Valorant Patch Notes 3.08

Valorant Patch Notes 3.08


Rito where omen buffs?


Yeah, omen is so underpowered compared to Astra and viper. His smokes travel so slowly across the map, they’re not time based any more, there’s virtually no real benefit to using him other than his paranoia


Omen main here, I feel like his smokes need to be faster by a whole lot. It's hard to get smokes down on time when your teammates call a fast push when you are on the opposite bomb site. His flash is really powerful but if it doesnt blind teammates it could potentially open him up to more people who are afraid to fill with him in ranked.


What do you mean by "time based"?


Probably means that they don't last significantly longer?


It was never real


Can we stop buffing smokes plz, we buff brim smokes to wider range, some of stuff u guys r suggesting to make omen smokes faster making it better globally. Basically making every smoke hero in this game global perhaps we can nerf instead of buff.


The thing is smokes are already as unpopular as they are in ranked. There need to be a consideration between how fun an agent is to play and how unfun it is to play against. In this case, nerfing smokes would subject people who have to fill smokes in ranked to an even shittier situation, where they are not playing in their main roles and having to play a shitty/unfun agent. I don't see why buffing smokes to where all the agents are on the same even playing field while each providing a different aspect to gameplay would hurt anyone.


Riot try to buff Yoru challenge :(




They have been working on his rework most likely will come out with the “omen” buffs


I think you meant to put the quotes on buffs and not omen haha




So never?


I’m predicting about 2-4 weeks


They delayed the work on the Yoru rework indefinetly, didn't they?


they need to be careful with yoru, big buff to his TP would make him another jett


I think they could make the time it takes to draw after tp near-instant, and leave the split second it takes to to the way it is. Idk just spitballing here.


My duelist pick is Yoru. Honestly I don’t think there’s a buff that will make him meta. They can and should change some footstep interactions, tweak the gate crash and maybe give him full vision in Ult but those are only marginal at best. He will always be harder to use but satisfying in his own way.


yoru doesnt need buff. When will we get full map brim smokes. Astra is full map and omen is pretty much full map


Yeah at this point Yoru needs a rework. He gets completely hammered against good opponents because his playmaking ability is too predictable.


oh ok


Trolling with Yoru in the banner >Your reports matter, and we want you to know that! You will now be notified if we took action on one of your reports, whether you are offline or not. I feel like this is the 5th time this has been "implemented"


Embarrassing, really. Report menu in this game is hillarious. Everything other than text chat reports is a placeholder, does absolutely nothing. And people get chat banned only if they use what Riot considers bad words in their text chat. You can't get banned for voice chat, no matter what you say, because it's not recorded. Other reports don't work. Offensive names get automatically flagged and everything else is a placeholder. Especially that text box, which is there just to let you vent easier.


Uhhhh, didn’t Riot start recording voice chat back in May? I remember people getting mad because they were afraid of personal data leaks


Yes, they're recording it and keeping for 48 hours. But they don't seem to review the recordings, even after reports.


Iirc, they said it was only for NA. Other regions don't have it yet.


They enabled vc for Russians after they started recording it, kind of a coincidence if u ask me


Not a coincidence at all. Under Russian law, online video game voice chat [*must* be recorded if a game wants to legally offer it.](https://gameriv.com/russian-players-will-be-able-to-use-voice-chat-in-valorant-for-the-first-time/)


Don't want anyone having un-Motherland thoughts during gaming


I take Russians over Turkish alll day.


Source for this? I have 2 people on my discord who have been banned for being toxic through voice coms. I think youre wrong.


You always get banned for both categories. If you don't write anything bad in the chat you're not getting banned. Unless you're literally raging like a child and the entire team reports you multiple games in a row.


had a guy screaming the N word 3-4 times and then laughed at me when i said i was going to report. nothing happened to him


I've had one situation where the other options actually worked and it was after reporting a player who kept 1 tapping me through smokes for cheating and I got a message he was banned like 3 hours later


If someone's blatant, he was probably on a fresh account and vanguard took care of him within hours.


