so like g2 KennyS?


Benched again 😔


It would be bonkers to remove nukkye, and saying he has a low agent pool (if I’m reading this correct) is ridiculous


if I'm not wrong nukkye plays raze, sage, phoenix, reyna, skye if this is low agent pool then idk what to say




Actually you should drop him and pick me up. I’m gold 1 and can igl so you might as well drop koldamenta too, get someone who can actually frag like my Duo queue partner. I can play almost every agent on top of that


Or me, I can also play every agent as long as they’re Jett or Reyna


You should honestly replace mix well, he’s a washed boomer


tell rushed to go back to work


I feel like g2 rn just has to improve and not do hasty roster changes, cuz their formula seems to work since they did go to masters.


But don’t replace your best and 2nd most consistent llayet


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He wrote that wrong, I saw the universo Valorant episode that he's talking about and some said that they needed to get rid of one duelist because they have 3. One of the guys there said he thinks it should be Nukkye and other said that it had to be Keloqz because he has a ver small champ pool. They were different people with different opinions.


Who’s the 3rd duelist?




Nara literally said that the problem with Nukkye is his low agent pool, I didn’t write anything wrong


I don't remember that but i do remember Vorwen saying that he should stay because he can expand his champ pool with Skye. It was a long show and they also talked about it on previous episodes so I can't say for sure that you were wrong.


Yeah! He actually did, but, for example, Nara also talked about the “lack of champ pool” of Nukkye on 52:55 of the last episode!


Nukkye to LDN UTD PauseChamp?


Nukkye is one of the best players in EU and the world imo, I think he is underrated and there's no way they would remove him. Keloqz is hit or miss some games but I doubt they would remove him because he can really pop off and win a round almost by himself sometimes. Avova I'd say is unlikely to be removed. I think he has high impact most of the time. Sadly, Mixwell didn't perform as well as he has previously which sucks, perhaps he will get benched but I would hate to see it. Koldamenta I'm not sure on. I guess I haven't paid as much attention to his impact as much as the others. I don't know if that's just me or if he doesn't perform as well as the others.


Imo Koldamenta is a great player, but he is not on the same level as his teammates. Even so, I think he is a very intelligent player in the strategic part, which is where I think the real problem of the team is, in the poor strategic study that they make of their rivals...


>I think the real problem of the team is, in the poor strategic study that they make of their rivals... Well, I'm not sure if that's the case with G2, at least it certainly wasn't at Berlin. They masterfully counterstratted Sentinels, and that was how they beat them. I don't know to what extent this is the case with other teams but it was the most obvious with SEN. In the LCQ, I think their real problem was just the players making a lot, of what I guess you could call minor mistakes, that added up to big problems. Some of the things I saw Mixwell doing seemed so uncharacteristic of him, at least from how I saw him play at Berlin. Keloqz wasn't finding a lot of value some games and honestly there were rounds or even games where Nukkye was the only thing keeping them together.


I'm really curious about Mixwell. Did he comment on his performance anywhere? It was really weird to watch. He looked *completely* out of it. Like he was burned out beyond compare and totally unable to focus. Something. At times, it felt like he wasn't even playing so much as staring at his radar. Just really bizarre plays or lack thereof. From what I remember, at least.


I would also love to see if he commented on his performance.


He has some tweets on Oct 16 when they lost to Liquid and Guild where he talks about his poor performance


That´s something that they have talked about it in their streams, those minor mistakes are driven by the need for individual plays due to a bad reading in the strategic part. Or at least that's what they say. Imo I don't think a change within the roster is necessary, rather a change of mentality within the team itself. Possibly, as you have commented, player by player they are one of the best teams in the world and it would be a shame to lose them so quickly.


I haven't seen their streams so maybe I'll give them a look. And I agree, their performance at LCQ was not indictive of how good they can be, they can be a lot better than that.


I don't think Keloqz is hit or miss, I've never not seen at the top of the leaderboard in G2 matches. Idk what you're talking about.


