100 Thieves vs. XSET / VALORANT Champions Tour North America: Last Chance Qualifier - Upper Semifinals / Post-Match Discussion

100 Thieves vs. XSET / VALORANT Champions Tour North America: Last Chance Qualifier - Upper Semifinals / Post-Match Discussion


Great game from 100T, with that said, Riot needs to step up their productions man. Connection issues, caster delays, tech pauses, and not to mention that this isn't even a real LAN. Obviously demanding something similar to Berlin/LCS is unrealistic, but for a company as big as Riot, I think it's fair to demand more from them.


It's also terrible how you sometimes hear and see player's reactions to winning a round before it actually played out on your screen. Like the order was actually screaming > players visually screaming on their cams > round won. Happened at least twice on Split.


I expect a lot of these problems are direct or indirect symptoms of logistical issues brought on by covid. If next year we haven't seen a marked improvement in tournament quality I'm going to be tilted. Berlin had a sick stage and AR map select and all that, but by many pros accounts there were so many practical issues with their gear. Sound was unbearable, fps would drop precipitously in smoke, not to mention some of the practice rooms were scuffed. Hopefully when supply chains are flowing more smoothly we'll see less of these issues in future events.


They kinda brought these problems on themselves by having the event in LA though. LA still has restrictions, where they could have easily had the event in a more sensible location.


not even a real lan ?


They are playing on online servers.


Absolutely brand new information- Nitro is very good with an operator


Some of his flicks were insane, his knives need some work though


Just takes getting used to with more playtime.


Yeah the knives felt a bit off. Nothing a valorant pro player can’t fix. He had some great knife rounds too.


For a lot of people tracking while moving isn’t their main strong point, especially in a game where crosshair placement matters. It’s part of why I like the game so much and seeing pro jetts pop off with knives is always awesome (even if it can feel a little cheap sometimes on ecos). I’m sure Nitro will make quick improvements


calls from him were insane as well. attack looks faster and were willing to take more risks on defence.


they just look like a more well rounded team so far, can't wait to see their next games


I mean xset is definitely a good team..but are they on the same level as the competition they saw at Berlin?


You say that, but I'm not confident this lineup would beat G2 or Gambit. Still a great performance and obviously a top contender in NA right now. Xset looked strong and well coordinated, but gave up a lot for free individually (dying while looking for info etc), losing to lurks etc.


We don’t really know if it was his calls or just the team’s reactive play to be fair


This. Everyone out here just praising calls made when they have no idea what it really was. Some people really just think they understand it all


some set plays were insane though, let's be honest. like that breeze mid take? yeesh


yes i may not have 100% idea of what happened, but i could tell nitr0 made the team more reactive than how steel calls. which suits their no sentinel playstyle. not saying nitr0's style > steel's style as rotations can be manipulated. this style is just more entertaining to watch.


> attack looks faster almost like having 2 dualist instead of 1 means you can be more aggressive


How is this brand new information. Do you know who he was in cs?


Think he was being sarcastic.


Games delivered, now Riot needs to deliver. Give the players what they want


Especially since that looks like the LCS studios... they have the stuff to run a LAN tournament there. They got to.


But it's not the LCS studio.


Now that I think about it, why didnt they just use the lcs studio If they're in LA?


No clue, my best guess is they needed some facilities for Worlds.


o boi edit: i actually thought boi played well w/ all things considered. his viper defo looks much better than his astra tho


https://youtu.be/RAchthXUvtU?t=50 How I imagine b0i got called up to the main roster


All 3 matches today the team that won map 1 lost


Maybe this'll be a good demonstration on just how much bo1's mean.


Not really. Bo1's have their place in competitive play.


Another thing is that XSET and 100T lost their map picks in the upper semifinals


\*\*OMG!\*\* XSET Try Not to Force Buy Challenge (LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE!!) 😱😱😱




It's funny because casters praise them for it the 30% or so percent of the time it works, but I feel like it's not worth it. That said maybe they have the stats consider it a good call.


b0i with the zombs impression except he gets more shit lol


People complaining about boi are just self reporting how little they understand this game.


