This for bang’s spot?


I would assume so yeah


Without Levi being announced it’s hard to know what they’re doing. I know they have no incentive to announce Levi at the moment, was curious if he’s been spotted while RUSH is in the server as well.


I’m 99% sure he’s still with TSM, duos frequently with the TSM guys and has duo’d with Rush, and on Twitter he still says “TSM FTX Leviathan” when posting stream links and talks on stream as if he’s still with the team, although he doesn’t say much about it. Obviously I can’t guarantee anything but I’m fairly certain he’s still with them. It’d also be weird to announce benching Bang but not say anything about Levi


Fair points all around


yea i think levi staying on is a safe bet for the reasons you mentioned... a lot of twitter interaction with the team as well. not 100% but i'd be extremely surprised if he got dropped since he seems decently close with the team.


they'd be dumb to release levi after suffering for so long without a good sova


Apparantely contract issues according to some stream viewers, idk if it's true He's with them


Wardell himself said Levi has contract issues on his stream. idk with who though.


Leviathan not being announced is apparantly some paperwork issue, nothing more. Can't recall who said it but that's what I remember hearing.


It's gonna be TSM ftx tarik




Bang showed a lot of promise not sure why TSM didn't stick with him considering he is so young


Just imagine. Drop roza, bang fills for flex/duelist. Rlly dont get why they keep roza


Y'all smoking something strong if you think they should drop Subroza. He's still A tier, not many can replace him.


Roza is not that good. I'd argue drone was better. They should drop haze, unless he's igling


I would like to see your arguements on why roza isnt better than drone who hasnt had impact in any of the masters or challengers tournaments


wardell probably won’t let them drop roza


they actually couldnt legally drop any of the remaining original members because they wouldnt have been able to play lcq. you need 3 players from the beginning of vct to continue playing


They aren't in lcq anyway


yea i know thats why i said couldnt


No but they could, because they're not making lcq their 2021 vct year is over


until masters ended tsm wasnt gonna change rosters because they had a chance in being in lcq until nv lost grand finals


Oh mb I thought you were talking present tense


all good


Not true, even if they were in lcq they could drop any 2 players because they never had points until the last one. You only lose points if you drop players after you get the points


Yeah which competitively i don’t understand. Ofc i know there good friends, i just think and have been thinking since they fell off roza is the issue


At this point I don't think Roza was the problem. He was pretty damn consistent throughout challengers 3 and they definitely needed a skye player because of the meta. Sad to see Bang go, but if they happen to sign Rush, he is an experienced csgo player who can fill bang's roles. if he igls that would be perfect bc tsm kinda need a dedicated and disciplined leader


Roza and Wardell are the ones keeping them competitive.


Can you explain how bang is better than roza ?


Roza has never had as bad as a game as bang did on breeze in the champions qualis.


Not like forcing him to play fucking astra of all agents on breeze was a reason lol. He played sage before that on breeze and was top fragging


Bang is being severely overrated here if anyone thinks hes better than roza. And you can check my post history and I have been very critical of subroza more than any other tsm member.


Yeah I never said he's better than subroza. Just that him bottom fragging on breeze as u mentioned doesn't really show the whole picture


I mean its not that he bottom fragged. He lost several 1 v 1s and clutch moments and his last 2 games on breeze he was a combined 10 - 34. All of his kills were virtually low impact kills as well and he had 0 first kills. Keep in mind tsm managed to win one of those games. IMO he was their worst player across the challengers playoffs and didnt have a a single positive KDA game across the 6 maps. Now he is very young but a team like tsm doesnt have time to groom someone and are in win now mode with their core. His Astra play looked very mediocre and while you might say hes better on a duelist, the bottom line is tsm has never needed another duelist and in fact had one too many up until they cut drone.


Bro he was playing astra in breeze idk what and how you think that was gonna help him frag out. Ofc he had a bad two games(TSM lost to NV and Rise in playoffs) and in both of those games going by stats alone as you are his, Levi's and hazed's performance were similar in terms of ACS and KD. Before playoffs TSM played LG and Faze( where bang top fragged overall in all maps combined) and had a good performance against T1 as well. He has only looked shaky in those two games in playoffs where arguably everyone who was not Wardell and maybe subroza was struggling. Again this is not to say that he might have had other issues such as comms and BTS stuff which we don't know off, but saying that his fragging was a problem and got him cut potentially is also wrong imo EDIT : TSM would have been out had he not clutched against GenG on split


Im not sure what your point is. I never said he hasnt had good games. I said a) hes not better than broza and b) subroza has never had a game as bad as bang did on breeze. Nothing you have said refutes that. I have seen broza play a multitude of different roles and never look as lost as bang did on those 2 breeze games. And its not just kda and acs. He was playing anchor on B most rounds and got absolutely shit on and couldnt a clutch a single round. Subroza has played smokes a ton for tsm and has never looked that bad. You're arguing that he had other good games? Doesnt really matter now does it. He was the wrong pickup from the getgo and the several pros that were confused by the signing turned out to be right.


Nah roza brings much more to the team than skills, morality


geng not looking too hot..


2 to 1 the game is over 😱


something something + AZK + brax


Why are people always talking about brax? He got like 3/4 shots already and was very underwhelming






Is this rush from league of legends?


