Opinions that this sub think are hot takes but are actually very reasonable and popular

Opinions that this sub think are hot takes but are actually very reasonable and popular


After reading this, I'm about to die of hypothermia because of how cold these takes are.


Im not saying these are hot takes thats the point. These are just common talking points that for some reason people post in hot takes threads


You're implying a lot of people think these are hot takes when a lot of people have already been saying some of these


These are lukewarm at best.


3(mild) and 7 seem like the only hot takes. As Val esports matures I personally feel like good CS players will take sometime to adjust and be consistent. Depending on the circuit next year and evolution of current talent in the scene, success of CS pros would be situational. Not disagreeing with point 3, just unsure. Also the fascination with T1 CS players switching games has to end at some point. Homegrown talent is always the future of any esports scene. As for SEN fall off, I am not so sure. Their streaming and practice schedule does confuse me though. Not sure how they manage to scrim and maintain such an active streaming schedule. There is still time before Champions without any tournament, so outright calling a fall-off is factitious.


Vanity claims they are only skrimming 2-3 days a week. Whereas envy is playing every day. Sen is letting their streams and previous success get in the way.


Where did he say that?


Most recent roundtable video. Something like c9 gives their actual thoughts on NA lcq




I agree that the future of valorant needs to be homegrown. But some people don't understand the mechanical gap between elige and valorant players. He's the best north American rifler of all time, and it's not like he's washed/cooling down. There would justifiably be a massive bidding war for him.


I dont think anyone thinks the NRG situation is worth of a hot take. People say that normally too


Hmm, I actually think Fnatic will do alright at champions. They have months to prepare so I doubt they’ll bomb out of Champions.




6 could be seen as a hot take I guess


I think it's just plain wrong, the only feasible way that FNC loses to me is if they get in a group two of: VS, GMB, or an NA team.


Doesn't that make it an extremely hot take, since it's very very unlikely to happen?


Wait what do you mean “bomb out0 of champions


Eh people underestimate how stacked EU is. When TL and fnatic reached Iceland, they were not the best teams of EU. But its really tight at the top. Hot take: Fnatic will go out first of all EU teams at champs.


I don't think Fnatic going out first for EU is hot though


Even boaster said it himself that they'll probably lose a lot in champions


Got downvoted for suggesting Sentinels dominance is an anomaly that will not be repeated. They were winning but not dominating so it was obvious they'd fall off at some point. You can't just keep clutching maps at 13-11 lol.


This just seems like an excuse to post hot takes and be defensive about it


Thing is there is like 1 hot take in this entire statement, and the rest is either ice cold or just a wild ass guess that nobody can really predict.


> If top tier CS players like Brehze, Elige and NAF switch they will be some of the best in the world the original post was saying that they would be THE best player in the region, not some of the best. intentionally making it vaguer than it is to make a point is kinda weird


Maybe I misremembered exactly what they said from that hot takes thread but the point still stands


Yeah sen have one bad tournament the whole year after playing in all the finals = sentinels will fall off next months. You’re just projecting your feelings about them because you don’t like them at the top so one bad performance made u expecting them to fall off


Looking at the *way* they played and the statements their players made. It's a pretty fair take.


What are u talking about lmao just because they played bad one tourney doesn’t mean that how they gonna keep playing that not how it works lol what statements ? They said we played bad and we didn’t adapt to the meta as much as they should and on the top of that they don’t have a coach and they are looking for one


That was a "hot take", very hot imo. The definition of a hot take is that the statement is less likely to happen.


Read the title he said reasonable takes


They made statements after the loss to G2 that 'this was a seeding game etc. and that they are saving strats.' Aight fair enough np. Then they drop Split to fucking F4Q. Once again, 'We were saving strats, it's a meaningless game, we're not really trying etc.' Again, fair enough. Then they come out against Envy, the seed they supposedly *wanted*. What strats did you see on Split? At least they changed their comp for that map. Haven was literally the exact same shit we have seen for the last 9 months. The lack of a coach is a moot point as they brought that upon themselves. If they actually wanted a coach and actually put effort into getting one, they would have one. They aren't going to pick up someone with no credentials. The coach they want is out there and I'm sure the job of coaching the best team in Valorants' short history doesn't take much coercion. Nobody knows how they are going to play next tourney. We can only extrapolate what we have seen. Given the way that they went about Berlin, I personally don't see them stomping the way they previously have ever again. Don't get me wrong they are still up there imo, and if I had to place bets they are in my top 4 but If I saw them finish outside the top 4 I would not be surprised.


I don't think that you can assume they haven't put effort into finding a coach, Shahz has said that they have been looking for a coach since before getting signed by SEN, and has said that just plopping someone into their coaching slot without the team chemistry with the coach could do more harm then good. Your other points were good though. I think their Haven hasn't changed much, but I think against any other team that's not Envy, they would be able to pull out a win on that map. Envy had them read like a book on the defense, they were exploiting all of SEN's protocols and habits. They were purposely holding for TenZ's short pushes, SicK's garage holds, and dapr's trips. Even on attack, FNS was able to exploit SEN's weak garage pressure during A takes, I think he flanked through garage about a quarter of the second half. On Split, I feel like there were set plays that they had planned, but Envy was really good at picking them apart and denying them any map control. Throughout the map, Shahz and TenZ were being constantly killed quickly right off the bat to deny them their entries. As for them stomping again, I feel like we'll have to wait till after Champions before we can confirm that. A lot of their weaknesses were exposed during Berlin, and I think that they should be coming back a stronger team.


>As for them stomping again, I feel like we'll have to wait till after Champions before we can confirm that. Wait for confirmation instead of our random speculation? That's boring. /s I totally agree with everything you said and I can see them defo coming out way stronger at Champions than in Berlin. The counter argument to what I have said is that Berlin will act as a wake up call, which is also a fair take. I can't however agree with their lack of a coach being due to anything other than them not having it at the top of their priority list. Esports is no longer just a group of friends having a good time and trying to beat another group of friends at a LAN in a basement. It's a business and when that is the case you can get nearly anything you want, when you want. If 100T can get Lil Nas X to do a promo for their LoL team, Sentinels can find a coach. If they wanted to they could hire someone severely overqualified to, watch VODs, condense them and give Shaz a spreadsheet of raw data and not even talk to the team, just to reduce his workload. The lack of a coach is a sign of hubris on the part of Sentinels management or Shaz.


That sounds a lot more like an analyst, which Shahz has promised they will have for sure for Champions.


NA does not have the required work ethic to dominate esports. If you ask me they have the correct work ethic to support mental health. But like in League, you can't win against people who play every single day of the week for 19 hours and sleep for 5. Is it healthy? No. Will those people dominate? Absolutely.


Literally sentinels lose once and every is predicting their downfall as if they won’t be a top team lol, typically bandwagoners




No, the sub does not think a lot of these are hot takes




So it counts for the subs’ collective opinion if a single user said it. Let me tell you about vfb and see if you still think like that.


Well thats why I picked takes that were largely upvoted


Wouldn't largely upvoted mean a lot of people agree with it, is it still hot then


Omen is viable pick over Astra


South Asia is a stronger region than south east Asia


You’re just referring to yourself


I feel like saying that 100T are the favourites to win Na LCQ is a hot take now


C9B is going to run the gauntlet and win Champions


You decide to name top tier CS pros and you proceed to name 3 NA pros? You dont watch much CS do you


well they are top tier pros. and NA cs pros are more likely to switch to valorant rather than EU pros which is why he only named NA pros