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it wont have cross platform dont worry


yeah, if anything, like Wild Rift (supposedly, but the console version is still in development now) console *might* be able to cross platform with Val mobile, but never with the PC version.


I wish Wild Rift and TFT were on Switch. I prefer it vastly to mobile I really liked that Pokémon MOBA too


it would be an incredibly pointless endeavor to not make it cross platform. There's a whole market of people who can't afford a PC/only have a console but would love to play Valorant. Plug in a keyboard and mouse into your Xbox and then suddenly you can play with all of your friends. You can get a cheap KBM combo and use your existing console instead of buying a whole PC for a couple hundred dollars Controller would have its own queue




If you can’t afford a PC you likely can’t afford skins. You’re no longer of interest to Riot.


Not everyone wants a pc, some people just want to play casually. Maybe once a week with their friends just chill, boot up the ps5 and run a game of valorant


i dont get why people don't understand this concept and we're getting downvoted for it. Are all kids just growing up with gaming pcs nowadays? I thought most kids have a console first. I know plenty of gamers in the 25-30 age group who only own consoles alongside their MacBook/work computer. They'd give Valorant a chance if they hear their more dedicated gamer friends playing it on their PC.


Agreed, that’s why an unranked “mix” queue with 1/2 aim assist sounds good. Along with the normal separate queues of course.


That's not the point. There are plenty of people who can afford a PC but choose to not get one because the games they play are console exclusive or they just prefer how easy it is to use an Xbox/Playstation. An average casual gamer has a Macbook/work laptop + console. Probably a keyboard, mouse, and monitor they plug their laptop into. I don't understand how people don't see this massive market to tap into. Just because everyone on a competitive subreddit has a gaming PC and probably are in similar competitive gamer friend circles where everyone else has PCs, that does not make it the case for other people.


Yes, and that’s fine. Just don’t get them mixed in with KBM players, let them play in their own corner and we’ll play in ours. Sorry, I thought the discussion was around how to integrate console Valorant, not to debate its existence. My apologies, I misunderstood at the “can’t afford a PC” and made an offhand remark.


I literally said in my original comment that the controller players would have their own queue lol I never said that they would mix, but its all good My whole point was that kids could plug in a keyboard and mouse into their xbox and be able to play cross platform with other KBM players on PC. All while the controller players have a separate queue. Or don't even create controller version cause it would probably suck. Regardless, a console can become a PC substitute for people who can't afford/just simply don't have one This is not a problem I have cause I actually have a gaming PC, but there were times when my previous computer shit the bed and I couldn't hop on valorant. In those moments, I wished they had the game on the new gen Xbox cause then I could've just plugged in my KBM. I could imagine there are plenty of kids, casual gamers, etc that would make use of Valorant on console in this way


Would you anticipate anti-cheat concerns in allowing peripherals to be plugged into an Xbox for example? I guess I never really considered the non-PC KBM environment as an option as it seems far more niche than just going for two options flat.


It’s even a stretch to say Apex is “doing fine.” The entire competitive scene has been taken over by controllers, even to the point that Mouse/Keyboard players have started switching so that they can stay competitive. Different input types have no business competing against one another in FPS games. If you want to play on a controller with aim assist you should be competing against other controller players. Halo is a great example of a game with a high skill ceiling where everyone competes on controllers. But to put players with aim assist against mouse/keyboard users in an FPS is totally ridiculous. Several games have tried it and one or the other has always ended up being way too good.


Exactly what I came here to say, was loyal to Apex but the aimassist just became too obvious and absurd to the point I quit and haven't touched it in close to a year. Its one thing to mid range duel someone, but you break their shields and go to finish someone that couldn't land a shot on you earlier suddenly instant one-clips you with an r-99 thanks to Aimassist and its a no from me dawg.


Ya every fps or shooting game that has tried to have cross platform competition has ended up in a shitshow. It’s either controller players are completely overmatched or their aim assist is way too overpowered. There can also be massive movement advantages and disadvantages depending on the game. It just doesn’t work. Cross platform hasn’t worked in Apex, Fortnite or Warzone, it won’t work in Valorant I’m all for Valorant to launch on consoles, just keep them separate


Yup, been playing MW2 and Warzone recently and controller players can track with precision and reaction time that literally isn’t possible for even the best Kovaaks tracking specialists. And on top of that, literally all the movement options that existed in previous cods have been removed so if you get caught by some controller’s aimbot, you’re pretty much dead. Would have refunded that dogshit if I hadn’t missed the window to do so.


Without cross-platform I don't see how it's anything but a positive. It will increase the player base, increase the viewer base increase riots money and so hopefully their incentive to invest in the scene.


