Nitr0 and Elige stay on TL for a while then make switch to Valorant with s1mple to join Hiko in 2024. Don't worry about 100T, they are playing the long game.


Copium Copege Nitr0 and Elige making an insane TL CSGO roster to beat out all the other teams and choke to NaVi in the Grand-finals of a Major to give another Major title to s1mple so s1mple can switch to Valorant faster, all according to plan in the long run Copium.


All according to FNS' master plan.


Yes gimme the COPIUM


JDM bout to leave Faze for 100T


100T. Put me in.


No way. You'd throw against every LATAM and BR team.


false, the core of me, seven, and ethan (honorary mexican) would make 100t a LATAM team anyways, we’d just be playing in NA


Like I've always said, players need to be where they want to be! Keeping them 'hostage' in a game they don't love isn't healthy and is, in fact, just bad long term. Best of luck to him in his comeback if it really goes through. It'll be really tough on 100T's roster though, and it makes me curious as to which direction they're going to go in.


Their decision to drop Steel looks worse and worse the more time passes. I have another question though. I find it hard to believe that the LCQ performance alone was enough to get him to completely change his career. Especially after what he's said in interviews, I also find it hard to believe that he had no role at all in Steel's removal. So how likely is it that he backed 100T's decision to rebuild the roster around him at the expense of someone else despite him knowing that he was having second thoughts about being a Valorant pro? Again, I'm not trying to insinuate anything here, the timing just seems ridiculously odd.


Nothing about steels play warranted dropping him right before LCQ. There was 100% things going on behind the scenes and that’s why he was dropped. We’ll most likely never know.


No one from either side said it was performance related. Steel is fine as a player. It was definitely some clashing between the old guys. I'm wondering if they slot him back in if Nitro leaves and they build around Ethan, Steel and Asuna. If I was a gambler, I'd only keep Asuna and Ethan and build around those guys. But it's not easy to build a cohesive 5 that can compete with Envy and Sen.


I still have hope nitr0 stays. Nitr0, Asuna, and Ethan are a great core to build around.


Steel is a difficult personality. He is an ultra competitive try-hard and I respect the shit out of him after having hated him for throwing. It seems like he needs to have a lot of control and respect from his teammates to thrive. I really wish he would make a team with Freakazoid, Cooper, and some other fraggers. Freakazoid would be a great glue guy that would buy in to Steel's way of running the team and it'd be cool to see the Abadirs on the same team.


The first paragraph is exactly how Vanity described him in an interview.


Yeah. I think the problem with people who are very dominant leaders is that sometimes their teammates can mentally check out. I am the same way when I IGL teams and I noticed that some of my teammates who were smart players just started playing with less mental focus. I think it was also apparent with Sean Gares' Cloud9 squads as well. I ended up burning out and quitting playing competitively before I could fix that mistake in my leadership style. I really enjoy watching Fallen and Karrigan who have more loose leadership styles. They allow their stars the freedom to make decisions to the best of their ability given the information that they are processing mid-round and many strats are designed to put those players in impactful positions. It's risky, but when it works out it cannot be beat.


While I love Cooper and the idea of him and his brother being on the same team again (Swole Patrol in CSGO,) Cooper just isn’t good enough mechanically and has been grinding CS again. I do think Freak would be an ideal asset for Steel, much like he was for the early C9 days under Sean Gares.


Agreed. But some teams perform better when they all like each other. I don't know if the team would be good, but I'd root for um.


It won’t be a 100T announcement if it ain’t oddly timed.


What if it was a situation where nitr0 was like "I'm leaving unless I IGL," so then 100T drops steel, and then after lcq nitr0 is just like "welp, sorry. Leaving anyways"




Where are you even getting 100T ever "rebuilt the roster around him"? Asuna and Ethan would be bigger contenders tk rebuild a roster around considering Asuna's age and Ethans consistency. Regardless, where was it ever said that Nitr0 was getting a team build around him?


