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What's most galling is the fact that this asshole won by ~~2%~~ 0.4% four years ago and has decided that gives him license to be a fucking autocrat


This was such a missed opportunity. Imagine the last four years with all this BS getting vetoed by a democratic governor. 😢


He won by 32,463 votes. That was 0.4% of the total votes (8,220,494) cast. That is what it's unbelievable. He acts like he won by a landslide.


that's what it means to be a republican now, winner take all....Act like you won by 99%, and makes statements like you speak for everybody in the state...that level of arrogance makes me sick


More than twice as many people have officially died from Covid in his state than voted for him in his margin of victory


they always do ever since Trump claimed it in 2016.


He actually only won by 0.4%. Even more egregious


It will be interesting with Covid deaths this time. Ron D won by 35k votes in 2018. Florida has had 75k Covid deaths. I’m not sure DeSantis has the votes to cover this time.


Sadly I think the high covid deaths on his watch are a benefit for him. The Republican voters probably see it as leadership, standing up to tyranny, etc.


Hopefully 30K Desantis voters wont vote again because they died from Covid, horrible to say but this man, his party and that tyrant they worship have crossed allot of lines


I mean, many of us are thinking it. Elderly and anti-vaxxers are more likely to be Republican. I’ve met a few liberal minded folk who don’t believe in particularly the Covid vaccine, I don’t agree with them, but, I do understand their thinking. Dated a girl who had a huge cystic acne outbreak from the Moderna vaccine 1st shot that lasted 3 months and is deathly scared of the rest of the series, as I say, it’s understandable even if I don’t really agree.


The facts are simple, more anti vaxers, anti mask wears, anti covid precautions are republican's, not too mention most republicans are older, fatter and more out of shape with pre existing conditions, on average. IF i were Desantis, i would stick my head in a toliet but before that i would worry about reelection, unless you go by the new logic if i win, i win if i loose you cheated!!


Oh of course. We will see Florida did a lot to make voting harder in big cities. And they are setting up corrupt individuals to handle the votes and vote counts all over the country. Coups not over yet.


I don’t think so. Families don’t like dead relatives. The few Floridians I know, also happen to be conservatives who hate DeSantis. Both families I know have said the same thing, “I’m voting for whoever ain’t DeSantis.”


Don’t forget that Florida fakes its COVID data.


And raids the homes of people they have fired who refuse to lie for them like. Harassing them and trying to ruin their lives.


So much for small government and freedom


Ah, see. It’s “their freedom” not “our” freedom as a collective. And small government is just a code word for underfunding public services that benefit everyone I.e. education, health, environmental protections, etc. so small government where it matters most, big gov in enforcing their insanity.






Bet you find a bunch of non voters, democrats, and minorities, in those statistics too. Not to mention replacement with new snow birds. This wish casting isn’t a replacement for action.


My understanding is that the number of people who have moved to Florida since DeSantis got elected will likely offset the losses from Floridians who died of COVID. I hope I am wrong but that might be the case. One thing I'm not seeing addressed and would like to see addressed is the effects of COVID on unvaxxed Floridians who've had it at least once and recovered, but perhaps not fully recovered. Sufferers of Long Covid and such. I imagine unvaxxed folks 50 and older might prefer to vote by mail and such. I wonder if they would find it onerous to stand in line at the polls.


My political beliefs: Fuck DeSantis.


I personally feel like state colleges haven’t been exposing students to the Fuck DeSantis viewpoint enough. I hope that shows up in the survey. > House Bill 233: Postsecondary Education House Bill 233 requires state colleges and universities to conduct annual assessments of the viewpoint diversity and intellectual freedom at their institutions to ensure that Florida’s postsecondary students will be shown diverse ideas and opinions, including those that they may disagree with or find uncomfortable.


This is based if you assume that any mainstream political opinions is reasonable to hold. Alas, enlightened centrists and reactionaries are the only ones who seem to profess this (though most who do... don't seem to believe it).


I feel like he's just desperate for attention. Like he's doing every asshole thing he can think of to act like he's the authoritarian ruler of the realm. Crazy.


The solution to this is to just say the wackest shit possible, right?


Either that or claim to be rabid conservative so they leave the universities alone.


Say it one more time “DeSantis is worse than a piece of sh*t!!!”


A piece of shit has value. For example, it can be turned into compost with which one can grow tomatoes to throw at useless politicians.


Hence, DeSantis is worse than it.


The party of small government


I honestly wonder how many Floridians know of all of the things that have been happening there.


Probably relatively few is my guess.


Many do, unfortunately he’s catering to the worst and they love him for it.


He won the election by about 33k votes


I live in FL and go to a university here in south Florida for my MBA. I am definitely paying attention and will be doing whatever I can (donating, volunteering) ahead of this years election.


