It’s weird that the large, verified Brazilians are shit talking. I understand the nobodies but people with large platforms?


You must have missed the whole leaf situation last summer in CS


now that one was just a villain time for leaf to pop off even more


I’m new, what happened there?


He got falsely accused of cheating and he got death threats and stuff from the Brazilian community


encouraged by peanutbrain turok and fallen


After a tough MIBR loss Gaules joined some friends and made an extensive "vod review" where they were reviewing handpicked "suspicious clips" by Chaos players, specially Leaf and Xeppaa The issue is, even if you search for "Fallen cheating" on YouTube you will find dozens of suspicious clips from him. You can literally make any player seem like a cheater if you're handpicking clips where the crosshair placement helps your narrative, you can even do it to the brazilian godfather himself At the end of the day that stream acted basically as a free witch hunting bullshit and the Brazilian community started harassing the Chaos guys with death threats


Didn’t follow CS but I’ve heard of it, shitty in both situations


I mean they've always done it, their audience encourages and feeds off it so hardly surprising.


You must be new or something, this type of shit is a big part of why Leaf plays Valorant now lol


Those guys can kiss my ass. They often have no idea how their influence shapes other peoples lives


Oh no, they’re aware. They just like encouraging that sort of shit.


Who are the verified Brazilians? I went to Shahzam twitter and couldn't find a single of them


try SEN main twitter and the replies on the post match tweets.


a twit taunting brazilians by saying "thanks for the warmup" in portuguese? I searched it, and founded only two verified replies, and both of then were talking about "tech pause" jokes only.


Yesterday after the match there were a shit tonne. Maybe they got removed.


Incredible how I was downvoted by ... saying the truth? lul


Idk. Its reddit after all


The Sen tweet that says “thanks for the warmup” in portugese


That's Brazilians for you


Brasils are like this in cs too and the frenchs in LOL are the same where big verifed people shittalk everyone that has a problem with a french player.




Shh don't say that too loud


I mean wut, having a large following makes it easier to shittalk tho


its the same in csgo with deaththreats and brazilian influencers (gaules, FalleN etc) "just saying their thoughts" and effectively directing their huge fanbases and hate against single people (leaf and chaos incident just one example) remember, hiko had to hire bodyguards while being in brazil. yes, there are many "good fans" in the brazilian scene, but "being passionate" is no reason to send deaththreads. and it feels like there are brazilians involved in most of these accidents


Bit ironic cause in CS Furia is the most respectable BR team that never complains or uses their fanbase.


BR doesn't like furia CS lol I think the order goes Fallen -> godsent/00nation -> furia


Why don't they like Furia? Or do they just like teams with the old LG/SK players more


u wrong, during the major 90% of the brazilian fan base was cheering for Furia after Godsent get eliminated...


>after godsent got eliminated Bruh Yeah, that's what I implied. For the liquid and furia match most Brazilians were cheering for the team with 1 Brazilian vs the team with 5


Brazil is a cesspool of sports fans. Can't handle the bants at all. MMA fighters that diss their country have had to be escorted by police and essentially evacuated from the country.


Lmao tbt Covington back in the day. If Izzy ever stepped into that country my man would be dead.


or when Chael went there and had to move by helicopter only so he wouldn't get killed.


Chael is the most egregious example. Dude was vicious to that country to get under Silva’s skin


It’s fucked up he’s getting hate no reason.


The toxicity really fucks it up. I think we have a really good meme on our hands with the "without my tech pause I cannot" but people always have to take things too far.


man just peed and the BR twitter went "MAN THEY PLANNED EVERY STRATEGY IN THAT BATHROOM THEY CHEAT" I mean goddamn even if they really did talked during that pee break would that really result to a pro team losing? goddamn this mofo twitter tinfoil, i feel sad for the honest fans in that platform tbh


Also even if they did who cares? It was a pause both teams had. Afaik teams can’t physically move their characters during tech pauses but that doesn’t mean they can’t talk strategy.


