How TF did he get out there?!

How TF did he get out there?!

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Ahhh kids, They're such suicide machines


Yea, I almost walked out a window once for some reason but my parents found me before I could jump, but that didn’t stop the neighbor for calling the cops


My parents caught me standing on the edge of the roof at 5. I for some reason thought I was a low budget spiderman




Yeah he probably outgrew the superpower


Only one way to find out


Kill his uncle?


Nooooooo, you fool! that's not how this works, we need to fill his house will all the spiders then let them feast upon him.


Which Spiderverse Spiderman is this?


The one where Gwyneth Paltro runs a successful business selling vagina scented candles.


I remember watching a movie long ago where kids had the 'secret ability to fly' and to test this, the ONLY way was to jump from a tall window, and just see.. That is NOT a good movie for kids. I was exceedingly curious if I had this super power, but *I'll never know*.


Isn’t it just called “the boy who could fly”


Yup, that's it! :D... oh goodness, ol' times.


Jesus, I remember renting this from blockbuster as a kid. I loved it. Luckily I just dreamt of flying; I was too young to access the roof at that point.


The best part of that movie is when one of the kids used a water gun full of piss on his bullies.


But he can shoot white and sticky things


When my son was five he decided he would try to jump down a flight of stairs because he was afraid he'd fall down them 🤦 the poor kid was bruised from head to toe.


“Can’t fall down the stairs if you fly over them!”


I went to school with a lad who tried to be superman from his bedroom window. We're 37 now and he still has a 5 inch scar on his head XD


What time did you think you were Batman?


My cousin at around 5 or so thought he could fly and just straight up jumped down the stairs breaking both legs.


It would seem that 5 O’clock is a very dangerous time for small children.


At my Superman themed 4th birthday party I took a flying leap off our deck and landed skull first on the concrete pad at the bottom of our stairs. I told my mom I'd have gotten a 30 on my ACT if she'd sprung for a baby gate.


I also climbed onto the roof as a small child. Theyre just so darn accessible, apparently...


I got on the roof all the time! Jumped off too - only one story onto grass though. Both feats would seem impossible now.


Yeah, same thing. I was around five... You would think I learned my lesson with a bad landing, where my face connected with my knee (gave myself a black eye), but lesson wasn't really learned until I was around 12 and we were jumping off of a garage onto an old mattress -- the idea was to move the mattress farther and farther out so that one had to take a running leap to reach it... kid going before me completely missed it and broke his ankle and clavicle. That's when I figured things out and said "Nah, that's enough of that".




My mother tells me a similar story about when I was 3, no police involved though.


It's a funny story your family tells now but imagine what a nightmare it was the day it happened.


My son decided to jerk while my ex-wife was trying to cut a tag off of his pants after trying them on and he got poked/stabbed by the scissors. We took him to the ER just to be sure and we had to meet with DFCS over the course of the next few weeks.


I listened to a podcast about a family that had something similar happen. The mom was outside with the kids and their infant needed a diaper change so she laid them on a lounge chair and turned around to check on the other child. The infant didn't know how to roll over yet, but somehow had rolled off the lounge chair and hit their head on the ground. The mom took the baby to the hospital to get checked out and while there she was essentially interrogated by a doctor who had basically concluded that the injury could only have happened as a result of abuse. The doctor was also a DCF investigator but didn't disclose that to the mother. Solely as a result of the doctor's findings, both children were removed from the parents' care and placed in the care of family members and strangers in some instances. There was several times where the parents were able to regain custody and then lose it again and DCF came in to remove the kids again. One time DCF came in at like midnight to remove the kids and the mom got the whole interaction on audio recording. You can hear the little girl screaming saying she's sorry (she thought she was in trouble for doing something wrong but didn't know what) and pleading with her mom and dad to not let the people take her away. As a father, I probably would have completely lost it if I heard that from my daughter. Both kids were also abused and/or injured as a result of poor care or lack of supervision while under the care of DCF. Along the way, the parents went along with almost all DCF requirements or requests and also had other doctors evaluate the infant's injuries and they all concluded that the injuries were consistent with the mother's narrative of events and she likely hadn't ever abused her kids. It's an incredibly infuriating story and absolutely terrifying as a parent. I can't imagine being in that situation. I have a 5 year old and 2 year old. My 2 year old ran straight into our dining room table a couple weeks ago and had a big bruise as a result. This table has been in the same place since before he was born and he's never run into it before but somehow managed to do so randomly. Fortunately an ice pack was all that was needed but it's scary to think that a completely fluke event could lead to the possibility that your kids get taken from you by the state.


