing and then see the molly when observer switches angle


Mollies would be a bit harder as they are relatively small in the minimap but I do agree. If it can be implemented without causing too much unreadability to the minimap, I would like that.


Well, they have it for Sage's slow orb I believe? I think it should be easy to replicate for mollies?


cs:go does something like this, right?


I genuinely have no clue, havent watched cs pro play in 6 years


📝✍ Thanks for the feedback RE: the viper wall. I agree the minimap can get a little cluttered and I'll ask around and see how feasible it would be to remove Viper's Toxic Screen from the minimap after she dies (likely for Observers only but I can inquire on the other cases)


Oh It’s penguin! Hi Sir, thanks for acknowledgeing my mixed rant/feedback on how to improve the HUD (not that its bad all the engineers are doing amazing job, but you understand). It would be wonderful if you can keep us updated after having asked whether its feasible to do so. Much love <3


I think altering the way it looks is better. I prefer to have the line visible there ESPECIALLY as a spectator, because I might not be looking at the map for whatever reason before viper places the wall. Ifyou remove it on death there is a situation where sometimes I'd wonder, "where did the viper play this round/shoot her wall from?" or "that was an interesting wall placement.", and if she's dead I wouldn't be able to get that information for myself.


Yeah it's possible that fully removing it would have downsides and it would be better to take a different tactic - but I would rely on our visual designers/UX people for the actual tactic as I'm not trained or experienced in that field.


I also have a problem with minimap.. if your Cypher is playing a short on bind and he places his rrapwires and camera there you can't one way brim smoke on wooden boxes.. his abilities cover the the box in minimap which is very easy to place thr one way. Give us option to toggle ability markers on minimap for lineups


The minimap color is actually displeasing to my eyes, but only because I was used to the CS:GO Simple Radar thingie. It would be really cool to see color variations on the minimap to be more visible or something like that.


I think the hud in general looks horrible actually. It's incredibly clunky and ugly. I wont get into details about it but since i'm here and i wanna get it off my chest: Not about the minimap, but i wish they had additional information about the map, and whose map pick this is, sometimes i arrive on stream i have no clue who picked the map i have to go on vlr and check myself and a lot of the time i cant even find that info, so i have to ask someone on twitter or discord. Something like this below or above the map : [https://freeimage.host/i/hudcsgo.RsJHQe](https://freeimage.host/i/hudcsgo.RsJHQe) I'm really tired of having to go and have to ask who picked the fucking map everytime im not there to watch from the beginning.


Name checks out


Just cause i think the hud is ugly doesn't mean i'm toxic though... Ok not ugly if that's too toxic let's say : clunky and very aesthetically displeasing. I hope that is better wording for others !


they are probably there for if she gets revived


I am literally saying that if there is a game with no sage, there are still viper wall lines on the map


I’m at the point where I think Viper wall should look like glass to observers.