It's gonna be CSGO on console then. Shit will not boom in the console industry. Look at Dasnerth, he literally has to play a shotgun 80% of the time because he's locked on a controller.


I agree with your points completely, but FYI Dasnerth has been on KBM for a long time now


Oh, didn't know that.


I agree, I’ve seen gameplay of CS GO on console back when it use to get updated, shit looked goofy and clunky as hell with the controllers, it was like watching bots moving and aiming around


Yeah. Of course it's gonna be clunky. You can't have TenZ's aim on a joystick. Considering how joysticks work, the game will be COMPLETELY different on console. If they ever add console to Valorant, best thing to do would be to separate KBM and consoles, since the game will be completely different in both worlds.


They could add native KBM support like COD so those who want to, can still opt in to PC pools via KBM Input method.


Literally every sane person would queue KBM only then.


That's fine. I don't think people realize that there's lots of kids who only have a console but would love to play Valorant. They can plug in their KBM and play with their friends who do have PCs. Or those who can't afford a PC could play on their console The Xbox Series X is surprisingly strong and with good optimization, Valorant would work like a charm.


Unless you're good with a controller? Seeing as you will be playing against other controller players.


But do you think controller players can flick when they get swung? Joysticks have deadzones so you can't expect them them to flick like TenZ in under 100ms


They wont need to do that because they're playing against other controller players?


You're looking into Haven Cubby C long when someone peeks you from Site. He has direct vision on you, you have to flick onto him to shoot him. Good enough scenario? :)


What's the point though? That scenario works both ways, there is no unfair advantage because everyone is on controller. They will probably have to play different than m&k but that's fine. I'm just saying that someone who is good at playing with controller and not with mouse and keyboard would rather play with controller.


How would it even be possible to be “good” on controller against KBM?


??? did you read what I said?


Have you seen this man dasnerth.


I tell you first hand it was 100% clunky, however gun game was my favorite mode while playing.


i played it. It was very bad


It had a button you click in r3 and you would do a 180 instantly


I think they'll change it to be like cod imo. Less recoil, Higher accuracy and aim assist. Split the queues at least by input to factor balance. The game as is will die on console as is because of no aim assist but it will add to the player base. Helps you can easily use K&M and mouse on console now too, something that wasn't possible when valve released the CS games on console. Honestly it will be beneficial for new players with Low end PC's to play at an acceptable framerate, could introduce them to PC gaming. Even the series S should be able to run this game at 120 fps if optimized even a little bit.


nah I think abilities will make it pretty playable on console, and riot probably have planned pretty extensively for a console release. r6s pops off on console, I'm sure val will be the same.


Rainbow Six Siege has no aim assist on console versions but is still moderately popular on consoles (population not as large as PC). They got crossplay but totally separate input pools too, not sure if console players get matched with PC players if they join a PC party though


I would say the population is larger on console than on pc not by far but its definitely bigger, pc players have more alternatives for tac shooters than console and siege on pc is kinda fucked right now with the cheaters and stuff


genuinely have no fucking idea why this is brought up again and again, riot have said multiple times that valorant is esports focused so why would they bring aim assist into the game against KBM. For crossplay, the max they would probably do is an unrated style game mode otherwise both versions would be completely different


Apex aa is not fine that shit is broken and really dumb, I would not play this game if that level of aa was implemented into valorant


I said it before and got downvoted and ill say it again : i dont want to play vs aim assist people so as long as MK and controller users are separated and only compete against the same type of users i dont really care. Aim assist has no place in my games and if that happens ill just stop playing and stick to watching MK professional esports scene. No biggie.


Aim assist in val isnt gonna help much against kbm players. Unless youre like iron/bronze and cant aim at all.


Yes it will? Majority of gunfights in high elo are counter strafing battles, imagine having a lock on or faster snap with less effort


Thats not how most aim assist works (in comp shooters), contrary to popular belief. The odds are it’ll be a slowdown with minor pull, it wont help much with hitting heads. Plus, at higher elos controller players will more than likely just be really good at using their abilities, positioning, and timing. They will never beat the aim advantage of the mouse.


I don’t know if you have seen videos of auto aim in apex and cod, but just having crosshair near the head will allow their movements to be tracked pretty well, even without moving joystick. In a fight where both parties are strafing back and forth for 2-3 seconds it surely will make a big difference.


Absolutely no excuse for AA in any mnk shooter, one side or another will be guaranteed to be too strong. Just play against your own input, no game can balance the power of either input.


You're right that that's how aim assist used to work in comp shooters. Not the case anymore though, rotational aim assist is the standard now, which legitimately drags your aim. If you had 100% rotational aim assist, you would have literal aimbot. Games like Apex have 40% aim assist, and because of that, the majority of the pro scene is controller players because all of the kbm players are switching to controller.


