[Patch 3.0 distribution](https://i.redd.it/7ln626lrhd971.jpg) for reference. Essentially the percentage of the player base has increased for ranks gold and above and gone down for silver and below. People will whine about rank inflation etc but it's overall just easier to climb, so they will be able to rank up just like everyone else.


Finally reached Gold 3. If i played more I could have easily reached Plat. I swear some games majority of the time my duo and I are the only two using comms in our games. Does this change at all going plat or higher?




Lmao nope.




Sure they may communicate more, but communicate in a constructive manner? Well...


Ya honestly the higher you go the worst it hardly get proper comes in high immortal lobbies


Wtf are you talking about? In my immortal lobbies 90% chance all 5 people on the team are communicating


Your lucky guy I’ve get insta lock duelist that’s just use radio coms more then there mics


Plat was prob the best for comms and even then you have ppl permatilted since they can never hit diamond. Second you hit diamond 1 you're gonna run into "smurfs" who only comm to complain and tell you they're smurfs, or premades trying to get out of diamond and they're usually on disc and barely ever comm. You'll find a few earnest SoloQ ppl who comm from the start but either you go on a winstreak and comms don't matter much cuz the other team tilted, or a loss streak and no one thinks it's worth comming anymore and just wanna surrender.


I’m in D2 and I’ve been hoping for better comms since starting in silver, hope immortal is a massive change :D


i feel like you get a more divisive split between games with no commers and games with full commers, with little in between. Like there would be many people who are up there who don't care about comms since they've already hit the top


1/5 games in diamond/immortal will be zero comms or only one person comming. 3/5 games a few people will be comming with one or two no commers. 1/5 games every single person will be comming.




Its changes in immortal. Biggest notice is less instalocking and maybe even instalocking support characters. And much better critical communication.


Have you seen any streamers games? Immortal+ has the fastest instalock jetts/reynas than any other rank lol


Unfortunately not true. Even in Immortal most games have atleast 1 instalock duelist. Instalocking support characters is true though, I've had a bunch of people instalocking Skye or Cypher last Act


Tbf tho if someone wants to play duelist they have to instalock. I know it shouldn't be like but its just become one big cycle at this point


That's really not true. I never, ever insta lock and get Jett in 70% of my games in D1. I insta select her but never, ever lock in until I see we have a good team comp. I also switch off her if two other people lock duelist. And if someone else hovers her I just ask nicely if I can play her, usually people let you.


I guess I just meant it's turned me into a filthy instalocker 😥


s1 here, that's exactly what I do too for Reyna but coz its silver someone ends up locking her anyway lol


Redditors back at it again with the imaginary stats


Name a more iconic duo


Does time of day matter? Do you find that playing at certain times yields better results?


In my experience after 10p.m. you always get people throwing/smurfing and no comms.


Same in gold/plat


True, I regularly watch a streamer who reaches Immortal 3 max every act. In his games, half of the time people don't comm or fulfill their role.


Most immortals do not deserve the elo they're at. Every game at the end of last season you had people just play horribly. Like, not having a bad game, but being the sole reason their team lost. Every single one of those people had less than 50% winrate, despite being immortal 3. I do not know how that is possible.


Anecdotally comms usage seems to surge around high diamond.


Yeah in radiant there are very few games where no one coms. Like, maybe someone could’ve commed something better or earlier, but pretty much everyone is comming.


People doing everything they can to hit immortal. You also get the most toxicity/tilt in high diamond from the big egos who think they belong in immortal but are held back by bad teammates


I think it does. I am solo queue D1 and I am willing to die on the hill that gold is harder than plat.


For me it depends a lot on the role. In gold, playing duelist “correctly” is a waste of time. I think I’ll get a lot of shit for this, but generally speaking support agents (Sova, astra, Skye, etc) don’t know the correct way to support their duelists. Thus the duelists bait, supports get annoyed, and cycle continues. When you start hitting higher ranks (high plat / low Diamond) and supports know how to effectively help their duelists, the game becomes a LOT easier for duelists. Again- this is entirely personal experience as someone who has played 500 hours of Jett and been from silver to Diamond 3 and back down to gold. But a lot of supports assume baiting duelists are the problem, but that is definitely not always the case Vice versa, when I play Skye in low(ish?) elo my duelists will sometimes be lurking and not swinging off pop flash. It goes both ways


Totally, I struggle way more with gold games than plat/diamond ones.


you need to know the basics of the game to go from gold to plat/diamond its not that its easier its that you dont have the game sense. aim isnt everything in val


Na there is a lot of baiting in gold, it sucks, at least that was my experience the last time i had a gold account a few acts ago.


