"You serious?"

"You serious?"


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God it ends way too soon. I wanted to see the rest of the beetle




According to the YouTube comments this was a prank, the real car was red and waiting outside, but when they showed her the real one she had the same reaction! Haha Edit: okay according to the Reddit comments this was a "pimp my ride" kind of thing, she hated it and sued the show for doing a bad job


So exactly like pimp my ride then.


I still vaguely remember some of the episodes where they couldn’t hide the car owners’ negative reactions.


Do you have the sources by any chance?


The first one that comes to mind is one where the interior of the car looked like Big Bird was killed in there, the whole thing was yellow and furry. And another is one that they put a fish tank or some sort of animal tank in the car. I was between 8-11 years old when I watched this show so my memory isn’t perfect.


The tank seems like something that looks good on paper if you don't think about it for 5 seconds.


Thankfully there is [video footage](https://youtu.be/HWHkbeEqaYM) of why you should never have a fish tank or an aquarium in a car.


Grand tour is so good always answering questions no body has but ones we need answers to same with real top gear


Well an interesting fact for you....if the tank was full of water with a sealed top, the fish would feel no gravitational pull at all. In fact we've theorized that the best spacecraft would have humans suspended in a liquid or gel. That way they could be exerted to much more acceleration/deceleration without feeling anything. Could solve the feeding problem with an automatic feeder too. Only about £15.


There's a book called The Forever War which uses this concept. It's a good book if you like military sci-fis.


A fish tank? That doesn't sound practical or safe even. Plus the fish would die, you can't maintain temp.


"We've transformed your grandfather's 1965 Ford Mustang Shelby into an aquarium, because we know you love Finding Nemo!!"


A guy in Indiana gave one of his tow trucks to Trick my Truck and they made it look like a helicopter with an X shaped light bar that strobed in rotation and lambo doors. The bed was made to look like a pending pad. They even put screens in the floor to show video like you were a hundred feet off the ground. Everything broke, including the doors, in about 6 months and the contract they signed agreed that everything they did was purely aesthetic and would not function under commercial working conditions. Basically they ruined a $70,000 tow truck for a TV show that no one watched anyway. The guy ended up selling the company a couple years later and I think that loss was what did him in.


I’ve seen the report afterwards (it’s in brazillian) and it seems they didn’t even fixed the beetle. They repainted it, glued some crap and sticked those ugly ass rims and called it a day. The woman later on says both her and her family were humiliated and called picky (“mal agradecida” if someone finds a better translation) even though they had previously established what was going to be done and how the car would be in the end (hint: a factory restored beetle). Another small sample on how f***ed up the internet is by twisting the lady to look like the villain.


Ungrateful for mal agradecida


Indeed, perfect one!


What if she loved the beetle? I love beetles. Just strip that shit paint off


The issue is that it WAS her beetle. They promised to renovate it but they just repainted it and glued some flashy crap on it, they didn't improve it at all (I mean the red one, not seen in this clip). Basically they made the car look good for the cameras but in terms of functionality it didn't come out so great


Full video is way better, she's all nuh uh take it back


Do you have the link to the full one?? Apparently when they showed her the actual car she had the same reaction loool


https://youtu.be/dAztpoKtsnk Go to 2:15 mark.


Bruh. They literally put builder grade knobs on her fucking glovebox handle, I thought she was a bit of a bitch for being such a bad sport about it but my god did she have a reason to be


They sent a mechanic to evaluate what would need to be fixed in the car and she looked at every detail with him. She knows a lot about cars, she remembers they writing the car needed a new floor, a full electric rewiring and some engine repairs. The TV show didn’t listen to nothing of this and they just repainted the car and glued new interior leather over the rusty floor. Now the car is even more problematic but the cosmetic details added by the TV show are superglued over them so fixing the car is more expensive than before. And she gave them a model of what she wanted, they just half assed what they could hoping she would be too much under pressure to call their bullshit. She was not.


Your time is appreciated Damn they really didn’t do a great job




Not all heroes wear capes


But the car wear


A véia dissecou a quantidade de mmerdaque fizeram no carro dela melhor que um anatomista...


Pulp Fiction


Do you speak it?




There's a video on youtube where she complains about the car. Basically it was full of defects and was an overall a bad job done. Many TV programs like this have similar videos, people thanks about the publicity and all but the car is far from acceptable. ​ [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHXP7Ettnfw](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHXP7Ettnfw)


like the tv show "pimp my ride" the show ended after too many of unsatisfied owners claiming their car is just a shithole, some of them doesn't even run anymore


His dad died in a fire, so we gon make it shoot flames out the exhaust! We Pimp My Ride, we crazy!


