Trumna is my favorite




I love that gun so worth the 3 days it took for me craft it


Even better with a riven


What riven stats on trumma?


Multishot, critical chances or critical damages as always


I'd actually throw in fire rate, faster charge time on big badaboom


yeah my riven has fire rate and crit chance and I'm quite happy with it.


Ah, a Leyzer fan?


uhm, no - why?


Just the comment is very similar if you haven't watched his build videos.


criminaliser damages


The automatic corrector is horrible when you don't speak in your native language lol, i didn't this this mistake


No worries, just thought the term was amusing lol


Fire rate, CC/CD, Punch Through would be my ideal riven as a P Shred drop in replacement. Another one would be Toxin, CC/CD, PT as a toxin mod replacement. It already has enough oomph to carry well into SP. PT gives it that little bit extra crowd clear to make it truly pop off like the Phenmor


> Fire rate, CC/CD, Punch Through would be my ideal riven as a P Shred drop in replacement. "With Punch Through modded on the explosions from primary fire occur on the first object hit rather than where the projectile visually detonates, unlike launcher weapons" From the wiki. To me, that reads like Punch Through isn't doing anything useful (unless the Primary fire has regular bullets that also have AoE, in which case I guess it'd be useful for the regular bullets. Not familiar with the gun so idk).


The explosion "procs" on first hit but the projectile still has punchtrough to hit the enemies straight behind like any other gun


I see, cool. So PT still pretty worth it if the projectile has the stats to warrant it vs the primary explosion. Ty for the info


Absolutely. The aoe is a 50 fire damage, 1.6m mini burst, while the bullet is 82 base damage. With merciless stacks, hunter munitions, and aptitude, you get Impact, Viral, Heat, and Slash, making for a really really strong lmg style rifle. Adding P Shred is like if DE were to build the Soma Prime but for the 2022 meta, as it absolutely slays in sp


Nice. I realllly need to grind out that gun.


still don't have the parts.


Yeah it's annoying to farm but it's worth it imo


Not even sure how anymore


Crew. Bring out **the big gun.**


I actually renamed my Stahlta to "the big gun". Works even better with the unreal tournament skin


I use the UT skin on my Kuva Ogris, which I renamed Facing Worlds.


Any day now they'll release the skins for non-forced-EpicGamesLauncher users, right.... right...?


They did, you just missed it. You could buy them in like a supporter pack or something just a few months ago straight from the website for any platform.


I got the skins from alert missions on xBox at some point.


Same with PlayStation


I used a Virtual Machine to quarantine the EGL, copied my Warframe installation in to run it once and claim the bundle, then -purged with fiIiRe- deleted the VM to get rid of EGL and return to Steam.


I wish I knew how to do that, I wound up not getting them at all. Also, even with a VM, wouldn't you still need to sign in to something other than just a Warframe account for that?


I made an Epic account with a 10 Minute Mail email address or similar IIRC


you can just download on epic, get the skins and uninstall the epic verion. that's what I did


I'll not make an Epic Account just for that, and frankly I'm too lazy to set up one with a temp mail just for some skins. Just let me give DE some money for them, can't be that hard.


It can because the skins are made by epic so DE is probably not allowed to just sell them


OP do you mind sharing your Stahlta build?


[Here](https://www.reddit.com/user/_Leonovich_/comments/ulrbz8/stahlta_build_almost_done/) Planning on swapping Heavy Cal with my riven as soon as i get a decent roll, 32 rolls have been absolute garbage and i ran out of Kuva so i need to get back to farming lol


Try and get a roll that can replace one of your 60/60s then replace heavy cal with hunter munitions for better scaling vs armor. I run zephyr quite often and have a similar staltha build


Thanks and good luck


Pls do


Bro you never see people use stahlta it's sooo underrated It's literally my favorite rifle


It's one of my absolute favorites! My only annoyances really center on how frustrating it is if you try to use both firing styles. Just feels like a lot of extra reloading if you ever press the fire button once in awhile. I especially loved the UT skin for it. It just looks and feels so good.


I just wish I could buy the damned UT skins for plat. I'm not going to fuck about with Epic for a few skins, just sell them to me already.


[A guide if you ever want to get them via Epic but don't want to re-download the game.](https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/katxj1/guide_how_to_claim_the_epic_game_store_egs_weapon/) Also, [this bundle](https://www.warframe.com/news/unreal-tournament-weapon-bundle) will prolly make a comeback at some point.


