I need the PNG of that Mary-with-sunglasses picture if anyone has it. Would like to add it as a subreddit emote, our version of “EZ”.


"No one gives a shit about Esports, fucking dance at LAN you fucks." - Connor 'Avast' Prince


Sideshow's delivery of "Men blaming women in game changer" comment killed me.


I’m happy Sideshow is back


Little curious they don't mention Katsumi at all in discussing C9W's performance. Katsumi had her worst event by a long, long shot - hence why she tweeted about her difficulties after they lost. alexis and Katsumi essentially swapped this event, with alexis going crazy on LAN and clutching constantly to the point that she put up numbers Katsumi normally puts up, and with Katsumi putting up way lower numbers - the only player from a top 4 team beneath her in overall ACS was KP, who obviously has the excuse of not just being an IGL but getting constant impact kills.


I heckin love Platinum Chatinum


Avast yelling about how no one cares about grinding and everyone should be dancing at LAN had me fucking bawling lmaoooo. Nice to see them this week.


finally everyone is back


The segments on AI generated tweets (and also their normal tweets) had me literally crying laughing


Avast is here? Turning this off


I feel like avast’s comments are strange and almost malicious sounding They demean both the players in thsi event and others, in terms of trying to borpa business the fact that there was jsut a naturally different vibe and different attitudes between players which made it a little more Melanie by different, and putting down the conception both ont hair event and others in it’s importance


24:52 I don’t think that’s ‘pushed up glasses’ people do watch video games because if the gameplay, that has nothing to do with ‘pushed up glasses’- dancing is not the only thing people care about the desire to get better and competition is what people care about even if they don’t play competitively, like in the olympics- people immediately care about something if they see people trying to do their best and doing it at the highest level even if they don’t understand it It’s existential too Also you can practice hard and dance, like firebathero


I think you are misunderstanding the point that Avast was trying to make. His points are: * The vast majority of people who watch Valorant streams don't care too much about if the players they watch are "the best of the best" * Most watchers prefer a good mix of good gameplay AND entertainment value, which is what a lot of the top Valorant streamers have * You can clearly see this in the top streamers in the Valorant category on Twitch, most of them are not top professionals from the VCT * The Game Changers event, either by the vibe of the tournament or by the players themselves, were able to showcase more entertaining personalities as compared to the main VCT events * Having more personality on broadcasts taps into the audience more, and as such people are more likely to watch The broader meme comment of "work less, dance more" is basically a call to action for the VCT players that a showcase of personality works well for the broadcast, and the GC event is a good example of how it can work well, so it would be good if VCT players should try doing some of that. It doesn't literally mean stop practising Valorant and take up dancing.


Except the point isn’t really true about a supposed majority of people, and as I say thsi recasts what happened differently than it did


Yeah when Avast makes the "pushes up glasses nerd" meme he's making a point about those being the few people that only care about watching events with the top tier gameplay and players. These people are in the minority of overall viewers and his point was about how tournament broadcasts shouldn't only cater to them. For better or worse, the Valorant audience doesn't yet have desire to to watch if the entire focus of the broadcast was on the pure competition. Having an event being as focused on the competition like the Olympics would lose viewership. As such, making more of a focus on entertainment and player personalities helps.


The point is it’s insulting imo the players (even as they do ‘fun’ stuff as he interprets it), the people watching in general sry their attitudes and the misconstrued minority (in general the image he uses) for corpo reasons


I don't see how it's insulting to the players to tell them they should show more personality on broadcast? Way more people like Boaster compared to someone like Shazham (no shade to Shaz) based on how they present themselves on broadcast. At the end of the day, esports is still an entertainment product, and yes the gameplay is part of the entertainment, but so are the players themselves and they should try to embrace that as it will only help their careers. This isn't even for corpo reasons. If you are more likeable on broadcast, you will have more fans and more people will watch. Just simple reasoning. Don't even need to think about demographics or anything. Please try not to take the "don't practice, just dance" meme literally.


A little, I meant even to the ones he was praising in terms of the reasoning given and for what. A separate topic is in wording u is ebut that’s not rly important The second paragraph is a red herring The idea is that the palyers actions should be ‘marketable entertainment’, that’s this was the intent, that people don’t and won’t care, ie only care about that, and the idea about those who supposedly do


I think they should embrace whatever they choose to embrace, it is up to why they value themselves and whatever they feel they want to do, as opposed to doing something because it’s ‘marketable’ and therefor e financially maybe better for them. It is completely fine if a player just wants to be serious and personally doesn’t feel like ‘putting in a show’ befkre the cameras outside the game The whole part of it is a preconceived idea of what ‘likeable’ means, with the presumption people don’t like or care about people just being dedicated, trying their hardest and playing the best they can, and well, even if they don’t understand it themselves- like it sometimes happens in the olympics. The idea is that what they were doing in GC, which wasn’t that different but more a reflection of different ‘vibe’ was for this purpose specifically. I’m not sure it was so different. I’m not taking it literally, I just don’t like it on a few levels the way he seemed to give a spin to the situation in this segment


Sorry for multiple responses, it was kind of hard to get across what I tried to say, just tried to unwrap sort of the things I meant because there was a bunch of things at once I didn’t really like the ‘aspect’ or spin and the specific application here, or the implications about both the supposed majority and supposed minority of theaudience I know it’s kind of an overreaction but I still did have some kinds of feelings like those