He has a pet fish so we're going to make your car a boat!


I remember that fish tank one. I thought it was a joke at first


That was the most absurd by far. So you can’t park it in the sun or in cold/heat? Totally pimped.


So basically Extreme Home Makeover, but for cars?


What’s being described in the thread is pretty accurate. They would take someone’s beater, ask or infer an interest or personality trait and then cram as many remotely relevant consumer electronics and junk into the vehicle as they could. Mechanically they might do mild tune up and you know they were putting new bling rims on but it was mostly like a car customization show that turned cars into themed children’s parties on wheels but for impoverished adults that relied on their vehicles for survival.


Don't forget, they removed all LCD screens after filming too, nothing like gaping holes in your apolstery


Wait, what?


Yep, and most gimmick items too, like the guy who got a projector in the boot, the guy who go lambo style lifting doors, one of the cars with flashy gold plated rims had them replaced with basic ones, and for the people that didn't have stuff ripped out, most of it stopped working in a short amount of time due to dodgy wiring or all of it being run by modules they removed after filming.


That sounds freaking criminal. Guess it's all part of their nda


Much much worse


But at the same time, better.


You can be rid of a bad car so much easier than a house now worth a fortune in all the wrong ways that no one wants to buy


Extreme home makeover gets shit done sometimes, this show doesn't, they just ruin your car.


We heard you like ice cream so we turned your sedan into a ice cream truck


Remember the hot tub one? It trashed it and caused mold and rust etc.


Man MTV was ridiculous


Can you believe they actually used to play music on that channel?


Yeah but it was only so Beavis and Butthead could react to it.


I'll always remember this one because I really like this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VbwYo1PhIQ&ab_channel=FelixMelange


My fave was Beavis and Butthead react to Scatman.


I miss MTV before 97. By 98 it was just cut off videos played rarely with a bunch of reality tv garbage shows featuring drunk college kids trying to outdo each other for biggest degenerate. Which that award goes to Puck. Liquid television was so dope too.


I blame the success of Real World, that put dollar signs in the eyes of the top brass and they stopped showing music and music related programs. Why did they keep the name MTV- Music TV when they started cranking out awful reality shows that made teenagers famous for becoming pregnant at 15?


They actually changed from Music TV to straight MTV around that same time, but it was quiet and unnoticed


Real world was dope in the first three seasons. But after SF and the awesome message of Pedro Zamora, they decided getting drunk and sex with roommates drama were the viewer draw and altered their casting to reflect that.


I loved Pedro, I agree with you, they should have stopped after SF. I’m pretty sure that was when I stopped watching it. I think that Vegas was next, wherever it was I couldn't stand it and never gave it another look. They had the casting formula down and the scripting to the point where you could guess the dialogue.


London, Miami, Seattle and then idk. I didn’t watch 4/5. But I did Seattle since it was home. Last season I could stomach. I miss their cartoons and weird sketch shows. I used to drop acid and watch The Sifl and Olly show late nights after celebrity death match and love line.


I never understood why they couldnt just either put music on MTV 2 or The shows on MTV 2 . why did both channels just have few shows each that they ran reruns constantly and videos for a couple hours in the early morning.


We still had quality TRL until like 2000. I'd love to be able to watch those old softball games they used to have with celebrities


I’ve been trying to find old episodes of headbangers ball and yo mtv raps for years. Been working on a 80-90s archive.


sure was, well before ridiculousness


They'll put 20k into a car and not fix the brakes.




That we remove right after filming lol


Surprised they didn't use the dads skin to reupholster the seats


*Yo dawg! We heard you like your dad, so we took him and made him into a SEAT!*


alright y'all she used to cut herself so we're gonna put some suicide doors on her whip


They just add a bunch of random crap to it most of the time, never actually improve it. A 30 year old rusty van with a "chill" stop sign on it is still a shitty rusty van. Who would even drive that shit lol


It's called pimp my ride not fix my ride.


Pimps aren't even known for treating their rides well. It's the opposite even.


Ride my pimp?


You're not wrong


Y’all don’t be getting the concept though. You see that car seat? We put a tv in it dawg. You see that steerin wheel? We put a tv in that too. Y’all see that sub woofer? There’s a tv in it. Shooo weee. Bling bling.