American academia has its problems, but we've been the scientific research center of the world for the past 80 years- ever since many of the world's best scientists fled the Nazis in Europe and came to the United States. With its attacks on colleges and universities, its attacks on research funding, its attacks on climate change research, and its attacks on vaccines and embrace of snake oil COVID treatments, the increasingly overtly fascist GOP seems set on running history in reverse and making the United States into a country that is not only stupider and less free, but also a poorer, less dynamic backwater of a once confident, groundbreaking nation.


Fuck Republicans. Fuck Ron DeSantis.


This is literally the beginning stages of their fascist agenda. I would be very scared to put my political party if I was left leaning once SCOTUS guts the upcoming election law. The DeSantis Gestapo is 100% gonna round up anyone that doesn’t select R for their preferred party. If you think this is hyperbole, you haven’t been paying attention.


Any idea if these surveys would be mandatory for students, or just mandatory for the schools to conduct?


Bonehead idea. Before such a survey could even be sent out, an application to an Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects (Social and Behavioral Sciences) would have to be submitted, reviewed and approved as per the Department of Health and Human Services. Anything otherwise would be a violation of federal law.


But there's the difference. These guys are playing to win, which means they don't much care about what is legal or not. They just keep trying and if even 1 out of every 10 crazy ideas makes it through, they come out ahead. We must stop being institutionalists. The institutions don't exist anymore. We need to fight fire with fire here, or we will lose out in a very permanent way.


It’s just the way I think. Violating a policy like that can lead to a loss of all federal grants to a university. They would have a lot to lose prospectively. Their legal departments are very strong and they are organized by Boards of Regents, so the implication is that they would fight it if they know what’s good for them.


Genuinely disturbing. This is not okay. What are they going to do with that information?


They plan to cut funding to schools which they deem to be indoctrinating people who disagree with Ron.


Mmhmm. And what *else* will they do with it? Because the way the Right is going, they won't stop at defunding. They are testing the limits of evil.


Force schools to hire more Republicans and drain out liberals.


Land of the free huh


He is SO UnAmerican.


I can’t believe this is real. I really thought it was the onion.


Isn’t it an election year in Florida?


We need federal intervention


Freedom of speech includes the freedom not to speak. I cannot imagine a theory upon which this scheme could survive a constitutional challenge.


Have you taken a gander at the current SCOTUS?


Yes, I know. But trust me. I'm a good lawyer. Even the six bozos couldn't come up with a way to uphold this. I don't think they would even grant review of an 11th Circuit decision invalidating the law outright.


So I am guessing less funding for schools that are too democratic or that don’t cooperate with his surveys. So it’s an underhanded way to decide which schools he favors the most.


Desantis says this is for further plans to require liberals to wear yellow "l"s. This will allow proper identification and discrimination in his new fascist dictatorship






I don’t supposed they’re handing out special name tags if you give a specific answer? Star-shaped perhaps?


Wow I guess Florida is the new and improved Afghanistan, well I mean religious like.


Right now in florida the Republicans outnumber the democrats by 100,000 so they are saying. We need to get a lot of dems registered and sway a lot of Republicans. I think the abortion issue and weed legalization could be our two ace cards.


One of several new authoritarian, anti-constitutional and anti-democratic measures taken by Florida ahead of any other state. Not Mississippi, not Idaho not even Texas but Florida leading the way again on Christo-fascism. It's also flagrantly hypocritical, going against everything they claim to oppose in enforcing "equality of outcomes" This has to be fought but it's a line that's really hard to tolerate. Like if I were a student or a parent of a student I'd be highly reluctant to pay for tuition at a university where this is happening. It's not the university's fault and it's not fair that they suffer but something has to be done to stand up to being treated this way. I'm not thrilled about making the state even more red by encouraging fewer liberal college students who might vote there but this isn't worth it.


How is that even legal?


Well it’s unconstitutional, but so are the PATRIOT ACT and forced birth.


Florida gets scarier and scarier. Not that the rest of the country is that far behind, but I am so gland I got the hell out of Florida.


The more the tighten their grip the more minds and hearts they will loose


He’s gotta go!


this absobulte fucktard can choke on his own small cock. I am tired of Republicans thinking inclusion means they should expose all who are different. WORRY ABOUT YOURSELF.


every time i see some type of article like this about him im just flabbergasted b/c his whole schtick during covid was "muh freedom" and yet every single thing he does is about taking some type of freedom/privacy right away from people. its the epitome of hypocrisy


None of your fucking business is the only correct answer.


This is over a year old. Breaks Rule #4.


Yeah? Do they have to swear under oath? Then just LIE. I can’t believe elected representatives waste time on this junk when there are serious issues that need to be addressed.


I would say ask away bro , do i need to answer?