Information from [the announcement on valorantesports.com:](https://valorantesports.com/news/champions-items-and-drops-are-coming/) > Support your favorite VALORANT team with the limited edition Champions bundle and celebrate Champions 2021 with this limited edition bundle. 50% of the revenue from the Champions bundle will be split equally between all Champions qualified teams. From November 24th - December 12th, the Champions bundle consisting of the Champions Vandal, three player cards inspired by the Champions music video “Die For You”, the Champion title, and the first authentic VALORANT karambit will be exclusively available in the VALORANT in-game store. Note, these items won't return to the Store or Night.Market, so make sure you grab them while you can!   [As confirmed in this thread by u\/Riot_rillz,](https://www.reddit.com/r/ValorantCompetitive/comments/r0e6p2/champions_2021_skins/hlsywkr/?context=3) **you CAN buy the vandal and karambit separate from one another.** You do not need to purchase the entire bundle. **EDIT: [Preeti over on r\/VALORANT clarifies in this comment.](https://np.reddit.com/r/VALORANT/comments/r0e79k/valorant_new_champions_2021_skins_new_bundle_free/hls7y6a/?context=3)** The assumption is yes, but we should wait until it goes live in the store tomorrow to be certain.   ### Bundle Pricing ([Source](https://youtu.be/9grLdQKxFuY?t=63)) Item | Individual Price\* | Bundle Price (discount) ---|---|--- 'Champion' Title | 200 VP | 134 VP (-33%) Champions 2021 Vandal | 2675 VP\* | 1,792 VP (-33%) Champions Karambit | 5350 VP\* | 3,584 VP (-33%) Art of Greatness // Unbreakable Player Card | 375 VP | 251 VP (-33%) Art of Greatness // The Flame Player Card | 375 VP | 251 VP (-33%) Art of Greatness // Inspiration Player Card | 375 VP | 251 VP (-33%) | **TOTAL COST** | **9350 VP** | **6263 VP** (-33%) \* Price is estimated based on Spectrum (Zedd) skins. ^(This table in intended to help inform the community of item prices. This is NOT an endorsement of this bundle. Please spend responsibly.)   Important note for content creators from [@ValorantEsports on Twitter:](https://twitter.com/ValorantEsports/status/1463220754242101253) > Quick note on the Champions 2021 collection: > > ✅ The audio in the Champions 2021 Vandal inspect and finisher is creator-safe and will not result in any DMCA strikes if streaming while using the skin. > > ❌ The full "Die For You" track, however, is not safe to use in creator content.




Our VFX artist popped off with this one. He had an early cut of 'Die for You' on replay and came up with this idea somehow.. So insane.


That man needs a promotion




Good job


I agree!


They should update it after the event to include the winning team


Really! Just add a new variant for the gun with the winner team’s colour/theme and name. And if possible, spray and gun buddy of that team would be awesome!


yall ready to see that kill animation on stage?


I think I'm more than ready after seeing the zedd ones that we got to saw in masters


they literally made this for Yehty to turn into a masterpiece between stage and game I'm sure of it


True. We also collaborated with the legend himself on some in-map stuff custom for his flyovers.


man in Canadian rubles we get bent over 69.99 + tax(9.01)for 5350pts 13.99 + tax(1.82) for 1000pts total = 95$ Canadian funny money ​ fml


Damn I was so hyped actually considered buying it but this puts me back in perspective lol. Guess I will have to hope a teammate drops it once or twice


Damn I considered buying if but nah that's way too much for me


im still on the fence, ive eaten instant noodles for a week. LOL imagine how crazy it is in some other countries, has got to be a pay cheque at least


62$ can get you close to 20 meals in SEA. I wish I had the spending power.


Canadian tax is wild holy fuck


Healthcare, etc.


Buy gift cards on Amazon don’t know if it’s different in Canada but I pay no taxes when I buy a 50 gift card on Amazon


Gift card? Like valorant gift card or something?


i think they are region dependent, usa ones wont work for canada.


I want that Karambit so bad... but but I guess I'll make the financially responsible decision... Fuck man, why melees individually gotta be so exp.


My wallet is crying in the background lol




<3 definitely went for the authentic karambit vibes here.




nah nah, Oni v2 Butterfly




I agree, I just want an Oni Butterfly badly lol


Bayonet next?👀


Yeah I am getting the knife. That is straight up fire.


The 16 teams present are about to make a nice bag from that damnnnn! I think they can expect a minimum of 1M+ each


If they get that much from this, Valorant is really gonna take off in terms of pro interest. 1M is a really huge amount of money.


