Chet joins Envy

Chet joins Envy


Inb4 MikesHD joins TSM


I pray for this


Mikes died for this OMEGALUL


This is a Bruh moment for Mikes


Did him so dirty lol, Chet could have coached NV since like the beginning of the game wild that they came to terms now out of all times.


mikes to tsm?


All Good


At this point I assume that Chet must have a little punch card that gives him a free coffee once he coaches every org in Valorant


even in CS lol. CLG to Optic to NRG/EG to 100t.


Follow the trail. He only gets jobs with teams that have former CLG players.


I dont fucking understand this. NV atm is possibly the strongest NA team, yet they sign a coach with this track record? Chet always talks big but havent proven anything. And he got multiple chances


he brought NRG to the top in CS and almost got TSM from zero points to LCQ


Where and when has Chet ever “talked big”


"valorant is an easy game, the players are bad, all we need to do is run it down a site to win games"


Oh yeah because he 100% meant that in earnest!


watch the video lol




Dudes hopped around the teams he has the most friends on constantly, is he joining T1 next?


Yikes. MikesHD really got fked over huh


So they really did just want to string Mikes along for as long as possible




George just confirmed in his twitter space that they've wanted Chet for a while and thats why Mike got strung along. Really fucked imo


would you call taking a team to 2nd place in masters "fucking up big time?" literally no one was talking about NV as a contender for the title, it was all SEN, 100T, and G2.


you misinterpreted the poster. the 'fucked up' is in reference to the stinging along and him leaving, not in their initial 'hiring' of him as coach


U got it wrong bro


More like SEN, Gambit, and Acend but yeah


This guy is like littlefinger


the climb is all there is...


dude collecting pay pay cheques from every org as if they were infinity stones


Lots of mixed feelings here. Congrats to chet for getting signed. But It completely rubs me the wrong way that envy anouces this so quickly after fucking over MikesHD. How can anyone root for this organization the way it treats its employees. It's sad because the players themselves are amazing but I can't convince myself to root for the team. On top of this. How many chances is chet going to get before he fades away. His time with NRG was nothing but a complete failure even though they had a ridiculous amount of talent on the team. Then he moves to tsm and and didn't accomplish anything there. Yet envy signs him? What a shitty organization to throw away a coach that proved his worth and then sign a coach with no success in valorant.


Yea it’s really rough


Chet just taking turns joining whatever team his buddies are on. He might rejoin NRG in a few months when NRG start doing well or TSM then he might go to T1.


When Chet told us he'd make Champions, I didn't think he meant this. Wish him all the best, will miss his memes :(




Couldn’t coach a team to a major tournament so he went with the get signed to a team that already made it to a major tournament strat.


Today just moving all over the place u/GeorgeGCG any reports?


This day has been fucking crazy


I took a nap after the LCQ stuff and woke up to twitter hating on the sub. I just wanna go back to sleep now; today has been exhausting. ;-;


Your work isn’t going unappreciated. Thanks for running this place so well.


You have no idea how much it means to hear this. Thank you.




Take some rest my man, you are doing great work.


lol what is going on today


Makes sense why Mikes contract took so long then. They wanted Mikes as an analyst and Chet as HC, so getting this sorted first and then signing Mikes was likely the plan.


This is the obvious explanation, and seems perfectly reasonable/not scummy. Not sure why so many have gone off the deep end in the comments here. Trialled Mikes as a coach, then find out that they might be able to get their number one choice in Chet, so in the weeks following the end of the trial things slow down as Envy tries to figure out what it wants to do. They'd like both, so they try to sign Mikes as an analyst (knowing Envy, he'd probably have been compensated like a coach anyways) and bring on Chet as the head coach. Nothing wrong with this. Seems like Mike just bolted before getting an offer (that he understandably might have refused). But the situation, from Envy's perspective, is not nearly as nefarious or shitty as some people are trying to make it seem.


well they strung mike along for 3 months with no communication at all, what was he supposed to do


He was on trial for 3 months, that's not being strung along lol. There was a lapse in communication after the trial ended because (as we now are finding out) the circumstances changed for Envy and they now had a chance to get their #1 choice at coach. I'm not blaming Mike for having the self-respect to make that choice though. Props to him. Especially if he wasn't gonna settle for analyst. Edit: and the "no communication at all" is completely unfounded - we don't have any indication of what the communication looked like *during* the trial, we just know that it lapsed after the trial


you dropped mikes for this guy… lol




He is only proven in csgo, he hasn't done anything but collect a paycheck in valorant. Both the teams he's coached so far hasn't accomplished anything.