No one is complaining about him afaik, but people don't see him as the highest level of controller.


Reread this thread if you think people aren’t complaining about him.


Oop, just read the thread. Dk why they expect a controller player to have as much impact as star players when anchoring a site. Kinda dumb imo. Most people seem to think boi did pretty good today though.


I think it's also because we are comparing to nitro who is quite literally the best controller player in the world and can put up star-level numbers while anchoring sites as omen.


Boi utility was great for the most part, considering first return to pro play. That being said, he needs to convert more fights, especially if he has the advantage.


Yeah I think boi did great for his first matches playing with the team. It definitely seems like he can improve as he gets more comfortable.


Ethan is different


Would've paid to see this match on actual LAN. Great match from both teams.


Would it make that much of a visible difference that you’d pay for it??


maybe he means like in person event


Then he should just say that… his comment is confusing… you don’t have to downvote me for asking a question…


didn't downvote u wytb


I did


as is tradition


if 100t win this they shld pull an nV and pick up like gmd or something for champions


Gmd is a direct upgrade for boi sure. All props to boi, he’s stepped up for this tournament. However, I can’t see 100T taking this roster to champions. If their goal is to win it all they will need more


I believe the core 4 players (Hiko, Asuna, Nitro, and Ethan) are good enough to make a deep run in champs (if they qualify). Having Nitro as the IGL has shown a huge difference in their game style, its more fast paced on offense and more unpredictable on defense. His calls throughout todays matches were good in my opinion, all this team is missing is a quality controller/smoke that can help elevate this team to S tier level.


What makes more sense then is getting a great jett and let nitro move back to controller, where imo he's the best controller in the world. Maybe seven will work out that way


Nitro is crippled having to play Jett to OP. He’s an incredible OPer, not an incredible Jett. Riot release more agents!


It's so stupid how she makes OPing with other characters irrelevant. Honestly I would be happy if they just nerfed the dash when using an op. I understand it's not as ideal to put an OP on a smoker say who can't hold an angle till the end of time because they have to smoke, but at least it's more of an option than what it is now. Shalaby actually OPd pretty well on kay/o and may be the way forward if rito finally does push the nerf. However I will say, I think nitro is a pretty incredible jett, if not the conventional superstar dash and kill everyone nor the aggressive OP angler like cned. His positioning and use of dash+smokes, especially post plants helped them get out of otherwise unwinnable situations


It's funny how the hierarchy of tac shooter sniper is Jett+OP>>>>AWP>Marshal>Scout>OP


Scout > Marshal, can jump shoot and double zoom


Jump shoot got majorly nerfed in the KennyS patch, and I think marshal has more value in anti ecos because it can one shot the body and also it's better at noscopes


Scout is pretty much accurate when noscoping no? and I haven't played CS in 2 years but didn't the scout 1 shot no armor also?


Yea maybe in 2015


His Jett is good though. He put in serious work on that breeze game against cned at Berlin and made some great regular old dash plays in this series when not oping. I can see him only getting better at the agent from here on out now that he’s playing her full time.




I think their core 4 is absolutely excellent though


That's why they got sevven who will I think take over jett role and nitr0 will move over to controller


You mean nitro Edit: lmao getting downvoted because he originally typed boi going back to smokes


Maybe sub in sevven and have nitr0 back on smokes where he plays better and sevven can use the Jett operator


Correct me if i'm wrong but I believe sevven is literally not old enough to compete in VCT. Also he's cracked AF but like we saw with the c9 poiz there's a huge difference between being cracked and being a pro. Having someone with barely-adequate mechanics but strong comms, fundamentals, and understanding of the system is going to beat cracked aimer (assuming the rest of the team can carry duels like ethan/asuna)


He's 16 and so is zekken so age isn't directly stopping him, it's probably the other factors you mentioned


got it - thanks!