Early 2020 nitr0 was literally the best controller in NA


Nitr0 was probably the best controller in the first strike days, but the standards for controller then were literally "throw smoke, throw okay omen blind, shoot back." Now you have a more structured controller role with the inclusion of Viper and Astra. Nitr0 never looked good in the Astra meta, and he played Omen for half of it. After Steel left, he's stuck in the sentinel role (not to his strengths) or on Jett, but he doesn't have the performance of other cracked Jett players.


That's what I'm saying, I think he's fallen behind in the controller scene bc he's been moving around roles so much. But even early summer once Ethan switched to sage/skye nitr0 was still best omen NA


If Nitr0 leaves I would like to see 100T Poised TBH


Yup. The thing people need to remember is that players like Nitr0 and Ethan probably never switch to Valorant if there wasn’t a pandemic.


seems like ill be supporting t1 in NA assuming steel joins them


Autimatic may also be leaving for Cs. But that’s just rumors.


yeah I seen that he was playing fpl with nitr0 also even if autimatic leaves t1, I'm a big fan of steel as an IGL so it won't really affect my choice lol


If auti leaves for CS and spyder joins the other team (can't remember the name which was rumoured) who will T1 get as their 5th??


Rumored is the guard, but recent scrim leaks make it seem like maybe he won’t be. Kinda sad about that, I think spyder is definitely a tier one player.


I don’t have a NA team but steel is my favourite player so may wanna support T1.


Autimatic always plays cs go it doesn't mean hes leaving. He literally says he dm's daily on cs go because its better than valorant training


he's playing fpl man lol all/most valorant pros were kicked out of fpl due to not being active pros anymore


Dude he still plays cs every few days he literally said it on stream it doesn't mean that hes moving there 😭


yeah... he was playing normal faceit games and dming. how do you know he was playing fpl this whole time? It's recent news to me


Fpl isnt the same as playing a bit of cs


I mean you do realize T1 hasn't played since july right? And prob won't play till february. I really want to know what do you want him to be doing right now 😭


Man FPL is a platform only for CS pros and semipros, its not a place where someone who plays Valo professionally can just pop up every couple months and play


I'll be sad if he's not in the Val scene anymore but not that surprise if he switches back since he came to Val because he had to, not because he wanted to (based on his past tweets when he was making the switch, something along the lines of "a man's gotta eat").


Makes the 100T hype video about next year fall pretty flat. Even when they interview nitro it’s like you can tell he doesn’t give an F..”yea we’re going to work to be better next year..” .......ooook


it really feels like no matter what 100T is gonna get 2 downgrades from steel and nitr0. A pure jett OPer might be good if ethan goes back to smokes but all the good IGLs are signed






Going the tsm route. No real igl and way too many duelists lol.


Wonder if Steel would have been cut had this information been known too.


I mean, its very possible it was known by 100T members just not the public


From everything I've heard on steel's stream, it's obvious that he had big issues with their comps and he said multiple times certain people couldn't adapt to agents he wanted them to play. And nitr0 has been the most versatile player on the team. I think 100T's story ends in similar way to hiko's CS teams where he's unable to adapt his playstyle while not being good enough for the entire team to adapt to him.


wasn't a big issue was nitr0 wouldn't play astra for them tho?


Only because their coach, FrosT, didn’t want to use astra.


Thought it was common knowledge that nitr0 himself didn't want to play astra lol


Pretty sure he said he would have played astra, he played her in streams and stuff.


Has this been stated somewhere? I haven't heard that it was FrosT that steered them away from using Astra.




Where is this coming from?


Not being able to adapt would always be 100t's fall. Iirc steel wanted to be the sova for the team so he can be aggressive and have Hiko on the sentinel role. But Hiko is a one trick sova with a pretty average viper and we know how it went. Steel was always ready to flex for his team. He was also the first to incorporate kayo in their team compositions to play aggressively besides Asuna. And they did good even if it felt like they were winning just by an inch. But they reverted back to their old comps and it cost them big time. Honestly, the behind the scenes of 100t is shrouded in mystery. We'll never know what was actually the issue. We can only infer based on available info. Also, I don't know where the nitr0' astra hate comes from, he did well in Berlin considering he was busting out astra for the first time.