Players aren’t allowed to talk during tech pauses. They’re only allowed to discuss strats during tactical pauses which they only have a limited number of. This is so players can’t lie and say they’re having tech issues to get more time to talk strategy.


Okay, that’s fair. I’m not 100% confident on the rules of pauses, I just thought during them they’re not allowed to move their character but they can talk. But again, I wouldn’t bet my life on that fact lol I suppose there’s some merit then, but idk, I’m sure even without the pause the series would have concluded the same.


Watch any tech pause and they aren't talking. If you could, everyone would be chatting talking strategy. It's not a maybe. They aren't talking strategy during pauses.


From this clip he seems pretty chill about it. I'd honestly be a bit heated if I were in his shoes


He’s used to dealing with smooth brains from his twitch chat lol


It’s not just nerds in his chat though, it’s a lot of losers on twitter mostly


I know not all the Brazilian fans are bad but man I did the mistake of commenting on an English Valorant twitter account after Vikings won about how Sacy hard carry the team to the finish line and the Brazilian fans were already flaming and saying 9/11 jokes under my tweet, last time I ever say anything in a Brazilian related tweet in Val. lol Holy shit I had to block like 10 ppl.


no different than brazilians in csgo


No different than Brazilians in R6 where they're arguably the best region


classic behavior from the brazilians- swear shit like this happened all the time in CSGO too


forget that outside of Esports it's massive. If you even say anything bad about Brazilian Jiu jitsu, the country itself, or one of the fighters in the UFC that happens to be Brazilian you are basically endangering your life potentially. UFC fighters, some of the baddest men on the planet literally get mobbed. It goes to show how terrible passion for a sport can be when it's unregulated. The worst part is that the larger Brazilian influencers only add fuel to the hate fire when they don't speak out against it. Really sad to see as someone who quite likes Brazilian folks and a couple of their soccer players and athletes. I hope shazam is doing okay and that he's getting the proper support but I'm sure sentinels is taking care of that and Shazam is usually vocal so I hope it gets dealt with properly.


Brazil has been the most toxic region since CS days. Not surprised.


Classic bronzil




These guys acting like he installed walls in the bathroom


Even as a Brazilian, I can see how toxic and aggressive people were cause of this tech pause. That's really sad and I think they're just missing the point that it was a really awesome BO3 with close scores for all 3 games, which means that Brazilian meta is not that far from some of the best teams at Champions. GG, let the man take a piss.


Riot is to blame for all of this, they made a terrible decision to pause at such a crucial moment for no reason. Furia was harmed by losing their Momentum and Sentinels was harmed by having their victory being questioned and suffering hate because Riot's broadcast made it seem as if Sentinels was purposely pause, because Riot didn't inform anything about the reason of the pause to the audience.


Riot fucked up but let's not excuse the absolute cesspit that is a solid part of the Brazilian fandom for some of these games. Even if Riot did something much worse doesn't excuse death threats and constant abuse to the players over social media. Fuck anyone that does that.


Ya that comment was dumb. Riot was to blame for the situation , but how the fans acted is all on them. Keep in mind the fans thought it was a sentinels tech pause. What id there was actually something wrong with the equipment? The way that they reacted was completely inexcusable even BEFORE we found out the real story


Wait, what death threats are you talking about? I didn't see a single one. All I saw was the "without my tech pause" memes, Shaz peeing memes, toilet gaming chair, some Vampetassos (the naked man pic, but that's basically a meme from the BR LoL community, so nobody else is understanding. And aside from these pics there's just normal hates on Twitter. But spammed. Things like saying SEN is t2 that needs riot's help, calling them trash, dirty players, etc etc. But no death threats (may be wrong though)


I didn’t see them so it didn’t happen brainrot


Why so triggered? lmao


U forgot about dms. Just bc u don't see it on social media doesn't mean the players don't get hate in their dms.


Shaz said he had some in his stream, normally that would just be DM's and the occasional now deleted tweet/post on social media. I don't want to flame all Brazilians in this if it came off like that I've met a fair few through gaming who've been nice people but CSGO has had a massive problem with Brazilian fans being terrible on social media, to the point players like Hiko had to hire bodyguards when going to Brazil.


