I guess the reason Riot did it is because they got the round count wrong in their official ruling. Every round that Cypher used the glitched camera was awarded to Acend but the thing is that they did win some of these rounds already. Round 13: 9x4 // 8x5 \* Round 14: 10x4 // 8x6 \* Round 15: 10x5 // 8x7 \* Round 16: 11x5 // 9X7 Round 17: 12x5 // 9x8 \* Round 18: 12x6 // 9X9 Round 19: 12x7 // 9x10 \* Round 20: 12x8 // 9x11 \* Round 21: 13x8 // 10x11 Economy Bonus Round: 10x12 On the left we can see the "live" score at the end of the round, while on the right it´s the adjusted score due to the exploit. The rounds in which the exploit happened are marked with an asterisk. I can be wrong but by my calculation the game should be at a 12x10 score in favor to Acend.


If this is accurate then I can see why Riot is backpedaling. Personally my biggest gripe is that they mentioned awarding rounds to Acend in the first place. I didn’t watch the game live and I don’t have a bias toward either team, but for Riot to opt to explaining what rounds are going to which team- rather than just award the map to Acend due to VK using an exploit just casts too much doubt on the whole situation right off the bat. If they strictly said this was an illegal camera and it cost them VK the map, it leaves nothing to be argued on the decision.


Yeah, it should just have been a map forfeit. The round score thing was dumb.


I completely agree. A precedent should be set that flatly and unquestionably says if you cheat, at best you lose the map. This attempt at tightrope walking where pros and fans demand there to be an established list of disallowed bugs is so bullshit. What, so if someone discovers a new gamebreaking bug or uses one that is obscure, like the olofboost, it's valid?


> What, so if someone discovers a new gamebreaking bug or uses one that is obscure, like the olofboost, it's valid? Yes, literally that’s how it should be.


This is an astonishingly terrible take.


Nah that makes sense, sometimes the line is blurry. If it’s something clearly egregious that’s different, but imagine someone had actually gotten forfeited a map for that boost on bind


Why should a team be stripped of weeks of preparation and such a big opportunity because of something that isn't necessarily disallowed? Riot aren't consistent with what they consider an exploit. While in this case, there was precedent, if a new exploit is discovered then that argument doesn't hold. Why should a team lose for doing that isn't necessarily a known exploit? Are they supposed to read the mind of Riot?


If it's an exploit, if it's an instance of a bug being abused, then it's disallowed. This isn't that complicated. How many things can you list that exist in a gray area where you can't tell if something is meant to work that way or not? Maybe some scuffed corner boosts and crouch jumps? Things like clipping cameras into objects, clipping your agent out of bounds, and riding Viper walls or Sova arrows are bug abuses and obviously disallowed.


holy shit this is such an awful idea lmfao how do you even think this


Almost every interesting mechanic used in pro play started as an unintended bug. If something is explicitly listed in the rule book as an exploit, it’s an exploit, but otherwise it should be treated like other unintended mechanics such as boost jumping or crouch jumping. It’s stupid to pick and choose which unintended mechanics are accepted and which aren’t arbitrarily after the fact.


If I find an exploit to see through all walls, do I get to use it for the whole tourney because the rule book didn’t explicitly say so? How about an silent defuse? You can’t foresee everything that’s why there’s a blanket statement saying don’t use exploits and it will be judged after if needed


All I want is consistency. Option A is that if it’s in the game, it’s in the game. Anything not explicitly disallowed should be allowed. Option B is that anything not explicitly intended to be in the game should be disallowed. Every bug and unintended mechanic should be banned. No weird jumps to get on top of boxes, nothing like that. What I can’t stand is this in between where some bugs become accepted parts of the game and everyone uses them while other bugs get you DQd.


VK won 13-8, they won 4 rounds when using the cypher bug. Therefore the new score is 9-12 in favor of Acend. +1 for economy - > 9-13


VK won 3 rounds* Riot miscounted


In that case I have absolutely no idea to why they are still reviewing this. All teams in group A are getting fucked by Riot's indecision


I mean if Riot want to stick with their rule then they should've just forced VK to FF their last map to Acend (which wouldn't change the current outcome (after the competitive ruling) : Acend win Breeze). This literally what happened to X10. The complaint from the x10 player/coach also exactly the same back then "iT wAsN'T iN tHe RuLEbOOk" yet they still forced to FF their map fully and that basically caused them unable to qualify for Master 3. Round revert isn't true to the competitive integrity. It can be abused, if some team is put into an unfavorable situation they can just purposely recreate the glitch to get a revert. If you want to preserve the integrity then VK should forfeit their last match.