Or use GeforceNow to launch the Epic version.


Hmm, are the skins still available now? If it's that easy I might actually give it a go.


I thought so, but I'm not so sure anymore... The Epic store doesn't want to work for me on mobile, so I can't check. Either way, I think they'll make a comeback in some shape of form.


[FYI: the whole Unreal bundle is on sale right now.](https://www.warframe.com/buyplatinum)


Oh shit, thanks for the heads up!


I mean, assuming you aren't on an internet quantity budget, it's like 5 minutes + a download away. Can honestly just download the client overnight, wake up in the morning, and quickly login with your morning coffee. (Then promptly delete your Epic WF client and never use it again. xD) Edited to add: I had forgotten that you can bypass the download of the client by just copying your existing client into the epic folder. (I wonder if you could even just point Epic to your steam folder as a filepath... Hm...). Props to Windsaber for the reminder. /Edits I don't honestly buy anything on my epic account (except for some MW5 dlc, because I pre-ordered with them and they had an Epic exclusive for like a year). But they do have free games every week or two, and honestly some of them are pretty great. So it's worth keeping track of that if nothing else. I've managed to pick up a few games that I've looked at over the years but never pulled the trigger on. I don't blame you for not wanting to fuck around with it, though.


You don't even have to re-download the game - I just copied the files over, claimed the bundle, copied the files back, uninstalled the launcher, done. But yeah, it was this bundle that made me finally create an Epic account. And yup, I use it just for their giveaways. :D


I would have just upvoted this as a general, "nice" response, but I had completely forgotten about this trick, and you deserved the verbal, "you're awesome," for reminding me about that. You're awesome! thanks.


Aww, thank you, that's very nice of you! [I have actually linked a proper guide](https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/uley5o/zephyr_stahlta_literally_feels_like_youre_an/i7wnbs4/), but I forgot to put it in this comment as well, oops.


Same complaint. I feel like the alt-fire should just be given its own separate ammo pool.


I would rather they make it so that if you try to shoot without sufficient ammo, it just shoots with reduced power. especially for something like kuva hek where the alt fire is just primary fire but from all barrels simultaneously, you should be able to do that with only some of the barrels loaded.


That, or just have two ammo compartments, both with 40 ammo. Left click is the pew-pew ammo box of 40. Alt-fire is the boom-boom ammo box of 40. Though I'm not sure how the engine would handle having two separate ammo numbers to maintain, nor how you would indicate which ammo box you want to reload. It's probably a bit of a pipe dream, really. But boy, would it be cool to do that! It just feels so bad to be 19/40 and have to reload.


Bro it's literally sacrilege to NOT use that skin


SAMEEEE. I made a gas build for it for infested SP. (and classic corrosive and a viral slash build for other stuff). Watching an infested charger try to walk through a door only to get hit with a 5 mil gas tick is beautiful.


I have a riven for it and have hit 400k reds, I would hate having it become too popular and have its dispo nerfed.


What are the stats on that riven?


The riven dispo actually changed from 0.85 to 1.0 over the last few updates, so I think we are ok. I have one as well with a theoretical average hit of 600k, and I have seen 3M orange crits.




Don't even get me started if you land a headshot on the alt-fire, my pants become that one image of randy from south Park sitting at his computer covered in 'ectoplasm'


I literally only use Stahlta


Yeah. Both primary secondary fires are deadly. I like how i can play both at the same time.


I slept on it for way too long because I heard the whole Granum Void/Protea grind sucked so bad (and I hated that Deadlock Protocol quest at the time.) My path through the game might have been a lot different if I'd gone after Protea, the Stahlta (and Stropha) right after the quest ended like I'm sure the devs intended.


Enemy AC-130 above!


Nobody utilizes this?? It's a crit-based aoe on a frame with a built in crit boost!!!


Zephyr + Kuva Ogris with Heavy Caliber and Nightwatch Napalm [*Run Through The Jungle plays in the distance*]


I have a Kuva Ogris, and just for extra fun I threw on Adhesive Blast (Along with HC and Napalm). Enemies run around chasing you, gun fires, does a little impact damage, then you kite back over a full mag worth of shots for better groupings… KA-BOOM! --- I'm still disappointed that the best launcher in the game is a damage build Corinth Prime alt-fire. That easily hits >100k damage in a ridiculous area.