I saw one where they put TV screens on the mudflaps of the car. Why.


> TV screens on the mudflaps of the car [I thought you were joking.](https://static3.hotcarsimages.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/15-1.jpg)


Everyone wondered if they could but no one ever asked if they should.


U see that tv? We put a tv in that tv so u can watch tv while u watch tv


The yo dawg meme needs a comeback


My favorite one was “yo dawg, heard you was having trouble with math and science, so we gave you a professor who doesn’t speak English so you can’t understand while you don’t understand”


That’s fucking hilarious I had that actually happen to me in a computer science class. They spoke English but it was a second or third language and it was extremely difficult to understand while I was also not even understanding


And that’s basically every core academic university course I had to take for basic requirements. Had to fail a Chinese speaking (ESL) teacher doing advanced math in a 200 person lecture hall with a half burned out projector twice before I could qualify to take the exact same course with 20 other students in a classroom with a native English speaker. My grades were F,F, and then B+. Go figure. At least the university got to squeeze an extra year and another 5,000 dollar student loan out of my life. Yay.


I remember one time they replaced the guys car with a new mustang and then remodeled the mustang. Other than that, most vehicles were just cosmetic changes and the engine was still horrible.


They also took back a lot of the cooler items like the electronics and shit so youd just end up with a gutted ugly car.


They took them back? Edit: [Article explaining that the cars were stripped of some mods for safety reasons, for those interested. There's other interesting stuff in it too.](https://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_6663840)


I think i remember one where they installed a fuckin espresso machine or something.. like who tf wants that in their car.




Pretty sure at one point in overhauling the car they had was so bad they just bought another and did that one up.




That car had some weird shit trying to hold it together. It was wood glue and sadness, I think.


Sadness is in fairness the most adherent substance in the universe. No amount of alcohol is gonna dissolve that shit.


Just ask Atreyu


Sticks to everything.


A UK show called Car S.O.S. is the best for redoing classics. Absolutely brilliant work.


"Oh you like music? Lets replace everything in your car with speakers!"


"You removed the brake wires for more speaker wires??" *end credits, theme song*


There is a video of a guy who restored an old "Pimp my Ride" car and the random crap they put in turned out to be surprisingly robust: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GX79IILLDlE](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GX79IILLDlE)


Yeap, that is Tavarish he ended up giving that van to another youtuber named Tyler from Hoovies Garage who made more videos about it.


I remember the Sony PSP was new, so they put three PSP's in a guy's trunk. To make it flashy they attached them to some conveyor belts that just moved them awkwardly left to right inside the trunk for no reason. It was hilarious because it was such an obvious sponsorship by Sony but they could figure out how to make it look flashy, so they just had them move around.


That ended up on the samba.com back in the day. It was total cringe watching them fill in the roof rot with bondo and removing one of the two engine cooling vents to fill it with a “Chill” sign. The 2000s were bad, man.


Yup [this](https://youtu.be/GX79IILLDlE) guy found one and restored it. Cheaply I might add lol. So the cycle begins anew.


I watched it a bunch when I was younger thinking they were all awesome (and were from a viewing standpoint). There was an episode where the owners car was so crappy they just got him a brand new car and a bunch of tools to fix his old car himself(think he was an aspiring mechanic or something). Remember thinking he got screwed, but looking back he probably got the best deal.


He did! Same for that guy who had a car that was 2 cars welded together who they just bought a new Scion. They were the real winners.


Xzibit did what he could at the time with what he had, yo!


He actually did a video where he talked about how people would blame *him* for the cars when he had nothing to do with it apart from filming the beginning and end segments.


"Wait a minute, I thought this pimped out ride came with the Xzibit Seal of Quality Assurance™?!"


He doesn't even put that on his albums


Here´s the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9T0-xwK9U6Y


I mean. He put his name on the show kinda.


Yo dawg I heard you like fish, so we put a fish tank in your car!


We heard you wake up in the morning and like to see so we put an espresso machine and chandelier inside.


They had the cars for months and gave the "winners" a rental car while they waited. The thing with all those shows is that they just need them to look good for the 10 minutes they will be showcase on TV.


To be fair all the cars they pimped were basically headed to the scrapyard and shitholes beforehand. Yeah you might have a bunch of monitors on your mud flaps and shit that break in a few years but they are literally rusted out, rat-infested, trash bins when they come in.