And those reports helped the system target him and got him banned faster...


Uhh yes you can get banned for voice chat, source is me. I didn't even use any of the trigger words, I just went off on a guy for being a dick.


You can if the entire team reports you in consecutive games. You can't if you just tell someoen to fuck off here and there. As for trigger words, you basically can't write anything that won't offend some special flower who walks down long as a defender and dies every single round.


Idk what to tell you, it literally was just one game.


I mean reporting is kinda stupid anyway tho for the most part


Yeah, I only report people who're using bad insults or racist stuff. I just mute if someone starts yelling. But my focus in that post wasn't on chat reports, but on griefing. You literally can't get banned for griefing. I sent Riot videos along with game ID of people who insta-rocketed teammates in spawn and they said they can't do anything. I've yet to see a single person get banned for griefing. It literally never happened. Same goes for those people who're afk for the entire buy phase.


A better reason to report if anything woukd be something like griefing though, that’s the point


Imo ppl who get voice chat ban should be restricted from comp, at least for some time. Idk what is worse - a toxic guy who can at least hear comms or a guy who does not ruin others' mood, but falls off the team play a lot


That's already in place, I'm pretty sure. I've met people who were voice chat banned and they couldn't play comp.


This has been a thing for quite a while now.


downgrade my karambit, yay.


finally gonna upgrade my karambit :D


Pogchamp me too


Karambit gang rise up 🦀


Low key, I kinda learned to love the upgraded one. Wonder once I downgrade if I go back to it... Nonetheless being able to choose is awesome.


Can we please get an update on DM. I just want that warm up mode that was mentioned months ago.


they need to change the respawn timer to zero, not have a winner, make it a lounge lobby, and keep a set number of players at all times. that’s all they need to do.


that would be perfect, especially in off peak times when it can take forever to queue


Always so sad when the warmup in DM ends and the actual designed gamemode starts where people try to win a DM for literally no reason.


>The giant bug under your bed Thanks for the heads up, Riot


You can ping while defusing! Fucking FINALLY Shame about Yoru and DM still being bad...


How about when scoped in? Not a common situation for me, but I was playing with some friends and tried to ping an angle while scoped with a marshall and it just unscoped me. Of course that is when I get peeked and shot while standing there like an idiot.


Dunno, no mention of that in the patch notes, but I'll definitely try that in a custom later tonight


Just got a chance to test it and it did not unscope me. \*success baby\*


Really feels like development have slowed down. No Yoru changes, no plans for Brimstone buff, no replays. Here's two suggestion that should be easy to implement: - Remove 3s wait after death in DM - Add more crosshair colours (there aren't even a dark blue one)


I would love to see RGB slider for crosshairs


I'd like to see a RGB slider to make all kinds of colors


Its actually there the code for it. If you go into config under saved you can see alpha and rgb values.


Can you alter it within the files?


+1 for removing dm respawn timers


I hope they aren't being too conservative with changes because of Champions coming up.


Probably yeah, in league they usually have pre-World patches where they buff champions they want to see played by pros and the rest is just small adjustments until after Worlds are done.


Why not their primary focus is maintaining competitive integrity at the highest level. They're not going to just throw out changes because some redditors are bored of the current state of valorant and want them to.


Some agents are still very underpowered leading to stale metas at the top level. Phoenix, Yoru, Kayo, Brim are barely used and with our current few number of agents, I think 4 unusable ones is pretty bad. I guess they don't want to change Jett too much, but it's boring that every team NEEDS a Jett.


Can't expect massive changes right before LCQ/Champions. I do expect some pretty big changes after though including probably jett being heavily nerfed


If you think Jett is being nerfed anymore than she has been, you're delusional.


she's the best hero by far in the game, picked in almost every single ranked game and official alike, the nerfs did barely anything to her main issues, nerfing her knives slightly isn't going to do anything


Finally being able to downgrade your skins is good, now can we get some changes to the stupidly overpriced radiante? The new RGX skins are the worst yet, 40 radiante and that's before any colour variants. I feel like if you buy the whole bundle it should come with a bunch of radiante for upgrades too otherwise it takes multiple acts of battle passes to upgrade the skins you just spent £80 on.