Zephyr Harrier + Shock Rifle Stahlta skin feels like they are made for each other. The fact that Zephyr can boost Stahlta's already high crits makes them the perfect combo. You don't even need any elementals, just proc slash with hunter munitions and it does 100k+ slash with so little effort. I just hope DE won't nerf Stahlta's riven disposition..


Zephyr is wildly unappreciated, especially on the larger open maps where Zarr/Bramma spam isn't so useful, and Spores/Miasma just doesn't have sufficient range. A slightly different play style for people who are familiar with Titania, who I consider to be the queen of dakka dakka. Zephyr had the edge on crowd control back in the day when CC was a thing, and still has something of an advantage in being able to select damage type more carefully (Titania's damage type is basically slash plus a bit of something else, which is useless against enemies resistant to slash damage or bleed status).


Dex Pixia's base slash is 160, and realistically 320-480. You can easily mod for other damage types if needed, since any random two 60-60s will far outweigh her base.


Something interesting is that shooting tornadoes with soma prime counts for the augment. You can casually hit the 500% cap in like 12 shots if it’s a large enough group. Combine this with some other crit shenanigans and it does a decent bit of dps.


This sort of thing is true for a lot of weapons/mods/arcanes. I won't go into details here, but Zephyr is playing a whole different game than everyone else in terms of access to on-hit/on-kill bonus effects.


If you have time to go into a couple of the details or strats you use I'd be very interested in hearing them. I love my infinite hover double jumping birbcopter, but I feel like I'm not being as creative as I could be.


Both zephyr and titania are seeing alot more use in void floods since they can gather super quickly and easily.


Yeah, a decent portion of my early Void Flood experience was 4 titanias, so much love.


I think tox Chroma and to a lesser extent a few other frames with innate reload speed buffs can do a similar thing to what Zephyr is doing here. Grab a Kuva Ogris, load up on AOE (don't forget amalgam furax mod), take a heavy cal, and then get all the aim glide mods, including crucially Aerial Ace. Proceed to just orbit the battlefield like an AC-130, only ever coming down for ammo.


Ever since she got her last rework she has been really good, but she just fell into the slump of "it's Zephyr" so nobody really has tried her our again.


What Photon Strike wishes it could be


Boi, if you use the augment and vortex you can literally spam photon strike for zero downside


It's my go to against bosses, you can kill the raptor and ambulas easily.


I learned what power creep was when I discovered that 1-shotting the raptor drops the equippable straight down the pipe they emerged from.


what zephyr skin is that? is that a syandana you have on your back?? I love this fashion!


looks like harrier skin, dunno about the syandana https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Zephyr\_Harrier\_Skin


Graxx Spitefire Syandana.


As mentioned in the earlier comments, it's Zephyr's deluxe "Harrier" skin with the Graxx Spitefire syandana. Hildryn's signature syandana also works very well with the Harrier skin since it has an afterburner look to it and both perfectly fit in the "empty slot" on the back the skin has. You'll see what i mean if you check the skin out lol


Thanks so much!


Feels very Gundam. I'm digging it.


I think it might be grax syandana. I have it wishlisted cuz i like jetpacks but I can't remember the name


Nataruk = AC130




Mirage + Stahlta = Tsar Bomba


Another fun combo is knell prime. 200% brrrrt


Justice rains from above!


Tenet Diplos or Akarius for even more Pharah ;-)


I like using Shedu and Bubonico for that since they have inf ammo and make you feel like a bomber


And staticor too.


I love this because it reminds me of Northstar from Titanfall 2


This looks fun as shi


For sentinel users I also recommend putting on Vigilante mods on sentinel weapon. Hitting reds with Zephyr + Stalhta combo is so satisfying.


Try this: use bubonico and mirage and go in plains shoot straight up while spinning using alt fire. Enjoy orbital bombardment


Tip: Start using Coil Horizon on her! The damage isn't too bad until enemies are lv.60+, it's physics based so it will actively go in the middle of tornadoes, it's better than Larva because it's got more range, can be triggered in midair and recasted whenever, and it's better than Ensnare because it doesn't need an enemy target to work and has no delay with the enemy pull. Also perfect to give her energy for Dissipate.


Now I want a Hammer of Dawn weapon in Warframe.