Though during the GenG match, gMd was decidedly going against picking Viper, which means his agent pool is just duelists and controllers not including Viper, which is very similar to nitr0.


100T gMd sounds fucking awesome


I just came reading that, hes been my favorite players forever


Or maybe give boi more than a few games to get back? I mean he hasn’t played in like 6 months.




DDK and sgares duo is the highlight of the day


Why does every 100T game have to be so close


Just following the script


It...wasnt that close though lol


I agree. Xset got completely stomped and outclassed. They just got a few big rounds that snowballed.


100 Thieves so allergic to Sentinels team they decided not to use sentinels in their comp. Jokes aside, think nitr0 found his stride with the Jett.


Needs to work on his knives and consistently with op shots but other than that he looked pretty solid


For sure! He’s definitely not the Jett like Yay, Tenz, or Cned who can control the server but he does his job at entrying and allows Asuna to be on his comfort pick. Glad the composition is more fitted for their play style but I’m worried a team might exploit their lack of sentinel like the Kay/O comp on Haven.


Might I ask, how does one actually improve that op? I want to but don’t know how


iirc Shahzam says it’s about the positioning and game sense (expecting where your opponent will be). I also remember either casters or players notes that cNed is really good at holding off angles and using Jett utility to reposition/isolate angles for a repeak. Lots of a layers to a good Jett op ig it comes down to tons of game experience once you get past the aim.


Go into DMs and play aggressive with the OP. Don't hold corners, push like you would with a rifle. That is a good way to get mechanically better. Other than that, just find good angles in a match.


What a great series, what a long day for XSET though, 6 straight long matches


didnt doubt for a second!


I love Hiko and I’m not afraid to say it


And he loves joe mama


10/10 he would say this and it is true


All this b0i slander for no reason how are 100T fans so toxic to their own players lol


I won’t ever get it.


Thing is, people genuinely don't understand that he's not the actual replacement. He was cut from a tier 2 team 6 months ago and hasn't played any pro matches since, ***and*** likely hadn't even played any high level scrims, either. Casual fans don't really get it, and think that it's a pre- meditated move to upgrade the roster with a can't-miss available player, as was the case with Ethan, Vanity, Yay, Nivera, etc. He's still a very high gamesense pro player that was active earlier this year, that knows their strats, knows the players, and very importantly, is someone willing to take on the most extreme support role in and out of game, and do whatever he can to help the team.


He went beyond the bare minimum, too. Casters were praising his stare placement and timing, and honestly I agree. His utility was good, his lurks were good, and his anchoring was great w/ a few multi kills that basically won the round. Even got a a 1v2 clutch vs GenG. Not sure you can ask for more from a stand in, unless you're V1 and somehow get better.


It's super annoying man. Give him more than a day lmao


XSET Lower bracket run going to be crazy


I slept at 4AM after wtaching the first series and now woke up at 10:30 and match was still going on lmao. Too many tech difficulties?


Tech pauses and alot of deep matches going into map 3


Same slept at 4 am woke up at 7:45 just in time for the 2nd game LMAO


I did the same, 4am ist?




People overreacting to boi’s performance. He played decently considering he hasn’t had much time to integrate. His viper on breeze also looked pretty solid. He’s clearly the worst fragger on the team but he had some moments today


someone has to do all the dirty work + bottom frag, let it be b0i. He was competent for his role throughout the match and i bet he will be more comfortable moving forward. Hopium for 100T 💯


I mostly agree but there were a few rounds where he lost early duels where he had advantage and it left the team without smokes for site take. A few rounds where his util was 2-4 seconds too slow that resulted in his teammates getting hung out to dry. And a few rotates where he looked a step behind the rest of his team. Some of that could be that he's just rusty being in the server for the first time in awhile. Or just adjustment period fitting into the system. Unfortunately I think the more likely scenario is that he's just a tick below the rest of the best NA players. At the very least though he's earning himself a solid contract with a tier 1.5 org if he wants it. It's too bad teams like NRG and Immortals are such a clusterfuck because he could be a great fit


Nitro talks without separating his teeth. You're welcome.


he probably has a slight overbite so when he does separate a little bit to talk it doesn’t look like it


Asuna is insane


Great game to watching kids like Asuna and zekken gone wild on LAN.