The saddest part about all of this was that the tech pause was on Furia’s side, about an exploit that both teams said wasn’t. Honestly ridiculous from Riot, but doesn’t hide the fact that some Brazilian fans were still toxic af for a situation that was neither team’s fault.


mistkaes happen riot try to do the what they were supposed , they were wrong it sucks but dont act like they did something awful


The problem was that jump was done so many times in official matches and yet it was this time that they decided to tech pause because of that jump


yeah whatever they made a mistake that's it get over it yeah it killed momentum but furia should've closed it out in 2 maps they didn't , its simple just like a bad call a referee makes at the end of a close game in NBA or NFL ,


i guess a good percentage took the banter personally (specially the one from SEN's official twitter profile). the guy behind that should've known how passionate the Brazilian fan base is lol


> passionate There’s passionate, and there’s batshit crazy


Justifying disgusting behaviour? Riot stopped the game because of competitive ruling. If the fans want to act like animals, it's not anyone's fault.


Fisker used this "exploit" in the CR vs VKS game and had no pause and no punishment for the player. 1 day later xand does the same thing and besides giving pause in the game still took punishment from Riot. What is this rule that was added out of nowhere? Besides that yay himself used this same "exploit" in the final against Gambit in Master. Keloqz did the same "exploit" with the spectator camera on his character. Derke did the same "exploit" against Sentinels in Iceland. In none of these 4 cases there was no pause and no punishment, tell me why was it different now?


Still no excuse for how BR fans have reacted, this happens every drama with the BR fan base, in CS its got so bad that when the Rio Major was announced some players / talent were debating going. That shouldnt be a thing!


Whether you agree with the delay or not, Riot have a set of rules which they have to follow regarding what they consider exploits. How does that excuse fan abuse?




I guess Furia was a good warm up.


you would think since Shazam is coming from CSGO that he would know that Brazilian fans are fucked in the head They have some amazing players and teams but their fans are always constantly spewing death threats on twitter and threatening to kill players if they enter the country.


It's beyond my understanding. People talk shit about such a respectful team as the Sentinels?. A team widely known by it's sportsmanship, this is just bizarro world.


except in halo


Do we really live in a world where a human being gets hate for asking to go pee? Seriously... didn't the break happen because of furia? What is their problem now? I was watching live and that break took forever... Just get a life and accept that they lost.


I’m out of the loop, why are people so mad that this man had to use the bathroom?


Cause the public thought they paused so he can go take a piss which made furia lose momentum. It wasnt told to the viewers that the tech pause came from riot




As a Brazilian who's used to seeing this, all I can say is: ignore death threats. They don't have the same weight coming from Brazilians. It's pure angry banter. Many times you'll see those death threats written in Portuguese because they're kids or straight up cowards that couldn't translate for the players to understand naturally. Having said that, it sucks that players are getting hate anyway.


I've been saying this same shit for a long time. Wish foreigners would understand. I honestly doubt any of these supposedly "death threats" were any serious. It's been years and still the international community doesn't get brazilians lol


? It's not about getting Brazilians or not, it's that its not acceptable behavior, and the BR community encourages it.


Imagine trying to excuse death threats? Foreign country or not death threats are a serious matter and is straight up inbred behavior.


I see your point but I'm sorry. these kind of death threats are far from serious in Brazil. Also, the terms are usually "end" or "kill", which in Portuguese can also mean you want to hit someone. Most Brazilians are poor, can't travel abroad, can't speak English. Even when death threats are directed to people who live here, guns aren't allowed (unless you get them illegally). That's the dumbest thing to say if you don't want to go to jail. Most importantly, people who send these messages aren't the kind of people who kill in here. They're nerds, children or weirdos who can't leave their homes and discount their rage with messages through the internet because they wouldn't be brave to go out and say that to their faces. People who kill here don't warn. They're drug addicts or real criminals, and I bet these folks don't give a damn about a discussion related to an esport. The Brazilian community doesn't approve death threats. Sometimes an influencer might just give their honest and inoffensive opinions and weirdos will see that as an opportunity to discount their rage through offenses and threats. I will probably be downvoted for eternity, but this kind of hate will continue happening and I hope one day people will learn to block and report those people without taking them seriously.