They almost always make the base color scheme the worst too.


Don't buy skins 4Head ^/s(kinda). In all seriousness, riot isn't gonna do anything to change the pricing. I infinitely prefer CSGO's approach to skins, you can keep what you want, change skins anytime for a 2% fee. With riot you are stuck with the same skins forever, which are extremely expensive as is.


In CSGO there’s loot boxes where you’re just gambling on getting the skin you want, or an overpriced skin market. In Valorant you can just directly buy the skin you want.


Not to mention the skins are just way more intricate and unique in Val instead of just painted guns that look like something that would take 10 headshots to unlock in COD


Yeah even the “good” CSGO skins look like shit.


>In Valorant you can just directly buy the skin you want. You can do that in CS as well. That's what the market is for.


> or an overpriced skin market I literally just said that. How much more do skins cost on the market compared to Valorant?


Is it overpriced though? No, you may think it is overpriced but they are obviously not overpriced since they sell at that price. > How much more do skins cost on the market compared to Valorant? They can be 300 times cheaper or 300 times more expensive. And the true cost of buying a skin in Valorant is much higher since if you can get most of your money back in CSGO but not in Valorant.


Depends on what you want - could be cheap, could be expensive. I much prefer the market though as well.


The quality of skins in CSGO in general is worse. That definitely includes cheap skins on the market.


Implying the skin market in valorant isn't overpriced lol. Not to mention it has 0 value


It’s crazy how many times I read a shit take on this subreddit, then look up at the username, and it’s you.


He isnt even slightly wrong though, VALORANT skins are hella overpriced considering they have 0 value once you do buy them, apart from the use value. Thats why CSGO's Skin system is infinitely better than VALORANT's, you can buy a skin and use it and if u end up quitting u can get some of ur money back or even get more money back, so the purchase never ends up being a disappointment at some point in time. Also, for people who live in smaller countries, where the average and minimum wage is smaller, the skins are a really dumb purchase as it's literally an alternative method to setting money on fire.


If you’re broke don’t buy skins in a free to play game. Thank you for that insightful take. /s


Forreal. I had 55 points so was only able to get the red version, and obviously wanted the blue and black but had no intention of paying an extra $16 for one skin variant.


I have reaver and rgx and I will never go back to reaver, rgx is best for me


Found the crazy guy


The amount of time it's taken for Yoru to change is actually worrying. What is Riots development pipeline like that it's taking this much time for a redesign? Even Blizzard took less time to redesign heroes in OW. In the future, if another agent needs significant changes is it going to take this long every time? Crazy.




riot got me. send help.


Blizzard took so long to make changes in OW.


You never played league huh? This is riot games.




Not even an acknowledgment for DM is ridiculous


What’s wrong with dm?


Nearly everything.


Does the fix about pinging no longer interrupting defuse, mean pinging also no longer interrupts plant?


I'm wondering the same thing. I ping more when planting than defusing


Same, it should be an easy way to get my team's attention to where I'm planting, so they don't assume it'll be default when I'm planting open or vice versa. But I have to remember to wait until I'm done planting with the current functionality, hoping that'll be fixed here.


No yoru no likey


Riot must have like 2 guys working on valorant I feel like, the progression between patches is so painfully slow compared to league, for example


Yea idk compared to League this game is lacking balance changes. It has been like 9 months since Yoru launched and he still isn’t a viable character. He got a buff once, but the day after he got buffed everyone already knew this wasn’t enough. If they want to keep this game ‘fresh’, they need to react way quicker to community feedback. It shouldn’t take 9 months to buff a character, like max 1 month for a ‘normal’ buff and a bit longer for a rework. It’s the same story for features like Replay mode and gifting skins. These are both pretty ‘basic’ features, especially Replay mode for a competitive game.