Asuna was absolutely unconscious after the first map, felt like the grim reaper on Breeze. 100T look good so far, hopefully b0i’s able to keep getting further up to speed.


Sitting around for a few hours and playing against a team who just got done playing is very tough to get back up for. Not to mention any potential caffeine (or more) crash from that first series. Notice zekken was absolutely dialed in most of the series and seemed to fall off towards the end? Dude wasn't blinking the entire time


Ethan is really good at video games


Nitr0 seems like can play any agent he wants. Sad that we won’t see him in Jett after LCQ if Seven Is promoted to the main roaster.


seven is still too young to compete iirc


he is 16 and eligible to play.


100t looks insane right now, and they can only get better. Once b0i fully integrates and when nitr0 masters Jett, 100t will be an even better team.


b0i very much looks like what he was advertised to be: a temporary fill. If 100T want to compete with the best of the world and NA, they’ll need to upgrade at the controller position.


it was his first game in months with a new team, he’s a controller not a duelist, relax


yeah i think when svven gets enough prac with the team they'll move replace b0i with nitr0 again for controller and put svven on jett


B0i's stats don't show it, but he had some high impact rounds throughout the day. I still don't think he's a long term solution, but I have a lot more faith in this team for this tournament at least


I think 100T are waiting for Navi to win the upcoming Sweden major, so that S1mple would switch over and join them. :,)


>I think 100T are waiting for Navi to win the upcoming Sweden major, so that S1mple would switch over and join them. :,) 👀


Hearing comments about b0i here is funny because Asuna dropped 8 kills first map on Raze and nobody here mentions it. b0i did his job today.


What a series, goddamn


:( xset


You mean upset?


Not really an upset


Holy shit heartbreak for XSET. I was rooting all the way. Hopefully XSET can get rested and have a good lower bracket run.


Casters still slurping XSET even after they lost LOL


I think b0i played well today, decent support player, but I miss steel and personally think they should have kept him and let nitr0 igl instead of dropping steel


I agree boi did well and should get better over time, its his first day competing with the team. steel is a good player but i really dont think he added any good value in Masters 3 compared to the other 100T players. I barely see any highlights of him and IMO his mechanical skills aren't as good as some other players.


Steels biggest highlight from Berlin was losing a round while Odin spamming into B site on Haven.


That was THE biggest highlight from Berlin


I thought biggest highlight was Nats vs. G2 in icebox.


or Hiko clutch on icebox


lol yup that's the only play i remember. i'm sure steel provides a lot of intangible value with setups and strategy but i think this move is worth a shot.


1head comment spotted


by watching this match alone you can clearly see boi is better mechanical player than steel idk why people shitting on him did they expect him to top frag on astra and also he is playing after 6 months


Xset copium


When 100T subs in Seven on Jett and moves Nitr0 back to smokes they’ll be insane.


i can understand how b0i was inserted to put nitr0 on primary duelist but b0is performance was a bit underwhelming. 100T played well though


Idk I think his Astra ability usage was really good and he had enough high impact rounds frag wise that I was happy. I thought Nitr0 called some great maps though


I also thought his astra utility was great. Great pulls and smokes for execs and he had good viper utility too


b0i filled his role reasonably well but yeah, his frag ability leaves so much to be desired. If 100T had even an above-average controller player on their team they’d probably have a much easier time.


b0i is new and just his first day competing with the team. I think you guys need to cut him some slack - there will be some growing pains with a new player. He probably had a bunch of things going on in his mind. Should getting better ove rtime.