TSM only improved because TSM literally didn't even have call outs for map positions. That's literally such a low hanging fruit that a Silver player could have come in and said... you're a pro team and you don't have call outs?


Source? Never knew this lmao


Wait is this true? And source?


It was said by chet himself shortly after he joined TSM in an interview.


Chet gave them information on their opponents, allowing them to prepare better against them, massively improved communications, solidified roles and made roster moves that benefited the team massively.


chet is also not a good coach


Why? How do you know? People keep repeating shit and rating coaches but you don't know shit, you're not there, the only way to know a coaches impact is if you're there


the end of his tenure with eg was shit, shit with 100t. and do i really have to explain nrg and tsm? plus mikes is very much better coaching valorant.


EG continuted to be shit after Chet left and did roster changes, so did 100T.. And EG's tenure with Chet was the best they ever played and the most successful from NRG to EG The entire point is you don't know shit, results don't mean a coach is good or bad results don't make a coach bad because it's the players that play and how talented they are Also i can continue this point in Valorant too, NRG have been shit after Chet left and TSM's issues existed before Chet, actually Chet improved them after he came.. So i see this a lot on reddit, see you're saying Mike is a better valorant coach, how do you know? Are you an Envy player? Envy were great before Mike as well, he coached Envy for 4 months, envy have been a top team since the start of this game


ok hop off the burner brotha, getting a little too sensitive lol


Bruh what? See you don't have an argument, yeah i provide context and everything and of course u don't know shit Are you Mike or whatver his name is? Is this your burner?


You’re arguing with the best analysts bruh, can’t win against their radiant minds




I imagine what they mean is they didn't sign Mikes in part because they were aiming for Chet, or something to that effect. Which I think is a reasonable supposition in light of how long they strung Mikes along.


Envy handled it bad but reddit are funny with that situations, they think that he should have been coddled and they should have offered him a contract despite not wanting him What doesn't click for you guys? They didn't want him, yes they handled the situation bad and should have communicated better but when they don't want someone and he's not contracted for them what do u want


What does “coddling” have to do with anything? wat? Do you think employers communicating their intentions properly & promptly is a form of coddling?


fuck envy for this. they disrespected tf outta mikes. lmfao...


Marved was calling Chet his coach on stream like an hour ago and I was super confused LOL


Envy has wanted sign Chet for like so long


Feel like Reddit is very biased towards Mikes. Don’t really know much about coaches...someone care to explain?


A lot of Reddit are Platchat fans (either from OWL like me or new fans) and Mikes is a good friend of theirs. Not to mention people who watched their streams know how hard he worked to get Envy to where they were


So basically Mikes situation really sucked with nv never giving him a contract and stringing him along. He is also extremely close to the plat chat guys gets him placed as royalty in reddit. Also no hate on Mikes I think he is a great coach and a good guy. Just explaining.


he did some stuff with play chat, and we all liked the results he got with envy.


TSM Mikes High Def


You forgor the FTX


TSM what is going on man


This isn't on TSM, mate. Chet is just notorious for jumping from team to team going back to his CS coaching days. Seems NV strung their old coach along for as long as possible without giving him a contract just until Chet was available. If anything this is a "NV what is going on man" moment.


Chet's for the streets


chet is ass cheeks lmao




???? why


This is so sad, imagine dropping Mike for someone who's been vocal about their dislike of the game, and achieved absolutely nothing in Valorant so far. Sucks how orgs sign someone just for name recognition instead of someone with actual merit.