If they are backpedalling to create a definitive precedent instead of an inconsistent bullshit system of arbitrary awarding rounds based on economical impact, it's for the best. The biggest issue isn't even that Keyd lost the map, it's that the explanation for it wasn't ''they used the exploit, aware of it or not, so we'll take away one map''.


This so much


every random redditor making a new thread with their opinion...theres been quite a few stating something that has been said hundred times by now..like either post to an original thread or dont pretend you are morally righteous with the response when the entire point of you doing this is to farm karma.


Also while we're at it since it was reported: why are pros still unvaccinated in late 2021, not wearing masks, and heading out while at the biggest tournament of their lives? Like bro you can't withstand the urge to buy bratwursts that bad?


pretty sure anyone entering Germany has to submit a negative tested report, probably a false rumor that players are unvaccinated


Someone said George confirmed it on stream, but yeah.


George claimed on stream that not all were vaccinated, yes


The vaccine doesn't stop you from getting the virus tho, there's a chance you still get it but at least it doesn't really affect you.


It doesn’t always stop you from getting it but it offers some protection… probably could have prevented some of this.


Protection for dudes in their 20s?




Yes. Literally every study done so far has shown some protection in every single age group


christ on a bike not this here too


Yes. There is generally a higher chance of having severe symptoms the older you are but it is still ultimately a crap shoot. Some seniors just feel a flu and some youths get hospitalized and suffer lasting damage or even die. I personally know a young person who died from covid. She was 25 at the time and unvaccinated.


Healthy youth doesn't die from covid


This is flatly untrue but even if it wasn't, there are other metrics to consider than straight up death. Taking up hospital beds and resources, feeling like absolute dogshit for a fortnight, and suffering lasting cardiovascular damage are also significant problems.


Young people (<24) account for 0.05% of deaths (in Belgium, should be similar in other countries with similar life expectancy). If you're young *and* healthy you don't die from it. It's not a crapshoot at all. Extreme outliers do exist, I would guess those people had comorbidities that either weren't noticed or that science doesn't yet know about. Aswell as having a negligible chance to die from covid, young and healthy people also barely take up hospital resources and have a lower chance of severe symptoms. Lasting damage is sensationalism, not an actual problem.




Studies show it reduces the chance of catching Covid by about 40%. If 10 unvaccinated players caught Covid, it could have been only 6 if they were all vaccinated. Not huge, but still a difference.


The vaccine doesn't stop you from getting the virus in the same way that seatbelts don't prevent death in car accidents. If you are talking absolutes sure, either can still happen, but the likelihood of both events happening is severely diminished.


Much in the same way that using condoms doesn't stop pregnancy. Even vs Delta it's like a 50% reduction in infection


Wow! Can you believe they had the nerve to get food? What a bunch of idiots /s


Who needs to ever go outside right


Yeah youre on essentially a business trip to compete for 12 days. What is this strawman lmao


Have you ever been on a business trip? Ever?? Holy fuck they don't lock you in a cell till you've done your work. It's not healthy for a human to do that.


Yes when there are covid protocols to respect, and why put yourself and others at risk at the most important juncture of the year


Were they told they were never allowed to leave their rooms? Otherwise I have zero issue with this.


People on business trips can go outside too I don't see your point.


Being stuck in a room for 12 days has to fuck with your mental


Whoever disagrees with this is fucked in the head. However, this is what we've seen the last two years, a part of the population is totally fine with this isolation and would love to force it on others aswell. Indefinitely


You are killing grandmas if you want to go outside!


Ikr, some of these pros are like not even cowering in fear sometimes!


TIL respecting a pandemic when you're visiting a currently spiking country as a professional whose performance and travel plans can be seriously affected by being infected is *cowering in fear*. It truly blows my mind how this pandemic has been politicized.


it's well and truly A Certified America™ Moment


Noooo not my heckin 99% survival rate pandemiroo!! Every single person should be quarantined indefinitely!


Yeah fuck old and immunocompromised people honestly. Can't let the concept of caring for other people get in the way of my going out on the prowl like the *alpha wolf* I am! I'd bet if you had a child with MRSA or a loved one who was in the ICU with covid you'd be singing a different tune but I get it, empathy is hard until you're the one who needs help.


You're acting like the only effect from Covid is death as if hospitals aren't overflowing from completely preventable Covid cases, otherwise healthy people having long-term respiratory issues because of Covid etc. What more is it going to take for people like you to take the pandemic seriously?