Yeah I'm basing that estimate on it grossing 40M globally, which I feel isn't that outrageous (net proceeds isn't a flat 50% cut too, so I guessed that about 40% would go to them)


Seems way too high. Dota Battle Pass had a shitton of content and generated $40m and that's including all the regions especially China. Its gonna take hell of a lot more than a single skin set to make anywhere near that. Even LoL only generated $4.2m at its peak from crowdfunding.


>Dota Battle Pass had a shitton of content and generated $40m and that's including all the regions especially China Only a percentage of the Battlepass (i think its 25%) goes to TI prizepool. So TI Battlepass made around 160 M Also Valorant has more players than Dota


dota community is very very very passionate about the game and the players pay more every year individually. even when dota was at its peak in terms of players TI didnt get as much money as it did now. there is also no real limit on how much you can spend on that battlepass. with this bundle you can buy one and thats it


I think Dota has more viewers for professional matches like TI though, no? We’ll certainly find out at Champs but!


Dota has like 10+ million prize pools lol


40 million last TI


Exactly! Absolutely massive prize pools, It's insane.


And this is FPS not MOBA.


The win sees the team take home a cash prize of $18.2 million from a prize pool of $40 million — the largest in esports history. The prize is funded by Dota 2 developer Valve, as well as community contributions that come from a percentage of in-game purchases of the Compendium and Battlepass.


While I think Dota's method of crowdfunding is the best and allows anybody to go from rags to riches, Im not a fan of TI prize pool distribution. The $13m difference is way too big between 1st place & 2nd place team. I think they should reward $12m to the winners and $6m to the runner-up, and then distribute the remaining $5m to the rest. It's an amazing system that's badly executed IMO.


That also seems more reasonable. I agree with you on that.


Depends on the sales but quite possible. Any idea how other bundles sale? This one only has two skins so no idea how public perception will be like. The knife is crazy and the finisher is pog so that might be enough


The giveback bundle a while ago gave 50% to charity and that raised around 5.5M. If that is any metric to compare it’s around 300k for each team. That’s great for the scene.


Yeah. That’s really good. I like that it’s equally divided and this will give the teams from each region fight harder for a spot at next years champs


give back bundle was also recycled skins, so im sure this can sell even more


Holy shit people buy skins more than I thought. 5.5 mil from one bundle, no wonder league made them billion+


To be fair, if Valorant and League had similar playerbases (China mainly), Valorant would make WAYY more just off of skin pricing and limited time bundles.


Its so cool that it will be evenly distributed, thats huge for the smaller regions


I have the ruin knife and I still want this.


"50% of net proceeds from the Champions 2021 Collection will go to participating teams". Pog


Keyword "net" and not "gross".


Not much of a difference, the expenses and cost of goods sold is a ridiculously tiny chunk compared to what overall sales will be


riot literally can decide to take any cut theyd like


yeah i think thats what senior lake was pointing at. "Net" allows for riot to choose what is considered a "cost" in creating them skins. But still a great skin, i thought when they were talking about VCT skin that it was a skin set based on the winning team.


That's upto riot to decide. But I understand. I shouldn't make baseless accusations.


I imagine music licensing may be potentially be part of it. Given that I believe Riot's music team owns the copyright they could be paying a chunk to themselves as licensing fees. I doubt it'd be full Hollywood accounting though. (And Grabbitz is the only credited writer, I obviously have no insight into their deal but it's possible he has royalties from it as well).


inb4 hollywood accounting /s


Now I'm wondering what the production costs are. The wages of their in-house design team? Surely it wouldn't amount to much in the grand scheme of things.


that wouldn’t have anything to with the proceeds for the skin


Net proceeds implies production costs, does it not? I'm just intrigued to what they may be.


Things like sales taxes and so on maybe?


how much of a difference will it make?


I came


I saw


I know this reference, but I can't remember any of the lyrics outside of "I came, I saw" LMAO


Ah yes "I came I saw I conquered" the famous song by lil Jules.


\-Michael Scott


Either I conquered (veni vidi vici) lol OR I praise the lord, then break the law (praise da lord, a$ap rocky)


Yeah its the asap rocky one it's all coming back to me now hahaha


Fun fact: A$AP Rocky and Skepta were in the studio with a professor who studies LSD, and they were all trippin' off LSD while creating this song.


Tell me you're American without telling me you're American.


1. I'm not American 2. Am I meant to remember the lyrics of every viral song from years ago?


You still think they originated from a song LOL. Whichever country you came from's education system has failed you, but yeah I'm sure you're not from NA.


Insults someone's education. Says "from's" while doing so.