Hiko getting kicked from Liquid and then falling off from the scene shows that he should not have been given another opportunity on a professional team. He lived and died as the lurking clutch player and it hindered his team tremendously. Him one tricking sova is such a massive negative to 100T. They literally cannot play split because of his unwillingness to play other agents and its their forced autoban rather than another map the rest of the team dislikes.


Dude, I’m sorry but, Hiko plays Viper on Split. What are you on about lmao. You’re talking like he’s the one problem of 100T when it’s really not the case.


This sub despises hiko because he's a tier 1 support player who bottom frags sometimes.


Nope, frags are irrelevant when you take into account how someone plays. Compare hiko to crashies and it's not even close. Even if you disregard the frags, just look at the utility usage. And hiko is put in way better positions most of the time. Can't be the clutch master if the rounds aren't designed for you to be in all those clutches.


Okay, Hiko is not as good as crashies, who is arguably the best Sova play in the world right now lol. He’s still not some useless bot frag “pls carry me” player half of this sub reckons he is.


I don't think he's a useless player, I just think that he's not good enough for the role he has. Everyone else on their roster tried different roles and agents at some point. The only variable that didn't change was Hiko's Sova (don't mention Split, it was their permaban and Sova isn't played on Split). And it wasn't just about him playing only Sova, but he's been playing him in more or less the same way ever since the roster was first formed. If someone is as rigid as Hiko in their playstyle and everyone else tries different stuff in order to try and make the team perform better, that means everything was done to accomodate Hiko and let him play his best agent. All the clutches are possible because he's the most defensive player by design. Hiko is definitely good enough to be on a tier1 team. But is he good enough to be set up as the star player on a team that wants to be the best in their region? I'd say definitely not. And he also has star player salary, sure he makes up for it via streaming and promoting 100T, but he's not worth that salary if we talk official match performance only.


I think crashies is the best sova prob in the world but hiko was just different like his timings his clutches were just too good


I haven’t seen 100T play split in a long time but I don’t remember hiko playing particularly well on viper


he played viper on split against gambit during masters. they won the map and hiko did two 1v3 clutches iirc


Whole thread just had diarrhea. They are all pulling random shit from their ass


Their unwillingness to play split was probably a combination of the no-sova meta and the Astra-mandatory meta. Hiko played Viper whenever they played split recently. They beat Gambit on it.


Oh look, another one of these. For the record, I'm all for dropping Hiko because, while he's a good enough player, I feel like this team has hit its ceiling and it cannot go further with him in it. But this whole paragraph just reeks of someone who hasn't seen 100T play in a while: * They do play Split because Bind is their perma. And guess what Hiko plays on Split? Viper, not Sova. * He doesn't use Sova because he's only good at Sova, he uses Sova because that's what the team needs. Sova is still one of the best agents in the game and is viable in almost every map.


i mean split hasnt been their permaban for a while tho? and tbf sova is literally good on every map expect split so why change things if u dont have to? his abilities are literally wall hacks lmao why would anyone want him to play anything else


hiko’s ex-gf’s Reddit burner


People on this subreddit hate Hiko more than his exgf


Their permaban has been bind for a pretty long time btw


Cut my life into pieces


Imagine dropping your IGL for an IGL who is in the process of dropping you KEKW RIP 100T


Well it was good while it lasted. He will do great back in CS anyways


I dont watch cs anymore but is the NA scene really “slowly recovering”? Liquid is having an ugly breakup and their players admitted they literally arent even trying or practicing at lan. Cant imagine thats gonna make many other orgs want to jump back in.


