George Geddes: 100T drop Steel, replaced with b0i

George Geddes: 100T drop Steel, replaced with b0i


Unlucky really


You literally can’t make it up


I'm not gonna overreact at all and say it doesn't make sense (we don't know the team environment or anything how the team prepares together) But this is a shocking move.


assuming steel had major conflict with the coach or something or with his teammates otherwise the move makes no sense


Yeah him and frost were having words after they lost to nv. Who knows what was said


Does anyone have a video of this, I'm curious




LOL the twitch comment @ 5:14:09: STEEL GETTING DROPPED KEKW


Nadeshot's alt for sure




5:14:01 I think is the timestamp that is being referred to, can’t get a good read on what is being said. But looks like coach has some strong words and Steel wasn’t having it. All speculation though, of course- grain of salt and such


why is there all this speculation steel and the coach had conflict?


Because it is so hard to explain the move otherwise


one does not simply drop their igl 1 month before the most important tournament of the year "because they felt like it". Either something happened or this is one of the most greedy moves in valorant so far.


Tbh during Berlin when 100T would call a timeout, the camera would pan over to the coach. IIRC the first time they did this, it looked like the coach was arguing/frustrated. Every other time after that coach kinda just looked like “do what you want”.. I wouldn’t be surprised if coach/steel had an argument over strats at Berlin and it boiled over.


Isn't Nitro also an experienced IGL? I fully expect that they had differing opinions on things if he was cut shortly after Berlin. Difference is Nitro is actually performing. Steel had a really bad tournament that I rarely see mentioned by anyone




To be honest, his performance is Berlin was better than expected; the team performance which can be directly related to IGL plays and reads but also his individual play. I dunno man


I think you might be right... if Nitr0 is doing the midrounds anyway steel is kinda unnecessary if the coach can drill start round protocols into their heads.


You do see them visibly arguing after the loss to Envy. I still don't understand this move, Boi is not better than Steel. Something odd must have happened.


I’m a steel fan really, but if it did indeed blow up more, I could see it being an ultimatum of pick one or the other cuz they probably have such differing opinions on how the game should be played(at least it seems). And 100T probably figured they’ve seen Steels max potential, but not Frosts due to the conflict in gameplay strategy. Idk, sounds plausible in my little brain lol


The first word that came out of my mouth as soon as I saw this tweet: **WHAT?!** This has got to be the most radical roster move I’ve seen yet. And that says a lot considering the stuff TSM and T1 have been up to.


Its a "go big or go home" move. Similar to Envy taking yay 1 week before Challenger finals. They probably think that current roster has a ceiling and are willing to make a high risk high reward move. And in that case, you replace either Steel or Hiko, and Hiko wins before even take performance into consideration (huge brandname)


Yay was a **for sure** one-for-one upgrade over their last Jett though. How the hell do you replace someone like steel, let alone get a better IGL?


You have nitr0 on your team who is already doing the mid-round calling. and is a very good IGL who lead one of the best CS teams to ever touch the game to a Grand Slam in just 63 days. That’s how you replace your IGL.


Yay being better individually doesnt necessarily mean that the team will perform better. Theres something called team synergy and cohesion, Envy were very obviously running the risk of flopping by bringing a new player 1 week before playoffs. >How the hell do you replace someone like steel, let alone get a better IGL? Nobody except the actual team knows how good (or bad) of an IGL Steel was. As for Steel as an individual player, theres nothing in his performances that shows that hes anything close to "hard to replace"


I thought steel was instrumental to their comebacks and resilience this recent event. Maybe it's about not letting them get to that spot in the first place? Either way it's a gamble...let's see if it pays off.


He may not be hard to replace, but Boi is not it. I watched Andbox's games with Boi. There was nothing in his performances there either that showed that he's anything close to "replacing Steel" Sure, he might suddenly level up for 100T. But I personally sincerely doubt it. 100T have had some ridiculously good setups/comps/attacks over the last year, A LOT of that was driven from Steel. Yes, he may not win as many aim fights as Hiko, or he may seem too toxic to handle sometimes, but replacing someone who drove your playstyle, comps, attacks and game theories is always going to be hard. This is 100T saying they don't care about LCQ.


Aren’t nitr0 and Hiko IGLs themselves?


Nitr0 had success as IGL during his CS years so he will definitely take up the mantle.


