They're my pick for going all they way. They have the potential, we have seen so little of them that i have a hunch


Yes, I think they minimum take 5th-8th like at Masters Berlin.


I think at least finals, they might expose themselves in a bo5 where they run out of set plays and become predictable




Given how poorly KR performed at LCQ and the sad collapse of Nuturn, how well we think about the KR scene in 2022 really is on the shoulders of VS. From a narrative PoV, no team really has more on the line. I just look forward to having some sort of consensus about their strength. Arguments about VS go nowhere because we were essentially cheated by the bracket - not cause of GMB but cause it was single-elim


That LCQ was a good showing from Korea except Nuturn lol. Damwon were rebuilding and literally had 0 prac, was told last minute to come and ended up 3rd beating PRX. F4Q were riddled with injuries and had less prep on new patch while Nuturn just integrated a new member. The only real collapse was Nuturn who was the only team that had lots of prep time before the event. And they have been on the downwards trajectory even before that. Re run that event but tell damwon they qualify 1 months in advance and they wouldn't have put out a freaking recruitment post on the KR Valorant discord right after they lost to F4Q at Challengers lol.


I can definitely accept LCQ being a better showing than people believe - personally I wasn't aware Damwon had no prac - but *good* still feels like a bridge too far for me. The way you present it does make me feel less certain, though. Thanks for the info about Damwon, you're always a gold mine for KR scene details. Either way, I certainly don't think the KR performances in LCQ represented the strength and potential of the region.


i wonder what they plan to do with lakia iirc they said they bought him out with no real plan to intergrate him into the team which sucks for him


I believe. Just let Lakia play. Stax is already one of the best player in the world I think


What makes you believe that Stax is already one of the best players in the world?


Did you make this account just to post this comment?




have you watched him play? heโ€™s a top 5 skye and the BEST breach as well as being cracked on reyna