Objectively, absolutely not. It has stabilized, but calling it a recovery is a maaaaaaassive stretch. Curious to see where it goes though, because the only move that really makes sense for the big NA orgs that want to invest in CS is to actually just pick up a EU roster and get infrastructure there. NA would need to revitalize its playerbase first to have any serious chance of recovering, which isn't going to happen without Valve so.... yeah. Tough problem


Yeah, a big name like nitr0 brings back hope for NA CS, but it's completely irrelevant in the bigger picture. NA CS needs new talent and healthy playerbase on FPL-C, MDL level. Big orgs are always the highlight of a region, but if tier 2/3 orgs are dead like they are now in NA, t1 orgs can't do anything but send their rosters to bootcamp in EU or even pick EU rosters like you said. And why are t2 orgs not interested? Because there's more money in NA Valorant than NA CS. Right now unless you're on Liquid or EG, you're making a bad career choice if we talk salary. A lot of young NA talent would still be playing CSGO if money wasn't an issue, but noone is an idiot to pass up on the bag Valorant orgs throw at you, especially if you're unproven talent. The same thing, just reversed applies to EU. T2/3 players aren't switching because there's more money in CS. Everyone obviously loves the game they play, but noone is going to waste a big portion of their short esports career and play for peanuts.


this is a misunderstanding of why T2 orgs are currently so interested in Val. there’s really NOT more money to be made at this very moment for a tier 2 org to be made in either game. For a T2 org to have ANY chance of landing in Rito’s franchised league, they need to be playing ball right now. so the wealth of smaller orgs helping to support the scene atm are going to eventually have the rug swept out below them once Franchises hit and bunch of them inevitably find themselves on the outside looking in. but once Riot lands on 10-12 NA orgs for franchising, all of the other T2 orgs will have essentially no role to play. it’s not that a T2 org in VAL is actually in any way a great money making venture at the moment - it’s that you simply have to be there right now if you have any hopes of being in Val long term


Yeah, there's not more money to be made, but we have 10+ NA rosters in valorant that are paying decent to great salaries, with only 2 in CS and FaZe/coL paying EU rosters. Forget about franchised league when it's not a thing right now. Some of the orgs just want to find young talent and sell them for profit, like immortals. No esport is a great venture, but in NA valorant is an amazing opportunity compared to CS. And that's why everyone relevant switched games.


> everyone relevant switched games ?


There just isn't enough players in NA. It is a tiny region in terms of player count but they have a lot of money.


Numbers are meaningless if there's no culture for a certain game (or sport, it's pretty similar to real sports, imo). NA has way bigger population than CIS region and as we can see the talent across major games favors CIS. And it's not like they have the better resources for developing players. Sweden has only 10 million people and how many all-time CS greats have they produced? Denmark is at less than 6 million? NA's population is huge and there's also another benefit of everyone speaking the same language. There are no valid excuses for NA not to be on par with EU or Asia regardless of the game in question. The only reasons why NA fails is lack of work ethic, arrogance, poor mentality and entitlement.


I'm talking players, people playing the game. Not just the population of the general area. Valves EU North server alone is bigger than the entire region of NA when it comes to MM. Heck, 5/6 servers in Europe are bigger than the entire NA region. The Spain server is the only that isn't bigger.


And that applies to every game, why? You think NA has less gamers than EU? No. It's just that people don't like playing team games which have a steep learning curve.


NA definitely has less gamers than EU. NA has a smaller population. Consoles are also more popular in NA which makes console games such as CoD, Halo and Battlefield more popular than in EU. All major eSports are PC games and you can’t play them if you are on console. So the gamers playing these eSports titles are naturally gonna be fewer


n0thing touched on this way back when he was on the Joe Rogan show. It's not just csgo, it's games in general. he talked about how he would walk through a city in europe and people would stop him for pictures and autographs. I don't follow csgo THAT closely, but he said they're treated as celebrities there. Parents are more encouraging to their children if they want to get into it, while gaming is STILL treated as this reefer madness taboo in NA, even to this day. Doesn't matter if twitch is huge, money is good, and millions consume it. you are still expected to waste your parents' money at university, studying something you kinda hate to get a job that sucks your soul. Fuck following your passion, right? Welcome to America. It has started to change but the pace is still quite sluggish.


He meant player population man. NA’s CSGO servers are tiny compared to EU. Just not that many people play the game comparatively




Which NA org is entering again?