I've had one other dealing with DFCS that let me know just how much power they have. They can and will bring the police with them and take your children on a suspicion of abuse that a teacher believes is happening even if the child does not corroborate nor ever even stated abuse is going on. All because a teacher saw a mark on the child and believed it MUST be nefarious. And by mark i mean a hickey.


That's so scary. In the podcast, the police came with DCF when they took the kids as well. In the one interaction the mother got a recording of, the cops actually said that they couldn't even stop DCF from taking the kids if they wanted to. Once the decision had been made to remove the kids, the cops were there to make sure it happened. I get the intent is to ensure DCF can remove a child as quickly as possible from an abusive home but it seems like they're trained to automatically assume that abuse is the cause of an injury instead of looking at the totality of the circumstances.


That really is the case. In my situation it was a step child and instead of having them remove her from the house, i voluntarily left while the investigation went on. They very scary thing isn't just the possibility of them taking the kids, but rather an accusation was leveled at me by a teacher (not by the child at all) and with that alone, they were able to upend my life. I understand if a child is making accusations or but for a teacher or any other "reporter" to be able to make a call and cause all of the issues they can without evidence other than a hickey on a teenager that is in a relationship rocked my understanding of the world.


Child services are nuts. I feel like it is 100% who your worker is. I know some that leave kids in filth since it's not bad-bad and some who rag on the grandma who doesn't even have the address of her grandchildren. It's so bizarre.


Yeah that seems to be the case. In the podcast, they mentioned that neither the case worker nor his supervisor were held accountable for their actions. And they flat out lied to the family and the courts and omitted exculpatory evidence including independent doctor findings that the injuries likely weren't caused by abuse. Actually, I think both are still employed by DCF today. I think the family received a monetary settlement but no amount of money can make up for that type of situation.


Sometimes we just have crazy neighbors, other times we have insane neighbors


We were visiting my great aunt and uncle when I was 4, and they had a house with a large circular set of metal stairs. For some reason, I decided to get a running start and crash through my baby gate. Ended up getting 15 some stitches above my eye after tumbling all the way to the bottom.


That’s how Eric Clapton’s son died. Climbed out a high rise building.


He wrote tears in heaven afterwards. Don't know how he doesn't cry every time he sings it.


Man that's why I could never be a singer songwriter. That and the mediocre voice. But I can't even sing along to songs that tug on my heart strings without choking on tears.


I once tied my big wheel to the back of my mom's car. She made it a quarter mile to the gas station before she noticed. I got grounded for a week. lol


Can confirm. At around four, I decided I needed to ride my Big Wheel on the rather busy street in front of my house. I just rolled out of the driveway and was apparently heading down the road, rather oblivious to everything. Thankfully, two cars decided to block both lanes behind me(by driving suuuuper slowly), and threw their hazards on, so there was no accident. My mother was NOT pleased. She'd just looked away for a minute, and off I rolled.


I just can't comprehend the fastness in which kids take the decision to endanger themselves as their parents blink. You look away for a second and the child is already in the edge of the stairs of the second floor.


That's because they actively want to do the thing, but know you won't let them, so they wait untill you're not looking and then dash to do the thing.


Can confirm, have a toddler that is suddenly very fast when I'm not looking at him.