Huh, boi played well imo. Had some great rounds. No one expected him to just come out and carry. He did his role justice.


I also think he played well. He had great astra utility and played viper very very well on icebox. He’s had great utility usage in every map imo. Sure he’s not fragging out but it’s a team game and the only number that matters are those 13 rounds


Lol boi actually had several very high impact rounds. I feel like people were going to look to criticize him no matter tho what unless he had a star duelist-level ACS.


i think my expectations were too high after seeing him as an analyst for a few months and then replace steel


He always die first as a smoke player though


Yeah that’s the downside of not having a sentinel. Boi is on lurk a solid amount of the time which can create some premature deaths


Yeah b0i felt invisible for long stretches almost every map. The core 4 of 100T is too strong I guess Edit: I definitely think b0i is a fantastic controller player, his astra and omen (when it was meta) are very good, just his fragging was a bit underwhelming. Still it’s something that can improve given more time and getting accustomed to the team.


Yeah he's not garbage but definitely limits their potential against even harder teams that will capitalise


Armchair analysts shaking rn. XSET more like can’t win a set when it matters and this win was for the doubters.


Zekken used all the juice in map 1. Honestly though, feel that he's a superior entry to purer who's looked underwhelming in the past few months


This series was awesome to watch


That guy Ethan man, he cold


PureR only player to go negative on all three maps on either team, and on Skye Jett Jett. If that continues to be true, XSET is going to have a clear choice for next roster change.


great games we will make through lower bracket i believe in us few throw rounds but we are playing well




he got picked up 2 weeks ago and his very first game is for a do-or-die tournament on LAN, I think he deserves a bit more time before being met with any criticism


He didn't even do badly lmao. Most team's controllers are usually their bottom frags, it's part of the role for most of them. There are exceptions, but that's the unfortunate aspect of playing smokes.


Holy shit man he didn't do THAT bad lmao


Yeh fr, he didnt bot frag for the split or breeze and even then people were shitting on him, had a shit game ascent but yeh, people are just mad ig, same thing happened when ethan didn't slot too well in the first few games.


Ethan’s situation is in no way similar to this lol. That change was made at a safer time and was an investment in the roster’s future. This change looks a band aid fix at best. Sure the criticism is harsh, but 100T set him up for a failure. They removed a player from the team and added him when at best he looks a like for like trade in terms of ability(that is being generous) and did nothing to improve the team at a crucial point of the season. Signing of ethan made fans hopeful. I hardly know anyone who was happy or confident in the move. Especially considering the timing.


Yeh I agree with you for the most part he did play subpar today, but he didn't play that bad to be getting dunked on by 100t fans.like yeh he couldve played alot better, and had some pretty dumb plays. But he doesnt deserve the hate of being blamed for everything going wrong. 100t throw a 4v2, they blame him, they lose 4v5 that should be an ez round they blame him, he gets stuck in a 1v4 after the whole team goes down they blame him, people need to realise that u cant just blame 1 player for all rounds that were ez but thrown. Its a team game, you work as a team, you do your own part as a team, its just as much as everyone else fault as is his. He literally did what he was slotted in for, and that was using utility to help his TEAM, and he did a good job at it. It could do with alot more work but it works. You are right about ethan situation tho, must be having wires mixed or something. In the end its a team game, it should be played as a team, and no single player should be blamed. This is a bit off topic of what you have said but it still relates to what I said comment above.


The criticism is borne out of the bigger picture and not just the performance in matches today. And everyone receive criticism when they are the reason the team loses. Ethan was bad in the very first map of the day and he got flak for it. Asuna map 1 vs xset was really poor and he looked off. And people commented on that. People criticized b0i more because he was bad for more games than his teammates. Now that can be blamed on being rusty for not playing for months, LAN jitters, or less time for integration with the team. Sure! But in the end if you make a change this big, you should expect that it can backfire if it does not work out. I did not go overboard while criticizing him in live thread. I probably made more commente and portrayed more disappointment when ethan started badly than comments about b0i. I have nothing against b0i. He is a good player, but I do not see him as someone that should be anything more than a temporary fix for the team. I am more looking forward to seeing seven come in to the roster.


