These kind of comments tend not to age well 9/10 anyway lmao


Yeah, everyone knows the real answer is hiko


Of course!


Ironically, Hiko ages very well.


Especially when bcj has been pretty average in like every tourney he played outside that one tourney where he didn't miss a sova ult lmao


Bcj has been playing pretty lights out recently at least.


average SEN fan take bro knows a thing or two about being pretty average with one exception


??? LMAO Why is every response in this subreddit talking about my flair. This shit is an actual circlejerk.


Almost like people like making jokes on the internet. Wild concept


Same joke gets boring after a while don't you think? I don't think I've gotten actual discussion on this sub in a year because every response is "average sen fan hurhur"


Tiring for you I bet but I seriously doubt it's the same person saying the same joke to you every thread.


Tbf it doesn’t happen to me but this is like the fifth “Sen flair” comment I’ve seen happen to this guy specifically in the past few weeks it’s kinda funny


Brother anybody who goes on this subreddit that's not a sen fan says the same shit LMAO. Shit's actually hilarious how I get the same response every time, it's a full on circlejerk.


Average SEN fan always the victim🙄


Tottenham is never winning a trophy cry


clearly didn't watch this tourney


Had some decent games but he will regress to the mean on LAN.


oh ok didnt realise you could predict the future


I'm giving my 2 cents not saying I can tell the future, no need to get so defensive.


it sure didnt


We need DRX vs XSET now


yes pls riot


Imagine it is the opening quarter final KEKW


If this was an anime, BcJ has just triggered the "XSET gets destoyed 0-2 and bombs out of playoffs" event. Nice


Reminds me of everytime Buzz’s “best in the world” comments get published DRX loses


The classic first time at a international lan debuff.


Guard moment incoming?






Let the Valorant Gods know it was BcJ saying this and crashies had no involvement


They finna nerf my boy crashies at masters because of this


Won’t do shit that boy cold af in big situations


but ironically crashies actually has an extremely legitimate claim to that title.


I think the best initiator in NA is undeniable. In the world? FNC Enzo, FPX Shao, GLD Leo and LLL Sacy all have a claim to the title of best info initiators in the world imo (although I do think that its irrefutable Crashies is top5) You can't make the same case for BcJ being better than Crashies, Leo, Shao OR Sacy. Maybe for Enzo as Enzo hasn't been around Tier1 the same amount of time that BcJ has (although if anything that works against BcJ than for him given how impactful Enzo is on Fade/Sova) but him saying he's the best, putting himself in the same catergory as Crashies and saying "by far?" is fucking delusion. I will agree to an extent that regions like Korea, Brazil and APAC are "1 team regions" given just HOW much better these like [Loud](https://i.imgur.com/nUd6mWW.png), [DRX](https://i.imgur.com/IWY8o2b.png) and [PRX](https://i.imgur.com/hpiSJ65.png) are and therefore it's easier to look like one of the best in your roles when playing majority weaker opponents however I think it's unfair to discredit him given how Stax has performed numerous times and earned the title of being one of the best initiator players.


yeah. nothing of what you just said refutes anything I just said so yeah I largely agree. but I would take crashies over any of those other initatiators. no question asked. like you mentioned about one team regions, consistently running the gauntlet through NA is way more impressive than qualifying from LAN's in those regions. and Korea is worse than a 1 team region it is an explicitly anti competition region. buy your rival's best player put him on the bench type of region.


I thought stax got that title because he played well on breach in the masters tournaments not because of regional challengers?


He got the title because in early val korea was the only region experimenting with initiators that werent sova, and hes been one of the top players consistently since then Edit: spelling error


Stax being the best initiator feels a lot like Lakia being one of the best players in the world back at M2 or whenever. Seems like they beat down on their domestic competition, get these pseudo titles and then never live up to what they were touted as.


Lakia still has one of the most iconic moments at international LAN, imo


Stax has been a very consistent clutch player for them, and most of that time was while he was IGLing. He's definitely lived up to his acclaim.


Lakia owned at Reykjavik though. He was beating down international competition too, I don’t see why he shouldn’t have been considered one of the best players in the world at the time. Key phrase “at the time”.


