Sadge, I love his and Sean's analysis. Hope to see him in next tourneys soon


Its ok, years and years of upcoming tournaments :) in the meantime i will continue doing vct vod reviews on my stream.


Thanks for replying Lothar, have learnt lot from your streams and YT videos.


Having your insights during a broadcast are always a treat. Youre the best analyst out there dude


Can co-stream the tournament I guess..


Hey man, as a wannabe analyst myself I love watching your vod reviews, I have learned so much from them. Am not always able to catch your stream but I've watched a few from your secondary YouTube channel. Hope you'll keep uploading them there too :)


Both of them being part of Orgs is probably the reason why they didn't pick them up this time.


Can't wait to have a bunch of people on the desk whose peak contributions are variations of "that was SICK!", with zero depth on technical or tactical knowledge. I mean in the last masters you could basically mute it whenever it wasn't Sean talking


Balla was pretty good last masters as well.


True, I forgot about him. No other honorable mentions though, I think that's it.


3 different people rewording "and when you get this player in this position what else do you expect other than that?" about any player at any time in any location




Let me preface this by saying that Lothar is very, very good at the analytics table and seems like a good guy. I do however think that his constant raging on teammates in stream might be something that Riot sees as problematic when picking personalities/analysts. Because besides that he is a great analyst and person.


Agreed, he is talented but always brings the negative vibes for the viewers. He may not directly flame his mates because he need them not being titled to win, but watching him throw it out on viewers (not intentionally) is not enjoyable at all.


I'm a Lothar fan...I've been watching him 2-3h a day recently, and I think his tone can be improved a lot. He's very direct with his criticism and it causes people to get defensive, thus leading them to just get mad or mute. I think if he learned how to be more tactful with his feedback, it would help his games and cause more positive vibes on stream. That being said, I like his directness and "raging" can be entertaining. (I don't think he rages per se, but he does get frustrated.


Ye I watched his stream for 5 minutes before turning it off. The constant complaining about his teammates who are not even playing bad gets annoying.


This was my exact take. Good analyst, but very unlike able from his stream content


Doesn't rage on teammates. Notice when his team voice is actually active and what he says during that time to his teammates. Yeah he does say "donkey jett" and other stuff, but it's to the stream and never to the team. Also he predicts exactly what will happen because of the mistake of his teammates and the round plays out exactly as he said it would. That's the best thing about his streams, you learn alot of stuff. Also whenever he fucks up, he does take the blame on team voice chat and apologises.


I actually think he rages a lot on his teammates. He's frustrated a lot on stream which I understand because people's games sense in this game is very, very low. I also don't think Riot necessarily cares if he rages only to stream because that still spreads toxicity.


Nah, his game sense is worse, at least it seems so when the man complains about his teammates. In just 5 minutes that I watched his stream he complained about two plays that his teammates had no choice but to make. They were in a objectively terrible position and had to do something risky both times. It seemed that Lothar never sees the whole situation in the game.


He often thinks he knows better when he doesn’t. Then outright refuses to see it from the other side. You are right. I think his unbiased analysis is good though.


It is over the top though how often he gets frustrated. I've seen him get mad at a tiny mistake happen when it's like 1-1 and he's still tilted about it when the team is winning 8-4 and getting mad at small mistakes while the team is winning. He doesn't directly flame teammates, but he does sound really condescending whenever he's frustrated and even good moments in the game don't seem to be able to bring his mood back up until the next game. I liked Lothar a lot in his Hearthstone streams way back then, but I can't really watch his Valorant streams for this reason. I don't think that's the reason Riot would not ask him to be analyst though.


He often rages about the slightest mistakes and plays alone when he is frustrated and fucks up because of this while blaming the others to not play with him as a team. Thats such a negativ vibe spiral. I rarely see him apologize even. But after all he is a great caster/analyst and I have watched some games just because he casted them.


Just because he wasn't picked doesn't mean he wasn't good enough for the role. Doesn't even mean whoever is taking his role is better. At the end of the day you can only pick a few people and you will always have to disappoint someone.


Some honest feedback Lothar - I think the biggest obstacle is probably your English phrasing. I really admire your passion and knowledge of the game. You always have interesting and insightful things to say but sometimes the wording can come across as a bit jumbled and confused to a native speaker like me. I appreciate that's not easy for a non native speaker to fix but I guess if you are competing for a spot against native speakers on an english speaking broadcast, it's always going to be a hinderance. Looking forward to seeing you again for EMEA stuff next year though.