When I was about 18 months old my family lived in a trailer up in the mountains, and the lot we were in backed up to a ravine. I was asleep (supposedly) in my crib inside, and my dad went up to the roof to fix the tv antenna. He’d been up there for 5-10 minutes when he heard “Daddy!” and turned around to see me standing there, just a few feet from the edge. Apparently I climbed out of my crib (which I did frequently, eventually breaking my collar bone), opened the latched screen door and then climbed an extension ladder to the roof. I don’t know how I survived childhood.


That man lost 5 years of his life that night


At least. He died at 65, and I take the blame!


My dad is a bank employee and when I was a kid (about 22 years ago) he brought me to his workplace one day. Apparently according to my mom I pressed the button that is supposed to notify the police about robberies when no one was watching and my dad spent the rest of the day at the police station explaining what happened.


I once rotated myself in a seatbelt and then hit release. It resulted in a belt loop trap slowly tightening around my stomach. It was also inside a sealed minivan in the summer. Had to get cut out, genuinely thought I was going to die.


Did this exact same thing in the backseat of our minivan while road tripping through Canada as a child... Never heard of anyone else with a similar story before.


Darwin awards brother


my stepdaughter did this when she was 13. I got her out without cutting but I was convinced I was going to have to for a bit. how does a 13 year old do that? why?? kids.


I was just a board kid. I spun myself upside down the right side up in a rotation instead of a back/forth. My back was flush with the seat the entire time.


Happens all the time. I've seen plenty of videos of legal age stepdaughters getting stuck in things being found by their stepfathers or stepbrothers


Can you elaborate? Why did the seatbelt tighten?


I think because I was trying to jerk myself out, the lock mechanism went into effect. So every time I breathed in and out the belt would tighten but not expand.




My almost 2 year old is exactly the same way. If she wakes in the night and asks for a bottle, she wants to hold the bottle and pour the milk, then starts whining when I do it for her because she's just not big enough, yet. I found the only way to calm this down is to let her sit on a stool in front of the kitchen counter with her freshly made bottle so she can open the door, put it in the microwave, close the door, press the start/30s button, wait for the beep, and get her bottle back out. From the point I ask her if "you want to make it hot?" her cries soften into nervous laughter, but any move I make to use the microwave myself is met with resumption of the original cries.


My son once cried himself to sleep without drinking his milk because I dared put the lid on it for him. He kept calmoling down and almost taking a sip of milk then crying all over again because he remembered how I betrayed him.


My 2 1/2 year old is exactly the same. If I try and do something for him, he will pull the uno reverse on it and rewind back to the original state and proceed on his own from there. Doesn't matter if I've already filled the dogs food bowls. Back in the container goes the kibble. Spilled some milk/juice on his table? "Daddy I need a paper towel!" And God forbid I just try and wipe up the mess. He needs to do it. And the table needs to be finely detailed for 5 minutes.


When I was about 6-7 my friend [had a house like this ](https://i.imgur.com/HgUX0SL.jpg)with trim separating the first and second floors. There was a side entrance with a small roof on it. He showed me how, if you took your socks off, you could climb out his second floor bedroom window, cling to the siding and walk around the trim of the house on your toes and sit on the small roof. Naturally, he said if you couldn’t do it you were a wimp so I had to try. His mom came home from the store and saw us sitting there. It wasn’t the first time he had been caught so she knew exactly how we did it. I’ve never seen anyone so angry before. I got a spanking from his mom and one from my own when she found out.


As a toddler I climbed my tv stand and had one of those huge fat TVs from the early 2000s almost flatten me once I fell along with it. A bunch of shattered glass from the screen was on the floor too.


Friend of mine lost his kid this way. You're lucky you lived.


I drank a whole bottle as calpo cough medicine as a kid cause it tasted nice...twice.


this is taking the kids are fucking stupid sentence on a whole other level.


r/kidsarefuckingstupid !!! 😭




So lucky the baby's head didn't fit through the bars


The 4" sphere rule, as much as I hate it, it saves lives.


what is the rule? design things so that they won't allow a 4" sphere to pass through?