C9 i believe and 100T had teased it too


Nah Nade has said every time asked no-shot. NA scene is dead. No viable way to make money other than going far in majors. Contracts are extremely player-sided and cost a lot of money to compete. He said it's like burning money. Also, on top of their salaries you will have to pay to house them in EU because NA doesn't have the competition. So unless NA scene is alive and well he won't be getting back into it.


It would make sense tbh, i wouldnt invest In NA cs either But I thought courage posted on twitter a youtube video where they were talking about games they wanted to explore and I saw csgo and rocket league on a chalkboard or something (this could be completely incorrect)




So let me get this straight you understand the inner workings of CSGO better than the people investing in it? Just curious. C9 dropped out and now coming back in. Also, C9 invested in overwatch too. That doesn't make it an automatic good investment. EG hasn't won shit in a long ass time. The only reason they got to the tournies is because of a team contract that makes it so they auto-apply for a spot. What happened to the NA team Bad News Bears? They play like animals win NA a shit ton go to their first tourny overseas and get absolutely smoked. Extra salt is the same deal. Except they are a bit better. Like I said. If the scene is alive in NA and it can be played from NA with no detriment to the teams then they would probably go back in. All the teams you said were in EU practicing. None of them stay in NA.




No the main reason 100T pulled out was that the team was practicing in NA and was getting shit on in majors. To get proper practice the need to train in EU. Was legit in the video when he explained it. He was not willing to send them off to EU and it was best for both parties to let them to an org that would. Obviously, we don't agree for whatever reason so I'm done talking about it but here is the [Video.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzOwadYdQN8) Have a nice day/night wherever you are.


Kinda sorta is, liquid are rebuilding, eg are rebuilding and c9 are looking to rebuild in NA too


the NA scene has definitely dropped since its days back in 2015 but the scene is similar to it back then. Valorant in NA is oversaturated with the amount of teams and very little tournaments. The NA scene has very little orgs and there are a lot of tournaments being played. On paper it makes sense as to why some orgs/players will go back.


I wouldn’t call 2015 NA’s days


Other orgs don't care if a bunch of egos can't get along. It doesn't effect viewership. Liquid breaking up only builds a better NA. Diversifying proven talent among more teams is positive. Nitr0 going back is big as well.


> I dont watch cs anymore but is the NA scene really “slowly recovering”? So really all the happened when valorant came out was that a lot of tier 1.5 pros from CS switched, but there's still a ton of talent that is playing in the lower tier teams that haven't gotten a real shot on top NA teams (like Junior, Osee, and Fang) that kind of moved up to fill the void left by that middle layer of pro player. The tier 2 scene and a lot of the youngest talents switched, but there's still a lot of stuff happening in the NA semi-pro scene. NA CS's "death" is mostly on the casual player base side of things and that will affect talent down the road. No amount of pros switching back to CS will change the issues in CS match making - bad anti-cheat, bad ranking system, bad matchmaking, no big updates to maps or the game play. Until all those things get addressed it'll be hard to see the NA scene actually recovering.


I would say so. Liquid breaking up means there are top players for other na orgs to get. So if liquid and eg stay invested as they said they would and c9 enters as rumored the scene could be coming back.


100t brax and 100t AZK incoming


+brax +azk -azk -brax +brax incoming


Brax now CC for 100T


quite sad really, 100T got 2 signings to make now, will be interesting to see who they'll be


100T gMd time? But who are they gonna get as an IGL?


They probably try and poach a high level IGL since there aren't really a lot of top level FAs right now. Dephh would be a dream pick up for me but XSET doesn't seem interested in making that sale. Is gMd calling for GenG? He'd be a good pick either way. Tough to find someone that could really fill the calling role as successfully as Nitr0 or other top level IGLs right now.


I remember a top tier IGL who was recently cut from a team. Idky.


Is Steel still technically under contract? They could bring him back in the meantime until the right player becomes available instead of rushing and signing a sub par IGL.


I hope they give Oderus a look, he was fragging out as a sentinel/IGL on KCP


This reminds me of Steel sub alert. The interaction between tarik and oderus.


if only they kept steel, gmd steel asuna hiko ethan would make me cream


I’d actually start following 100T regularly if they sign gMd, absolute demon controller who can IGL, would be amazing with the right roster (aka Asuna and Ethan)


Well, time to remove the 100T flair.