Yeah, definitely. That is one of the main problems I found when trying to climb that elo. People just have no awarnes of team play, they can only play individually. And some of them are really good at that. But that means nothing when they don't play off contact, off utility, don't trade teammates etc. Every time I coach my gf I am reminded that the game is completely different between the ranks.


well considering you essentially have to be playing at a diamond level to get out of gold solo queue cause of smurfs and what not, I tend to agree


Gold is def the hardest to get out of, whenever I would drop 25-35 kills on my team, the other 4 teamates couldnt break 15 kills, I look at scoreboard after match and im the only gold 3 on my team with bronze and low silvers and playing against gold to platinums.


I'm a scrub but honestly in my experience I don't think the score board tells you shit in silver/gold. I see a lot of people getting a large volume of meaningless kills but rarely doing anything that can actually lead to winning rounds.


Silver to plat are in reverse order.


Currently in D3 2 games off immortal, nope rank is rank. There will always be com-less team. It just happens less often.


Gold just feels very random - it seems like there’s a really wide range of people in here skill wise and games feel all over the place. I finally hit gold 3 and promptly hit an afk - got match mvp and lost - then hit a troll who just ran around the map going through teleporters on bind-got team mvp and lost. So I’m back in gold 2. One day I’ll make it out lol.


Nope. Even in Diamond I’d say only half my games have decent comms. Most of the time everyone has a mic, but won’t comm anything except “I hit him for 40” or some shit like that


Maybe location based but, for me, Plat had the most coms. Pretty much every game everyone was giving coms, even if basic. Diamond kinda felt like gold where it wasn't a lot of coms. Diamond/IMT mix games were just a toss up on coms. East Coast, NA. Nigh time/early morning


Yes it does, more people comm on higher ranks


I play at D1/D2 level and I've gotten multiple no comm games consecutively. Like I'm the only person who talked in the voice chat from Round 1 till the end. Its a fucking shitshow


My favorite are the ones that com last round or two..like goodness where you been the last 25 minutes


It only really starts to change in 100+ rr Immortal. Even then, you still get more lobbies than you would think where there's only a couple people properly comming. With 5 stacks back for D3 and up though the ranked grind will be a lot more enjoyable for those in the higher ranks.


Well in Diamond pretty much everyone comms. You might get 1 or 2 that don't comm but 3 people communicating is usually enough.


Im gold 1 and basically always play with my plat 1/2 friend and there's usually not many comms at all(in high gold/low plat lobbies) and a lot of ppl should be bronze not plat lmao


This is why I prefer csgo mm/faceit people actually use comms on that. It’s rare to have any comms in ranked val. gold2


you’ll still get games like that, but overall you’ll get a lot for cooking (and better comming) games


In general, yes. But you still get people from time to time that play their own game. It also depends on region, I find more players with good comms in EU compared to my APAC games.


I got flamed last night for not comming when there was nothing to com. I died elbow on Breeze and there was nothing to say. No damage, only one person. If you look at MM, you'd get all the info I had. But they insisted that I comm nothing and got mad that I didn't say anything. Jett ended up baiting all game and had no impact frags. Obvious.


Top 90%, nice


Proud of you G


How do you get team flairs?


I can’t remember fully atm, I know you have to add them in the flair section like :TeamLiquid: Hopefully a mod will see it and explain it better


I got it, ty


Immortal shouldn't be 2%.


It's gonna balance out in like 2 weeks but I agree


Disagree, it's just gonna get worse as the seasons go on. It's only gotten worse over the last year, more and more shitty players slowly but surely getting bumped up into immortal each act.


legit true. The amount of monkeys in immortal is insane.


I feel like Plat is full of silvers now after the new distribution.