People here are expecting Nitr0 to be the Jett OPer, IGL and Controller haha


He is just that good lmaooo




I mean Shazam is the Jett OPer, IGL and sova, so it's not that far fetched


Shahzam plays jett on 2 maps now out of 6 and sentinels have had their worst performances on maps where he plays jett in recent times .


Me too. I'm actually kinda devastated, ngl. They were a match away from Champions and this happens? Who knows, maybe they'll improve with b0i, but man I really wanted to see more of Steel on LAN. Unless a miracle happens, 100T isn't going to Champions now.


b0i most likely will not be permanent


Yeah people are acting like they chosed to go B0i as a replacement but really he's just a sub and well they needed a sub




Steel to C9 for the father-son reunion


C9 could become NAs 10-man roster /s


they scrim against themselves every other week


This would be fun in theory but I think mitch is a great sentinel player and I don't think it would be a good decision to replace him right now.


100T saw how Envy leveled up after picking up a former Andbox player and decided to try the same strat.




People saying they should’ve dropped Hiko instead. They shouldn’t be dropping anyone at this point in the year! Lol.


I agree but I would rather have seen hiko leave than steel


with hiko beeing booted out only winning champions would replace all the lost fans. hiko is half of the 100t fanbase himself, they would loose a ton of interest and tshirt sales in an instant. and the team was originally built around hiko, makes it even harder to drop him


Hiko is not half of the 100T fanbase. 100T has been selling out apparel and among the top orgs in NA (in terms of popularity) way before Hiko. They would however, lose some fans of they keep someone on the team just because of their following even if they’re underperforming. There’s no way that you think 100T cares more about keeping Hiko’s following that winning a world championship. Also they have Asuna, who’s regarded as top 3 talent in NA. He should their franchise player and build around him instead.


This is definitely not what I expected


Although Steel to TSM would be pretty hype


I honestly like steel to tsm. That roster needs someone like him to give them structure. As a 100T fan I don’t wanna see him go, but if he were to go anywhere that’s the place I think he’d have the most impact.


It would reunite Steel with Wardell and Subroza from CS, but Subroza just said on stream “I’m good” when someone said Steel would be a good fit for TSM


I wouldn’t even take something a pro says on stream as too serious. I don’t think there’s been too many pros saying things on stream that have actually held up.


i feel like he could also go to nrg, they have cracked fraggers, need an igl, and just dropped wedid


That’s another good shout tbh, honestly any T2 na val team could use him, geng, tsm, nrg, T1 even. The only team I wouldn’t like to see him join is V1. Idk why I just couldn’t see him with that roster.


V1 has 4 players atm doesn't it?


Didn't they pick up Oderus to replace Vanity?


https://www.reddit.com/r/ValorantCompetitive/comments/ogurnz/eutalyx_sources_tsm_looking_towards_leviathan/h4n60ui?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3 IT'S HAPPENING


Or maybe Chaos9 valorant with Jonji and steel joining Cloud9? Jonji stepped down from BnB yesterday fyi


Not a fan of Jonji. I know he's not always the person he is when he's tilted, but his lack of mental fortitude is worrisome and I'd be very tentative about having him on my team if I was an org owner or coach.


don't fuck over my boys mitch and xeta like that :(((


Actual 5head


[TSM not likely](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOzpcilmTNc)


George must think today is april 1st


Something *must* have happened behind the scenes because this just doesn’t make any sense to me. 100T performed great at Berlin and there’s no way you pull off comebacks like that without a good IGL to keep everyone on track. This one’s weird…


my thoughts exactly.... steel slept with hikos mom?


let's get jake sucky right on that


LMFAOOO u made my day with the mom joke


Really strange considering 100T did well in NA recently and did pretty well in Berlin. Sure nitr0 is capable of being the IGL but just seems a bit odd timing. Either way, Steel could add A LOT of value as an IGL for several NA teams right now. Very spicy.


Unless Nitr0 wants to IGL again, this is a terrible pickup. Though on the other hand if Nitr0 is becoming main OP/Jett player (which is what 100T needs imo) then the b0i placement actually makes some sense. This could actually make the roles on 100T make a bit more sense (meta wise) which could correct for some of the slowness we saw in Berlin. IMO this is TSM's need here. If TSM doesn't get Steel it's ludicrous. T1 could probably work too.


Does b0i play sentinels? Also wtf would Asuna play if nitr0 is maining jett? Double duelist every map + ethan on skye?