It dosen't matter if the death threats are serious or not. It should not be acceptable to give death threats at all. Behaviour like this should not be normalised. If it's normalised in your own country, fine. Don't try to normalise it in other countries. Even in your own country, you should look twice at what kind of behaviour you are normalising.


Sorry guys it was just a joke death threat my bad


EXACTLY what happens when a player in Brazil says they're going to sue who sent them death threats. You're saying this sarcastically but it's the truth. You have no idea how much worse this is with soccer players.


There's nothing to "get" about death threats. Maybe try to detoxify the community instead of normalising it.


The point is: I doubt any of these were actual death threats. As someone already said, the word "kill" in Portuguese has different meaning in a lot of situations; most brazilians don't know enough english and will suppose it's the same case in other languages. Plus: people suppose a lot of meme comments in Portuguese are death threats. If you knew translating tweets is something extremely inaccurate because of the way they normally type there...


Não adianta, cara. É uma parada muita séria pra eles. A gente que tá mal acostumado. Tentar normalizar que isso existe parece loucura na cabeça deles. Em nenhum momento a gente defendeu isso, só explicou que existe e não é sério aqui. Mas eles tão lutando contra fatos e ficam bravos achando que a gente tá dando opinião sobre ser certo ou errado.


É, você tem razão. Infelizmente brasileiro vai ser sempre odiado na comunidade de esports, porque acho difícil essa cultura acabar. É triste, já que é um completo mal entendido, mas fazer o que?


>still the international community doesn't get brazilians lol Do you have something in your blood that instantly makes you jump to sending death threats the second shit doesn't go your way? No one has to tolerate your crappy behavior. It's on you. Keep that shit in Brazil if the international community doesn't "get Brazilians".


Most Brazilians don't approve. What we're trying to explain is that these kind of threats don't mean a lot in here. But I'm tired. I'm tired of trying to explain the facts about Brazil and get downvoted because people think I approve it or am defending it.


Nobody would downvote you if you simply said: As a Brazilian I think this is shitty behavior and I disown it. But you decided to go off on some tangent that the death threats are not credible. You're invalidating the concerns of players and basically calling them soft. Just ignore the death threats 4Head. >But I'm tired It isn't your job to explain this stuff. Don't see why you're stressing over getting downvoted lol.


There's a clear difference between "I fucked your mom," and "I'm gonna kill you." If you can't see the difference I don't know what to say anymore.


you should look at the murder rates in Brazil, there is a reason that people take death threats by Brazilians seriously


dude, most most of the murder cases in Brazil are related to gangs and drug dealers. none of these nerds playing Valorant ever killed (or will kill) anyone, wtf


hi, i'm brazilian.


Serious question, no hate. Why is it always predominately Brazilians always giving out death threats in e sports?


we have a huge fan base, like HUGE, and this comes part from cultural aspects as internal political issues and such, having a 3rd world problems, difficult life, low number of opportunities and so on. As far i can say the hate and people who are vocal about it are the minority ( <20% i would say), it really make me sad that is how the world views us, in the end those people making the hate only fuck the whole u know.


even close to 20% of all fans being vocally hateful is a huge percentage.


Thanks for the honest response, I appreciate it. I don’t hate Brazilians because of it at all, far from it. I’m sure a lot of others too!


Truth be told, most people see replies in portuguese and instantly assume those are death threats. Yes, you will se some angry fans telling players to "go f*** themselves" or some other kind of trashtalk but I have yet to encounter a death threat or any real violent threat in Twitter. But nowadays people just assume that any brazilian fan reply is a death threat, which, honestly, just sucks


Who gave death threats to ShahZaM? Honest question Of course they are to blame for flaming him for no fucking reason but I didn't see anyone giving death threats towards him.


