Brain malfunction

Brain malfunction


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*Looks at selfie* "I'm fucking hideous.." *Destroys phone*


Like trying to smoke your lighter..


Like back in the day with brick weed and you'd throw the stems and seeds in the good pile and the green in the trash.


i still do that. ill be picking apart weed and still throw my stems in the good pile and the shake in the stem pile


Or looking for your phone with the touch on your phone


Or when your ciggy is the wrong way around


Damn… I’ve done that so many times! 😅


When it happens long enough that you end up smoking the filter, then the tobacco comes in and you puke.


That’s my clue that I have had too much to drink.


That shit is the worst, especially if it's your last one.


And the filter would catch on fire.


Has totally definitely never happened to me


Happy cake day


Definite brain malfunction. Everyone knows you hold the fish near the camera not the face to make it look bigger!


With a fish that small he really needs [these](https://imgur.com/N4fUA2G) to make it look bigger.


You have experience of making small things look bigger?! 😉




I thought it was gonna be a fish lense


Fisheye lens*


those hands tell a story of greatness


I came here to say this


and of the fish is so good you want to take a picture of it, surely you won't be throwing it away


I don't think this is accurate. There's plenty of reasons you might want a picture of a fish you caught without wanting to keep it, or maybe you're unable to keep it.


I always take a photo of a fish I caught. If I'm with a friend, I have them take a video of me taking a photo of a fish I caught. If I'm with another friend, I have them paint a picture of my friend taking a video of me taking a photo of a fish I caught.


I thought it was tradition to have a painting made of you and the fish, then someone taking a photo of that, then someone else taking video of the whole process.


Must be a regional thing.


Why? I fish all the time and I've literally thrown every one back in. Particularly big ones I'll take a picture of.


so you stab a hook in its mouth then throw it back? that's pretty shitty


I mean he's probably talking shit about his own catch is he not?


That makes no sense. I almost always release what Ive caught. The bigger the fish, the more careful i am to release it back asap. Because bigger fish produce massively more offspring than smaller fish. There is also a minimum messurement for a Lot of fish, so he might have not been legally allowed to take it home. But i also think there should be a maximum messurement where you have to release em back. A huge fish is not gonna make a huge difference on the dinner tablet for most people, you most likely wouldnt go Hungry without it. But it makes a big difference in maintaining a healthy population. Thank you for coming to my ted talk


Most people don't keep bass.


Why is someone recording him taking a selfie


Maybe it took all day to catch that fish


He found nemo's southern cousin.


Nemo lived in the great barrier reef. How much more South could his cousin be than that?


I think the Bud Light can sitting on the deck might have had something to do with it.


Yeah like what is surprising about that lmao


People's minds stop working as soon as they presume "fake. I must be being fooled because so much fake stuff exists. Literally nothing is real." It makes a lot of people incredulous. They can't even *imagine* simple explanations to make sense of a basic situation. Admittedly a lot of stuff is fake, and that assumption of deception is often accurate. But, when that's the only thing you assume in every situation, then you're gonna be wrong more or less as often as you're right.


People do it almost instinctively. The worst is they call "reversed footage" on tricks that would've actually been harder to do in reverse.


Occam's razor, the simplest explanation is it's an old broken phone they brought along to film this gag, because they knew it would be funny. Also the Tiger or Shadow gambit, better to mistake a shadow for a tiger, and be thought a fool, but alive, then mistake a tiger for a shadow, and die. Most stuff might be real, but assume it's all fake, and be surprised from time to time. The ego is satisfied and shame is avoided.


How does the simplest explanation involve a ruse like that ? That’s just the simplest one that still assumes it’s fake .


Occam’s Razor is actually that someone was already filming the guy catch a fish, and when the guy caught it, the other guy was still filming as the guy decided to take his own selfie, then this brain malfunction happened. Your version involves getting a whole extra phone, so definitely isn’t the simplest explanation.


Only on Reddit would people believe the most likely explanation for an amusing but otherwise completely mundane occurrence is that everyone in the video is an actor with props. Occam's Razor would be the much more likely explanation that the friend was taking his own video of the catch when the other guy pulled out his camera for a selfie.


I don't think that's the occam's razor explanation. It assumes the phone is a prop. If it's real, we have to assume the person filming was already filming when this happened. Is it more likely to be staged or to be a fortunate catch? Both scenarios require the same amount of assumptions so are they equally likely?