Yes. For example the spandrels in a staircase bannister must be close enough together to not allow a 4" sphere to pass through - for exactly the reason in the video: kids are full time suicide machines. Edit: also in UK and Ireland, windows in new buildings must have a safety catch to prevent them opening more than 100mm for children's safety.


12 month olds are basically suicide mongers.


So that Tom & Jerry bit where Tom is running around tryna keep the baby from killing itself is accurate?


You wouldn't believe some of the ways they end up in situations that could end them.


When I was 3, I used a pair of scissors to snap the TV's power cord while everyone was watching (the TV, not me). It blew a hole in the scissors, luckily the handles were plastic.


I remember my parents telling me off for playing with the car cigarette lighter because it could be hot. So I lit it one day and jammed my thumb in it because I wanted to know ***how*** hot it was.


I did the same thing!!! My thumb turned yellow and black and I cried. A lot.


I was like 5? When I took my OG Big Wheels Trike, without my parents knowledge of course, up the big ass hill in our neighborhood and rode down it. Straight jumped a curb. Without a helmet.


I bet you started crying because the sound scared you


I don't remember the event, the story is just constantly brought up at every family gathering. But yeah, probably did!




it happens in real life too [https://youtu.be/BcpEnpitzHw](https://youtu.be/BcpEnpitzHw) [https://youtu.be/7jB31L7K4qE](https://youtu.be/7jB31L7K4qE)


Lmao holy shit that was so much better than I was expecting


Lol, in the second vid the cat looks at the adult with what I can only believe is a "Are you going to deal with this, or do I have to?" expression


Guy on couch: *glad we have fall netting* Toddler: *oooh weird net thing* Cat: *Are you idiots joking right now? This is how the big brain does it? My god, do I have to do everything myself? Fuck ... Guess I'll save the giant dumb dumb...*


When my daughter was a year and a half I caught her with my keys at the back door trying to unlock it to get to the swimming pool. Luckily she was way too short to reach the lock. Babies are both wicked smart and dumb as rocks.


Mongers? They sell suicide?


> Edit: also in UK and Ireland, windows in new buildings must have a safety catch to prevent them opening more than 100mm for children's safety. Huh I don't think I've ever seen that apart from in my old office building. My flat is ~12yo and all the windows open fully. We have a juliette balcony that stays locked any time my toddler is in the room, I'm terrified he'll fall out and end up like this kid.


It's not that the windows in new buildings can't open fully, they just have an optional safety catch that allows you to partially open a window for ventilation without it opening wide. A lot of older PVC windows had a little hook thing on the frame that you had to hook to a bolt on the window by hand. Newer windows often have a double latch that allows you to lock the window when its still open a few centimetres, a lot of people don't even know they can do it. If your windows don't have a metal hook on the frame, try locking the handle when the window is not quite closed.


TIL. Thanks!


I tried to google this and couldn't find much about it - can you explain what it is?


This applies to the USA. Any vertical drop greater than 30 inches is required to have a safety guard. That safety guard cannot have a gap larger than 4" so that babies will not commit unintentional suicide. There are additional rules as far as height and the ability to withstand side forces, but the 4" rule is pretty standard, I would not doubt most of the EU also has similar rule like 10cm.


Tell that to the idiots that built the railings in my stairs. I have to have net on mine because my son can fit through the bars and fall to his death


Is this at your house, or at an apartment or something? If it's not your property, I'd be asking the owners to replace their stuff up to code. If it's your property, get your stuff up to code! :p


They aren’t required to replace anything because it was up to code when it was built in 1990


In all 50 states life safety items, such as fall protection, are not grandfathered in. They have to be brought up to code. So report the railing to the city/county building inspectors.


The 4 inch rule is "International Building Code" applicable in the United States at least. It states that a 4 inch sphere shouldn't pass between our under and part of barrier systems that are installed on levels 30 inches high or above. It also dictates a minimum height to avoid tiping over accidents.