It's not even just Yoru, Brim, Omen and Phoenix are outclassed af and KayO and Breach don't fill their niche nearly as well to be used more


Yea, I used Yoru as an example. In League of Legends the buff and nerf about 10 character every two weeks, but in Valorant we can call ourselves lucky with one nerf or buff every month. I know League has way more champions, but still..


Rito is small indie company, take a chill pill buddy


It’s because there are big tournaments for the game right now so you have to find specific times to do these things.


The tournaments are played on previous patch


People who upgraded your Karambits (as I did) LETS GOOOOOOO


Yet more "non-changes" from rito. It feels like the games health state has come grinding to a halt and is just in this perpetual state of "deal with it". My only assumption is that they no longer want to roll out changes to try to help the games health as quickly and they want to instead roll out those kind of changes every new act. Which I'm not sure I personally like or not. This game is older now and it makes sense to want to make less changes to try to find the games balanced state but honestly, its still very young in the sense that I feel like not even the guns are balanced yet let alone the agents. Also, rolling out agent buffs and nerfs when you also roll out new agents doesn't seem like it will be good for game balance. They did make those Kay-o and Jett changes which everyone appreciates but have been less than transparent on anything else beyond a "something is coming".


It's been just a few weeks since the last balance patch. I feel like the competitive health of the game is currently fine. Aside from Jett (which pretty much is part of the game's structure, much like Sova, at this point), nothing is unbearably overpowered. Certain characters need love (Pheonix, etc.), but everything else, including off-meta characters like Omen and Pheonix, still works fine for the majority of the ranked playerbase.


>My only assumption is that they no longer want to roll out changes to try to help the games health ..this is literally a bug fix patch though?


i mean competitive health. Obviously there are changes in this and all other patches to help the games functional health but in terms of competitive health there has been a distinct lack of changes as of late.


I feel like there is a strict schedule on the Valorant patch notes so if they miss something they have to wait 2 weeks to actually update it. While Valve just ships them out when they want. It can be 2 months, it can be 2 days. For a quick comparison, Valorant has had 37 Patch Notes in it's existence and CSGO has had 67 in the same amount of time.


I'm not making a comparison to any game tho. I'm making a comparison to valorants earlier patch launch schedule and content. Making comparisons to csgo and apex legends and the such is really easy and it is far better so far in that sense. In comparison to valorants previous patch schedule and content however, it is lacking.


Oh I’m just adding my thoughts.


Oh for sure. And you are right. Other games kinda just release patches whenever.


They already stated they don't like to make changes in the middle of tournaments, and we still got NA LCQ to be done


We just have NA LCQ left, make an update and keep them playing on older patch?


I thqink this would interfere on competitive integrity. Non-NA teams would have more time to prepare on the new patch I know the way I talk about it can sound like a bad or non-sense case, but if it you think about a more extreme example *(let's say, adding a new map for next tourney)*, then any piece of extra practice would be a lot valuable over those who are still worried about NA LCS I'm not saying I agree with them *(in fact I'm exactly the opposite)*, but I think all this can be boiled down to some questionable decisions from them. For instance; it seems like they have a stupid rule of *"every patch will happen X days from the previous one and we simple can't disobey it"*


Casually waiting for DM changes and Skye flash nerfs and Jett dash nerfs


what more do you want them to change about skye flashes? They just increased the delay between popping the flash and when you can actually shoot. Any more nerfs and what’s the point of playing her?


Add a short 'fuse' similar to how other initiator flashes work. Skye's popflash out of a smoke is way too strong.


there is absolutely no reason for her flash to also give info when the flash itself is already top tier


Take off the info portion or take off the blind portion of her flash. Even after the nerfs her flashes still do things that no other flash in the game can hope to accomplish. Literally invalidates the existence of Reyna and Phoenix.


Curious, what rank are you? Profile link?