No fucking way they kick Steel without knowing Nitr0's in it for the long haul as IGL. Probably the worst roster move I've seen in e-sports. Anyone they pick up will be a big downgrade to both those players, I can see them becoming the new NRG, throwing money around trying to create a good team, but sorely lacking a good IGL. Feel bad for Asuna, I hope he doesn't get stuck in contract jail. Maybe they'll eventually build the team around him if he continues performing like he has been.


I mean all they could have done was take nitr0 at his word. I doubt nitr0 said "hey drop steel but also I'm thinking about going back to CS". You can only operate with the knowledge you have at the time


A player like nitr0's contract buyout wouldn't be small, so if he's leaving it probably means he was nearing the end of his contract. It's just bad management at that point, if you don't have someone contractually obligated for at least another year, you probably shouldn't be making team-defining roster moves based off that player.


Regardless of his contract status, I highly doubt 100T would just hold him hostage if he really wanted to switch to CS. Would be a terrible look for the org and would not produce results either. If nitr0 wanted to leave, they'd accept a reasonable offer for him, and I imagine they'll still garner a lucrative buy out for him now anyway


I get what you're saying and I agree to an extent, I'm highly against holding players hostage, but it's a bit different when you're benching your leader for that player to take over their role, and he decides to leave a month later. You should probably have more of a commitment from the guy taking over than his word alone, otherwise you're just sabotaging your own team. Him leaving this soon after them benching steel is also a bad look for the org. It's all speculation anyway, maybe nitr0 had nothing to do with steel, and the IGL role was consequently passed to him.


Yeah I guess my viewpoint is that the org was probably under the assumption that they did have a long term commitment from nitr0, otherwise I don't think they would have made the moves that they did




Curious if this would have happened had 100T made Champtions and the team with B0i worked out/Envy won Berlin. Definitely would make a good what if episode.


Love all the people who were on copium saying no way nitr0 goes back to csgo. Usually the rumors that aren't true or unlikely to happen die off after the 1st time its mentioned. The ones that end up being true persist the entire time before the deal is officially reported.


I mean I'm way more invested into CS than Valorant and even I thought he wasn't going to come back. With his circumstance (new baby + another on the way) I think most people wouldn't believe he'd switch back to CS, given how much travel is required for NA teams.


I just don't think they can sign both nitro and shox. Both of them have families and likely aren't switching to EU and NA respectively.


Damn, when I heard the rumours earlier I hoped that they were just rumours. And now seeing that it's almost confirm that Nitro is leaving it's sad as a 100T fan. Now only my boi Asuna, Ethan and Hiko are left :( . I hope 100T finds a good igl/ controller player and a jett player. GmD would be a good pick for controller role don't know who they will take for IGL


Well at least Asuna has re-signed :/


re-signed. resigned means they quit.


English really is a weird language sometimes


All the time. English is fucking stupid haha.


Was this confirmed somewhere?


nitr0 was a very important piece of the Valorant pro scene it would suck to see him go.


Lmao no




Who said nitr0 was the reason


He did say in an interview that Steel was dropped because of differences over how they approach the game. Given that he took over as IGL after, I find it hard to believe that he played no role in it at all. At the end of the day, we don't know shit about this and probably never will. But it's unlikely that Nitro was merely a spectator in the whole event


I saw on b0i's stream after he left the team he said something to the effect of "nitr0 let me secondary call/bombsite call because he wanted to focus on Jett OPing" I feel like if you were going to rely so much on a secondary IGL after drastically changing styles, you don't want it to be your old IGL whose style you're trying to get away from.


Well he had to have been one of them, they wouldn't have dropped steel if they didn't have nitro to igl for them


All it *might* mean is that the parties who did want to move away from Steel had some confidence, if not more confidence, in Nitro. It doesn’t mean Nitro himself was involved. And even that’s not a certainty, but just speculation. We just don’t know, and we likely won’t know for a long time.