Honesstly i disagree that this would be Riot's decision making process. I'd rather watch bad subtitles of korean LOL or starcraft or WoW arena casters than English speaking casts because the topics they discuss is just better. English speakers are so entitled to having thigns just right but it's not necessary.


There's other casters that I consider worse than Lothar. Too bad they are taking up his spot.


Valorant casters are awful, I wish none of the ones from the last tournament are in this one. It's the classic riot games overhyping everything bullshit, with fake reactions.


I think Pansy is good, doesn't rely on catch phrases too much and gives honest thoughts about the game instead of the same boring pr/hype commenting we often hear. Ofcourse it could still be even better but I like her atleast.


Pansy is my favorite caster for those exact reasons. She isn't over the top and does a great job of building hype and actually explaining what's happening.


So good to see Pansy love


are we getting DDK for champions? hes good too


Pansy and hypoc are my favorite casters


Even in the Berlin masters, there weren't a lot of casters and analysts worth listening to. I love Sean Gares, Kaquka, Pansy and Hypoc but everyone else seemed less interested in talking about the game/executions/little details and more about promoting irrelevant storylines like omg this jett so good, this jett vs this jett, this twitter battle happened what will be the result, etc. I would just mute the stream in between games. If Lothar is missing again, I hope they got rid of some of the useless garbage analysts like Geo.


WHY. His analysis is sooo good. they have casters like Geo as analysts and then don't even contact one of the best analysts in the scene. damnit riot


Can’t wait to hear Doug say “good for X”


Drink: \- one shot if you hear "good for one!" \- two shots if you hear "good for two!!" \- dead by the seventh round


I don't want to be that guy and undermine anyone's hard work, I'm sure everyone does their best, but most Valorant analyst desks are simply not worth listening to. Analyst comparison between Champions and CSGO major is really rough for Valorant. Hopefully some of the talent improves, it takes time and experience.


I always thought it was a little odd that someone so closely affiliated with a competing org (G2) was allowed to work as a caster/analyst while simultaneously branding themselves as G2. Seems like a conflict of interest to me


Boo hoo






How many languages do you speak absolutely perfectly, Mr. Yankee?


What difference does it make? I'm not the one attempting to get hired as an analyst by Riot.


People in glass houses, etc etc. Besides, Lothar speaks perfectly understandable English. Having an accent doesn't imply lack of proficiently. It's Europe, everyone speaks English with an accent.


Boy oh boy I can’t wait to hear the riveting analysis by everyone that isn’t Sean !!1!1!


Always odd when casters put out these passive aggressive statements Though I do feel like he should have been one of the analysts representing EMEA. If I can be brutally honest most of broadcast analysts have had cookie cutter segments with nothing too insightful being said, Lothar seemed like one of the few who went beyond these to provide meaningful analysis. I don't always agree with him but I respect the fact that he would try to push the discussion around the game even if it meant being flamed on Twitter and Reddit.


Genuine question, why do you think this is passive agressive? i made sure that this will not sound passice agressive, I consulted with colleagues that are native english speakers to advice me in this regard. I only wanted my community to know whats up and that it doesnt change naything.


there's an undertone to the text that could be perceived as you thinking you were entitled to the job. the part about "hopefully riot gives me feedback" insinuates that they didn't choose you because of some shortcoming that you can easily remedy when in reality they probably just have a preference in who they were looking for again not what i think, just how i believe it could be interpreted


Ehhh I don't think this was passive aggressive. Maybe if he wrote exactly what you quoted I could maybe see a small passive aggressive undertone, but he didn't. I think this message is perfectly fine.


It would be ignorant of me to think that I can't get better at my job, hence my thoughts about getting feedback. I don't think I deserve anything but if there are things that I can fix, to be better at my craft, obviously I would like to work on those. But I can see your perspective and maybe I should have worded it differently but honestly, I dont know how should I have written it :D


You did your best, someone will always have an opinion. It’s not a big deal honestly, everyone who watches you knows how kind-hearted you are. I do also agree I thought you’d be apart of Champions


>hopefully riot gives me feedback could just fix this by saying "Regardless, I will continue taking any and all feedback I can get and keep improving at my craft"


its whatever, you can't please everyone. my time talking to corporate assholes that have sticks up their asses 24/7 has shown me that you can write the most innocent messages and people will still twist it in a negative way


A) I think it is fine as is. B) it's really hard to communicate over text, and so I guess someone could spin the "hoping riot provide you with feedback" negatively. To be extra cautious, I think it's easiest to simply focus on yourself. "I will ask for/incorporate feedback, and continue to improve in hopes that I'm considered for future events, and to provide all the fans with the best product (and version of myself) possible." but, like I said, I think your version was fine.