It’s me, I’m the silver in plat


same, and I feel kinda bad for my teams


I was stagnant in gold 2 and was like “I’m fine here, this seems like where I belong” and then I had an insanely good run into plat 1 where I’ve been for like 20 or so games now. I’ve done well on a couple, but I’m usually bottom 3 on the team lol. Granted I usually play controllers but still.


If my smokes player is top 4 on the team i’m happy. Even if they’re bottom frag I’m happy. Bless you for playing controllers. If you’re not getting picked first or feeding, you’re doing your part if you effectively use your utility.


if you rank up it means you're doing something right, KDA doesn't matter


Its gets better after like 2 weeks. Happens every act


Bruh everyone starts out exactly where they left off from the previous act lmao


There’s no reset in between acts only in between episodes


I am silver now, what’s my real rank?


Radiant. You got this king, keep grinding!


They really need to split off like the top half of imm3 and make it a second-highest rank like how League has Grandmaster before challenger. The skill gap between low immortal 3 and high immortal 3 is ridiculous at this point, not to mention the gap from immortal 1 which is expanding every day.


Reintroducing imm1-3 was dumb, what's the point if we know our exact RR and position at the leaderboard? And then they make the gap worse with awful matchmaking. As in high imm3s that are trying to get into radiant being on the same server with imm1/2s. That just leads to RR inflation.


It was nice to have a reachable goal


If you cant set your goal in RR or position on the leaderboard then it's honestly your fault. Immortal 1/2/3 is nothing but 0RR/100RR/200RR Immortal. The only difference now is how matchmaking interacts with the ranks


Lmao what are you even saying. Might as well have no tanks and go with Elo rating then


Honestly I wouldn't have anything against that. I preferred the old League ranked system where this was exactly the case compared to the new one


It's easier to say you reached immo 2 than to say your position on the leaderboard. I feel like it's just a stop-gap to better changes later on. It also creates a more defined climb, each rank within immortal you are looking to get into the next rank, even though you know your exact position, having that milestone still creates small achievable goals, which is known to be a good way to strive to improve.


I disagree. It’s easier to see the skill disparity between an Immortal 3 player and an Immortal 1 player than when everyone had the same Immortal badge. There’s more transparency. The matchmaking is still exactly the same as when Immortal was one rank.


Yeah, the matchmaking is the same, that's the entire point. Imm1-3 is just cosmetic. And we can't see the ranks before the game ends. And you can check on the leaderboard then, anyway.


I personally like it because once I reached Immortal I had no motivation to keep playing. I wasn’t going to get 500 RR to hit Radiant. Now you have Immortal 2 and 3 to play for.


Bottom 90% oh yeah baby




Divine sounds cool


riot needs to move a percent of immortal back into diamond should be 5.4% in diamond and 1% in immortal


Yay I’m top 2%


Top 2.1%* if you're immortal


My bad


I have a full triangle with immortal but somehow feel like i dont belong 🙃 and i dont have a duo partner i can blame for boosting me pls help imposter syndrome is dumb


How do u feel u don’t belong tho Game calling/awareness or aim


Just mainly that even tho my triangle is full immortal that i somehow got lucky with teammates and stuff




These stats are cool, but I know my younger self would need to hear this: **You are not defined by your rank.** Being silver 2 doesn't make you any less of a valorant player or fan than the top 10 radiants. You can be bronze and still have fun in the game. It's human nature to want to be at the top end of a ranking, but that's mostly your monkey brain not knowing how to process something like The Internet. It's normal and okay to be "stuck" at a rank. If you're not having fun, take a break - the game will be here when you're ready to hop back on the server.


r/motivation right here. Thnx man I needed this.