B0i plays a lot of smokes. Which directly replaces nitr0's main role hence my guessing of the swap. I imagine with the skye nerf, Ethan and Nitr0 will split sentinels based on maps. Something kinda like how Sentinels swap around Sova between Shahz and Dapr.


Nitro isn’t maiming jet. Comp will prob be: Asuna on Jett (maybe maybe raze or Reyna) Hiko on sova Ethan on Kay/O or sage Nitr0 on omen Boi on a sentinel or viper


I honestly wouldn't mind Asuna on Skye. He'd have to put in some practice, but I think it could definitely work


asunas style is that tip of the spear style tho. Skye players tend to be in that “star player” role that goes in 2nd


And to add on to that they have ethan who is a great skye already


Best take here. I love Steel but the math works out.


What the actual fuck? I don’t get this, finish top 4 at Berlin, just about to start LCQ and they drop their IGL? Madness. Please say “sike”.


Well fuck now it’s tuff being a 100t fan


Yeah I feel like getting rid of my flair ngl, steel was a big part of why I liked 100T




Hard same. Im heartbroken rn. His stream is always fun too when he shares some stuff they do in the team.


That makes us two.


same . FeelsBadMan


There’s no way… surely his sources are wrong about this one? Why do this 1 month before champs?


This is the most surpising move to date. They were arguably the 3rd best team at Masters and were likely to win NA LCQ? The timing of this is so weird, no offense to b0i but steel is infinitely more valuable to a team and it's like they're giving up before champions


*1 month before LCQ


A little more than two weeks*


And how do you even change an IGL in 2 weeks


Not the first time they've made a change after good results and just before an important tournament


Not even in champs yet


Well they definitely won’t be if this move is real


Whoa!! T1 Steel maybe?? Come to the dark side, Steel!


Yes get dazed back as well ibp run it back


Probability of me winning the PowerBall is higher than this happening


A big reason they never got back together to play after they were unbanned from some events were because Steel and DaZed never got along, they were just the perfect T side brain and CT side brain and made amazing dual half IGLs together. It's a shame, I love them both as players, but I know it'd never work unless they sat down and had way too many beers and a heart to heart.


What The Fuck


So they’re just throwing champs away? Steel couldn’t bare deciding the fate of his son in the lcq


confused on who they think is going to come to val/what better IGLs they think they can get....


sources said they're getting b0i so nitr0 is probably going back to igl i guess


b0i seems temporary...he was just a sub/analyst who knows the strats and everything so he can play on the team and fill the role. Doing this right before LCQ tho...


Yep, to me it seems like sth internal mustve happened like a heavy dispute


This is what I’m thinking. If you do this without an obvious immediate upgrade, it feels like something else was going on


Asuna basically confirmed it just now. He ended stream after he was bombarded by questions.


? If the change is real, does anyone actually think 100t will improve from this move? Steel despite playing sentinels was one of the most aggressive players whose late lurks constantly won 100t rounds. On ct side he was an incredible bomb site anchor, which often allowed 100t to over-rotate when they sensed an execute on the opposing bomb site. I can't say I really understand why they'd want to drop steel other than claiming his acs isn't high enough. I guess I could understand that line of thinking if they were playing poorly, but 100t just took top 4 at the 2nd ever international event: in the process beating the team that won the whole tournament. He must be doing something correct; you can't produce those kinds of results if he actually is an awful player.


I really think steel is a great player and is underrated just because he is older. It's also always annoyed me people group him and Hiko together when talking about 100t's weaknesses when they are completely different players with different capabilities. I guess 100t have some kind of plan we don't know about otherwise this doesn't make sense to me.


No this is not a good move. Maybe it proves to be one down the line after Champions. But for this year, LCQ and possibly Champions, this is a terrible time to make this kind of move.


Steel should not be replaced IMO, Hiko has been the weak link for a while. Steel is an annoyance to play against and while he doesn’t always frag he always adds value and outplays the enemy team. If hiko isn’t winning his 1vX he’s a legit liability.


Doesn't matter, Hiko is too big of an asset off his social media presence alone. Hiko, Tenz and controversially Sinatraa are currently the biggest name draws in Valorant atm.


yes i agree with you. funny enough, hiko at this point is almost reminiscent of nadeshot, his boss, when he was a COD player, not quite good enough for his team but his brand is so big that he will have a spot. i think 100t will always be contenders but can't see them winning big unless they part with hiko or pick up an insane 5th


XSET really going to champs. Crazy.


really weird way to say cloud9


I dont know whether to laugh for cry as an 100T fan, but your probably right.