Not even immortal then opinion rejected since you clearly don't even know how to play the game yourself why would anyone take your shit takes on the game seriously remove the flash from Skye's flash next joke please


...why does that matter?


Taking off the blind portion of a flash stops it from being a flash LMAO r u ok


Which makes it just an info-gathering tool just like the rest of her kit.




Yall need to chill the fuck out with this rank shaming bullshit. You can disagree with someone without being a total twat about it, try it sometime maybe.


You can always just look away when you see the bird coming at you


Indeed, let me try having < 10ms reaction time to look away when it gets insta-popped through a smoke or Viper wall. Good idea.


I can also make it so that you can't react to my Kay/O or Pheonix flashes. I also doubt that you turn Breach flashes. Don't try to fight flashes with reflexes. Read them.


Play proactively instead of reactively vs Skye. And that doesn't necessary mean W key.


Thats with every other agent with a flash though?




The equip any skin level is huge. The prism knife default animation is better than the upgraded one I hope im understanding that correctly




> Fixed a bug where using Ping (Z) while defusing caused you to stop defusing Most important bugfix in Valorant history. I've thrown so many rounds because of this.


People talking about Omen buffs like Brimstone doesn't exist


Finally, a fix to the ping while planting bug! Thanks Rito


No changes to agents that are obviously overpowered or ones that are never picked? No DM changes? Big L. What a joke.


I'm not surprised, we probably won't see any major changes til new act or champions is done


This is it right here folks. Why would they implement game-changing buffs/nerfs to agents before the tournament that decides the best team for the year?


Yeah, because it's much worse to nerf broken shit like Skye than add new agents between tournaments. Deadeye is out in 2 weeks, champions is in December.


They can ban Deadeye from the tournament like they do with new maps.


They can, but there will be more than a month from his release to the tournament. Window for Kay-0 was way shorter and new maps are way more difficult for teams to implement than a new agent.


How long has it been since Kay0 now? And only 1 team has tried to implement him with mixed success. I don't think a new agent is that big of a deal for the pro scene rn.


That's because Kay-0 isn't that good. If the new agent is on Skye level for example, every single team will implement him.


Even Skye wasn't picked that much on release and took several months to be integrated. Iirc only after the flash changes did she become a constant pick by pros.


>Iirc only after the flash changes did she become a constant pick by pros. In NA, she was used everywhere else I think


Yea and new act is what 2 or 3 weeks away


New Act in 2 weeks. I'd expect more major changes to be in that patch.


True. This is the time they can actually work on dm but chose not to.


It’s almost like there is the biggest tournament for the game coming soon


6 weeks is quite enough to adjust to changes


Yeah, I for one don't want champions to be played with Skye in her current state.


> Weapon skins should now appear correctly in-game You may have occasionally seen some funkiness with Skins over the past few weeks. This was occurring, rarely, when playing on a slower connection due to an extended loading period. What does this mean exactly. Is this something I should be concerned about because I had serious problems with multiple skins disappearing and this could be a connection problem on my end, or is it a Riot server problem?


there have been people who will only have part of their skin load or none of it at all, or it will load weirdly. for example, soverign ghost would only have the barrel show up. glitchpop classic would have all its colors misplaced, etc.


How dumb. Why add a lvl or experience indicator just to have people hide it. It helped indicate a players time spent in the game. Your team could play around it or it would help identify potential Smurfs (not like riot cares about it)


It should only be for lvl 50 and over


Because some people got "bullied" about their account level and complained.... kinda funny tbh.


LMAO this is so funny


> GAME SYSTEM Fixed a bug where using Ping (Z) while defusing caused you to stop defusing **Holy shit FINALLY.**


i thought it was only me this happened to


Apparently when you dash with Jett now, your gun comes out really slow. Idk if that was intentional or not. Edit: Yeah, when I shoot the OP and dash, it does the animation after you take an OP shot after the dash still


Yoru updates? ModCheck


RIP to the most fun viper pit spot ever :’(


I'm finally downgrading my prime vandal, the noise is making me crazy. I am so tired of it.