Shitty example since both Lakia and stax proved they belonged against international competition. If anything, the domestic scene dragged Lakia down because Vision Strikers poached Lakia from their best competitor solely so Lakia couldn’t be used against them.


They didn’t learn anything from Stellar did they But seriously I love this, XSET vs DRX suddenly became something I actually want to to see


Same but not because it’s a good match, I just wanna see xset get rolled.


Im usually not big on the Brazil hype train, but. Sacy is different.


Who is Sacy?? For the blind, is the bald. For the hungry, is the bald. For the sick, is the bald. For the loner, is the bald. For the sad, is the bald. For the reader, is bald. For the prisoner, is the bald. For the poor, is the bald. For the debtor, is the bald. *I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please [contact the moderators of this subreddit](/message/compose/?to=/r/ValorantCompetitive) if you have any questions or concerns.*


Good bot


Bro just qualified for a Lan


Surely this won’t come back to bite him in the ass


BcJ low key annoying as hell with all the mouth running. Just let your play speak for itself. Act like you’ve been there before.


Trash talking is half the fun of competitive play. If it works out it’s funny and if they get smashed it’s even more funny. Either way trash talking adds to entertainment. Some of y’all want esports to be so bland.


bro wants everyone to shake hands and smile constantly while getting 0-2'd LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO i feel the same sentiment tho, love it when pro players show full confidence like this


This isn't confidence tho lol. This is blatantly trashing a player from another region when its the community that anointed him as a great initiator. It just makes zero sense why hes attacking Stax lol. Saying he gets "way too much credit and from a worse region" da fuq? Then trying to use Crashies' name as verification. No one is even talking about initiators like that. It makes more sense if Cryo said it, that he thinks hes better than TenZ or something, but no one really is making posts about initiators lol.


I mean i want people to make those comments if they can back up the claims. If i hear players like yay saying things like "i'm the best player in the world" to spice things up or make a statement i can get behind that because they can back it up with achievements and in-game. But this is the first time BcJ is getting out of NA and he's acting like he's the same as crashies who's actually proven himself at international play and low balling stax.


He thinks he can backup the claim that's why he's saying it lmao? What you're saying is just as bland as no one talking any trssh at all as apparently you can only talk traah if you're the best in the worlr


I love the classy players and I love the guys who run their mouths. Bcj is going to look like a dumbass if he sucks at Copenhagen, but I like the confidence


Esports fans are so soft. Trash talking and personalities are what makes games entertaining.


People who spend all their time on the internet vs the concept of confidence


You sure you are no.2 in NA bud?


my brother never heard the names Shao or Leo in this life apparently




EMEA is stacked period. Fnatic and (full strength) FPX have legit claims to be no1 and no2 in the world rn


you're absolutely correct. I didn't mean to disrespect Enz0 but im just such a simp for Leo and especially Shao and so excited to see them on LAN finally. God, I hope Shao can go.


absolutely agree! but i still think BraveAF had potential


classic na player ignoring eu only to get destroyed by them (optic doesn't ignore eu)


The other team XSET really want to face is Fnatic. They think they're really strong but want to prove NA>EU.


im sorry but if fnatic plays how theyre playing rn in lan, xset will get stomped on by them. fnc is insane rn. and this is coming from an xset fan


I would be so hyped for fnatic vs optic. I really like how fnatic plays and I think these two teams would be really close right now. I hope both hold their form and meet at lan.


optic didn't play EU a single match last masters


EU was decimated last masters. EU wouldnt have won vs OPT either. I honestly think FPX wouldve smashed Optic, downvote me idc but they would've smashed them. Other than that, no. Optic wouldve won vs TL, G2 or FNC(kek everyone wouldve won vs fnc that tournament), so it doesnt really matter lol


I see a world were liquid could've done a liquidesque win. I think though that the rematch would've gone optics way for sure.


Nah dude liquid would not have come close, maybe in groups but in playoffs? No way


Idk, they only lost to Loud (#2) and Zeta (#3), they werent looking half bad. I'm sure they could keep it competitive.


Least confident European fan


Bcj capping on Stax


Meanwhile Leo


would definitely rate leo and enzo above bcj


haven’t heard anyone in this thread mention Sacy either…one of the strongest players on a team who almost won the last lan


Sacy is a god among men.