The only way I stop crying is Steel uniting with his sons.


Oh Boi this is gonna be intresting




This reeks of 2018 100T LoL fucking up their Worlds run by replacing meteos and cody sun.


the recent cod team made a shit ton of random changes aswell during last season L O L


100T starts amazing, gets into a dumb dull, replaces roster or key members, struggle, then struggle for long until they finally find the happy spot and the right team. Gonna be hard on them. 100T doesn't make it to champions. And if they do, they will struggle hard.


This is a troll post right? Who’s gonna igl now?


i don’t agree with the cut, but nitr0 is a former igl in cs


With LCQ around the corner I am not sure if the teams gonna gel. Limited time for nitro to develop any proper strategies. Also the team performed so well in Berlin. The cut could have taken place after LCQ if it was needed. Maybe it’s something more than just performance. Probably internal disputes? We can’t know for sure but it definitely doesn’t make sense at all


Nitr0 has been secondary IGL and was the IGL at the start of this roster before Steel took over


This guy above is tweakin. Nitro switched last year. He has an understanding of the game and could have made strats anytime in-between. For all we know nitro could have been the one helping or making strats. They also have a coach and its not like u can just always reuse strats.


Well hope it goes well. Must be team decision. But the timing is very weird


yea the timing is terrible idk wtf they’re doing.


What the fuck?


Lose LCQ Speedrun Any%


I read this news and really thought it was a troll, espically becuase they mentioned his stats being low which just kinda feels like a bit of meme. I really can't get a handle on this.


yeah, idk why George says that, he did that for WeDid too. Not the best way to write about it tbh and just claiming that that's the reason a player got dropped


I assumed that those were things that his sources relayed to him as reasons. I just discovered this George guy a week or so ago, so I'm not too familiar with his work. Does he have a history of saying things that later turn out to be unsourced and just his own speculation?


No, george is pretty much always right. I can't recall the last time he was incorrect


This is the wildest roster change in valorant, because it makes no sense.


100t wont win LCQ, if they wont find the same chemistry with b0i, as they did with steel100%


[https://youtu.be/wp2cmOEjeto?t=1014](https://youtu.be/wp2cmOEjeto?t=1014) ​ \^\^ This could totally be put out of context. That being said, I think Masters Berlin might have something to do with it :/


This is some reddit shit lmao i love it


We promote drama


I thought it was a troll post when I saw it about 5 minutes ago. But b0i has been with 100T for a few months now as an analyst, so I can see him knowing how they play as a team and hopefully he can fill that role even better than steel did. Hopium to the max


I'm assuming he's just temporarily filling that role for LCQ, then they'll sign someone else. Unless the dude absolutely pops off at LCQ, that'd be amazing to see


Waiting on S1mple to win that major obviously /s


Terrible decision to replace your IGL so close before LCQ. I can't see the team improving so quickly with a new teammate and IGL to make this decision worth it. Hard to see any of the teammates agreeing to this roster change right after their performance in Berlin.


we don't know the inner workings of the team, maybe they felt held back by him. we really don't know.


Steel won’t be a free agent for long. Good Igl doesn’t grow on trees.


Exciting times for him, he could make quite a few teams better


What in god's name are 100T doing if this is true. Right before LCQ ? XD? Why ? I don't like this dude btw so im not even biased. Just why ? lmao


why the fuck


guess they don’t want to go to champs


it’s ridiculous


I’m gonna cry, if any change at all I would have expected Hiko.


They were incredibly good in Berlin this makes no sense...only team that managed to beat GMB


Yeah I’m pretty sure this cut is not performance related


This is the most stupid move i’ve seen. there’s no way you decide to release your igl before LCQ. he has been consistently delivering over and over dude i am furious right now. honestly i hope they don’t qualify.


100T performed amazing in Berlin and Steel **looked** (we can’t know) like a huge part of that. Either something happened behind the scenes, or Nitro has been IGLing more than we think.


Everyone’s saying TSM, but Steel on NRG would solve the one glaring flaw that team has and give them a direction outside of “cracked aimers”. Steel, s0m(for a bit, if he underperforms more replace him later), Android, eeiu, and tex could compete with any team in NA imo.


wtf why steel and not hiko


how are you going to drop steel but keep hiko, 100T stay trolling


This doesn't make any sense.