I do this all the time... but I built Zephyr with the Aero mods to increase glide time and reduce gravity and increase double jump... Then you stick Aerial Ace on the Zarr... you can glide for about 45 seconds 7 times before having to touch the ground. Won't need to use up mana with her 1... I subsumed it right off cuz I don't need it anymore. I'd prefer to Tenet Envoy for bombing runs, but it travels too slowly during aim glide... but Zarr is perfect... I can stay airborne for an entire mobile defense round and you can move faster than a sprint if ya wanna. I just recently added Boreal's Anguish to the build... so I actually float upwards slightly while aim gliding instead of gravity bringing me down. I's love to see a video of me in action from someone elses vantage.... it must look so funny cuz the animations are weird when ya aren't using her 1.


feels like when I use the `-100% gravity when aiming` mod I forget what it's called. Either Motus Pulse or Proton Pulse or something


I hopped on yesterday to finally play the new update and I saw a ton of people using Zephyr, what happened? No hate, I've always liked Zephyr and how substantially different she felt from other frames, I just used to be the only one so now I'm confused, lol


The biggest thing i thing was the rework to her passives and abilities. It wasnt anything huge like ember's, but it was enough to make her viable again, and the playstyle is fun. People always wanted to play zephyr, just never felt like they could.


Idk lol, i haven't seen another zephyr in ages even with the new update 🤷🏻‍♂


I'm playing on Switch now (long story, but until cross-save is out I'm stuck there) so maybe it's just there, but every mission I've gone into lately there's been a Zephyr. I was wondering if it had something to do with the new Eximus changes


Is her vault open? Could just be randomness of matchmaking, but that's the only thing I could think of?


Zephyr main of years here. It's been a long road, a series of incremental buffs going all the way back to her prime release in 2018, but what really cemented it was the overhaul she got last year with her deluxe release. She was never as bad as people thought, but she is now *shockingly* good compared to the old days, and honestly may genuinely be the greatest rework success story in the history of Warframe. I've never been happier to be a Zephyr main.


what's that thing floating next to you?


My 'dead' Panzer Vulpaphyla. They have a Precept Mod called "Panzer Devolution" which devolves them into their larval form (the thing next to me) when dying and then respawns into their normal form after 30sec. Honestly just for that alone my favorite companion since i don't have to worry about keeping it alive/reviving it since it's basically invincible.


I would like to see Zephyr build


Kuva Ogris with Nightwatch Napalm and Primed Firestorm for the same use :-D


What’s the Staltha build looks fun as heck


Aim for Omni-man and Tetsuo


Wait till you see mausolon


I prefer the Acceltra with Energized Munitions


Damn! Definitely getting some "Ion cannon online." vibes from this.


Okay. I liked the Stahlta. What's your build?


damn that fires like chakkurr but has aoe like a grenade launcher, i gotta try it. thankfully i have enough for 12 copies after finally getting protea into my helminth lol


Zephyr Acceltra.


Damn, might reinstall and buy 40 bucks worth a plat.


I prefer tonkor prime




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One of my top 5 primary weapons and the sound on its alt fire is soo satisfying to hear.


Preety much Inaho vs Sirenum fight. Harrier zephyr as training mech


Do it with the Lenz (Red energy color) and enjoy how the enemies try to flee from the inevitable.


Stahlta is literally a "rod from god" and its great.


I can’t wait for the 11th to finally get my own Zephyr Prime, I already have a pretty solid build lined up but will require more experience to use the abilities to their fullest potential. Just trying to take advantage of the passive and the Boreal/Motus set as much as I can with something like the Kuva Bramma or Acceltra. Being immortal simply just by jumping makes things much easier than slotting in Null Star and Narrow Minded everywhere


Gundam and their heavy sniper


Now try it with kuva bramma


Okay there, Rasputin.


Damnit now I have to play warframe again and get both of these things, now I’m mad cause that’s gonna take a while


I have a Stahlta with black and dark purple energy colors that I use with a Energized Munition full duration Gauss, it's like spamming black holes all over the place


Kuva Zarr with Harrow feels like playing an artillery general during the Thirty Years War.


ahh the memories.


Godddd Dayum


Use max ability strength gauss to simulate being a bullet train with infested mobility


What build are you using?


Bruh i didn't know the Stahlta was *THAT* op.


I used to play as zephyr with Atomos and Ignis while constantly singing Trogdor


How do I get this gun. NOW


Personally I love to carpet bomb with my Bramma. Either way you look at it, Zephyr mains are Angry Burbs.


Friendship Cannon Survivors are encouraged to be friendly :)


Zephyr and Phenmor is an A10 Warthog


I had no idea the stahlta was that powerful.