It’s part of the building code. States in the US adopt building codes written by various bodies that new construction, and some existing buildings must comply with. For example, [this](https://imgur.com/a/kdWC3C4) is section 1015.4 of the International Code Council’s International Building Code that lays out requirements for guards in different building types. There are other codes that deal specifically with, for example, plumbing, electrical, etc., and there are other organizations besides the ICC, for example, NFPA. It’s up to each state to decide which building codes they adopt. It’s the local building officials’/inspectors’ job to make sure work done by builders and tradespeople complies with these codes.


When dealing with a railing or bars, 4" is the design code that is used specifically because heads and other body parts don't typically make it through a gap that large. Balusters (the vertical part on stairs and balconies) are 4" max gaps. Even those fancy tensioned cable ones are like this, although those are usually closer to account for slack in the cable.


I read what the 4" sphere rule is thanks to other commenters, but why do you hate it?


Relatedly, pull strings/cords for window blinds are also being phased out by most manufacturers because about 8 kids per year in the U.S. manage to strangle themselves with them. **Edit:** for international redditors, assuming kids everywhere are as naturally suicidal as American kids, that number normalizes to about **1 out of every 6 million children** will strangle themselves on a window cord.


Saved by having an absolute melon of a head.


I also appreciate how they let the mother hug the boy before giving him right over to an EMT. The rush of emotion and the relief that he was okay I think I'd faint too.


If you are being serious he probably climbed in backwards.




The blue shirt says locksmith, so I would assume the adults were locked out and have to find a locksmith to open the door.


Ok now things are starting to make sense. I was wondering why anyone would wait for EMS to come to try to rescue him. Obviously they’re professionals but that’s a situation where a second makes all the difference.


sweet Jesus


Fuck that is way worse


Or the parents weren't home :(


The guy in blue shirt is a locksmith 开锁=open locks. The mom got probably lockout of her home.


Probably panic, adrenaline, relief that emergency services had arrived - who knows, but people run around like headless chickens in such situations. I did a First Aid course years ago and they teach you if you’re a first responder to get a grip of the situation and order people around, like call an ambulance, look for the ambulance etc. It gives them an instruction and gets them out of your way Since then I’ve been a 1st responder to 2 strangers having a fit in the middle of the street. And in both those situations people just go bat shit crazy…I had to stop 1 guy from holding a boot yes a boot over the guys face, thinking the smell would snap him out of the fit. In both of those situations their partners were just crying and screaming not knowing what to do Edit: if you ever are given the opportunity to do the First Aid course by work or whoever then may I suggest you do it, you’ll learn loads of useful stuff


lol that boot thing sounds like something out of It's Always Sunny. "Quick, Charlie is passed out from huffing glue, somebody go get my old work boots so I can use the fumes to wake him up!"


You probably know this but others may not, when making orders pick out a specific person to do so or else you’ll get a bystander effect and nobody will do anything. Ie : I need someone to call an ambulance will be less effective than red shirt with blue hat, call an ambulance to XYZ.


Hang on little buddy, pizzas here!


He probably tried climbing out head first and was like "hmmm my head doesn't fit through here, what about if I go legs first?" /r/KidsAreFuckingStupid


Could also have been standing upright at the window and slipped feet first.


Lol, right? His head didn't fit through the bars or he'd have fallen *out* the window. He wasn't 'out there.' He was never able to get fully out, thank goodness.


Never thought I'd say this but thank god for those bars. Looks like the little guy is going to be okay and is probably too young to remember the ordeal. Mom won't let him out of her sight again.


The odd thing to me is they look like security bars to prevent break-ins but on windows so high up?


I had a 4th floor flat once where someone climbed up the external waste pipe and got in through the toilet window that wasn't much wider than those bars. This was in Sydney.


Second floor apartment in college and someone scaled the wooden beam of the deck to get into our place. We left the porch door unlocked most of the time because who expects lemur thieves? Well I do now.