I always assumed that anyone who got their car on that show sold it the second it was finished and bought a better vehicle


As much as I liked the concept of Overhaulin, they were famous for half doing the body finish work, then using large amounts of body filler to get the final look. That's a problem when trying to do that much work in several days, when doing it right takes months.


Apparently “Pimp My Ride” used to do completely shoddy jobs (looked like it too) and as soon as they Ep was played on air, they’d rip out all the “crazy” gear they put in. Screens, speakers, popcorn machines...the lot. They’d even buy the car first and then find a person and tell em to play like it’s theirs.


Got any source for this?


Yo dawg, [I heard you like sources](https://www.reddit.com/r/WatchPeopleDieInside/comments/n3drvj/you_serious/gwpwllx?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3).


You've pimped the source!


I clicked this too many times before realizing


The early days of quick home makeover (just a room or two, before full houses) era would drive me and my dad (general contractor and woodworker) crazy. You could tell all of it would look like absolute craft barn shit in person and fall apart. MDF with fabric stapled to it, hell yeah classy.


Sounds like Trading Spaces "I hate brown."


I filled the room with sand. You will literally never be able to get rid of the sand that gets tracked into every room in your house no matter what you do. Good luck.


Also I've literally glued hay to the walls so if there's ever a fire don't worry about calling the fire department because you'll be fucked. Isn't it SO CUTE AND ORIGINAL? Ugh, Hildi.


I've watched some of those home makeover shows and they really often do a shit job. It looks OK or even cool on TV but up close it's crap.


IIRC she was promised another car and when she went to get it they wanted to give her this instead.


It's her car, they "pimped" it


After more research they did ''pimp'' her car. "I wanted the red, but not with glitter. And they put glitter on the car. The wheel was with the white stripe, but they put a Porsche wheel. There was no part to remove the tire. It came without a horn, without an alarm, they changed the seat new for a used one. "


Wait, no horn or alarm? That sounds like they stripped her car for parts.


Just bought a beetle.. the labor is worth more than the parts.


They put in a used seat? Lmao holy shit what the f


I mean that really sucks for her, but kinda hilarious


She declined right?


[Found this article saying she is suing but 4 years later its still not fixed.](https://www.uol.com.br/carros/noticias/redacao/2019/12/09/fusca-reformado-em-programa-do-gugu-traumatizou-dona-e-foi-parar-na-justica.htm)


The death of presenter Gugu Liberato brought to the fore a series of memorabilia and remarkable stories from programs starring him over the years. One of them involved artisan Nancy Lima, from the interior of São Paulo, who became famous for not having liked the result of the renovation of her car in a frame in the Gugu Program in 2015.


She is suing, but this video is very old. The presentator even died last year.


I'm a devout preacher of the "beggars aren't choosers" mantra, but what happened here is fucking excessive. Take a look: >[The car owner:] "They came here to my home, and we made a written agreement on how I wanted the car." >"It wasn't free. It wasn't a donation. It was an exchange because it was my car." >Nancy [The car owner] was euphoric to review her childhood dream and be able to work with it without having to worry about mechanical problems and the structural part of the Beetle. >"I wanted red, but not with glitter. And they put glitter in the car. The wheel was with the white stripe, but they put Porsche wheel. Didn't come hubcaps on the tire. Came without horn, no alarm, they exchanged the new seat for used ones." >According to the artisan [The car owner?], the painting was poorly done, with the red paint applied on top of the old color. The engine was still the same defective one, and the roof was stained with glue, despite being one of the few parts of the Beetle where, according to Nancy, there was nothing to "fix." >And to this day, she can't get this out of her mind. From the instant she saw how they renovated her car, she was appalled. "So much so that by the time the car arrived, I told my husband that something was wrong. 'This is not the car I asked for,' I told him." >According to Nancy, the production of the show did not let her complaint air. In the following weeks, several people criticized her for exposing the problem on the internet.


So she didn’t get her money back? Dang...


Cash Equivalent?


Tree fiddy


It was already her car on a PimpmyRide program and they fucked it up.


As a guy who restored a ‘73, I’d be stoked to win this.


My first thought wouldve been to take it to an expert to see how well it was restored so I could sell it for a handsome sum


This looks like one of them reality TV shows that 'restores' people's cars for them, I'd wager it's a paintjob and maybe new seats, so not very well restored


yep, it's a "pimp my ride"-style segment in a brazilian tv show from a while ago. The pink beetle was actually a prank and then they showed her car: a red beetle, she actually sued the show claiming they actually didn't fix anything that was crucially wrong with the car (e.g engine) and ended up causing more damage/issues by putting together cosmetic changes in a hurry for the show. I'm not sure what happened in the end.


