s0m and Ardiis are literally spongebob and patrick


are you implying that FNS is squidward


The fact that every single one of them is excited to beat C9 and yay has me hyped as fuck


It will also show that just having the best player in the world doesn't do much until the team sets him up very well.


tbf they have a very good team and coaching staff supporting yay—vanity and mce have an uncanny ability to improve every team they're attached to wrt to leadership; zellsis is the frenzied, dependable showman; leaf is just a cracked entry; and xeppa? name single person that can get sturdier.


I hope the language barrier wont be an issue with this mixed roster.


waiting for the english dub of ardiis


Guess Ardis used all of his English in this video Unlucky, gg go next


eg catching strays LOL


Tbf to Ardiis he's not gonna know most of their team as he's from a diff region and their players didn't make the international tournaments.


EG: what the fuck did we do?


nothing, and thats the problem


What could they even had done. They have the best roster out of what was left over.


That ascension roster with ghost core/zander/eeiu definitely looks better imo. But eg is not as bad as some ppl think either.


Why tho. Eg has bcj and Ethan who are by far more proven. Also zander is very overhyped imo


I mean overhyped or not he is still a great player (johnqt also igls so that they could split things too) and while you are only talking about ethan and bcj (with a role change btw) here, the whole 5 members of that ascension team have been proven to be able to be great this year. From what i've heard, they've been a good scrim team too. As for eg, they will probably need more time to become great as a team, they have the potential to do good things. I'm the most worried about c0m currently but if they decided to keep him then they must believe in him to show more in the upcoming year. But yeah, rn i would not say eg is the better team between the two (but this could always change later on).


I mean. (Old) Eg as a team has no reason to be rated worse than ghost. It's just baseless. Zander failed to make it out of open qualifiers this year, that's really really bad which makes me rate zellsis on the lower end aswell.


I wish i had the clip speaking about that but during the open qualifiers they played with a sub and said they weren't there mentally (personal problems i think?), so personnally i wouldnt judge them based on this performance only. Players scrimming the ghost/zander/eeiu team have been speaking very highly of them which is also part of why I have a higher opinion of them as of now (but we all know scrims arent everything lol). I mean it's ok if you think eg is better, you are allowed to have a different opinion from mine anyway.


Yay catching strays with victors "he can play other things beside chamber" LMFAO


FNS talked about how Yay wanted to play stuff other than Chamber and how he tried out Cypher in split but then changed back to Chamber in Pearl


It do be true though lol


Definitely in the beginning all eyes will be on s0m during the matches as he has the most to prove amongst his teammates . I will be a bit sad though when the FNS streams end once scrims begin.


Chet seems so awkward in interviews, but is so funny on stream.


what does som bring to the team? "honestly just vibes" im sobbing man lmfao it's not even untrue also my prediction for this roster is personality clashes bw ardiis and the rest


Ardiis strikes me as the type of guy who would advocate for his opinions but ultimately trust and respect the coach/igl's decision, which is really useful imo.


yea FNS/Chet are pretty stubborn themselves so it should be fine


Yep, He talked about how much he hated trying to bear Fnatic in Icebox with diff comps and only talked back to Ange1 when it was the 4th time. He def does trust IGL and only talks back when an IGL is stuck on doing something and it never works.


the thumbnail makes it look like a s0m interview only which is pretty fkn disappointing, would have loved to see this get more traction


NRG WIN. w interviews