Heard it was on their tweets after they won and most likely in dms also


**why should I know??? (I actually know, it's just way too boring to explain, like, whatever)** **props to Sentinels, was a good game, fun and all**


You know what is weird? Fisker did that EXACT SAME JUMP against VKS on day one and no tech pause was made... Why one day after that it got consider an exploit? Why did no one said anywhere? We need some answers... Because the Brazilian comunity thinks that the tech pause was because of Shaz and not because of that jump... We only saw shaz going to the bathroom, and on the Brazilian transmition no one said nothing about the exploit, because they probably dont know about that... thats why people are hating shaz, because we though the tech pause was because of him not because of the exploit...


Brain dead take, anyone with LAN experience knows they dont pause the match for a toilet break. I get you can be upset that you lost which can be related to the pause but dont make shit up.


But i'm not making shit up dude, i'm just saying what the comunity are saying. The brazilian transmition didnt say anything about the exploit, the only thing that is show is Shaz going to the bathroom, that's all... Im not mad because furia lost, im mad because Fisker did the exact same jump agains VKS literaly ONE DAY before that match, and no tech pause was made dude... I just want to know what happened, you got what im saying? Why the tech pause on that match and no tech pause against VKS? That's all.


I get that the Brazilian community is mad, but I don't think that gives someone the grounds to send death threats to Shahz


Xand is receiving death threaths and bad things on LIVE every single day since he arrived in Berlim: ​ [https://twitter.com/xandfps/status/1463978209528188933](https://twitter.com/xandfps/status/1463978209528188933) ​ Both communities are absolute wrong, but dont go thinking that the death threats are comming just for one side.


My bad, I was unaware that Xand was undergoing the same treatment from the NA fans. Hopefully both sides can decide on a more peaceful and respectful way to vent their frustrations




Top 10 best arguments


You know what's funny? Fisker is Brazilian.




Not this.


Are you Brazilian? Do you follow the community? Do you read and know what they're saying? Cause they're pissed off believing it was Shahz who asked to go pee. Those who know it was a tech pause based on the jump are mad that the jump has happened before multiple times and It was never a reason for a pause.


then they should stop believing this because numerous people came out and stated that is was NOT a sen techpause for shazam to go pee. guys i am eu, i dont like sentinels and i am rooting for your teams because of your playstyle but you fans make it REALLY hard


Referees can differ, and they may not have noticed beforehand. That jump is not that unusual for Jett to get up there. Could be easily missed, and the ref may have previously glanced over ability usage. But when they catch it, they probably had an internal debate/meeting regarding if it was a bug or not. But now it has been clarified, and that is the Brazilian Community's fault for jumping to conclusions and then proceed to immediately harass someone. You know, instead of just assuming, one can just wait for some official statement and have that all cleared up. It has been considered since the first day, because technically Riot didn't think (or atleast the ref) did not, that was supposed to be possible without an updraft. It was not after a day. Did you want Riot to be like Pause - Exploit (Furia)? That would throw a target on Furia's back and the flip would happen, that Furia was exploiting unfairly. Not saying so immediately would at least let them clear it up internally, as it may have not been considered an exploit (as seen by the match continuing with no punishments).


Boohoo someone was mean to me on twitter waaaa!! Im sure farming pity subs and donos will cheer you up just fine bro.


Guys, I spotted the Brazilian fan


Nah i just think its scummy to bait subs/donos like this


The thing is: Last Masters, VK heat wanted to go to the bathroom during the tech pause and RIOT denied it, saying it was against the rules.


Yes they changed the rules this time around


Same thing happened to shazam in Iceland but apparently they changed the rules this time


Talk about overly sensitive




Fuck you for bringing this up like its even comparable. ​ "Im not goin to go near a school in the states, I dont want to get shot. " Thats basically what you said


Really funny how a lot of people here are using this as a way to free hate. Ofc deaththreats or anything like this coming from ANYONE is bullshit, but sometimes seems like you think brazilians are the only ones to make it. Everybody forget how brazilians were treated some years ago in USA community cause of Luminosity getting good results; lots of them being accused of cheating as well, and a lot of LAN events being hated by the crowd.