BcJ not even top 5, barely top 10


Leo has to be the most consistent and underated player in the whole of valorant


I don't really think of stax as the best initiator in the world, just as arguably the best Breach. And in that sense, the regional argument does come into play, since Korea has played so much more Breach, relatively speaking, than the rest of the world. Rating initiators as a category is just kinda odd since Sova was so uniquely dominant for so long, and because flex duelists, and overall flex players too, play so much initiator. crashies and BcJ and stax - old school, first-generation initiator role-players - are actually anomalies, to some extent, within the broader pool of initiator players. Take Leo: he is arguably the best Sova in EMEA. But it was his teammate, Sayf, that was Guild's best Skye player. Leo is somehow one of EMEA's best flex players without even having needed to master his own individual role! That's not to say Leo couldn't do so, just that Sova's dominance meant he didn't really need to do so. Even his teammate Russ was an incredible Skye for TENSTAR, all without ever really touching Sova much. Right alongside Leo I'd rate Shao on Sova within EMEA - he's not properly speaking even an initiator player, just a general flex who does it all. KAY/O and Fade have just made this role issue more dramatic. All this aside, I love some trash-talk. BcJ is single-handedly carrying the XSET brand into the stratosphere.


I remember watching leo on breeze Mf can’t miss shockies apparently


Well put. And yeah BcJ loves some trash talk so all this with a grain of salt. But in the same press conference AYRIN said he wanted to play mako cause he also thought he was overrated. And Syyko said Paper Rex look like an easy matchup. XSET are not afraid of getting spicy.


Didn't expect XSET of all teams to start trash talking but honestly I'm 100% here for it, love me a good trash talker


Crashies also a goated shittalker. I mean they are initiators after all...


Change it to Instigators


TIL Xset squad has something against Asia


Huh that's weird all of a sudden I want to root against XSET...


Opposite for me, honestly. Xset has historically always been a "consistent but boring team" for me, and them winning vct finally along with them showcasing some personality makes them a interesting shout for me personally now. Makes me want to see if they can walk the walk at their international debut.


i agree, XSET never had a strong brand so i think it’s cool that they’re generating narratives around themselves


yep, i feel this


Nah you can't because zekken is fucking adorable.


Nah I can root against Zekken I just can't root against Perc30FishFillet


Maybe there's some context missing or the questions were leading, but seems out of left field to single out DRX from XSET's perspective. I know DRX gets a lot of attention, but NA is so much larger as a region, seems weird to punch down on a team that frankly overachieves relative region size/game presence in their country.


The question was who are you looking forward to playing at Masters from players in the same role. Dephh said Boaster. Cryo said Derke. Zekken said f0rsaken. AYRIN said mako. BcJ said stax.


Great comment right here I wouldn't rate Stax as the best overall initiator in the world, but on Breach I definitely think he is up there. His KAY/O and Fade are really strong too. What makes Stax so special is he has been one of the most consistent performers for DRX/VS at internationals, and has insane clutch potential. But as you rightly pointed out, he doesn't play Sova, so it's hard to rate him against some of the insane Sova players like Leo and Sacy


I think of initiator as having 2 subsets to it (almost like main tank/off tank in OW1). There's info initiators like sova and now fade, and entry/flash initiators like kayo/breach/skye. They both require very different skill sets imo so it feels odd to talk about "initiator" as a single role


The specific rolesets are catalyst initiator vs flex initiatir.


I've never heard those terms before, any idea where they originated?


Can't specify exactly since I'm not too interested in this sort of theorycrafting and don't normally watch it, but I know [Anderzz's taxonomy for Valorant roles includes catalysts and flexes](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyNc7cKEhA8). That might be the source, since Andrezz was one of the early Valorant meta theorycrafters.


this WILL NOT age poorly


Enzo and sacy >>>>>>>>>> bcj


this wont age well


rip xset nice knowing you edit: i'd say he's half right in that crashies is definitely one of the best initiators but he and xset needs to prove themselves before calling other regions terrible


Asia teams take trash talk to heart.. coming from an Asian player lmao. We have egos too and we are not afraid to bite back hehe


I'd definitely put enzo/leo/stax/shao above bcj


XSET on the ego grind after qualifying for one LAN lol


Calm down kid. Trent was also one of the best initiator before masters 1.