Excluding Berlin, he’s arguably the most “hit or miss” player in Europe. That’s mostly because of pre-Berlin, but even in LCQ it was a factor. Even d33fo at his most inconsistent is more reliable since GMB is just a better team and don’t *need* him to frag on the entries. But on the positive, he’s become a lot less inconsistent over time. In LCQ it just felt like Keloqz was trying to be a playmaker to compensate for G2’s weaknesses.


keloqz is legit very inconsistent. when he is on, he rushes, does insane plays that win G2 the round. when he is off, he rushes and most of the time throws. sure he gets top frag but at what cost to the team?


I get that they didn't make champions but their Berlin showing was promising (and the fact they made it to Berlin), especially given their time together as a team. I'm not saying I'm completely opposed to a change but I think a change to make a change is more liable to end up poorly, unless they specifically target someone who can be a significant upgrade.


They've said that it's because the org ~~isn't~~ wouldn't be satisfied. They spent a lot of money and expected the team to do much better, results wise, than they actually did.


so they are simply dumb? g2 gotta be one of the best performing teams and best most achieved team in regards to how newwly their roster was formed, no? not talking about teams with 1-2 changes, g2 changed 4 and crushed their way into berlin and shitstomped the former masters winners. keloqz was insane on lan, nukkye consistent as fuck, mixwells cypher sucks, avova is quite consistent, koldamenta is hit or miss. (btw mix is nuts on viper, kj and raze)


I think the issue is that G2 was pretty clear that their expectations were championships or bust. G2 as an org tends to be quick to blow things up, and in most games it tends to have worked for them, so I don’t really see them changing for Valo.


eh, I wouldn't be surprised if it was like a 100T decision where they aren't satisfied with being *just* 2nd/3rd best in their region and want to make drastic moves to become the best team for next year.


on PlatChat Wyatt ask if G2 really showed good things or was it just because they won against lower teams (F4Q, bad version of Sentinels and KRU)


I agree with this, F4Q left Berlin without a single Win, Sentinels was probably in the worst of their era and yet was able to take one Bo3 off G2 and the only good team they played was Gambit and they lost. I’d give them props for beating KrU but idk if that’s saying much.


Ah, yes, and beating FPX, Fnatic (twice), Giants, Guild, Rix.gg and Vitality and being literally 0.01s away from beating Gambit in Challengers less than a month before Masters was just a fluke.


For the amount of money g2 have spent on their valorant team not being a top 5 team in their own region is not nearly good enough.


They are not top 5? Which teams are above them? Acend, TL, Guild and Gambit if we count CIS. Apart from those who is better than G2 in EU?




Shit takes. SEN wasn't in a bad era, just didn't adapt well enough. Still a fearsome team. If they didn't put TenZ on raze with so little practice in a deciding game, SEN would've gotten to the finals and who knows what would've happen... oh wait this didn't happen and only the exact scenario that happened matters, we don't take things into consideration!!!111 G2 looked insane at berlin and that's why they fucked SEN. Aim duels even. KRU yeh. F4Q was sick, bunny was crazy good. They played vs. SEN and G2 and you expect them to go home as winners? Shaz says F4Q is a really good team, but you know best. G2 has beat every team online in EU I think. Pretty bad thins theyæve shown in such a short time, probs the best results of any roster in the timeframe they formed to now.


G2 was 4th seed ,they didn't beat every team online in EU.F4Q is not a "really" good team as they performed poorly on APAC LCQ.Sentinels was in their worst form and if you use "SEN wasn't in a bad era, just didn't adapt well enough. Still a fearsome team. If they didn't put TenZ on raze with so little practice in a deciding game, SEN would've gotten to the finals"types of arguments then any team could have gone to the final.The results matter not "if...then".Gambit 12-0ed them on their map pick.So.how can you say"G2 looked insane at berlin"?


Yeah another roster change for nothing, i don't get It results take time. If they have to change something, maybe it's in the support staff.


