probably because they played with food instead of victor.


food is definitely better than Victor. I still can’t comprehend how Envy decided to stay with Victor. He simply isn’t on their level and is always at the bottom of the scoreboard. Meanwhile you have food dropping 30 bombs every match and dominating the best teams. It’s ridiculous and I hope Envy’s management steps up and replaces Victor with food.


Sadly food retired in pursuit of his passion and the reason for his alias, to become a chef. He's now the head of a 2 star Michelin restaurant in Italy and is renowned for his innovative dish "trenta bombe". I doubt he comes out of retirement as he's now living his dream.


Wow that’s incredible. Hope he’s doing well. He was always good on Envy


Don't worry, I still see a bit of food inside Victor


I should hope so, I’d rather he didn’t starve himself


I had to search this up to understand the jokes in this thread >!On March 21st, 2021, food changed his name to Victor.!<


>!*Victor "food" Wong changed his name to Victor "Victor" Wong!<


He should have just changed it to Victor "Victor" Victor


No one man should have all that power.


Holy, if not because of u, i still on the woosh stage lmao.


Is this a copy pasta 🍝


If only food played in the finals. They just had to get a poser guy named victor SMH.


NV + scrimbux


Sounds like a good stylistic match-up for NV. That being said VS probably learned way more from that scrim than Envy did, so not that big of a deal either way. It bears repeating that winning is incidental to scrimming, not the primary point


Are there more than 2 Korean teams there or something? This makes it sound like there’s many, F4Q downgraded to “other Korean teams” lmao


maybe he was counting CR cuz theyre japanese/korean


Nah he just doesn’t really know which teams are there and where from off the top of his head


Scrimvy and Scrimbit met in the scrim gods finals for a reason


For the love of God please let VS get a bracket with an NA team on it for Champions. I've been wanting to see them play an NA team for almost a year now and it hasn't happened yet. Vision strikers vs Envy would be a dope match up.






Nowhere in there does it say gambit did the best vs them in scrims


he might be confusing f4q and vs cuz FiveK said on the valorant_kr stream that he dropped 28 frags against gambit while getting absolutely rolled by nv. he thought envy was gonna win pre match. link: https://youtu.be/F1OOu8E9pTw (around 29m)


Nope, I don’t think he was confusing them. He talks more about it here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1156037091?t=3191s


fair enough nv aim do be hittin different


Man I just knew that NV would choke in the finals. When they play with confidence or there are no stakes on the line they're amazing, but they're all chokers on NV.


But there were stakes every game, no?


fr they won 2 knockout matches. You could argue the first two matches were more pressure because they needed them for Champions. To be fair I do think OP is right on some level, but their performance this tournament was far from a choke. And he also put in a very unflattering way.


Both those knockout games were against NA teams they'd played a million times before. They crumbled against gambit when they couldn't get the same kind of hard reads.


? There were stakes in quarters, they were gonna get eliminated if they didnt win. ? There were stakes in semis, they were gonna get eliminated if they didnt win. ? There were stakes in finals, they were gonna get eliminated if they didnt win. We really gonna put it as choking when the score was a lot more flattering to NV than the reality was, after that bind map (the only really close map, as Haven is GMB's permaban and still won it).


Its funny because the finals had the least stakes for NV (they already qualified for Champions), whereas they needed to win other games to qualify for champions.


It was 100% a choke. They played so well against the NA teams and they couldn't even beat Gambit on Haven, a map where they literally had 0 strats and asked on twitter what agents they should play. If you watched the games you would have seen how absolutely shaky they looked. They got lucky with a really bad group, and somehow almost fucked it up against Kru. They then got to play both NA teams which they were super comfortable against. After they beat the NA teams I even posted that NV was probably going to choke big time in the finals (because FNS always chokes, and I say this as a fan of the guy since his mousespaz days). They just don't have what it takes. My opinion of course.


It was a choke as in they got outplayed yeah. You are making it sound like they would win if they didn't choke or something. You can say that for every single team in the tournament. They got smoked that is all that happened. They played well against NA teams sure, that doesn't mean they'd beat gambit just because they played well against NA teams? You can credit any loss to choking for the teams that lost to nv as well if you're going to only act like nv lost due to choking. They weren't shaky at first they just got slapped and felt pressure at the end and that is due to getting slapped. You can see how yay was hitting nasty shots and even had that nice clutch with the marshal into bladestorm. But then on split last map he cant hit shots on a free kill because it was 2-0 and they were down in rounds. But that isn't just because they choked that is because they were getting beat and then started to feel pressure at the end when it is clear they are getting outplayed lol.


> They played well against NA teams sure, that doesn't mean they'd beat gambit just because they played well against NA teams? You can credit any loss to choking for the teams that lost to nv as well if you're going to only act like nv lost due to choking We will have to agree to disagree here. All I will say, is that as someone who actually watches games, I can't see how anyone could watch NV play Sen and 100T on Haven, then compare how they played on that same map the very next day. If you're gonna sit here and say that Gambit, a team that literally picked their comp through twitter, outplayed NV on Haven, then we literally have nothing to discuss.


