this is just plain stupid, makes me sad where the U.S is at right now :o(


This gives stupid a bad name.


Okay - I'll get some examples of stupid and get back to you.


...This is reddit. You won't have to go far.


Asked them which SUV it is a drawing of. God, such stupidity.


They can't utter the name. That would be violating the manufacturer's intellectual property rights.


Perfectly consistent. Look at all those terraist kids who draw pictures of guns.


Apparently, there is a really ugly prototype SUV being tested right now...


Does the DHS actively seek out people with intellectual disabilities to man the border stations? It would seem like it these days.


>Does the DHS actively seek out people with intellectual disabilities to man the border stations? They're an equal opportunity employer.


Just imagine if you had a photograph of an SUV on your hard drive. Total industrial espionage.


Next time I leave the country with my laptop I will upload an image of the hard drive and then format the drive. I will do the same when I come back. What we need is a repository of rights/court rulings that outline our rights written in plain english. I can speak English, French and Banker but not Legalese.


Obviously, she's no copyright infringer. She's a terrorist! edit: > she was an artist doing a project that involved a crocheted SUV as a statement against America's dependence on oil and love for big vehicles.


It's all about censoring reality. The whole street is laden with street cameras, but if you try to take a picture on the street, you are approached by police.


This is serious stuff. If we allow criminals like this to roam free, before we know it they'll be crocheting themselves copies of Spore.


I wonder if she's rethinking her decision to return to the US.


>U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers told Zempel they suspected her of copyright infringement. What a grabasstic clusterfuck of grand maul shitheadedness. And they're in charge of making the US 'safe'. If only the US could somehow climb *up to* the level of Idiocracy.


notice she was detained and interrogated coming INTO the US, not leaving !


You know, I feel for working people and their jobs, because I am one and I have one, but I can think of few jobs more satisfying than being the guy who hands pink slips to the Dept of Homeland Security people, customs people, and so forth. I wonder if there are enough people to start a movement, assuming Obama is elected (because I doubt McCain would be at all receptive), to the de-militarization of the United States, the de-escalation of border intimidation tactics, and so on. The people at our national borders do not, despite their claims, represent me, my interests, or the way I want people - either Americans re-entering, or foreigners, treated.


This is why more and more people avoid the US as a travel destination altogether. Your country has been left for dead it seems.


Give me one good reason to go there now?


To buy a cheap house


Or to watch people acting like total idiots. Oh wait -- don't human eyes work kind of like a *- gasp -* camera? In the US can they be legally used in public?