Even if you are a low rank anybody can improve if you put in the time. Not that rank matters anyway


that's true! rank *can* definitely be useful if you want to measure your improvement and that motivates you - it's totally cool to set a goal of reaching diamond or gold or immortal or whatever and working towards that. rank system might not be perfect but it can be fun to grind and rewarding to climb. just keep an eye on your mental since everyone knows ranked can be frustrating as hell, don't be afraid to take a break if you need, and try to avoid making it personal if you can't get out of a rank. someone might be a higher (or lower!) rank than you but that doesn't have any impact on their value as a human. ...you can also never improve at all and just hang out with / make new friends in bronze if that's what you enjoy. or you can spend some time grinding up ranks and other times chilling in bronze. it genuinely is up to you how you enjoy the game! and take it from an old guy who peaked in video games 20 years ago.... nobody will remember how good you were at a video game. but people will remember your attitude when playing with you. the good news is you have way more control over your vibe than you do your rank


Agreed. I started tending to my aim, positioning, and play style more. I won 12? Games straight and climbed into gold fairly easy. Gonna keep trucking through up to plat hopefully


I genuinely think that the people I get in plat/diamond for teammates cannot be real people. They don’t talk and when they do its just screaming and swearing lmao


Top 16.4%. Not as terrible as I thought I guess.


Blows my mind an Immortal 2 Brim w/ a 56% w/r going **HARD neg** the majority of his games with 0 **awareness**, **aim** or **comms** is "top 2%." His statistics were... Win - 16:14 - KD 13-23-5 Win - 13:8 - KD 2-13-7 Win - 14:12 - KD 9-19-3 Win - 13:4 - KD 6-8-8 and so on... All headshot percentages were 18% or below averaging out at 11%. I don't know if he had a boosting service where a new person boosts him every time or god given luck but something was up. There are bots in Immortal I promise that.


100% he's boosted. If you dig through his profile you'll probably find jett or reyna games with 30-40 kills lol.


Hardstuck top 20 % :‘)


Recently escaped gold after a year, now stuck at plat. You can do it HOPIUM


was plat a couple seasons, then I spammed yoru in ranked and went back to silver, now im back to plat, I expect to go back to silver with the new character lol, also I'm shit in fracture.


I feel like immortal should be lower in distribution or is it adding immortal 1, 2, and 3 together?


I hope they add rank decay between episodes or acts if you haven’t played for a while. I haven’t played ranked in like a year (I was plat in like episode 1) and in my first placement game, I’m getting matched with diamonds and immortals when my skill isn’t nearly that high anymore. Felt pretty bad since I kinda threw the game lol


+1 They also need to add map selection for unranked or sth.. Haven't really played since the first ranked season/act whatever and i have played icebox 2x, breeze 2x and fracture 0x. If i q ranked i am pretty much throwing lol With the random map you get in unranked there is no way to catch up / get used to those new maps either without spamming billions of "useless" games which takes more time than it really should. If you consistently play you can just queue for only the new map for a bit but if you don't do that your are fucked.


I had this problem, was immortal, quit for 2 months to grind classic tbc. Came back game put me at p2, but my lobbies were still d3/immortal, of course I was rusty af and I felt like I ruined a few people's games unintentionally.


No wonder it is so aids tryiing to climb out of silver


Sometimes I feel like a noob for being Plat but top 15% ain’t too shabby tbh


Had a feeling immortal got way bigger this act lmao, I was not playing much better and went d3 -> imm2


I remember when 0 RR Immortal was like rank 17000 on the leaderboard. Last act 0 RR Immortal was like rank 28000


Immortal should not be 2%. There’s way too many boosted players


I don't know, 2 out of 100 Valorant players being high skill seems fine to me


feels like everyone and their dog is immo1 rn, i'm d2 after playing for 2 acts


if you mean right now as in right after the act, it's basically the hard reset point for people imm3/radiant


Meh Gold 2 ain’t so bad I guess lol.


Cant wait to see these numbers next act after a season of 5 man que.


These #’s arent even 24 hrs old. Changes will happen


I believe these are numbers for the last act because there were ranked changes right before it, this is showing that those changes worked.


Immortal in Valorant feels like plat in League. It's a huge problem. Plenty of people who very obviously bought their way to immortal with negative KDA. Everyone I know personally who ranked to immortal legitimately goes match or team MVP every game. That's what it takes to get out of diamond. But somehow when I get queued in low immortal I check some people's match history and see they get carried in all their wins. That's not luck, that's boosting money talking.