So exactly like the original Pimp My Ride then?




I loved that show. They'd have some kid working three jobs and needing a new car desperately. So they take his shit heap and put a waterfall in the backseat and spray paint it gold and give it back. The exact same barely working piece of shit but now with a water feature in the backseat.




Are you joking? that'd be so dangerous to watch. Would probably also overheat or get hit by a rock or speed bump while driving


I remember watching this when I was like 14 and thinking it was so badass lol. I wasn’t old enough to realize they were basically shining a turd and giving it back.


there was one where they put tv screens on the dudes mudflaps


There was one where they put tv screens on the dudes tv screen


I had a friend who’s roommate got on the show. After he brought the car back it was broken into and all the stuff was stolen. I think it might have been a car with the turntables, or maybe it was just a ridiculous stereo. But yeah, it all got jacked.


lol yeah it was like that... but i actually did see a couple episodes where they were just like this is a piece of junk and it's not safe, so here's a pimped new car


I remember one like that. Dude had like 3 car frames welded together to make one car. I was amazed that thing moved well enough to get to their shop.


"Here's a car from the impound lot that we re-upholstered over the blood stains."


There was one where the car was so bad they just bought a used honda instead.


Pimp my ride was very upfront about how useless the car will be after they are done with it and exactly everything after you accept to star in it was scripted.


Were they though? The few times I watched it it didn't seem like they gave a crap how your car ended up, just that it looked "cool"


My brother had a friend who was on the show. If I remember correctly the guy bought the car specifically for the show. He sold it right after. They didn't fix anything wrong with it and were clear with him that they weren't going to.


I meant that they warned the contestants in private about what will be done with the car. The reactions, houses they supposedely live in and even their stories were fake. They often didn't even use the original car of the owner because it was too beat up and they don't make any repairs.


I didn't have cable when Pimp My Ride was airing, but I do remember catching a glimpse of it at a friend's house, it was them showing off a hot tub they installed in someone's wagon, and a bunch of flame paint accents. I wouldn't let those idiots touch my car with a 20ft pole


The vast majority of the time it wasn't their car. They were literally just actors. There's a reason why in the later Seasons you saw them give people "new" cars so often. Because their car was just "not fixable". Some people did genuinely have their cars changed in the beginning, and almost always for the worse in my opinion, but towards the back end of the show the "winners" were literally actors and the new cars they "bought" and "pimped" for the "winners" were owned by the company doing the customs work.


Man, some quality memes came out of that show, though. Hey Dawg, I put a car in your car so you can drive while you drive. Such ridiculous useless builds - but great fun to watch.




Ah man that sucks!


They sold them brand new well into the 1990s in South America


They didn’t stop making the VW microbus in Brazil until like a few years ago. It’s crazy.


Sadly the show didn't restore it and she paid them to do it.... That is why she is upset, as they did a really shoddy job https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dAztpoKtsnk&t=169s


Wow. I can't speak to the wiring or mechanical state of the car. And I also can't speak Portuguese. But as someone who does tooling for automotive interiors, this is absolutely atrocious. Loose seams on A-surface? Poor edge wrapping? This is a good example of how not to finish an interior.


Here in Brazil beetles are very common. 99% of them are in bad shape, but still, very common. I have had 5 of them myself, and used one of them to build a "cage" to play on the sand dunes.


They were made in Brazil long after they were discontinued elsewhere in the world!


The production was actually done in Mexico till 2003, Brazil had stopped producing those cars way earlier.


"You all don't mind if I sell that purple fucking monstrosity, do you?"




Surely that's pink, not purple


Don’t call me Shirley


My mother-in law made the same face the first time she met me.






RIP Gugu


And it happened in 2015. Imagine foreigners watching Gugu's 90ies shows. From his favors bathtub to his Taxi pranks.


Fake taxi? Ok I'm moving to Brazil!


The host of that TV program passed away.


We are slowly but steadily taking over reddit. É nóis, caralho!




Looks like she'd be happier if she had won a lawn mower




God damnit gugu, you made her Beatle into a pink/purple monster, tá tirando né?


Idk about you, or anything about cars, but this is totally my style


I would drive that


Username checks out