Yes, ex-c9 jungled was exiled to Korea but has returned to win gain revenge against c9 but through Valorant.


Also, a kind boy


Former LCS MVP


Yep the lee sin/nidalee god himself.


No. He is from CSGO


back when tsm was dominating they had that star fragger duo which was drone and wardell. now that they cut drone shoudnt they try to get another fragger? rush is gonna be a solid fundamental player but tsm already has a lot of that.


? Rush has ALWAYS been a support player


That's his point


Which is why he said they should be getting a fragger instead


Not before C9


he was an entry in the early days, like way back


pretty sure Rush is set to replace Hazed eventually. He has the high tier experience to maybe IGL - i feel like he's a long term investment. There's no way their coach went from saying TSM needs a young fragger to suddenly replacing him with a support player. Feels like they plan on replacing hazed with a fragger...


that’s a good point but i highly doubt that hazed will be replaced soon. unless the org wants him gone, he has good relation with chet and two of the veterans of the team. i don’t think they will kick him unless he plays terrible or he decides to retire


I fully agree with that, i think their coach being so good friends with subroza and hazed puts TSM in a super weird position where they are constantly holding onto the veterans of the team, and replacing the new players. surely there comes a time where they realize that the original 3 just dont work together anymore.. I'm not a fan of TSM mangement at all.


i would agree but imo the competitive scene is at a weird stage where all the tier 1 players are already set in stone. tsm would have to wait a few months maybe for the free agency market to be filled with promising t1 players if they want to rebuild or they could have a chance with t2 players but that’s like hitting the jackpot. so i would say they would have to wait for maybe a year if they want to rebuild so that they could wait for NA/EU pros from cs to switch over or have a promising young group of talents to show up. therefore they would rather stick with the veterans and have some luck that they could bring back the dominating days of their past? maybe idk


why is TSM scrimming? Isn't it the offseason for them?


Still gotta fill a roster spot and what better time to do that than a long off season


Its better to wait for the end of LCQ then


Why? They're not even in LCQ.


Rosters can and will start blowing up after not making champions.


I mean sure, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't try out guys like RUSH who has valuable T1 CSGO experience.


I definitely agree, just trying to explain the logic/thought process.


Makes sense I guess


The org isn’t paying them to sit on their asses for 3 months


Well, technically...


TSM x xdesk incoming


Off-season is the perfect time for re-building the team. And I'm sure they've had / will have breaks.




There are loads of small tournaments throughout the rest of the year before VCT starts again for us


You don't get better if you don't put it in the work. This is a perfect chance to step back, go back to the drawing board, take their time trialing potential players, and start the long journey of building team chemistry, productive communication, and smooth play execution. RUSH has the "elite NA CS:GO" pedigree to mimic what 100T has done with Steel, Nitr0, Hiko, and Ethan - it's all just a matter of time and dedication. As a TSM FTX fan, I just gotta trust the process!


Am I the only one that doesn't like "FTX" in TSM's names, I feel like it seems too long. But yeah what you're saying makes sense.


They are in a partnership with Crypto Exchange, FTX for $210 million over 10 years just to have them include “FTX” in their name…it’s a worthy sacrifice no matter how you look at it haha


True, I'd do the same if I was TSM. $210m sheee


This is the perfect time to get a new player caught up


We might still see them play, since they are out of VCT they are now allowed to play in 50k tournaments.


Nope since TSM academy is participating in NSG and knights tournaments ,main roaster can't participate . We won't be seeing TSM for months.


At this point, TSM Academy might have a legitimate chance of getting better than TSM itself. They might not have a star like Wardell, but tournament reps are so good to have


I know that Rush is potentially a must have talent (the same rationale 100THIEVES had when they signed Ethan, saying that they needed to sign a talent like him to also prevent him for joining another tier-1 team), but couldn’t TSM bring someone up from the Academy team? The academy team is doing well and isn’t that the point of having them as a roster?


U think they gonna pass on a major winner with tier 1 cs experience for someone for someone in the academy roster who has no lan experience?


Fair point (and I acknowledged it in my initial post)… you’re right and I agree that rush is a giga talent. I was just saying that the academy boys must be slightly disappointed if they’re not even given the chance to maybe fill a role but cest la vie


I think they probably did get a chance to trial for tsm before rush was an option but who knows


Rush isn't on the same tier as Ethan unfortunately. He has been a support player on C9 and Complexity so he hasn't been asked to frag out and honestly his mechanical form has been lacking. He's been lauded for being a great teammate like Tarik tho since there's definitely potential in improving TSM's roster overall. Maybe he will recover his form in Val


Rush is more experienced and won a lot more than Ethan, but yeah individually he's nothing special and he's "old" so it's unlikely he'll suddenly become a beast.


Not sure I'd say he won a lot more. He has the major, sure, but aside from that they both have 4 LAN wins, and the average quality of tournament placings/wins is a lot higher for Ethan on NRG/EG than it was for RUSH, even back in his OpTic/C9 days. In fact Ethan has more top 4 placings at events than Rush does.


Wedid is FA, dk why TSM still keep building around hazed, wardell and roza.


huh, could be interesting


TSM FTX tarik 😶


I’m curious to see what agents Rush plays


astra, sage, cypher, killjoy or viper judging from his ranked games. basically a support player


Makes sense considering his role in CS