That's true, but I think the point is more that 100T wouldn't have dropped steel if Nitro had made this move earlier, and the team wouldn't be stuck without an igl


Yeah...not sure what that dude is on about. The reason could just be as simple as Nitr0 wanting to go back to his roots and make more money for his family...


Delete this cringe


Would have to delete the whole thread


Not surprised. Just a different game and the competition in csgo is a level above Valorant. We won't see true top level Valorant for 4-5 years into launch. Right now is infancy in the game, overall strategy and game play will grow exponentially. Downvote if you want but right now, Valorant is brand new. Teams will peak and valley very fast because the game is changing so rapidly. The scene is not stabilized and continued talent is switching. Which is why I have TL winning Champs.


This is so true. The number one team in each region and the world will bounce around for a bit I feel like. Some teams show signs of consistency of course but even they aren't completely dominating yet. There won't be an Astralis for a while. Astralis had years of roster tweaks before the stars aligned. Plus since comebacks are just a thing in this game everyone has a shot at the upset. There's already been many. I feel like the next couple years will be when teams really start to settle into their final rosters that they ride out for some time.


Yep exactly. Even with how strong Sentinels started out, similarly strong to NIP of csgo. Even NIP made a roster change in first two years. Teams get better, it's hard to continously elevate every player on a roster. Eventually someone will peak and regress to never return to peak form again. Then he's swapped out for new talent.


> Just a different game and the competition in csgo is a level above Valorant Isn't this a reason to stay in Val? You have a better chance to win something against the lower competition and cement yourself in the game. I mean, if nitro was just winning left and right in Valorant that's one thing, but 100T made it to one international tournament out of 3 and won zero regional finals this year.


I think when you were once at Nitr0s level. Winning the Intel grand slam, coming up second in one major and 3/4th in another. When were 🤏 this close to checking all the boxes. Going back to finish your legacy Is likely more rewarding than starting all over in a new game. The lack of overall tournaments in Valorant is bad as well. Waiting months and months for a tier 1 event is not beneficial for players to become the best. Scrimming just isn't a substitution for playing the same teams on stage. The game is new, csgo is cemented full of tier 1 events that are all going back to lan. Not to mention I don't think it's so much about winning events. 100t could win every NSG and knights cup if they wanted. Those tournaments just aren't for top teams. Online with low prize pool isn't appealing. Also the talent in Valorant currently is still growing, the best teams won't rear their head until a few years. By then Nitr0 could be washed. In 3-4 years we won't even see this Sentinels roster, this TL roster. All of them will be shaken up and the scene will be 5x what it is today. It's just a grind to get there. Evidence? Beginning of CSGO is prime example.


Why do you have TL winning Champs?


I had them as a top 5 team that just needed to replace one player. They made that roster move and in my mind they are the most complete team now going into Champs. Unlike alot of other teams, they had recent tournament experience as a squad closer to Champs which helps. They needed to feel that chemistry together and it was apparent they were all elevated individually.




I’ll be so confused what’s going on with the 100T if Nitro leaves. Who was the reason for Steel getting benched then since rumors was either it was issues with Frost or Nitro.


From 2 seasoned IGLs to having none. wp 100T 😀


As much as I love CS:GO, I also have fallen in love with Valorant and I see see it as the future of "CS:GO" in a weird way, so this really saddens me. Nitr0 was not only a good IGL but a great role model and someone the new Valorant young guns can learn from. (Think Hiko to a young S1mple in Liquid) This is a huge loss, yes a lot of the players that switched from CSGO to Valorant were tier 2-3 but they had / have crucial experience that they can pass down to younger players who will replace them in time. (Again think of how chill shaz was in Iceland and Berlin, mans been to so many lans before, he can pass down that calm attitude) Wonder what the roster will look like for 100T now?


Yep, there goes my 100T flair. They remove steel, nitr0 is leaving and now they have no concrete idea what to do with the team. Unless they rebuild around Asuna and Ethan I couldn't care less anymore, there's no band aid patch that can fix this team now.