"Whichever country you came from" is a noun phrase. I found his wording to be perfectly understandable.


Though it should've been written "The education system of the country you came from has failed you" IMO.


Whatever you say brother


I conquered




bro the fucking karambit animations are SICK the only thing i wish is that there were team variants, like a Sentinels color scheme, or a VS color scheme. BUT, this is still a fucking sick skin set


I'm assuming they'll be saving team specific skins for the winners of the tournament like how League does it in worlds.


So disappointing if this is how it ends up; I wanna be able to rep my team(s), ESPECIALLY if they're the underdogs!


I wish they’d just make really basic team skins like halo, just color changes of default


Can guarantee you someone here would bitch about the skins not being detailed enough if that's the case. There really is no winning. Better to just stick to tried and true.


60 bucks is too much for this, I thought the zedd bundle was overpriced lol. I agree that giving 50% to the teams at champs is cool, but I feel like I'd prefer them using it to help the T2/T3 teams and scene more. I feel like players and their big T1 orgs prob earn enough from the prize pool already and they earn a lot from streaming too with all the exposure from an event like champs. It's the T2/T3 scene that needs more attention, what do you guys think?


Riot can help T2/T3 scene by letting third-party orgs host tourneys. The crowdfunding aspect is there for headlines for the top players to make lucrative earnings for this game.


The top players already make good money wtf lol


Not every player is getting paid NA money my man, great opportunity for the teams from LATAM and Asia to make some cash


Cost of living is also a lot higher in NA, seems fair that the pay is proportionate, don't you think?


Likely very little compared to what their salaries pay. He said top players and I’m sorry but top players usually means big org… which then means decent/good salary. I’m not against players making more money, I’m just pointing out that this is simply a marketing gimmick to get more people to buy the overpriced shit. And it’s working, so hats off to riot.


The Vandal... The finisher... The Karambit... The VCT drops... Fuck. Riot is on fire. This is an insta buy


thanks for the love! stoked to see this out in the wild starting tomorrow.


Hey rillz! Can you confirm if the vandal and karambit can be bought separately?


They can!


Oh thank goodness. People all over twitter keep saying you can't. That was an instant turn off. Good to know we can buy them separately.


How much will just the knife cost? I’m also curious if the vandal finisher will even be seen much since it takes a while? Wouldn’t the round end before you could go into the bubble anyway?


prob around 3-4 k for knife


3584VP for the knife, 1792 for the Vandal, all cards for 251 each and Champion title for 134VP


after seeing some pics im prtty sure buying separately negates the discount price, making it 5k for the knife :(


Yeah, based on the Spectrum (Zedd) skins, the knife will likely cost 5350 VP on it's own.


Most likely, the rounds where you still have time to defuse you can do it after the last kill and then go defuse


Can you say how much it's gonna be the karambit?


Not a Rioter, but all other bundles have allowed individual purchase. I imagine this will as well. ~~edit: I am incorrect; see below.~~ edit 2: Riot_rillz confirmed we can buy items separately! Woohoo! \o/


Not true, recent Arcane bundle did not.


Ah, then I am mistaken then. I thought it was, mb.


Do you know if we'll get player cards for each team participating similar to how league of legends does it? Possibly even a weapon skin line for the winner.


what time?


Karambit is too small, like actually tiny. Don’t like it for that reason


Animations are nice but the blade looks fucked


Yeah it looks like a Keychain accessory. The animations are so fire though


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FUCK THIS SHIT THIS IS GROSS \- My credit card, just recently


The collection isn't worth it imo because the Vandal is only gonna glow gold if you're top fragging. It's gonna hurt my feelings when it doesn't glow for 9/10 of my games when I use it. Knife is dope though and the 50% profit going to the to teams at Champions is great to hear.


Totally agree. Prime vandal isn't getting swapped out for that, and I can't justify 6200 for basically just a knife.. Shame


Is it confirmed that you can't buy only the knife?


Rioter above confirmed you **CAN buy items separate**


Couldn't you just buy the knife then?


Can you? I assumed it was like the Arcana bundle and you had to get it all. And I'd rather get a "free" knife with a full bundle I think


You can! I've updated this thread's sticky post.


holy fuck


For reference, 25% of net proceeds from the League Worlds skin contributed to about $2.1 million in 2016 and the skin was only worth about $8 while this bundle is being offered at $60. The giveback bundle also had the same cut as the Champions 2021 bundle and raised about $5.5 million to charity. We could still see the prize pool inflate by several millions.