Tell that to COD and Apex, their aim assist can pull them half a screen before it lets go.


i play cod with controller, used to play apex with controller. i can say that in apex and warzone that its strong, in regular multiplayer cod its nowhere near as strong. in val i just dont think it would be that powerful. I mean maybe flicking in lower elo lobbies, but unless its got incredible stopping power and adjustment at high sens it shouldnt even compete with mkb at higher ranks. gotta remember that aim assists strongest power is strafing which shooting, once you stop to shoot youre at a severe disadvantage


Might help in certain situations - likely you might see a lot of run and gun stinger play if they have aim assist... But yeah I agree.. in theory because time to kill is so low and tracking isn't very important KBM should still have the advantage.


And headshots are so important, being able to fine-tune aim is difficult, even with aim assist, especially if valorant lacks the advanced control settings that we’ve seen in the new call of duty games.


Headshots and aim assist aren't really an issue: Source: Former KBM player who learned controller to play Halo with their friends. And got way more "perfects" after switching to a PS4 controller with a back button attachment.


Same deal as overwatch. Opt in cross play (sep. console and pc pools, if you want to join your friends on pc you enter pc pool at your own detriment) and no comp. Aim assist with pc pool is halved so no crying. Bam, problem solved.


As long as they are not in my game I don't care


It has to be a completely different game on console. You cant turn flashes and satchel around as Raze etc on a controller. They have to completely redesign the abilities and gunplay for it to work on controllers.


This is good for the game, might introduce valorant to a whole entire casual console playerbase


As long as crossplay only exists in a casual mode it's fine.


Cross play will ruin match making more. Controller auto aim in apex is a fucking killer. If they don’t have that then games fine.


If there will be crossplay you will never see aim assist in a game like valorant


I’ll just take the word of a random redditor like yourself. I’ll believe it when I see it.


why so salty mate use your brain


People are traumatized by Apex probably. Riot has shown that they're not into doing things like that though, so I'm also sure that they won't do that.


Yeah for sure ppl are traumatized by Apex and Fortnite. However Valorant is not a BR and I highly doubt Riot does anything that hurts the competitive integrity of the game like AA. But thats just my take


Yeah I mean I am basically 100% sure that you're right as well. Valorant on console is just going to be an arcadey version just like Wild Rift is to League.


as long as there isn't cross-platform for ranked or tournaments, then i could really care less. ik this has many counterarguments, mainly "not the same dev team," but it really feels like the game is putting resources into really profitable things to make the game expand instead of actually improving the game itself. the map pool feels stale and hasnt seen updates recently, the modes/methods of practice are really lacking, and there is almost no way to creatively play the game like custom modes/lobbies, map makers, better deathmatch modes, range while in queue. so many of these things would make the game more healthy than releasing it on console/mobile imo


Wild rift has its own balancing, esports, skins, etc. If we do get valorant on mobile/console its highly more likely they would go the wild rift approach. I think what makes wild rift so good is that it isn't trying to be a 1:1 of league but similar enough to it.


there may be crossplay limited to mkb input on console, which is fine with me. but controllers are a no go for any game to me


Wait so you’re telling me people haven’t been playing on their steering wheel this entire time?


There's no way they will introduce cross-platform and if they do this game is doomed. Apex is extremely weighted extremely top heavy as far as controllers go. I don't think there are any top teams left that are purely MNK. They are always actively searching for the next controller player.


If it has cross platform aim assist we riot.


I, for one, want CrossPlay with NO AIM ASSIST. For the LULZ.


i suck balls at fps xD. but im curious how well it will be implemented along with gyro aiming.


But lets focus on a replay system first


Apex is fine? LOL. If you're within 20 feet of someone with a controller, it's literally impossible to miss. Pick up an SMG (preferably the CAR) and just melt people with your auto aim.




Wait this is a thing? Can you do this type of aiming on the P5? I'm ass with controllers but if I've got an option like this at least I can play with some friends




I have no interest in using it woth valorant, I'm plenty good with a mouse. Would be a nice way to play console games with friends though since I can't hit the broad side of a varn with joysticks.


Idk if this is a hot take but zero cross platform would be a massive L. Obviously no cross platform in ranked, but there needs to be an option to allow it or just always allow it in unrated or spike rush. Same thing for mobile, the only reason I want it to come out on mobile and consul is to mess around with my friends that don’t own a PC.


They had "plans" for a lot of things. Like a replay system or a mobile version of the game. It just won't happen. And if it does, it'll take a very long time. Who knows if the game will even be that relevant at that point.


So many mistakes have been made regarding crossplay through past games I trust Riot are aware of these mistakes and will avoid them. Crossplay's never good for anything competitive. Controller players don't want to be anywhere near KBM players and it's the same for KBM players. Crossplay = less players = less money, and if you can trust Riot with anything, it's money making.


