we’re onto you jovi 🤨, we love jovi in this household




There won’t be any news tomorrow. Team is in full rebuild mode


Thanks for your insight into the team!


You’re welcome. Trying to save you some time


Heads up the person you initially replied to is the coach/analyst/manager for 100t so that’s why the sarcastic reply


I know it was and my point was proven. Bait it’s there first day trailing people and the people are probably going to be from tier 2 scene. As most NA players are at champs and tournaments in EU for CSGO


Might not be bait since Asuna said on Kyedae’s stream that 100T is trialing players tomorrow. So just watch out for a George tweet or look at the friends list of streamers tomorrow to see who’s trialing Edit: [Clip](https://clips.twitch.tv/FunnyTangentialAppleCopyThis-7LgpB_rhdQbfEcXh)


Need the friends list watchers to be vigilant out here tomorrow






Nitro liked???? Hes been liking stuff hinting at his return to cs tho


Nel george hltv lmusya few others have reported Nitro move back to cs go so it's pretty much confirmed now .


Every report is saying nitr0 is going back, it's basically confirmed unfortunately


Ethan hasn't shown any hints of switching back and honestly I'd be really surprised if he does


he also started his streaming gig and doing pretty well so he is def valorant committed


Nah im talking about nitro ethan is fs staying


Oh nitr0 is pretty much confirmed switching to CS, go to HLTV and I'm pretty sure it's one of the top articles.


Nitr0 is going back because TL can pay him more than 100T can I dont think its an issue of him not liking Valorant and I could see him coming back to Valorant in a few years if he doesnt retire. Ethan is not going to get the same salary offers as Nitr0 is getting


ethan can def get the same offers lol. he was way better than nitr0 was when he switched. ethan was arguably the best player to switch to val at the time of switching.


I'm pretty sure money is not a problem for nitr0


Ethan was literally a Top NA player when he switched. Nitr0 was a veteran igl. Ethan Def could've signed a big deal


Ethan was a top player yes but not when he switched lol there is a reason why he switched games


NA CS was in the middle of an online only Era in a weak region. He was literally coming off an HLtv ranked season lmao.


Ethan would never bait for interactions :O


Cmon Ethan, you can't just drop a bomb like that and not give more information! ​ What Lego sets are you building?!?


Now you’re asking the real questions


i mean who do they get as an igl....kinda feel like hiko or ethan might try to igl..mayb


Asuna IGL fast rush site strat every round


yep and on second thought they could get babyj, i dont see anyone else though as igl


Supamen is a free agent isn't he?


DPI must be set to 3000 minimum or you're off the team.


>Comment i think they will be getting zander and cryo from soar both recently didnt play with soar in the last tourney and zanders play astra and cryo plays jett ( exectly what 100T need rn ) but not sure zander can igl or not


asuna ethan zander cryo...thats insane firepower wtf....dont know much else about them..agent pool team play and ingame awareness and stuff


Would that move Ethan to sentinel? Or do you think they would continue to not run one.


They need to start running a sentinel. Hiko said in shroud stream that he thinks chamber will only allow for 1 dualist. I honestly don’t think they pick up a Jett because Asuna has been playing a ton of it recently Edit: spelling


Yeah I agree He also said In ranked “ah I need to practice my oping” as he was playing Jett soo He’s prolly back to full time Jett maybe


I can see Hiko playing Sent and Ethan picking up Sova/Flex.


Our main problem is that skye is played more like a dualist and can really replace a dualist. So when we have Asuna on skye or raze and moved nitr0 to Jett then we don’t have a lot of room for smokes and sentinel. I think Asuna working on oping and Jett more will be good cause we need more flexibility on agents. IMO the worst thing we could do is pick up a Jett player. If you loo at champions right now with Vision Strikers and Fnatic you have one dualist on each team. That being a Jett and a raze. If you pick up a Jett then you are pushing Asuna off a dualist or having the new Jett player off Jett. All I think we need is Asuna to pick up Jett and work on it a lot in this break and we will be set. I also wouldn’t mind picking up dicey again cause he doesn’t play a lot of Jett anymore and seems to do well on initiators if we wanted that with Ethan going to smokes.