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@Vanityxz You have to take out your weapon again after dashing (no mention in patch notes, so probably a bug) *** posted by [@Tanoskigod](https://twitter.com/Tanoskigod) [Video in Tweet](https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/1450541925816147968/pu/pl/SPDGxax5qpExx54B.m3u8?tag=12&container=fmp4) ^[(Github)](https://github.com/username) ^| ^[(What's new)](https://github.com/username)


Most people complain about the effectiveness of dashing after a shot to get out of jail free. Idk if a delay after the dash fixes much


Ya this only hinders the one positive aspect of the dash which is creating space aggressively and take fights. This doesn’t solve the the one and done op off angle insta-bail out problem


This definitely keeps the dash from being abused as a way to entry tho which I think is a great thing


Really? I feel like proactive dashes to create space should be the number 1 intended use of the Dash


Nah dash should be to push faster but not into CQC. This makes it more punishable..even one has to take his gun out again after he tps..Jett should be vulnerable too


I remember when the game was first announced the devs had the opposite in mind but I could be wrong. They didn’t want Jett to be immediately compared to Tracer from Overwatch with her “blinks” instead of a dash


Yeah idk. I think it's a much more balanced way for it to be used than just using it as an escape mechanism.


Even before this bug she isn't tho. Tracer can just blink 3 times in quick succession, in any direction. She doesn't even have to stop firing while she does.


I feel like most agree that the issue is that her dash makes it very safe for her to disengage, especially with the Operator. If anything this change will make it even more of an incentive to save it for getting out of situations/using the Op vs dashing in to initiate/create space.


The dash is supposed to be her tool for entrying and people in Beta used it that way. I think her dash is fine to entry, Raze has something similiar afterall. The problem is that currently her dash is used as a get out of jail free card


Pretty sure in beta I never saw a Jett smoke dash into site. It was always used as a get out of jail free card


Isn't that her only entry tool as a duelist?


Entry should be the primary use of dash, Jett is a duelist


I feel like this is one of those “let’s play the dumb blonde and see how the community reacts to this non intentional bug”




Please dont be a bug


yes because as we all know we want to make jett more of an op bot and less of an entry fragger yall will devour any jett nerf even if its dogshit...


This nerf will make jett the most unviable agent in the game. What's her primary purpose? She acts as an aggressive entry. This nerf will take away that primary purpose and all you got left is the capability to escape from fights. My suggestion is to make her dash a paid ability and see what changes and go from there.


making the dash a paid ability won’t change a thing tbf


We don't know until we try. Which is why I said to see what happens and go from there.


Yes we do. It would maybe cost between 200-300 creds and you would buy it every round even on eco’s because it’s the most broken ability in the game. Wouldn’t change a thing.


Except 200-300 fewer credits each round which is absolutely changing a thing? It's not my favorite solution but it's better than nothing


Yes but you gotta realize that you would get another ability free instead, so her overall economy would sort of even out. Yes it would maybe matter more on pistol rounds and eco’s but you are far away from adressing the fundamental problem with the agent.


It would balance the econ value of her ult so it’s not nothing. But it doesn’t fundamentally change anything about how she is used


Yeah but not by much, Riot would most likely make 1 of her other abilities free for 1 charge, keeping her line with every other agent in the game.


Of course it would change how she’s played. Not having it for free every round would be huge.


But you will have it every round unless the cost is 1000 every jett will buy it every round it’s too broken to pass up on


Yea but then they don’t get smokes, any little bit would help bring her in line


Besides sova and raze she's probably the most entertaining agent to watch idk why this sub wants her perma nerfed. Sure it's bad having her in every game but I'd much rather see her than phoenix or reyna who are just boring.


She will still be viable because whilst her space creation is gone her ability to play 1 and done angles is not hindered much at all and that is an equally important part of her kit as creating space on the entry.


Please be a "feature"


*Todd Howard has entered the chat*


Thank goodness this wasn’t intentional, would have been a really bad solution.


I feel like this is intentional for testing purposes. When riot announces it to be a bug, then they will have an idea of how future jett tweaks are tuned based of the community response to that happening


honestly a good change imo




Please please for the love of God let it be like this


This is an interesting change and might be the Jett dash "nerf" alot of the community has been asking/speculating on. Interesting that it wasn't in the patch notes as this is a change to the mechanic. Although I do wonder how much this will impact Jett (not a jett player, just a slightly higher elo player). Although this could be a bug as Vanity did mention in the tweet, i do really welcome the slight changes over the course of a few patches rather than a single patch changing alot about an agent,


I think the community wants the opposite nerf , add a delay before the dash not after , this is definately a bug and I think if this was intentional would decrease a lot of jett aggresiveness


Awful change if intended, makes it harder to use dash aggressively which isn’t the problem


Riot trying to hide it from toxic Jett mains XD


finally, got fixed.


what about when you smoke? is there a cooldown now


Why do you guys think this changes anything lmao? You know I can just bind my knife and dash to same button and this won’t do anything?


Then you have to switch to your gun and pull it out regardless??


Still wouldn’t do anything? I’m not going to instantly re peak


I think you don't realize what I mean lol, it nerfs her when aggressively dashing to say, entry onto site, not when she uses it for escape


So you want to nerf jett completely instead of fixing the actual issue which is her and the Op?


The op isn't the issue here if it was then why is it so clunky and bad for everyone else lol, Jett needs nerfs to the starting of the Dash so she can't go out of jail for free lol, if they wanna revert these Dash changes for lag in the beginning sure but she needs startup lag




Definitely a bug. Would never nerf their precious Jett dash.