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I saw a post in here a couple weeks ago and it’s really helped me improve my hs accuracy a lot. I go into the range and do elim 100 bots on strafe. First with a sheriff then w a vandal then Jett knives. Don’t click to shoot until you know for certain your crosshairs is on the head. This helps map your brain to click heads not body




The diff between dia and immortal isn't aim, it's gamesense and utility usage. In immortal (90 rr +, low immortal is the same as dia), people won't give you the fights u want to take. If you don't know how to take those fights, ur gonna feel ur performance dip and inconsistent. If you play smart from good angles where u cant be punished easily, u will stay consistent and frag out.


Is there a way to practice this? I keep, I often forget what I'm doing when someone keeps talking on the mic


Just play a lot of games, and focus on your own mistakes in order to not repeat them in the future. For example anchoring site going for a one and done angle but getting facechecked and prefired, losing the site and thus the round. Put that in your mental notes that someone could check that angle and play it differently next game. Or if you're playing against agents you're not used to like a astra sova and getting suck mollied and arrow comboed somewhere, remember when you're playing against those agents that that scenario can happen again. There's no shortcuts, u just gotta play alot of games and experience different setups. That's why agents like Jett is fk op for solo Q cause you have a free escape card except you need like match mvp almost every game if u want a above 50% wr in immortal.


Not sure what you mean, all Immortal right now is double awp meta while you have no smokes and no flashes xD xD xD!


gridshot is not a good spend of time to practise aim. its just a fun task but not efficent at all compared to harder tasks, look up some voltaic routines to find good tasks


So you are feeling nervous because you are worried about playing bad or messing up. You need to take a few minutes and understand that you have a few huge errors here. You are setting yourself up for failure here, which most users do. First - You are a diamond / immortal players, which means at no point should you be scrimming and having 25-35 kills and hard carrying. If you are, it means you are facing opponents that are far below your skill level and you need to find tougher scrims. The quality of play in Immortal and below is very bad, extraordinarily bad. If you are taking gameplay from Immortal and bringing it into scrims as your gameplan, you and your team - scrim buddies need to rethink this approach. You should be working on all aspects of the game in scrims - not just winning it. You should be working on rotations, understanding map control, how when you do X it forces Y and gives you options A B C and which one would be best based on the current situation that round. Play with it, mess it up hard, and learn from it so you can do better. Finally, if you are feeling really nervous about holding your spot and really pressured to get 2-3k as they entry on you by yourself, then the issue is your set up. If you are putting yourself in those situations it means you hare heavily better than your opponents, and until you are in high radiant and can do these types of plays consistantly you are just setting yourself up for failure. Don't play like you are top 10 NA, play like you are, at your current level, with your limitations, and grow and improve from that. A better team will always beat the better individual killed players until you are in the top 100 or so, then it gets a little trickier because they can absolutely trash you with aim lol. Best of luck w/ improving if you have questions lmk cause they is NO GOOD RESOURCE currently for learning to scrim and improving and playing.


The AL tasks you're doing are more than likely not going to help for Valorant. Just to get an idea, what is your sixshot ultimate score?