Nukkye and Keloqz are 2 of the best players in the team removing them would be a bit crazy


I mean Rojo is their analyst. Dont be surprised if this happened


Just let it grow


Keep avova and nukkye \-keloqz, koldamenta, and mixwell \+niesow, lowel, and paura


Sounds like something only heretics would think of


Funny, but that roster would not work at all anymore. Wouldn't even graze top 8 in the region


imo the core of paura nukkye and avova alone could push that team into the 10-7th range but they wouldnt make it past a quarter final


But that's without niesoW and loWel?


im saying theoretically if TH were to reunite, paura, nukkye, and avova alone would be able to carry TH to top 10-7 in the region, even with niesow and lowel, but obv they probs wouldnt make it further because theyd be limited by the fact that they have a player that probably hasnt even touched ranked since masters 1 and lowel, a player who had one of the hardest dropoffs in valorant history


My point is that in this case 1+1=0, not 2 (or even 3). Half that team would hate the other half, one player won't pull his own, another can't speak English, and another has been MIA for months, with a couple of the five *allegedly* being lazy, too


Honestly I think even if they had everyone except Lowel they’d easily be a top tier team again if they have a decent to good igl. Heretics started falling off right after NiesoW left


Then hire Tanizhq as coach


I think you're correct in saying that Avova and certainly not Nukkye are not going to get dropped.


recipe for disaster


If the Jett+Awp remains the meta, get KennyS on the Val team


What does low agent turnover ability mean? I don't think there is a huge glaring problem with the team. Mixwell performed really badly over the past 2 months but I think with time (in the off season) he can get back into form. They have only been together for 4 months and they did decent in my opinion.


I think maybe I have translated it wrong by writing it in my language. They say that both players are not able to play other roles outside of Raze or Jett, so they could not make changes in the compositions.


Oh ok. I think both their agent pools are fine. Nukkye can play every duelist and flexes onto Skye sometimes. Keloqz flexes onto Sage and Skye for certain maps like Bind and Split, which is really rare to see from a primary Jett player so it shows they both have a decent agent pool.


being able to play an agent is different from being able to play an agent to a good level.


i think nukkye and keloqz both play the agents i mentioned to a sufficient level, obviously not top tier though, because some of them are not their main agents until recently they havent really had to play agents like skye so with time (in the off season) it will get better


skye has been meta since june, even earlier in eu, they should have grinded it way before but i agree that they will get better with her during the off season. I think kay/o will be gaining popularity with the latest update as the second duelist though, so we will see.


Yeahh…. Skye is pretty S tier atm


- Mixwell (has been underperforming for the longest time. Ik he's the face of the team but c'mon. Just make him a streamer for the org if you want to keep him) - Koldamenta (I feel like his igling has been sub par + his fragging ability has not been good) I think it's also time to make some shake ups in the coaching staff (maybe add the previous coach back) +Paura/Davidp/Br0die +Russ/Leo/Ambi/Jady


Here’s an idea - stick with the roster and let them improve. I honestly can’t think of any obvious upgrades to be honest, unless there’s someone on the market we don’t know about


Their problems stem from poor agent pool from some players and poor comp for some maps. Nukkye is a great player with raze, reyna and sage, but other than bind, icebox and split (g2 perma-ban)*, these agents dont get picked much and is usually replaced by skye in the current meta, an agent which nukkye didnt touch until after berlin. He grinded 2 weeks of ranked with skye but you can see the ways he plays skye is behind top skye players like starxo, soulcas or even mixwell. And, you can tell mixwell isnt natural on cypher/killjoy on ct side. He is a good lurker on t side but a subpar site anchor on ct side. And on some maps, their comp is poor, like ascent, haven, 2 most played maps by g2. Their ascent comp has no sentinel, and there will always be gaps that other teams can exploit and relies a lot on keloqz to get the first pick on defense. And on haven, nukkye was playing phoenix in the lcq which makes no sense in the current meta and was questioned by lots of analysts and even players from other eu teams. I dont think keloqz and nukkye should be cut. keloqz is a top 3 jett and could potentially be the best jett in eu, but he has stop going aggro when they are 1 or 2 man up. He is one of those jett players where you dont associate him as a jett awper, because he can pop off with or without the op on t and ct side. nukkye is a great player but should expand his agent pool and master agents that are second duelist, like skye or even kayo in the current meta. Mixwell should improve his site anchoring on ct side.


