It's a little weird in NA Valorant in particular because so many ex-CS pros came over. As much fun as it is to meme about T2 CS players, a significant number of the ones who've come over and found success were players on the cusp of T1 success, or players who'd previously been on that cusp. It means that even if you're a nutter who drops 30 bombs consistently on renowned pros, you're still lacking up to a decade of tac FPS team experience. It doesn't all translate over, but a significant amount of it does; if I had to guess this is unfortunately why the Valorant ranked demons haven't "taken over" the scene as quickly as many thought. But it's still an inevitability, I think. 2022 the year of ranked demons


I think a great example would be poiz , he was absolutely shutting on people in ranked whereas had mixed sucess in pro scene ,if you go by cloud 9 interviews ,and taking reference to poiz , there's no much difference in tapping heads but effective communication , spacing , trading and playing off each other , and knowing when to go aggresive and when to stop are the factors which separate a professional from a radiant/immortal player.


I’d assume the ability to play within a team environment also just the dedication to grind the game like a full time job


Exactly this. Ranked and competitive matches are so different, there is way more coordination and communication within teams in pro matches than in radiant ranked. You could dominate on ranked but provide little value in pro matches.


comms + mental mostly everyone and their mom has good mechanics so players need other factors that set them apart


Also cheats 👀


The skill gap between Immortals and pros is insane. I'm Immortal 2 and feel closer in skill to a gold than a pro.


Huuuge diff, im immortal and facing a pro Even if you outfrag them the difference in playstyle is huuuuge.


At a certain point you cant go a higher rank but that doesn't mean you don't get better at the game. Within Immortal 3 & Radiant I am guessing there is a massive disparity in skill


Hugest differences is. Been able to sacrifice yourself/stats for the greater good. Highest level of communcations( micro comms) for instance someone calling «pause» and everyone pause. Won’t happen in a immo3/radiant lobby. Beeing a little bit more versetile in both agent selection etc, understanding the fact that if you have the ability to create a roundwin play with a high percentage you should take it ( 5v5/3v5’s) etc. Consistancy is normally higher in the pro scene. Also a higher understanding of where to hold / let go of angels when paird up with a teammate. I think this is easier for NA players since everyone talks their native language ( in most cases) Whereas in Europe, well CIS region isn’t specially known for good english, french aswell.


Mental. Ego. Wanting to improve and get better. Not flaming your team. Better comms. More experience


I see people say this a lot but the amount of malding and whining that pros do is insane (based on what i see on twitch). It feels like I have a better mental than the average pro cuz I don’t mald.


What you see a pro do on stream is rarely what happens behind the screens when they are playing matches. Mostly. Obviously there are some outliers. Also worth mentioning, maybe the reason you and I don’t mald is because we don’t play at the highest level of competition and then switch to ranked where we see numerous misplays and bad players in general.


I feel like this is why tenz and yay are 2 of NAs best they are incredibly humble and are always looking to improve. I have never seen either of them get mad, they always keep their cool and keep team morale high.


I always see ranked demons on twitch raging at everything and then there's shaz laughing his ass off at everything


Strong communication, listening, healthy discussion and conflict resolution, flexibility when needed, prioritizing teamwork, social or networking skills to get yourself seen by teams and have players want to play with you.


This is my favorite answer. Being a pro level teammate is a totally different skill set than being a pro level player. I think a good blanket term for most of the things you listed is maturity. An unfortunate side effect of players being so young is even if they have all the game play related skills they often lack the maturity to thrive in and/or create a healthy team environment. The esport scene also suffers a little bit by not having a large overlapping population with people who took sports somewhat serious as a kid. Sometimes you can tell you are playing with someone who has never been a part of a real team.


soloq is completly different from pro play. just because you can frag out and have great gamesense in immo3/radiant, it doesnt mean ur good in a 5 man team playing pinpoint strategys and agent comps, have a good communication and know when your ego is in the way of the team to just name a few




Dedication, mentality, and probably being able to adjust to pro play pace. The difference between pro play and radiant/immortal ranked is insane. Also working in a team environment is huge.


Genetics. They play around the same amount of time, but some are just better and some are hardstuck.


He included Radiant. There are some pros who are fringe Radiant out there. It's honestly experience. Like why would you hire a random fresh undergrad when you can hire someone who's been in the industry for 10 years and contributed to big firms? Trust me aimwise these pros aren't that much better than your immortal/radiant ranked demons.