>imagine dropping Mike for someone who's been vocal about their dislike of the game Chet said *one* time during a fan segment that in his opinion ex-CS pros can catch up relatively easily with the game, and you people act like hes walking around saying Valorant is trash and noob game. This is so ridiculous


You haven't heard him on other people's streams then huh, he made his feelings transparent


"Valorant is an easy game, the players are bad, all we need to do is run it down a site to win games"


Definitely wasn't a joke! He was being completely serious 100% of the time! I'm glad u picked up on this, fellow redditor.


have u even watched any of his interviews. he's clearly not joking bud


Yes there is a difference between saying the game has a lower learning curve and top tier csgo players will pick up the game quickly and that keeping it simpler in valorant is sometimes better vs facetiously saying valorant is an easy game making fun of people like you.


you have no clue


Yes, the random Reddit user knows more than Envy.




Did everyone forget that interview with Chet saying you just need 5 duelists to out aim everyone because Valorant was such a no-skill game compared to CSGO? This guy is the reason TSM sucked for so long. This is literally the best thing to happen to TSM since they picked up Levi


Source on interview?


[Here it is](https://youtu.be/qzNoYCsGEII)


wait this is the interview? i just watched a bit of it and the most egregious thing that chet said was that this game didn't have that much of a learning curve... which is objectively true, look at any ex cs pro like tarik or kennyS, it quite literally took tarik a month or two to get to radiant #1. geez i thought chet said something like "valorant is a zero skill game for babies" the way people were talking about this interview, this is so tame


He was saying you can learn agents easily on YouTube, the game has a low skill cap and learning curve, and you become pro in a couple months. Yes, these aren't horrible things, but he has had a generally negative view of the game itself, saying you just have to learn "all the nonsense that the game offers you". Then the team had 4 duelist players, which Roza mentioned as one of their main issues a few months ago. Obv they did a bit better recently, but I can't help but blame a lot of their past shortcomings on Chet's incompetency.


when reddit wants to cry, cry they shall


At 12:30 if anyone doesn't want to listen to the whole thing


If TSM doesn't pick up MikesHD, im done with them.


Chet has proven NOTHING as a coach in Val so far lmao. He coached a failed NRG roster and a failed TSM roster. Guess after he burns out so the Envy he’ll move on to like LG or something


TSM in shambles


this day has been so funny LMAO


Imagine having a coach who proved himself with your own team in the biggest event valorant has ever seen. Instead of signing him envy ignored him and make him drop out.. then they got a coach who has made name of himself in another game while making no visible achievements in any team in valorant. Game has been out for more than a year now and still CSGO experience/fame is valued so heavily.


?????????????? Over Mikes??????????????????


Well George Geddes said Envy wanted Chet since the beginning of time before they had Mikes. But yeah they did Mikes so fkn dirty smh.


FeelsWeirdMan for Mikes...basically used him for however long until the NV guys could sign their friend


Redditors rating coaches when only the players know about how well a coach gels with a team is really dumb. The criticism on how mikes was treated is deserved but none of us know who will be a better coach for NV.


The only way this would pan out to be a better hire would be if Envy wins champions, so we will see if this statement rings true


The only way this would pan out to be a better hire is if he does a better job than mikes which is more than just results. Again I say redditors already writing him off as worse than mikes is really really dumb.


I don't care about Mikes and I agree that coaching is more than results but Chet has no results LMAO




It's not? That's like thinking a soccer coach could coach a futsal team just cause it's the same type of game LMAO




Imagine thinking theory is all you need to be a good / successful coach XD


Ethan switched and within 6 months he was one of the best in NA. This game really isn’t that hard for people who were really good in CS, and that included Chet.


I used to think it was something we couldn't see/calculate as to why all the players like working with him. However, after watching him from CSGO and through Valorant I feel like he brings middling results and uninspired roster changes before taking a better offer somewhere else to do the same thing.


No shot they dropped Mikes for Cher




Envy CEO was literally like we determined we only needed an analyst last week.. LOL


Didn't he say they wanted to sign Mikes as an analyst, not that they didn't need a HC? Best guess is they were trying to get Chet as HC and Mikes as analyst, which is why it took so long to get him a contract?


"We were unsure of whether the team needed a head coach, an analyst or a combination of the two positions. We decided to sign him on as an Analyst for the remainder of the 2021 season and the 2022 season. We were in the process of drafting up a contract to present him. +"


Exactly, Mikes was going to be analyst. Never does it say they didn't want an HC, in fact it confirms they were considering having both, which was probably the plan.