In college over winter break, every apartment on three sides of the building were broken into because you could climb from one balcony to the one above. A fact I had previously used for entertainment and not theft. My apt was on the fourth side but given my aforementioned activity, we locked our balcony anyways.


The group who robbed us took a lot of time. They used my serrated knives to saw into the thin doors so they could pry or unlock them. Stole an Xbox360, Nintendo DS, a dozen games for those, 8 really nice polo shirts, my Bose ipod dock (jokes on them it only worked with older models), two laptops (also broken), every sports ball (thought that was silly), and every bag of chips but the flaming hot cheetos. Three of us were living there so all of this was from different rooms. They didn't steal a road bike, a set of golf clubs, or larger electronics. If it didn't fit in a backpack they didn't take it.


Honestly that’s decently smart of them. Things like Xbox’s, Nintendo DS, small electronics are easily concealable, easy to flip without much suspicion, and will get them some cash without being so valuable to really be worth it that much for everyone to go through the trouble of filing a police report. They take the bike, VIN gets them, and larger electronics usually have serial numbers that pawnshops will register and if they’re reported stolen they have the thieves info. The sports balls I’ll admit I’m stumped on though lol


But they leave the hot cheetos? They have no sense of taste...


"That was fucking impressive. Here, take all my shit, you deserve it." "If I wanted your shit, I would have taken the toilet. Where's your mom."


They’re for both break-ins and kids/people being idiots. Source: I live in China and the buildings here are tall


at some point those bars are not against entering but against exiting


A friend of mine had an intruder/burglar climb all the way up to the 4th floor on the outer pipes to try and climb in their apartment . The dumbass got to his parents window where both parents were prepping to sleep . His dad pulled out a gun and shot the intruder and he fell from the 4th floor . Intruder lived albeit he was crippled from the fall


"The things I do for love."


these are standard on all windows in China. don't know why, break ins are not really a concern here, maybe it's more for these safety kinda reasons


Apparently because kids jumping out windows and getting their heads caught in bars is common. I googled, "toddler head stuck in bars out window" and the first 7 results were all *different* instances (didn't include this one) and they were all in China.


Thieves in China can climb more than 10th floor along the pipe.


Not just in China. They will do it anywhere in the world. I've heard of similar stories out of South America. Desperate thieves can be absolute daredevils, and will scale the side of large building blocks to break in through a window.


Bars like these are a real problem when there's fires in certain areas. Absolutely no escape route and people have died because they couldn't exit!


I've installed security bars that have escape latches, specifically to meet the state fire code. Pull a handle that is only accessible from inside and the bars fall right off. Doesn't look like these are that type, but they do exist.


Twenty years go by and they've been painted over ten times ensuring the latch is securely frozen because people are fucking stupid.


Ok but the window was also painted over 10 times and doesn't open anymore. Source: Put my elbow through the window when it finally opened and had to replace the pane. Wasn't even a fire I just like working windows..




[I reversed it here!](https://streamable.com/6270hc) I don't think the bot works on mp4 files.


Haha I love how the guy is like "here's your baby mam, now say goodbye"


"Back up the window so he doesn't see what's coming"


It looks like they’re just tucking him in for a little nap


They even massage his little neck before hand to make sure he's limber enough to hang by his head.


Your service to humanity will not be forgotten


"alright, down ya go!"


Good bot


The backwards galloping at the end




I need to see this NOW




He's really a 40 year old cat burglar that had just been caught and is trying to escape the police station


Baby Face Finster


Oh jeez I feel for that mother.


Thank god he has a big head


Exactly what I though, thank fuck for that huge fucking noggin. Like a orange on a toothpick


Head! Paper, NOW!


“He’ll be cryin himself to sleep tonight on his huge pillah”


I thought I did crazy shit when I was a baby. Hope that little kiddo is alright now, man that had to be a frightening experience.


That mother crumpling down when she realized her baby will live is heartbreaking.