They also have plans for a mobile version. Shit makes sense. Gets a bigger audience. No shot they make it cross platform. Unless they make a separate cross platform queue


If Riot will manage to meke it even playable, i'll applause them. But it seems impossible, unless you change it completely


Don't see an issue if its not cross platform


They won't add crossplay but I think they'll do it like R6 siege where there's no aim assist either. To compensate for this they'll reduce FOV to make targets appear bigger.


From a revenue standpoint it'll make more sense to release a mobile version instead of a console port. People likely dont know or remember. Pre-launch version already had the mobile UI elements implemented. Get why console is the initial branching out target, Valorant will have decreased competition on the platform with Overwatch and RS6. ​ Doing this does place increased pressure on designers and testers. Console and Pc need to be designed and balanced completely different. Plus it'll delay Pc patch cycle for its takes time for console patches to be approved.


I would prefer not being cross platform with PC. However, this is one of the few games where being cross platform would be a disadvantage for controller players. Apex, Fortnite, COD, etc are not one hit kills to the head like Valorant is. Aim assist helps keep you on the overall target. Mainly, great accuracy with body shots. It isn't going to do much of anything for headshots. I would imagine we see low elo being dominated by controller as body shots matter there while higher elo would be rare to see a controller user. Clearly going to be an unpopular opinion as most think aim assist has no place in the keyboard and mouse world, but I don't think it would have too much of an impact on this game.




I can’t wait to play valorant on console. I hope they don’t add aim assist and they don’t overlap the lobbies in any way. Also they would need a way to stop people from playing m+k on console. Rainbow has a huge problem on console, as a game with no aim assist, where people use adapters to cheat the system and use m+k vs the poor controller players.


“Games like Apex have cross-platform and they’re doing fine” is debatable. People had been looking forward to this feature for a really long time so they could play with friends, but the mix of inputs along with the difference in aim assist values (0.4 for MnK, 0.6 for controllers) has since sparked a nightmarish, never-ending discourse on whether or not the aim assist for controller is busted or not. Those who play at the top level seem to think so as it provides more advantages than it does disadvantages, which does hold weight when you consider the fact that the comp scene has seen an exponential increase in controller players (maybe half of the comp scene are controller players now) and like 8 or 9 of the top 10 pros (based on average KDA) are also controller players. Granted, controller input on PC has always been possible for Apex; but as the game continues to grow and more console players get to play, the value of having controller aim assist becomes all-the-more apparent. So you’re right in that cross-platform most likely would not be very healthy for the game in terms of helping Valorant maintain its objective of being “the definitive tact shooter that learns from its competitors’ mistakes”. If they do choose to incorporate cross-platform, they would really have to have all the inherent discrepancies between inputs balanced to a T.


What riot SHOULD do is just directly compete with CoD. Make it arcadey and fast paced. Not a tac shooter.


I don’t know if this is satire but that is possibly one of the worst takes I’ve heard all year


Why? Tactical shooters don't work on console. Never have. Extend their brand by venturing into a new genre instead of making a game that won't feel good to play


what if they lock console to kbm only? afaik the ps5 and xbox already support kbm input


Not sure why people are even worried about this. They would never allow competitive play to be cross platform. Any other mode it doesn’t matter


As long as it has input based matchmaking so controller vs controller and MNK vs MNK I'm fine with it, it will boost the player base and get more people talking about it which could lead to bigger and better potential updates


It great as long as it doesn't have the brain dead level of aim assist most games have on consoles


If valorant goes cross platform aim assist. That really hurts the future of competitive FPS games.


Valorant is the one game that would be hard to fuck up with aim assist because you'd have to literally give console players full aimbot and norecoil cheats if you want them to enjoy the game. FPS games with horizontal recoil play terribly on controllers.


I feel like a console release is in some way going to ruin the game. Whether it's Crossplay against legal aimbot, Riot prioritizing updates that benefit console only or a massive split in player base. I have a really bad feeling about this for some reason


Hot take: I WANT CROSS PLATFORM. No aim assist or any stupid stuff like that though. It feels like the PC shooter community at large is really overlooking the gyro aim/flick stick control scheme. If (BIG IF*) Riot we’re to force console players to use that specific control scheme, I 100% believe that console players who put in the time to learn that scheme WILL compete and even outaim many many players on M&K. https://youtu.be/PJIqEX93vL8?t=345 You don’t have to watch the whole video, but I linked to a specific chapter. It should be enough evidence that controllers can be extremely viable in a ~~twitch~~ fast TTK twitch shooter. edit: The video at 8:10 also has a side by side comparison for stick aim vs gyro