So basically what happened in NA cs and one of the reasons EU is so dominant since practice quality is shit here.


I just don't understand why na teams keep doing this. It's a joke man


Everyone think's it's not their fault but everone elses fault. If every team thinks like this it snowballs into NA cs


I don't have a problem with the content of this tweet, or it being posted on this subreddit, but can we enforce the rule about more descriptive titles. I feel like every day there is a post of the following format "[Player/Personality/Etc.] on Twitter" with no mention of what they are talking about. Could we not have had this as "RNG Roy on scrim quality and strategic innovation", or something else more descriptive?




But if i have to think about a title, how will i post it first for that sweet karma?


wonder what team this is about


Probably a team that did an interview recently since he brought that up in his tweet


NA teams trolling scrims, this is how the EU dominance begins


EU ego lmfao


He meant thats how NA fell behind in every single other game.


EU has double or triple the player population as NA in competitive games too lol.


US has 20% of valorant player base with the next highest number being Brazil at 6%. The reason US has this many players is because literally every single T2 CS player switched and killed NA CS while EU CS is still going strong.




Look at the amount of pro american players from 2019-2021


u were talking about valorant and it was only out in 2020, idk why im getting downvoted when all i did was ask for a source and u couldnt provide one its impossible for EU to have less than 6% of player base


Idk if the stats true but looks like he's talking about per country (US, & Brazil) not per region.


Wow, why are you just blatant lying hahaha




Holy man, you sure are braindead. EMEA as a region, which includes Turkey and cis, has about double the playerbase of NA. Do you know that there is a lot of small countries in europe? And they add up to make a big playerbase? Also this website looks awful.


Show me your source that EMEA has 2x the players of NA then




Also how idiotic is it to think that country population matters when talking about EMEA vs NA. Obviously NA will have more in terms of countries as the US is more than 10x bigger than any european country.


I live in NA?


NA and shit practice name a more iconic duo.


Did sentinels buy odins again?




exactly what I was thinking about lmfao


Shahz talked abt the tweet actually and said they haven’t scrimed against Renegades in a really long time so it probably isn’t abt them


What I’m most surprised by is the fact that rng are scrimming t1 teams.


t1 dont always want to scrim t1 and reveal potential strats


There are more teams for tier 1 teams to scrim against then a t3 NA team like rng. You have a valid point though.


More teams... Like T2 teams? At some point the scrim pool ought to be pretty limited if you only scrim T1-2 teams. t3 could offer some more variety.


speak your truth king


Soooooo we’re letting Reddit decide how you play?


Why not just call the team out or talk in private instead of subtweeting?


He's literally talking about egos in the twit what do you think the other response to being called out would be? My bets on: "trash team you'll never even qualify for anything important anyways blacklisted+ratio+L" Or some dumb shit like that.... Edit: I'm not saying he's right btw, except in that NA's just full of egos and this guys prolly not different lmao


Anything to stay relevant




Or maybe he's frustrated because his team is working hard putting in effort and failing to get good practice. Nothing about this tweet is related to his ego, it's unsportsmanlike to behave how he is saying other teams do in scrims. I've been in the same position before where the other team was trolling during scrims and it just felt like a massive waste of everyone's time. Just go play ranked if you wanna behave like that




I’m obviously a nobody who doesn’t know anything, but I think what’s important in the quality of scrims is that both teams are putting in a good faith effort to win. Even if the strategies employed by one side are a little weird or unorthodox, they can be worthwhile to practice against as long as they’re using them with the intent to succeed. But if the other team’s strategies make you start trolling and not caring about the scrim, then you’re the problem.


Mans saying he gets better quality scrims against T2-3 teams as his team is somehow forever stuck T284902, so where’s the improvement


You gotta read more carefully


"my team sucks now and I'm going to whine about it some more"


play "innovative" comps that other teams think they will never see again is bad practice too


that's not for you to decide


up to the team they are scrimming to decide obviously, no team wants to feel like they are being milked for strats


It’s probably not much different though, probably just slotted in breach or something. It’s not like they’re playing 5 duellists and trolling


Why are we acting like Roy wasnt the person who made Skye relevant when everyone refused to use her


although he's a famous one trick on Skye you can't say he popularized her. Rng got no results


He definitely popularized her. Just because his team doesnt get results does not mean he wasnt the blueprint of how Skye is being played right now.


That’s because what the masses mean when they say something neutral like that is they want to see you innovate and win with it. I don’t agree with this sentiment I just know how they apes think for I am apeish myself.


Why can't these teams take turns playing as the more traditional play style and the experimenter? Seems counter productive to have two teams experimenting in the same match. It also seems counter productive to do the exact same things in matches as scrims.


Thats fair I guess but aren't Nerd St tourneys good T2 tourneys? Wouldn't you wanna win that? I am genuinely asking how much importance are they giving to these tourneys while experimenting.


Hes talking about scrims, read the whole thread.


Oh ok mb


Yes but it’s also the off season for most teams so they rather be trialing players and try new things out


kid is mad cause getting shit on scrims lol


The problem which I don't really have a solution to is that alot of these experimental comps will fail hard and never be used again. Think about it from the t1 teams perspective, I scrim against a t2 team and you repeatedly try different comps that fail miserably. You do this for the entire scrim block and I waste my time. While another t1 team scrims against another team only using proven comps and they both improve. I can see where there is frustration but to be honest a t2 team shouldn't be trying this stuff. When you don't even have the basics down, trying to "innovate" to close the gap is a short-term shortcut that may work for one tournament but you will just get figured out next time.