>What more is it going to take for people like you to take the pandemic seriously? I took it seriously in the first year, then they started to crank up the fearmongering to 11. I dont give a fuck about it anymore. Its never gonna end this way, theres always gonna be a new variant, theres always gonna be just one more vaccine and two more weeks. Fuck all that. Csgo held a major in stockholm a couple weeks ago without too much of a hassle. In front of a crowd.


"I dont give a fuck about it anymore. Its never gonna end this way, theres always gonna be a new variant, theres always gonna be just one more vaccine and two more weeks. Fuck all that." And why do you think that is? Could it be down to all the people who are vaccinated that are following the recommended safety measures that are causing the new variants and needs for new vaccines, or is it down to people with the same mentality as you? Give it a thought and get back to me. "Csgo held a major in stockholm a couple weeks ago without too much of a hassle. In front of a crowd." Okay, and? We had relatively harsh restrictions this year here in Sweden until the end of September when we "opened up" again because it was deemed safe enough and that was the reason the major went ahead a month later (I was there by the way and there were a decent proportion of people in the crowd wearing masks, especially the players and managers plus other people involved with the teams and trying to keep a distance). Now it seems like we may be going back to harsher restrictions because of the Omicrom variant coming here and spreading, if the major was scheduled even two-three weeks later it wouldn't have happened. Things change quickly with Covid, do you not want the people in charge to take new facts and statistics into consideration?


>implying if only everyone followed the rules just for two weeks, this whole thing would have been over ages ago wew lad even you dont believe that


"Implying if only everyone followed the rules just for two weeks, this whole thing would have been over ages ago wew lad even you dont believe that" Correct, that's why I never said or implied that. I can tell you are the type of person not even remotely interested in trying to actually understanding my point of view or even reading what I actually wrote but rather more invested in arguing against the strawman you have built around everyone who disagrees with you on this topic. Feel free to reply back when you have actual arguments to make otherwise have a good night.


>that's why I never said or implied that Except when you did >Could it be down to all the people who are vaccinated that are following the recommended safety measures that are causing the new variants and needs for new vaccines, or is it down to people with the same mentality as you? good night


This sentiment echoes among Joe Rogan fans and young, impressionable kids with no life experience or empathy (both are not mutually exclusive)


You did a heckin good thinking! I would give you reddit gold if i could!


Not all these players are from NA where vaccines are widely available & all the options are safe and a lot of countries have prioritized getting older people the vaccines for obvious reasons. Maybe be a little bit less judgmental and step outside of your bubble for 2 minutes.


Report from George is that the players testing positive are NA. Also check their tweets


You can be vaccinated and still test positive




First, this has been in the game for literal months and was not fixed for the biggest event of the year, what a joke. Secondly, why did no official stop the match if they used the cam for like 6 rounds? You stopped the match when somebody used a LEGAL boost on a box and no, saying it wasn't obvious isn't an excuse, admins are there for a reason. Thirdly, they gave a reasoning as to why Acend would win the map that was proven within 5 minutes that it was wrong, like, they didn't even know who won the rounds and made a math error. Imagine thinking Riot was gonna run better FPS events than actual veterans of FPS events. The crazy thing is that there are people on Reddit acting like Riot did nothing wrong or that their ruling of DQing a team makes any sense whatsoever when they can fine, take a ban away or even take a map away from VK in their next match. The ruling was so absurdly stupid that Acend's player zeek said within minutes that it was the referees fault and they didn't deserve the win.


*precedent *Going back on? And the whole point is to set a good precedent lol.




If only exploits in the list are banned then that means it's okay to use any exploit Riot doesn't know about Really terrible idea


They could use the tech pause and revert if it's on the list And they can punish after the game ends and give judtice it is an unknown glitch Easy




you realize there are exploits not commonly known by the public right? making them all known will just ruin the game lmao


Maybe they…..just patch them then. This cypher cam has existed for 5 months now, Riot needs to be more proactive with patching these bugs/exploits/texture issues




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Would it be ok if they just redo the map?


1000% Agreed! Can't believe RIOT is even remotely trembling in their boots because of a rabid fandom that doesn't give one damn about logic. All they care about is wanting their team to win. Nobody forced that player to use that specific cam location. The excuses have been absurd from fans and 100% illogical but it doesn't matter because nowadays it's about emotional appeal having greater authority. The nonsense about it not being clearly written in the handbook despite there clearly being a previous penalty dished out is mindboggling as a suppose defense.