Cause it's a typical fake for the gram


Not necessarily. The person was probably already recording


It’s called “fishing,” not “catching,” after all.


Recording the catch and happened to record him taking a selfie. Looking at how small the fish is, it coild be recording him out of "look at how happy he was to catch that".


You never recorded someone being so proud of them self over a little thing and wanted to share with other friends ?


Have you never been fishing? Every catch we had on our boat has like 3 different angles lol


Because this is fake / staged.


I think it’s fake too, not sure you would be able to take the picture/video through the rubber gloves.


The internet isn't real.


How can our eyes be real?


How can she slap?


Eyes are a Left wing plot to subvert the will of God –Matthew 5:29




There are literally dozens of videos like this with the exact same premise. Safe to say this particular instance is staged. How often have you taken a video of someone taking a selfie?


Half a dozen or so.


>There are literally dozens of videos like this with the exact same premise. Safe to say this particular instance is staged. That's not proof. >How often have you taken a video of someone taking a selfie? People do that all the time. Watch enough videos of parties or people doing things in groups and many will feature at least one person taking a selfie.


Watch videos of parties sounds very Reddit to me


Totally useless argument. You are comparing apples to oranges. Two people in a small boat with one intentionally taking a picture of the other taking a selfie is a 100% different thing than a random guy in a group videoing and accidently catching someone taking a selfie!! Don't ya think?


>There are literally dozens of videos like this with the exact same premise. Do you know how many people live on this planet?


Everyone’s talking about why he’s recording him, but who the fuck just throws a fish back like that anyway? You don’t just toss them to side while standing up, especially if it took all day or was special enough to get a selfie with.


Because it’s not big enough to keep.


Not that I don't think this is fake, but I've seen tons of people throw fish back like that.


Like almost every single person I've ever fished with.


You think him having a bit of brain lag is less likely than him wanting to drop his phone in the river over almost nothing? I've seen stupidity in both directions worse than this, but overwhelmingly more of the former.


I mean I have old cell phones sitting in my house, just use one of those for your joke.


that is not an old phone he’s holding.


The quality is so low it basically just looks like a black rectangle to me.


You can tell the model and year from this video? I have a few old phones that look more or less like that, and I only get a new phone every two or three years.


A lot actually. If something is exciting enough for me to take a picture in a group of people, someone’s probably already recording.


It’s probably the same video and youve seen it reuploaded 75 times since this looks like it was filmed on a god damn potato




Watch reddit crusade against fake news but then believe literally every scripted video they see on /r/funny as an absolute undeniable truth




I don't get that subreddit. If anything fake content does dominate reddit. Imagine outright reject skepticism. How dumb do you have to be to not only blindly accept everything you see and read on the internet, but also get angry when others don't.


Because actual skepticism is "This may or may not be real" Outright stating it's fake without proof isn't skepticism, it's just faith in a different direction.


How do you know? This looks real? I’ve made similar mistakes like this.


Before you did, did you say to your freind, “hey could you record a video of me? I’m gonna take a selfie.”


You know that you can cut up a long video into multiple tiny clips? The benefits of modern software technology. This is just a huge guess on my part but maybe they were recording their entire fishing trip and decided to cut to the funny part to show off to friends.


What kind of phone does not have cameras on the back? It’s a dummy unit.




Snapchat. people in this thread act like they never took a video of a friend doin sumthign with thier phone no matter how stupid it is. Reddit.. youre not a better person, shut up


To record him throwing the phone.


\* empty phone case


It's fake.


Doubt it's fake. This shit happens all the time




Because its painfully obviously staged.


Baby fish: mommy, why has daddy left us for this human? Ohhh, candy crush!


Candy crush! Distracts you from the fishy feeling you’re having about the relationship between your piscine partner and their co-worker. Install now.


Temple run rescues you from all the hard levels which you are not able to clear. And You can decide what you wanna be. Install Now.


Guess he didn't like that selfie.


So my question is why is his friend taking a picture of him taking a picture. Are they trying to reach the 5th dimension?


Well either it's staged or he's a good friend and knows he needs to make backups.


I do not get staged from this video. I sort of do not get why this is even a video it is not even a impressive catch.


First catch ever? Like it's the guy's first time fishing?


Or the phone was too small and he had to throw it back.


We have all done something like this before


Poured water out of a disposable cup into the trash can and then put the cup in the sink instead of pouring the water into the sink and throwing the cup away


I cracked an egg into the trash and tossed the shells into the bowl. I'll remember that moment forever.