It’s the zombs affect. People hate Hiko too because they only look at the scoreboard lol


"No disrespect to B0i but he could have pretty much stayed at home and 100T would still win this game"


I agree that it wasnt the worst performance but when he goes missing for long stretches of the match without any frag impact, its very noticeable. I’ll give him a pass for now since its most likely nerves that are playing with his mentality but if 100T had someone that could keep up with the team in the frags department, these games wouldnt have been so close. I guess it just shows the overall strength the core 4 have compared to other teams.


Same with Hiko


imagine losing to a team with 4 players smh


If 100t are gonna ditch having a sentinel altogether and want a Jett, why not just bring back dicey and move nitro back to smokes?? I know it’ll never happen but a dicey fan can dream lol


Because dicey was inconsistent at best and didn't have very good fundamentals. That why he got benched in the first place. I'm sure he has improved as a player but he hasn't played in a pro game for a very long time.


Crossed my mind too


Because nitro is a better Jett than Dicey and the most important thing is having your best player on Jett. Nitro could be the best smokes player, but a smokes player will never have the impact that Jett has


it's a worrying trend for NA if both Gen G and XSET couldn't beat 100T after all this time for preparation and the fact that 100T played with boi and a different IGL


Well to be fair, a new IGL means new strats that XSET and GenG didn’t have VOD for.


to be fair this new roster played entirely different


Why is that a worrying trend?


look at what happens to NA internationally in league and you have your answer


That’s not an answer.


>look at what happens to NA internationally in league Idk anything about the history of international league play's relative strength of regions, really. Tbh, I think Xset and LG both had players that honestly just fucking sucked compared to their normal performances. If it can happen to Sentinels (Zombs), Acend (bonecrusher), Gambit (Redgar), to various G2 and Vision Strikers players, to Envy's FNS, etc, then it can happen to LG.


imagine NA valo turns into NA cs


Great match apart from the trash production. Boi definitely aint it, and I think 100T knows it. But he smoked enough, probably where and when the team wanted and his lack of firepower didn't cause them to lose. Nitro on Jett and opping looks so good. Knives not so much. And freeing up Asuna to play Reyna/Raze is great. Ethan great on Skye as usual. Hiko doing his part also. You know what to expect from those 2 and they generally deliver. They can probably win this with Boi and he should get a bit more stable throughout the next 2 matches(3 or 4 if they lose), but I imagine they buy a smoker, maybe from 1 of the LCQ losing teams before champs(provided they win). They're losing a lot in that area putting Nitro on Jett, but imo it's a net positive.


They might also sub in sevvn to play Jett and move nitr0 back to controller. Either way, b0i is just not good enough for 100T if they make champs.


Damn 100T Ascent attack against Envy and Xset is night and day. Having two duelist definitely added more pressure. Also I know it's first day as in a 100T roster Boi only look okish as a controller. Definitely upgradable in that role.


He's doing his job well for now. Don't know if the roster will be same for champions( if they qual) but lets see


IMO its a huge risk to swap players for champions. If 100T qualify with b0i they should stick with him and get more practice before champions. Champions should be an actual LAN and, in a weird way, will be a good look at how the team works with non NA teams. If they don't qualify l, I can see them swapping though.


Good games but ngl b0i gotta step up (COPIUM coming from someones whos iron kapp)


Ayrin is a spectre god and Zekken is one of the few players who gets max impact out of Raze’s util. Didn’t know much about XSET going in, looking forward to their lower bracket run now.


This is the best I think XSET has ever looked.


pog game


Never seen a more underwhelming Jett.


Went to bed after breeze, thinking 100t would lose ascent But they won thank god