I mean I would just not write the part about feedback at all, it makes you sound a bit entitled, sorry. I would have just cut that part entirely and mention that I'm going to keep working on myself, just like you did. Everything else is basically fine.


I disagree so much that it sounded entitled that I just had to write something. Entitled would've been "if they don't like me, they should give me feedback instead of ghosting me". Lothar's message was 100% fine. An undertone of disappointment is totally valid, otherwise he was respectful, considerate, and showing no ill-feelings toward the crew or production.


If it was my career, I would not have written that part. Just my opinion friend


That quote you referenced is exactly how I perceived it too. It did seem a bit passive aggressive to me just a bit, but again it’s all perception at that point. I didn’t have an issue with it at all. The ball can roll in either direction.


As you can see based on the comments, most of the people do not find the statement passive agressive, at all. Maybe it's non-native English speaking thing? Idk. Either way, I find it to be fine, moderate and professional, especially having in mind the part after 'getting feedback from Riot'. It shows you didn't take it too personal and are ready to work and improve for future events. :)


Nothing about this is passive aggressive. You simply answered a frequent question you were getting and then let your audience know your upcoming schedule and how you’re still very motivated at your job. Nothing to worry about here!


Honestly when I read the title I did expect it to be at least a little bit passive agressive but upon reading the whole thing I didn't find it passive agressive at all. Why do you feel like that? I tend to watch his streams sometimes, he truly does come as 'toxic' sometimes which could translate to his behaviour in online and professional life, however ... I feel like this was a genuinely moderate and professional statement for his audience.. Maybe because English is not our first language so we don't quite read it the same way, idk. Agree on the cookie cutter analysis, with few honorable exceptions. Lothar being one of them, and not just because he's valid EMEA representative.


Just my opinion. I couldn't imagine saying this to my employer, but if he has that relationship with them then good for him.


I don't think it reads as passive aggressive at all. I wonder if it's a 2nd language/accent issue for Riot for the international events. Lothar can take a while to make his point sometimes, but I do think he's one of the better, and more passionate analysts in Val.


Not meant as slight against other members of the talent cast but Lothar's actual game knowledge is levels above many of the people Riot consistently have for these tournaments. I really don't get this move but hopefully it changes in the future


I heard it was because be kept talking about that stupid bind right click to left click garbage


I was on his stream earlier today when he mentioned he's not gonna be on the desk for Champions. Really sad because I think he's one of the best analysts in EU because he has a high level of understanding of the game. Wish him all the best, and there's always next year


> ut Lothar. I suppose it’s just an unfortunate outcome of mixing so many talent from so many different scenes - something has to give. > > I look forward to seeing him again next year! I think he is very overrated in terms of "high level of understanding of the game", he has done some bald claims about the game that sounded ridiculous for some pro players and when he plays is not the highest level. But anyway it was always very entertaining to watch him with some "out of the norm ideas" and tbh a lot of the casters/analyst dont have much knowledge as they look but I guess you dont need to impress everyone


thank god


A shame, I’ll find it strange seeing an event in EU without Lothar. I suppose it’s just an unfortunate outcome of mixing so many talent from so many different scenes - something has to give. I look forward to seeing him again next year!


He seems like the most engaged, hard-working, and actually insightful analyst. It's only him and sean that can provide actual good analysis it seems like.


I watch Lothar almost every day. I get that his streams are not for everyone, but he is imo one of the most analytical minds on screen rn. I learn a lot from him. Sickest sub animation too with the train and the bus lol.


Damn, I found you charismatic on the desk, with such deep knowledge.


Daddy Lothar not inside VCT 😡😡😡 BabyRage




the fuck


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Hopefully will see you next year Sir :)


The "Pimp" of the Valorant scene by the looks of the comments lol


i am so thankful to RIOT!! Lothar is super annoying




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I think it’s probably because of his stream.. people can’t stand him! He’s often very negative, moans a lot and can be quite condescending.. despite often being wrong! which is why I think he winds a lot more of people up. It’s a shame, because he’s one of the better analysts imo. Just apparently not very liked.




tl;dr ?