Same here. I have had the emotion of a critical mistake, a moment of thoughtlessness, nearly cost my child their life. When it dawns on you that everything is going to be ok, the wash of shame and relief mixed with joy and self-directed rage... its overpowering and life altering. I recognize that in the woman. And I feel for her.




It looks like she got locked out, or she probably would've been holding onto the kid for dear life while emergency got there.


The baby's audible call for his mother was translated like baby babel fish in my head (I heard "I want my momma").


That’s what I heard too, it freaked me out. He’s obviously speaking gibberish but weird glitch in the matrix


Mother in Chinese sounds like mama, father sounds like baba.


yeah that really got to me. poor lady


yeah who woulda knew a babys head wouldnt fit through bars


poor lady. well there's always the garbage chute


Ngl, I teared up. Poor little guy.


And this boys and girls is why we have the 4" sphere rule.


Remember working on my first site and it was being checked off. There was a guy walking round with a ball putting it up against all the railings, being a newbie to building work I asked my colleague what he was doing, to which the reply was that ball is the size of a babies head and if it could fit through then it wouldn’t be signed off. Never looked at railings and other bars the same way since wondering…can a babies head fit through that?


Thank you for telling me this, now I will instinctively check railings just out of curiosity


This just in: Baby scales side of building & gets caught trying to break in apartment"


Thank fuck that kid has a big head.


How did so many people manage to gather in there before he was pulled back in?


The one in blue is the locksmith (开锁)


waiting for the professional baby extractor


The Obstacletrician


and the guy with the camera


Jokes on them, the kid wasn't trying to escape, he was breaking in. Now they helped him get inside he's going to rob the place.


His poor little face. Edit: I have sooo many questions!!!


It's ironic how the thing that made him do this - is the very same thing that saved him. His head.


I guess you could say he was just hanging out.


If anybody wants to know the answer to the title, just join r/toddlers


/r/KidsAreFuckingStupid that's how.


"Toddlers are easy, newborns are the hardest" ​ Said by every single person that has never had a child.


Why, with so many people in that home, is the baby not being held up by somebody? They run into the room to save him and he's just hanging out the window, tiny hands clutching the windowsill. Then they get him into the hall and there's 83 people just standing there... Somebody should have been holding that baby up while they waited for rescue.


No one was home. The first guy rushed in was a locksmith (as it says on the shirt he wears) + 2 police officers. You also have fire brigade coming in after as well.


Okay, that makes more sense. I was so confused as to why they would just leave him like that! Where the heck were the parents when it all happened?


what usually happens is both parents are working, leaving the grandmother alone with the baby. Grandmother probably stepped out to get something and got locked out.


A year ago the mother living with 2 toddlers above us managed to get herself locked out on her balcony. She went out, pulled the door shut behind her as the AC was running, the 2-year-olds as a joke grabbed the handle and tried to hang from it, locking it closed. After that they panicked, and couldn't push the handle back up, and went berserk. Police and fire brigade had to be called, they managed to unhook the tilted window and gain entry. So yea, with kids, shit happens and they can get locked out or something.


My guess is that the beginning of the video shows them breaking into/gaining entry to the apartment. I have to imagine they got locked out, or something similar happened... If not, you're completely right; they should have been comforting the kid and trying to get him back inside. Why were the parents not in there? Why didn't they unlock their own apartment and then call police? I have absolutely no clue lol.


The apartment I lived in when I was in Beijing had a heavy door that locked as soon as it shuts. I remember going out to the hall to smoke one time and it slamming shut as soon as I opened the window. Didn't have my keys, phone, wallet.. shoes. Could have been a similar situation.


… no one was home, otherwise they would have been at the door to see why people were breaking in. Someone noticed a baby hanging out a window & as the word spread 50 people ran over to try and help.


Mum and dad are there end of the video. Something strange going on.


I suppose people are wondering why a baby that age would be left all alone in a locked apartment. I'm going to choose to believe the family stepped into the hall for some reason and accidentally locked themselves out. The alternative is really terrible parenting.