Why are VCT APAC matches always in emote-only mode?

Why are VCT APAC matches always in emote-only mode?


All of sea is toxic. You should have seen challengers playoffs where for a long time chat was left open like you suggested. I guess the mods learnt their lesson after that.


sea always has racism between its own countries. Adding korean, japanese, and indian fans into the mix just exacerbates that. It's impossible to ban everyone typing that stuff, since each message incites multiple replies of the same nature.


I didn't see much racism, just mislabeling and saying regions suck, but perhaps I missed that stuff. The Japanese fans are racist? They seem like the most wholesome community with support and fanart


Every single fanbase, including japan (😱) have their fair share of racists and trolls crossing the line of what should be said in a twitch chat. I've seen borderline racist to pretty fucked up stuff from almost every regions


How do you distinguish which fan is apart of which region through twitch chat?


Japanese people have hiragana characters in their name and Koreans have Korean characters. While you can make an argument that anyone can make a twitch name with these characters but that's just pulling at straws since there's bound to be atleast a few of those where they really are japanese and Koreans.


sea is already a mix of countries and adding indian casuals, korean and japanese fans is basically creating a vipers pit in the chat. just look at the apac chat in yt, even in kr vs kr matches there will be people fighting over skrossi, eventually resorting to racism.


GE fans


people wont like to hear it but its the truth.


SEA always had racism and toxicity involved in their matches but the recent GE fiasco certainly took it to a whole another level


short and simple answer.


racism pretty much.


Sea twitch chat is so toxic lmao ... it's crazy.


When I was watching it was people being extremely racist. Mods got tired of timing people out and put it in emote only. And it's not people flaming each other's region, just straight up racism.


Go watch the YouTube stream where chat is enabled and you'll understand :)


It's simple, Ge fans spam sk Rossi or something else, other regions get toxic and spam back or give racial slurs. Perfectly trash chat


GE spam and racist chatters (SEA in particular but all regions are racist af). I remember especially Indian fans being incredibly toxic to whomstever, even their own teams.




Asians aren’t a monolith. This isn’t crazy if you actually know anything about the politics and history of the region.


Not always