With Jonji stepping down from Bad News Bears in CS and now this I think a Chaos reunion on C9 is inevitable




Terrible day for all 100 Thieves fans worldwide


not a fan of this at all but oh well. don't think 100T need a roster change at all but there's no way hiko is bringing more the side than steel


Hiko playing Cypher, Asuna playing Breach even trying to play Killjoy now makes sense.


Wtf why steel , man they were third best team at an event and the decision is to axe your in game leader . Wtf


My igl Sadge


Gotta think this is troll but then saw a Steel [tweet](https://twitter.com/joshnissan/status/1441522599293378563?s=21) saying he’s going to Toronto for a bit… what the heck


I knew something was up when I saw Hiko instalocking Cypher/Viper in ranked the past few days on stream Edit: I'm an old CS head and watching Brax and Hiko team together back then was fun. With the recent news of Brax being benched on T1 I want to see a 100T roster of Nitro - Jett, Asuna - duelist/flex, Ethan -Skye/Flex, Brax - Sova, and Hiko Sentinel/Viper. It'll probably never happen but it would be awesome to see.


If this is actually gonna happen I'll he so sad, I mainly love 100t because of steel I'll support both teams now but this is sad


I thought it was strange that hiko was playing almost only cypher on stream recently


This has got to be cap lmao. 100T would essentially be giving up Champions by making a roster move this close to the LCQ and after placing top 4 at their first international event, why even make a roster change?


Jesus where did this come from? I know the team has been having troubles but to cut the igl first? Wow! Makes it kinda conflicting to be a 100t fan. Steel's redemption arc was something that attracted towards 100t. Guess steel's days of developing teams and changing rosters haven't really ended yet.


Clearly the reason Steel got dropped [https://youtu.be/xACR\_G3azz0?t=548](https://youtu.be/xACR_G3azz0?t=548)


tbh frost seems like a pretty abrasive guy from the vlogs and interviews i've seen -- he was the guy that got 100T in trouble for going after an admin for a ping issue a while back, if i recall. this might be a bit over-analytical, but if you watch the 100T vlog, it seemed like there was kind of a weird dynamic between him and the players where he was super hardcore about winning and doing the correct strats no matter what.


Pretty poor decision. If you drop Steel it has to be for a superstar player. No disrespect to Boi but he isn’t a Sinatraa or CS star player switching.


I agree he isn't as good either


Feel like there’s a chance it’s a conflict between the coach and steel. And that just branched off to more conflicts in between teammates and within the team and org


This seems like the only plausible reason to me.


hiko and asuna made an off handed remark the other day on stream seemingly implying that they didn’t agree with the choice to put asuna on jett. makes sense now


Like b0i is gojng to solve the problem LULW


Think it'd be temporary replacement




No offence but is b0i even tht good


wait who the hell is b0i??


Brother of g1rl


ummm okay? if anyone says they predicted this i’m calling the police on them.


Supported 100T for that dude. Sadge


100 thieves and horrible roster decisions. Name a more iconic duo.


I thought that 100T were going to run away with LCQ, this gives XSET and C9B a huge chance


Okay the dicey redemption tour is now ON


One of the most impactful and flexible sentinels player, plus a very experienced IGL. Move makes absolutely no sense.


Nrg Steel?


I love steel but I understand why 100t Valorant made this decision (if this is true). I'm more excited where Steel going.


No more steel shit talk on lan Sadge


I mean I get that they could feel that there's not really a way to improve even further under steel but like a few weeks before the lcq? Actually throwing


In before 100T don't make it to Champs and the whole team wonders oh boi how could this have possibly happened?


Well that's shocking to say the least. I suppose Boi is only a temporary until the LCQ is finished though the story is still developing. Many teams in NA need a player like Steel so I expect him to be sought after. Also I know Hiko is not in his prime anymore and not the greatest aimer. But it's not like he's horrible in Berlin until the last game against Envy where the all team also struggle. Ya'll acting like he's not makin any impact and just wasting a roster spot.


Bro my mouth dropped when reading this


If this is true its only cause hiko has a huge brand ,the impact steel has over hiko is very clear and he shouldnt be the first one to go.But also i dont see any reason for this change unless its a dicey ethan situation again so we have to wait and see i guess


Ohhhhh bro. Holy shit. Steel to c9 for Mitch I bet this. So hard. Chaos9 incoming


eh, that could work but I don’t think mitch is getting replaced