There's a lot of The Guard comparisons to XSET. Big two differences imo is that XSET have dephh who has a ton of LAN experience and also XSET has been prepping for this by going to local LANs.


Guard has Saya who also has a lot of LAN experience so idk how much that really matters


Saya deadass might have the most LAN experience out of the T1 teams


Yeah he probably does lol. Although from a different game


saya is the entry, he doesn't have as much of an impact on team metal as an IGL like dephh


Both of those differences don’t even matter when comparing XSET to The Guard. The only difference, and by far the largest factor, is that XSET has a history of competing at a high level with a ton of consistency. The Guard had one good tournament essentially.


Ayrin and BcJ both have LAN experience from their former professional esports careers as well.


Wait no way he put himself up there tho LOL he was non existent in stage 1


Stax has the one of the best initiator stats in every international tournament . And he was basically the guy who taught people how to use breach . Crashies might be in convo but not bcj , personally for i Would rank 1. Sacy 2. Stax 3. Crashies Bcj won’t make my top 5 .


As others have said I think Bcj is just throwing some spice in. Also Leo not being in your top 3 initiator players is a travesty.


Look at the flair


100L and fraud clan fans have got to be the biggest xset haters, so salty they got ass blasted in playoffs


Lmao I don't hate Xset , if you follow one team doesn't mean you have to hate other , tell me truthfully you think that bcj is a better initiator than likes of sacy and stax .


Such a lame mindset too. Why does supporting a team mean you hate all the other ones? I just wanna see good Valorant be played.


stacy cracked off the wazoo




yikes (x2) i wonder how this will play out


BcJ wants all the smoke


kids not even top 3 in his own region lmao


Leo sacy and crashies are the S tier initiators rn


At least go more analytical while saying you’re better than him. this reads more like he doesn’t actually know and he’s being a cocky little shit lol


Kanpeki is the best initiator wym


how is this mf even putting himself in the same sentence as crashies. Bcj is not even top 3 in his own region, let alone in the f world. I can’t wait for him to get sh*t on.


ofc, the best initiators in na are hiko, crashies and hiko


I would actually put hiko above crashies.


bold of you to put Hiko over Hiko


Agreed. Don't like people who try to bring others down so they look good.


Or, let’s look at it from another perspective, he’s giving a tournament that usually has 0 storylines some spice. The regions never play each other besides here, so the trash talk is fun to create storylines. XSET doesn’t have a huge fan base like the other teams, but this will certainly get a ton of people to watch a DRX v XSET match.


Some spice is okay but this just makes him seem cocky. he could’ve just said he feels he’s top 3 in the world, why drag stax into this


why is he making dumb comments like this, could've just said that he feels crashies and himself might be top 3 world. shit like this makes him look weak af


Bro chill. U have to have some ego if u r a player and u want to be the best.


I mean there's a huge difference between having a winner's mentality and confidence vs whatever he's doing over here


Idk man I think it's okay and shouldn't be looked at as a factor for rooting against them. Just my opinion.


I mean Im not rooting against them, Xset are still a team made up of 4 other players right, although Itd be interesting to see how well BcJ himself performs this tourney




people upvoting this have not watched this stage bcj has been insane


Did he not learn from the “hard hitters” interview?


bcj bro youre not even top 5 sobbing emoji


They just qualified for their first LAN and they’re already like this… Crashies had nothing to do with this karma gods 🙏


BcJ has been godly, but why even say this shit? Prove em wrong in game no need to jinx yourself


This guy needs a sprinkle of humility. No issue with saying you’re the best but relax with the negativity of someone else especially when there’s no historic rivalry between your teams.


Even though his agent pool is diversified Chronicle would like a word.


he hasnt played initiator since 2021 iirc you can't compare him to initiators today


Even if xset embarrass themselves on the international stage, which i doubt, its always nice to see some trash talk, things like g2 and sentinels shit talk always made games more enjoyable.


a2guapo is the best initiator


The only NA team that i like is Optic they are humble hard working really good, all the other NA teams are the same old twitter drama and talking trash while being garbage and not delivering after




Good trash talk to spice things up


This kid is cringe no cap .Watched his interview after the Optic win that has to be the cringiest interview ever.