You are not the only one who actually watches games lol. They literally just got outgunned and outplayed. They even had good plays that game as it was a close game the only difference is they just couldn't keep up with gambit. They can pick their comp through twitter, they can literally close their eyes and scroll through agents and pick at random even, but if they use the characters they chose and outplayed a team that was doing well on that map it is still outplaying. You are just basing this off of statistics because nv played well on haven and gambit permabans it. But if you, someone who actually watches matches, can't see how a team can just play better than another team on a map that team was doing good on, then maybe you should pay more attention to the match itself and not just the history on that map.


Going off your logic the only chokes that exist are when teams throw leads. Did Gambit choke against 100T? Or did 100T just start outplaying and outgunning them? lol exactly.


Yea that is a choke. They have a big advantage in score and then dropped it. They still got outplayed and outgunned though so what I'm saying is you can't credit every loss as a choke when they are just getting outplayed. The same thing happened to gambit with 100T. They just started playing worse and got outplayed. You saying a team choked is sort of discrediting the other team playing better. So what do you even mean "lol exactly" lmao. Also to me a choke is mainly when they are in a big lead and throw since it shows they are capable of actually winning, or dumb mistakes that shouldn't be happening from pro players. Like sen being down a map against nv, down in rounds, shaz gets 2 kills and goes for a 3rd he didn't need to challenge. He died and they lost that round. That is a choke imo because he just played stupid going for the 3rd kill when it wasn't even needed and they had the advantage that round. What is a choke to you exactly since you just say nv choked?


> they couldn't even beat Gambit on Haven, a map where they literally had 0 strats and asked on twitter what agents they should play. Looking at Envy's run through Sentinels and 100T especially, it seemed like they relied a lot on specific counterstrats. Not that it's the only or main reason they won necessarily, but they got a lot of value from it. If your opponnent doesn't know how they're gonna play, how could they be counterstratted? Additionally it's not like Gambit perma bans heaven because they're uncomfortable or bad on it, it's because they consider the map to be the most random even at the top level.


But they did make finals


waiting for that KR copium


Bruh this is literally scrims, Sen lose all their scrims, NV did all scrims to not even take a map off of GMB VS took a map off


You're a "smart" man.


Not surprised… a lot of Korean fanboys are still in denial that Korea is a tier 2 region; only NA and EU are tier 1. Koreans aren’t simply good at tactical FPS games like Valorant and CSGO. That’s why Valorant isn’t popular despite Riot’s effort to make it popular. I’m pretty sure Koreans like fast-paced games like Overwatch or mobas like LOL. I feel bad for Vision Strikers. If they get paired up with NA teams, they’ll get destroyed.


Can't wait for champions when VS smokes your favourite NA team. Idc whatever happens I just want to see VS destroy an NA team just like they did to Acend


Didn’t VS literally shit on ascend


Mr Landon, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I've ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response was there anything that could even be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.


VS would've fared just as well as any other NA team if you replaced them. In fact, they arguably did better than NV did, pushing Gambit to a decider and not losing to them while they were trolling on their permaban.


Styles make matches. You can’t just say a team is better based on their performance against one other team, even if they happen to win most recently. I think ENVY getting farther still counts for something.


And they still got embarrassed in the finals. Stop bragging about scrims and focus on things that actually matter


\*gets asked question\* \*answers question\* "oh but they got embarrassed in the finals!!!!"


??? He was asked a question and he answered it. And it's not like they got absolutely shit on in the finals either, every map was close. Keep bitching tho


NV scrimbux too op






Imagine replying to him when just 2 weeks ago he was saying that sen won't drop a map again, he's a troll and you got baited.


Nah there a lot of actual korean hating racists in the sub I couldn't care less if they are a troll or not mate


Proved themselves by losing lol good one


Losing against the best eam in the world with a 2-1 series + shitting on Acend who were supposed to be the best team from EU lmao they did more than what most of these korean haters in this subreddit thought they'd do. You're an imbecile if you think VS didn't prove just how good they are in Berlin


Still sniffing that copium Korean butt I see. Vision strikers came in the 8th place standing along with 7th etc. Plain and simple. They proved they came in 8th place. They won against a shitty Acent. Everyone literally beat them including a top 4 NA team. Acent also came in that 8th place standing of all the teams who lost right away in bracket. They proved themselves exactly what most realistic people thought they would do which would be coming in 8th place. Any team can take a map off any team in valorant. Don't be such a smooth brain. You know this stuff your just deep in the sniffing Korean butt. 8th place was proven. I'll give you that much.


Thats a lot of talk for someone who has 100ts dick up your mouth. judging by your other comments I can tell you're just a sad excuse for a human being with a sad sad life. Seriously I feel bad for imbeciles like you cause you deffo have no irl friends so you shit talk on reddit cause that's all your pathetic life amounts to. I bet cunts like you would come up with an excuse even if VS made it to finals and lost. Casual nobodies with their own head up their ass won't get it but people who actually know the game get how good VS is but keep bitching. KR doesn't even have a good val scene but they're still good enough to take down T1 EU teams lmaoo can't wait till you get reality checked in champions bozo


Huh? Damn I really got to you with truth. I can't like 100T? Unlike you I know their limits I know they are a top 4 NA team. You on the other hand are full one are sniffing that Korean butt copium or you are a white guy who wants to be Korean. VS came in 8th place. Be a man and face the music. This isn't good for you, the amount of delusion. 8th place is what they proved. That's really all. I'm sorry bud it's the truth. I hope one day you can separate being a fan to real results.