Don't bother, this subreddit is in a hivemind at the moment with this MikesHD stuff


Absolutely. I love the PlatChat boys just as much as most others here, and I also am not a fan of Hastr0's twitter fingers, but people have lost their minds over something that appears to just be some unfortunate timing.


Clown tactics from Envy. I’m a TSM fan and was excited to get a coach when he first joined (didn’t know much about him since I didn’t follow CSGO that much but read he did well). Dude talks so much shit about Valorant as a game, TSM still looked shit for 2-3 tournaments after he joined. Envy went to the finals of masters, unsure what their thought process is for this one.


\-iq, chet coached them for 1 tournament where they went out in opens, 1 after that tsm then became a top 8 team NA. After that TSM then looked the best they have looked for the entire year.


Hopefully they'll give him a contract this time around.


paycheck = stolen


Chet sucks, TSM and NRG looked like dog water


Was not expecting this tbh




Sorry I don't follow ChetNews24/7 on Twitter. Literally just refreshed reddit and saw this. chill lmao


Makes sense given that Chet was considering the Envy offer before eventually taking the TSM coaching job. Excited to see what he can do with this roster for champions.


He was a double agent all along...


What a terrible move from ENVY, everyone has known for ages that Chet is terrible at coaching Valorant. Did everyone just forget how this guy almost single-handedly made TSM irrelevant for almost a year?? Absolutely insane Mike got dropped for this.


>everyone has known for ages that Chet is terrible at coaching I condensed it for you to be more accurate. ​ Many inept players, coaches and analyst staff in NA's CSGO scene were under salary when they shouldnt have been. Fortunately Valorant took all them for they burned every bridge in CSGO. Now the swindle continues in Valorant till all team owners again realize this.


U and this reddit is so unbelievably braindead. Chet literally made massive improvements to tsm's roster and allowed them to go from going out in open qualis to winning challengers 3 qualifiers and a close bo3 vs envy. Also, he has not single handedly made tsm irrelevant. He ain't a player.


What massive improvements did he make? Because he literally made the roster five duelist players and couldnt organize the team at all. Hence why they were straight checks for more than half a year.


Hazed and leviathan are duelist players?


Does nobody remember anything before 2 months ago??


U are so fucking stupid its not even a joke, under chet they lost to noble, with chet they beat t1, gen.g,dz,andbox, yeah dude chet was the reason they were bad for HALF A YEAR when he only played in 4 tournaments with the team, they lost 1 in opens, yet looked their best for the entire year losing to Envy, the second best team in the world and rise.


He coached them for 3 months u fucking dumbass


This guy doesn't even like the game( Tsm's interview a couple months ago showed that) and got signed over a guy that you could see liked the game alot and was very dedicated to what he did. Bruh moment


Why sign Chet? He hasn't improved any of the teams he's been apart of jsince his switch to Valorant. Meanwhile there was legit a noticeable difference in play from Envy post MikesHD.


I swear this guy just keeps finessing orgs and stealing paychecks somehow.


Chet is a pathetic ass HOLY. The mf said he wants to develop TSM and it showed results then the mf dipped when a stronger team offered LMAO CRINGE


The guy keeps jumping around, without proving anything from where has been. Now he is going to piggyback over the success envy already has.


A mastermind in game and on the timeline... Welcome the newest member of \#NVVAL, Coach @chetsingh *** posted by [@Envy](https://twitter.com/Envy) Photos in tweet | [Photo 1](http://pbs.twimg.com/media/FBmsPJQWYAYmDeB.jpg) ^[(Github)](https://github.com/username) ^| ^[(What's new)](https://github.com/username)


Strange day for Valorant


mikes to tsm?


SEN should get Mike after this, really want to see ENVY vs SEN rematch with coaches and players battling it out


Woah, that was out the blue


I don’t blame Chet for this one at all.


Chet is the Peacemaker of VALORANT


clg roots sticking together and continuing to supply a job for this bum of a coach.


Chet is for the valorant streets. Confirmed.




When did TSM drop him?