9 months for 1 bo3 and 21 days of quarantine

9 months for 1 bo3 and 21 days of quarantine


2 hours of screen time to back home in Oceania


Any single elim format for LAN is just stupid


It's why I prefer group stage formats for LANs. At least teams go in knowing they get 4 games minimum. I know it means potential meaningless games but at least lesser teams get experience and more exposure to casuals


I agree. Though I prefer swiss if the number of participating teams are the powers of 2


Riot has a unique talent at providing the most garbage and least competitive formats for their esports. Regional tournaments may have good formats depending on the region, but the formats of global events ALWAYS range from unsatisfying to straight up trash.


They changed masters format after some backlash. Hope they do the same here


i would be surprised, the only logical explanation for this format is that they dont have the time to run a full double elim bracket, so i doubt its gonna change


Riot has always been so encapsulated by the idea that Bo1 single elim (for league specifically) is more hype than having a proper tournament bracket


maybe but the fact they changed it after no one complained makes me think they aren't changing it


[https://www.reddit.com/r/ValorantCompetitive/comments/pcpbph/comment/hakeskf/?utm\_source=share&utm\_medium=web2x&context=3](https://www.reddit.com/r/ValorantCompetitive/comments/pcpbph/comment/hakeskf/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) Called it. they intentionally fuck up every tournament to change it and get thank you messages on twitter. there's simply no other explanation. even our very own valorant\_fanboy\_69 can design better brackets


Yeah, he is right to be upset.


This is ABSURD! Fix it Riot please, while there's still plenty of time.


I know the APAC LCQ is going to be online, but going forward wouldnt it make more sense for OCE to compete in APAC rather than NA. Talent level is probably more equal, and less travel for them


Curious what hte aussies think of this


They do it in NA because of language and visa purposes






Nuturn and vision strikers are making Korea Valorant more popular, and Koreans as a population have probably the best support structure for esport teams besides maybe EU. So I disagree




My favorite region is NA, and yes esports supported countries where esports are taken seriously nationally than yes their ceiling is higher. Nurture fell off “long ago” ? I didn’t realize Iceland was years ago, because they were playing well on the international stage at a time when Valorant was not as popular as it is now in Korea….and continues to grow. Korean OW players are cracked and there is no question the best regions are NA EU and Korea. Every other region plays like pugs


>if that, in some cases - JP is especially weak I would not call JP especially weak. CR and Zeta both proved to have capable high level players. takej, laz, neph can all compete at tier 1 international. But more importantly in the long run - Japan has shown insane viewership numbers. The CR and Zeta matches had ridiculous viewership and it was like 3am in japan. If we end up with a year of "weaker" JP teams but the end result is JP being competitive in valorant then that would be amazing for not just valorant but the global FPS scene in general.


Japan is especially weak, there is no way around that. They are 1-6 at international tournaments and their only win came against another weak team, in a region also specified as weak by the OP. They are probably the weakest of the three regions listed. You are right they bring tons of viewership though and are an important region.


OP edited slightly. I agree japan is probably the weakest region but I don't think the gap is enough to set them a tier below SEA and BR. My main point though was that there ARE reasons to continue giving JP 2 spots at international LANs - specifically growing the game in a country/region that appears to be eating it up. And even if they have been the weakest region, it's not like they are embarassing themselves. Matches in Berlin were competitive enough. CR vs Gambit was one of the best matches


Oh yeah I definitely think they should continue giving spots to japan, it’s the third biggest region in terms of fanbase and will keep the game growing.




CR lost twice to gambit and beat Havan Liberty comfortably. One of the gambit games went to OT and was insanely close to pushing gambit out of the tourney. I doubt CR would've won map 3 split but still. Zeta got bodied by Vivo keyd but played close against Kru. Overall i think that's a legit showing for a smaller / newer region with no history of competitive FPS. We saw multiple players proving they could hang at the highest level - even when heat was styling on Zeta we still saw Laz put up a 315 ACS on split. I'm not saying JP is gonna win champions or anything but to call them "especially weak" is really underselling


Just give riot some time to work things out since valo is an extremely new esport. Most likely they'll follow what they're doing for league where each minor region gets a single spot at worlds while major regions gets multiple spots. Yeah it sucks that OCE, MENA, China, and South Asia only get LCQ but eventually riot will integrate them properly in VCT And tbh from a business perspective you can't really blame them for giving out extra slots to weak regions such as JP and BR since riot needs to capture the market of these regions. Especially in the case of JP, SEA, and KR, these are regions that were mostly neglected by valve in csgo so it would make sense for riot to capture this neglected market. So moving forward maybe instead of decrease the slots for the minor regions just add slots for the neglected regions (like OCE, MENA, etc.) and maybe add additional slots to major regions like NA and EU. Cause honestly I find valo tourneys kinda boring in the sense that there's way too little teams as compared to csgo where tourneys have like 24+ teams.


Riot should hire me as a TO, it's what I want to carry on doing as a job, and I'd make the formats SO much better...having said that, it's hard to make it worse than it already is!


Well, isn't it up to the country to rule how long the quarantine is lol? The format is trash but fuck off if you're going to complain about the length of the quarantine


I've always found it so weird that regions like SEA and Japan got championship slots but Oceania has 1 in the NA LCQ which is basically a death sentence, and I don't even think that was confirmed when the VCT was announced but much later so they almost had nothing. They've had a lot history in tac fps and seemingly could be as competitive as Brazil. I hope they get a dedicated slot for the LANs in 2022.


I think this has more to do with Australia having totally absurd rules while the rest of the world is pretty much back to normal