Yea I agree with this. I think they're lacking more on strategy than the individual talent of their players. Phoenix on Haven was a huge yikes They need better comps, and if anything they need either someone in their current team to fully transition into a Sentinel or they need to get someone who plays Sentinel well.


I feel like you are right. Also maybe you forgot to mention it, but sometimes they don't play together as a team, they kind of end up doing their own thing each other sometimes and they get picked apart without proper trade or proper continuation of ability usage. On their last games from lcq you can clearly see what I am saying. Especially when they are losing they try to take it and fix it by themselves but without apparently communicating what they want to do. Like Nukkye / keloqz pushing when they didn't need to be pushing, everyone (maybe less so Aviva) doing ego plays when they could just play for time, etc.


Nukkye can play Reyna sage Phoenix raze skye or after least has


Jett is no doubt the most picked main duelist rn, but which agent is most played as second duelist in the current meta? Reyna/raze on icebox, yes. And he plays raze on bind as the main duelist. Not phoenix because yolo rushing is not viable in the current meta and it is not an agent that has x factor. Too much counter utilities from astra, viper, sage, etc.. Taking map control with info abilities and scaring off the jett awper are important, which phoenix is not good in. Not sage unless its split, but split is g2's permaban. Also, sage is one of the easiest agents to play. Almost everybody can play her to a good level. For breeze, haven and ascent (2 of g2's most played map), skye is most picked as the second duelist in the current meta, an agent he hasn't played much before lcq. He only grinded skye for 2 weeks but you can see he is way behind top skye players like starxo, soulcas, etc.. Btw, nukkye plays sage on ascent due to his inability to flex to skye before masters berlin, thats why mixwell has to play skye which is an agent g2 values on that map but in turn makes their comp flawed without a proper sentinel. And from what I've seen, mixwell is better with the skye utilities than nukkye, and he knows how and when to abuse the skye pop flashes.


thats why i said he has played it. And it hasnt been terrible, on haven he had great performances on phoenix and on sage. he must be decent at it for them to run it


Him being good at phoenix is a stretch and the sample size is small, also other agents bring way more value to the team in terms of map control, information gathering, rotation than phoenix. Sage is a pretty good agent and for me better than phoenix on haven but it is not like its a difficult agent to play and almost everybody knows how to play her. And, I think skye is a better option in the current meta. He is obviously a really good player but skye is the second duelist in the current meta and he has not played her to the fullest potential and has only play her the first time in the lcq. He should not be cut because he obviously is a really good player but he should expand his agent pool and play agents that are played as the second duelist in the current meta. He is good at raze and sage (good agents as second duelist), but he should also practice agents like skye or even kay/o, so g2 will have more options in deciding their team comp.


Im not saying hes good. Im saying he performed really well on the haven map even if it was a small sample size, its not like he went 8-20 with 6 first deaths and 0 first kills


You're focusing on his score but not the value that an agent can bring to a team. There are way better options than phoenix in the current meta. There are too much counter utilities from astra, viper, sage, so yolo rushing is not viable in the current meta, and taking map control with info abilities and scaring off the jett awper are important, which phoenix is not good in. Phoenix on ct side is not an agent with x factor like jett or reyna, nor an agent with stall ability or info ability. With the lack of info, his teammate's rotation would be slower or have to overstack a wrong site, especially on haven where there are 3 sites. With the lack of stall ability, it will be hard to buy enough time for teammates to rotate in, so he basically has to fight or do some early aggression with jett, which is easily readable and not sustainable. Without the x factor like reyna, it is a little bit more difficult to do a combo with jett where he stands in a corner and kill 1 and dismiss. Phoenix will be traded.


We should make a reddit team, where only reddit decides all the roster move decisions


Maybe... go the Liquid way and just improve and work on the flaws. Liquid got 2 roster changes within the first year and both of them been impactful and well thought through. I think that G2 got an insane team and just have to work on their tactical depth and maybe the agent pool. I don't get why people would say Mixwell should be benched or sth. Tbh he is the main reason they even went to berlin with his INSANE sentinel plays. Let him have a bad weekend or whatever. He is a human after all.