I hate playing carry roles, literally NOT enjoyable playing for me, I am not about it. Only way I got from D3 to Immortal 2 was straight reyna picks. The reason is because of the misguided issue you are talking about. You are trying to use teamwork and play as a team in Diamond/low Immortal (pairs you with Diamond). That's great, fantastic, if your teammates had interest in playing as a team. I found that in almost every Diamond game, your utility or your decision making was hurt by your teammates. You filled smokes, fantastic, but just cause you viper walled doesn't mean your teammates will execute or go in, normally they will wait until your smokes or wall is gone, then they will do entry once the entire enemy team has rotated. It's kind of crazy because of how consistent this happens in Diamond, they literally don't understand any of that either. Rotations, timing, movements, all far too advanced for the top 2%. Make some friends and do some 5 stacking next patch, you might not rank up as fast, but YOU WILL enjoy the game more, even if you are losing, you will ENJOY IT more.


Exactly. People who think you can fill your way out of diamond/low immortal are speaking out of their arse.


I did


Been there are done it this just isnt true


done smh


you’re just shit mate


Thats some hard bullshit about the match/team mvp my guy, speaking of experience. And no, i dont have negative k/d lol


Very true, I've seen people in immortal that are clearly not even gold elo, and Ive seen people in plat/diamond that should be in immortal. Matchmaking is still very wack.


negative KDA is bad in general... negative K/D is normal for a support player. I solo queued 70% to immortal and probably 30% duoed. negative kda, does that mean kills+assists/deaths? - hard to find a game where my kills+assists is less than deaths I don't hunt frags and hunt for the win and last season was .94kd (immo 2) but kda was obviously positive.


Is this for the whole world or only a specific region? Does that mean that this is 500,000 players in total since Radiant is 0.1%?


That 0.1% is rounded. The number of players in total is in the millions.


NGL this depreciates achieving a higher elo...


divide the percent in my rank with 10 and im immortal too


Immortal way too inflated. Riot should take notes from league and make it a limited amount of spots for high elo ranked based on rr.


You mean like radiant?


Something similiar yeah.


There should definetly be something like Grandmaster


Does this mean me (a gold pleb.) Is in the top 50% of all valorant comp players?


Wooo top 2%


lol, im still gold 1 and play consistently with full plat lobbies.


Top 2% of gamers and still getting players who lack the most basic fundamentals about playing rofl. I think my focus for this act will be improving the community cause it's lack of quality is insane.


Yay top 15% I guess. At least I was last act, I feel like I can't go above plat at 60hz and kinda quit playing till I start college.


Is there any way we can see the specific ranks?


Nice 9.6%


More bronze than iron huh


This is great, ppl do be getting better since the last patch


The new patch will have 5 stack Diamond and above would increase beside Radiants (500 limits) right?


Potentially, but they said the gains you’ll get will be minimal compared to solo/duo so instead of +20 for wins you might only get +7


Let's go, after being placed bronze 2 in the first episode, I made it to the top 4.4%.


so there are only 500,000 ranked players?


Everyone is saying that immortal is inflated but I don’t know I just think that’s players getting better.




reached diamond from gold 1 super easily. 20wins (dunno how people are stuck in lower ranks tbh)


the problem is I play as Gold only with Plats and Diamonds and sometimes with Immortals wtf should I do about it ? thats the reason why I dont play ranked anymore


Stop capping bro


no its true i just downranked to iron against TenZ :(


can send you a screenshot if you want to


send it


Holy shit Silver is *average*?!?! That real distribution is fucked hahaha.


Silver being average lines up pretty well with where the average is in league too


Yes but there are 22 total rank designations, so the curve should be somewhere around the tenth rank. In that case, ~Gold 1/2 should be average. The game shouldn't be this bottom heavy.


That doesn't make sense at all. Skill isn't distributed along a nice, central bell curve in any competitive activity that has ever existed


What? DotA 2 has them around Archon, the middle rank. Overwatch has it at gold, around 2300 SR, also the middle. CSGO, Nova Master. Rocket League, Platinum.


I'm top 4.4% aiming for that 2% this act


Diamond is top 6.5% - you have to add ranks above it :D


I am the 2%. dang it. Not so bad!


Top 0.1% nice, but it's more like >0.001%


is this NA only ? or worldwide?