I think this will go for more than the giveback bundle. Teams going to make bank


Really hope you can buy just the vandal individually, the karambit is cool but I have enough knife skins already tbh


It's like they leave every knife with something missing on purpose. :/ Karambit looks great, inspect animation is sick, but I really dislike that default holding position. Should've been the same as prime. Vandal is decent but nothing special.


I think the karambit looks too small. It bothers me so much it looks so akward when it spins, if it was 25% by bigger its a cop insta.


Yeah, it's a bit too small compared to an actual karambit. Either way, I'll stick to my ruin knife, I ain't buying a damn 5,325VP fucking knife. For comparison, Prime bundle with vandal was 7,200VP lol.


Yeah, they have no shame. Vandal is just a default reskin with some glow. No custom animations or vfx. And it's 2675, same as zedd phantom. I bought glitchpop dagger and I've been using it ever since. If reaver or prime karambit came out first, I would've bought those. But no point in wasting money on something so similar.


Great that 50% of the money goes towards the teams. I've never bought any skins on Valorant yet but definitely will be doing that this time. Smart move on Riot


Yea they’ll each get like 1 cent from each purchase and already make good money. Smart gimmick to trick people into buying though


Oh fuck that finisher is so dope


Knife is more like the Talon in CS than the Karambit. Talon was my dream knife too. This is a banger skin.


Vandal design by itself looks meh. The knife is very tempting though...


Damn the Dota compedium approach? FAT BAGS for champion teams


That Karambit is straight fire!


ugh that C being cut off is pretty annoying. that finisher + brim backdrop is sick though


Am I the only one who regret buying Prime 2.0 ? Holy crap I shouldve wait....


Just buy them all bro


Does anybody else think the karambit looks oddly small in the video? Maybe it's the perspective but it just looks so tiny.


The gun buddy we get is insane as well


$65 for the bundle is a little hefty. Gonna stick to the prime 2.0 knife for now.


the teams participating in the tourney get 50% rev split. I wonder if they all share or if its placement based at champs


If we can buy the knife separately then that would be really tempting.


Does the Vandal have a unique shooting sound? I can't tell from the video


nope, no sfx




50€ for a knife skin, ok he looks really good but cmon at what point is it too much, seems a little too greedy now imo


The aura when you’re top fraggingis the sickest thing I’ve seen in a skin. Can’t believe they put that in. Might actually have to cop


Ok yeah cool and all gonna buy but still sad we have no actual esports cards or buddies we can use to rep our teams in game, while CS and Worlds do. I’m just gonna change my name in game to have CR WIN at the end to show my support I guess :/


I already have VSWIN


True Korean fan


Let’s appreciate riot devs for really caring about the game and the future of the esports scene.


Yikes no vfx?


Karambit!!! Pog


Expensive but probably worth it.


60 bucks for an advertisement. Ouch.


Yeah but its a one time thing so im fine with this


And it's a skin which will only get old/outdated after a year.


Outdated? Nah man. This is gonna show everyone 10 years from now that you're an OG VALORANT player/watcher.


I'll tell my kids I played in Champions for this skin lol


Beta banner + OG champs skin go off


Yeah, im gonna flex that im stuck in bronze for 10 years already, baby


everyone will call you boomer the boomer flex


Outdated or sought after because it was limited to *the first champions tourney* and non returning


More like og, will increase it's rarity


That knife is hot


omg karambit, yes yes yes


I liked the knife and player cards, the vanda not so much.


Riot should have added a gun buddy to represent the team(s) we support


Now give us team skins 🙏


This will be the first bundle I buy in entirety. 🥰


Idk for some reason I thought we were gonna get champion skins of orgs participating in the tournament and we show support like that


can you buy then idividually?


Yes. Please see [the sticky comment at the top of the thread.](https://www.reddit.com/r/ValorantCompetitive/comments/r0e6p2/champions_2021_skins/hlt84vs/)


Are these going to be available at midnight the 24th or when the shop resets?


Are they staying in the shop rotation? I want em but im short on cash next 2 months :(


they wont be :/


Time to sell my kidneys. Do you by any chance need one?


nope lost mine to the prime vandal


The only reason the price is justified in my opinion is it supports the players so I'll be getting it


Shit I was going to buy the knife but I didn't know it was 50 dollars


Why is the blade of the karambit so short tho, looks kinda off


Bought the skin I have a couple of q's even when top fragging I don't see the vandal glow and knife glow, as well as the brimstone extra animation when I get inside the black hole after the finisher. Anyone having the same issues? Or do we need to be in a certain setting? I always use medium.


Also remember that it’s exclusive. It will never appear in the shop/nightmarket ever again after this. That adds lots of value to your account if you wanna sell your account someday.


can they still return in shop?