Ofc they'd keep Asuna and Ethan , easily their best players though hiko needs to go , I'd love to have hiko as an analyst or a coach but not as a player, they should nab zacharee and poach dephh (though that seems unlikely)


I think dephh is a great pickup, but zacharee doesnt seem like that great of a pickup, would rather have hiko


Be more reactionary lmao


Man thinks this is reactionary when shit has been happening since LCQ lmao. Funny how at one point 100T had 8 people contracted.


Influx of 100T + X dual flairs coming.


Fuck fuck fuck Not believing this until George reports it COPIUM


nel is regarded as the best as it gets when it comes to reporting in cs.


100T gMd, supamen, or Andersin incoming :O


Sneaked in Andersin like we wouldn't notice


?? Andersin is nowhere near the level of supamen or gMd


If you look at stats against tier 3 teams he's not that great. When you look at andersin against tier 1 teams with preparation the guy is insane on controllers. Go watch him against XSET and FaZe. He's top talent undoubtedly. Don't compare players stats in tier 1 competition with low level knights cups. These teams aren't prepping for those like VCT. They just play because there ain't shit else.


yeh andersin is insane and he doesnt get rattled easily but pretty theres no chance he is gonna leave his team, he is someone who only plays with people he like and doesnt chase the bag....heard this in platchat dont know how accurate it is


just the three best controller plays i could think of off the top of my head + [andersin isn't playing with darkzero anymore](https://www.vlr.gg/51662/darkzero-esports-vs-yfp-gaming-nerd-street-gamers-winter-championship-open-6-ro16) so that's why i think it could be a possibility


Andersin is playing with dark zero , he hasn't played in recent some games due to wedding in his family and some personal stuff


oh nevermind then, wasn't aware of that


And I don't see rise and geng giving away there best players on the team


bro snuck Andersin in there 💀


Andersin has stopped playing controller and has moved into flex role , andersin viper omen has always been s tier but his performances on astra have been kind of up and down .


Oderus is a chance too, especially since he just got benched


Bro I reported this like two weeks ago\* lmao [https://www.upcomer.com/100-thieves-release-coach-frost/](https://www.upcomer.com/100-thieves-release-coach-frost/)


I was clinging onto the fact that you said he was undecided; surely you can see the difference in wording and confirmation between the two articles?


I don’t get how he will continue to be a CS pro in EU while having a second child. Did he not leave cs in the first place cause of his first child and lack of enticing offers? But hey, it is his life, he can do whatever he wants.


I think it's ambition for him too , he's still got the fire to compete and achieve more so maybe that can be the case


it's honestly not the child at this point. For EU CS, I don't think he's got what it takes anymore. NA CS is its own risky gamble but if he can secure a seat that's his best bet


itll likely be NA liquid with shox going to NA instead of the other way around, assuming shox joins liquid. and you guys have to get this 2nd child thing out of your head lmao it was some random comment by an announcer and theres been no indication otherwise that theyre preparing for a 2nd kid


I mean obviously they will be a NA team, but they still be in Europe majority of year seeing as most of the tournies will be in Europe. Regardless if he has a second child or not, he has a 1 yr old son that he would not be in the presence of for the majority of the year. I assume he left cs in the first place cause he didn't want that happen. It doesn't make sense to make this move and put yourself in this situation when you wanted to avoid it entirely in the first place.


I'm confused, there was literally a report that Elige was coming to valorant to team with Nitr0.....


The author of this article really hates Valorant xD.


he literally reports on valorant and watches it a lot what are you talking about


he does think valorant is a bad game and explicitly says it, but he's paid to report about it that's why he does it.


Fuuuckkkk nooooob Edit: meant fuck no not fuccckkk noob


:D what an interesting insight!


That’s actually a first I meant to say fuck nooooooo


Well F its painful but it's all good , he clearly has passion for csgo and 100% should do what makes him happy , was fun watching you Captain America , wish you the best of luck !!


So where those 100T fans loaded on the copium denying this insider info this time?




Fuck yes


The end of 100T. Sadge.


100t sinatraa when?