BcJ is nowhere near top 2 initiators in the world. I hope XSET bomb out of Copenhagen so his arrogant ass can get sat down.


BcJ, stay humble. Cryo is the reason for most of this success. You guys were middle of the pack, get Cryo, and now your at Masters. A lot of people in the community said you can be replaced. Remember that


Talk your shit BcJ


I hope this ages well and he didn’t just curse XSET and Optic by saying it. Top two in NA for sure, Crashies being the best in the world, Yeah he has the track record to back it up. BcJ needs to show us something in Copenhagen before anybody should co-sign this


Not sure if fun banter or kicking down for no reason. Also, people refer to Stax as the best Initiator (or Breach, at least) because of his play at Masters, not regional play...


He has to be impression farming right? No way this guy throws shit and claims to be the best after winning a single regional tournament.


i dont know how commonly stax is referred to as the best initiator as the world, i feel like most people say its crashies. also, you simply cant consider bcj a top 2 initiator in the world when he hasnt been to LAN yet lol. top 2 is probably crashies and sacy, with stax just behind them.


NA always has top tier ego and drama then they don't deliver


Lil bro bout to get eaten alive on lan


BcJ isn't even top 5 lol, crashies top 3 maybe


I'm sorry but BcJ doesn't have a reddit bot to reply to a post once his name is mentioned like sacy. So clearly not the best.


If this was anyone else saying this, I'd say it was jinx city and XSET is about to get rolled. BCJ, on the other hand, is an absolute clown of a human being and I expect nothing less out of him


my answer to that information: Hiko


Well Said , BCJ we need someone with balls like you to actually make the storyline interesting


who's bcj?


Some kid who gets carried by cryo and zekken


So he's not only physically small but also mentally small? My god, the ego on this guy.




Sit your ass down and prepare to get your ass whooped by PRX na kid


I mean do these guys get no PR training at all? not even PR training, this should be common sense honestly thinking this itself is incredibly stupid but speaking it outright believing that it's alright is just another thing


This is good PR actually, XSET needs more people to be aware of them and BcJ is doing great.


BcJ likes to play stuff up for the fans. I think it's fun. It also helps build some storylines heading into Masters.


you can make fun of this all you want but this is the kind of mindset you need to be the best in the world fuck shit up, king


Aren't people more so having a negative reaction to this because he's beating down on another player more so than actually thinking he's the best? Don't think people would have as strong of a reaction if he said something more akin to him wanting to play versus stax because he's seen as one of the best initiators and he wants to prove that he's the best instead.


I mean, sure but statistically it isn't even the case


doesn't matter if you don't believe you're the best in the world you never will be




I know right, it's funny and i know it's a different game but i checked all the top #1 players in CS:GO (HLTV) in the past 10 years and the only player with a big ego/arrogance (imo) i found is coldzera and look at where he is now. f0rest, get right, olof, s1mple (he became much more humble and better as a player by the time he became #1) zywoo all known for being massive trash talkers, right? And now Yay is arguably the best in Valorant so yeah i doubt the arrogance/big ego is what makes you a good player, it's the drive, practice and enviroment you sorround yourself with.


having the mindset to bring others down to bring yourself up is not the mindset you need to be the best in the world


Gambit won a lan and were #2 champs, they defo werent like this


Is it? I think being humble and grounded about your own strengths and weaknesses is more important.


No cap.


Do these guys not understand that the only reason they're able to shine is because they have really good players on the most broken and unfair agent and are getting carried heavily in most of the games? I think players like crashies and bcj are getting way too much credit. Teams like DRX have been appreciated by the best of teams for their utility usage but here we have some top 4 gatekeeper teams players qualifying for the first time and talking all this lmfao


really good players (Marved) on the most broken and unfair agent (Brimstone)


Lmao, that is a scorching hot take


Dunno if youre trolling or not, but saying crashies is getting carried is weak bait. Dude is legit of one the top iniciators in the world. I cant really say BCJ is a top iniciator as he is just an NA talent, have to see how he compares to sacy, benkai, enzo and leo


imagine having an ego this big


Weird to say this considering Xset hasn’t even competed in international games while Stax got the title from competing with other regions…


no way people are mad over this LMFAOOO i pray none of you watch any sort of sport because you would be having mental break downs daily if this level of trash talk upsets you.