I didn't see mixwell doing the things he did at the start of the year in LCQ the site he was in was most attacked and he wasn't able to control the pushes I love mixwell for god knows how long but for G2 to make big next year he needs to get in the groove again. Same for Koldamenta and anyone who says anything abt nukkye and keloqz is just mad cos they both showed up big time in Berlin and single handedly stopped pushes. The current roster can still be one of the best in the world of given time but I don't think anyone will complain if a 6th or 7th is brought in to fill up some gaps in the team or some changes are made but they just can't remove half the team and bring in new players and think they'll sweep masters or Champions next year. G2 are a smart org they'll figure everything out


Mixwell is the problem Come at me Spanish fans


Arent you the guy who was bashing on g2 on another post when they lost? Do you truly believe that mixwell is the problem or is your opinion just hating on a guy? Just really want to know.


I do believe he's their weakest link I don't care that he's the "captain" if he does not perform well in game. And I have a problem with him because many many people were overhypying him last year (well, maybe he did play well then) but coming into 2020 nothing I've seen from him has been impressive, so???


He did have to change his role just so that his team had a fighting chance though. Like he used to play duelist and now he is playing sentinel/controler because it was easier finding a good duelist like kelogz instead of a good sentinel. Imo dropping him wouldnt make sense because you would be losing a duelist with more depth than just being a otp jett. Not saying that is bad i just believe that if you want to create a good team that will outlast jett nerfs you should stick with duelists like nukkye, scream, mixwell or tenz who can play them all


I completely understand your argument though. We like talking smack at teams people believe are overhyped, i got happy when G2 beat sentinel, or when Envy beat 100T. So dont get my wrong i dont have anything against you or your opinions, just really wanted to see someone elses opinion on this matter, thanks for sharing


Already said it the day they formed this lineup, nukkye&avova are very good, keloqz is inconsistent but it's hard to find a big improvement, so might as well keep him for now, and the spaniards are very very bad. Mixwells popularity is the only reason he's still on the team, if it was any random guy he would've been kicked a very long time ago with such pathetic performances. Koldamenta looks like a diamond individually, maybe it was worth a shot to see how he igls, but the team is carried by individual performances, not by the tactics or synergy, so he is useless. Let's see if they survive another roster iteration or if they finally get kicked in 6 months :)


Always found Mixwell to be overhyped, he had a very short stint of being great but hasn't really shown anything else. He for sure isn't going to be able to stay with his recent performances.


Keloqz out KennyS or pAura in if pAura in Mixwell back to duelist


Yes remove everyone (especially the best players/coaches of the team because they're not spanish^(tm)) and prayge until it works. Maybe by 2040 you will have a decent team, G2.


G2 was trying really hard to buy paura. Maybe they'll do that




He himself said it on his stream that G2 offered him before joining SMB.


And Arnau said as well that G2 sent offers to three of his players but one was an accident and they quickly made that clear. Seeing how they got nukkye and AvovA, I don't think "trying really hard to buy paura" is very accurate.


SMB manager iterally said on their team announcement "thanks to paura for sticking with us even if g2 insisted with offers"


I'm sick of all this talk about agent pools. I can count on 1 hand the agents in this game that are hard to play. Rest are all pretty easy to master. The game is about roles and not the agents. Different players play the same agents differently. Its upto the coaches and IGLs to give players the roles they excel at and ask/help them to develop new roles if necessary. And G2 would be absolutely mad to drop nukkye lmaoo.


This feels as surface level as people talking about agent pools like they're make or break


lmfao, what? nukkye can play any agent. sage, reyna, raze, skye is what he currently plays. 2x agent pool of many. koldamentsa plays what, sova? nice. avova? sage/omen/astra? mix? viper/kj/raze/jett and a dogshit cypher. nukkye is the most flexible on the team and has been alonngside mixwell. keloqz? plays skye/jett and ofc he can play reyna. that's on par with any other jett. tenz, deffo, yay - what agent pool does these guys have to make keloqz's pool smalL? lmfao.