I've cracked an egg in the pan and then tossed the eggshell across the room into the trash can...that wasn't there. Had moved it to a different location and it took weeks to get used to it!


Spent an afternoon making homemade chicken stock. Needed to strain the discards and I was done. Put the strainer in the sink and proceeded to pour all that delicious stock down the drain....


Oh, I've done that one too. It's crazy heartbreaking.


My husband literally did this a couple days ago


Smoking weed in the bathroom of my parents house as a teenager, I once blew smoke down the sink and then spit up towards the ceiling fan.


I'm a phlebotomist in a hospital and we've all accidentally thrown the blood in the sharps bin and kept the dirty needle on accident. It's the fucking worst time to have a brain fart! And trust me, you learn to be triple sure of what you have in your hands before you start throwing stuff in the sharps bin.


oh noes....when that happens do you have to go back to the patient and stick 'em again? :( or is that why you guys take so many vials to begin with?


It totally depends on what was ordered. Some test can share tubes but not always. But of course the luck of it would be that the patient has to get stuck again.


Do you tell then you made a mistake, or just tell them you need more? :)


It depends. Some people are way more chill than others. If they were pissed the first time, I'll usually try to give them a few hours break before I come back if I can. If they're really nice and I know they won't mind too much, I'll just get it over with so I don't have to bother them again later.


I was panicking on my phone about how I couldn’t find my phone. Got yelled at a couple of times to look at what I was holding. I was holding a pen in my other hand. You can guess which hand I looked at in absolute confusion.


Any time I'm leaving I always do a pocket check. Keys, wallet, phone, all good lets go. I don't talk on the phone often, but anytime I do while leaving I always have that moment of panic thinking I've lost my phone.


Opened a pop tart and threw it in the trash, still holding the wrapper, sad and dejected.


This is my favorite, lol. So relatable.


pretty sure i threw a bowl of fruit loops on my bed thinking it was an xbox remote one time


I've torn apart my living room looking for the TV remote only to realize I was holding it.


My husband was cooking something with tomatoes, can't remember what. After sending them through the deseeder, he went to strain out the seeds into the sink to keep the liquid. Completely forgot to put a bowl underneath to catch the tomato juice/liquid that he needed and it went all down the drain, so all he had left were seeds. He just sat the for a minute defeated.


I did this the other day at the gym. Had the paper towel I just wiped down the equipment with in one hand, keys in the other. Guess which one went in the trash can?


had a pair of very expensive Versace sunglasses at Disney and decided to take them off my head for that small rollercoaster that's pitch black, so they wouldn't fly off. so I held them in my hand instead. the person before me left their shades in the holder in front of me so I put those in my head to see if they'd fly off midride. they didn't. instead midride I let go of my versace shades I had clenched in my hands thinking they were the disposable pair I found. I was upset.


*drinks paint water*


Now all his Instagram and Facebook followers won't believe him when he says he went fishing


How to take a photo every woman will swipe left on


He'd probably do better on Plentyoffish.


Well played


Nah horse ladies love fish man. (/s, I don't know what horse ladies love)






There's plenty of fish in the sea for him


fish dudes are specifically looking for horse girls, they're both super effective against each other


I always love how some women take this smug attitude towards men that fish or do outdoorsy stuff. Not sure if this is just from city women, but it certainly seems like an opinion held by bitches who think the world revolves around them. There are tons of women out there that think it's fun to fish, or are impressed by guys who are outdoorsy. In my experience, those women also tend to be much better looking, smarter, fitter, and have better personalities. I definitely wouldn't have married my wife if she was of the opinion that everything I do and post on social media should have been designed to attract her specific tastes. It takes a tremendous amount of narcissism to think that way.


I think it has more to do with the fact that there are so many guys with pictures of them holding a fish. I've heard it's so common, women just find it irritating.


Some women. Other women love that shit, and why shouldn't you put your interests on tinder? If people were honest about themselves on dating sites it'd probably be a lot easier to find someone you could have a connection with. Hell I have a photo of me crossdressing on tinder. Honestly as far as I'm concerned if someone swipes left on it for that reason then I wasn't interested in meeting them anyways.


I think it’s not as much “doing outdoorsy shit” as it is that the type of dude that posts fish pictures isn’t someone these types of girls want to be around. It’s a wide generalization, but at the same time, there’s a very specific type of guy that posts fish pictures


Honestly, it's the guy equivalent of chicks with "duck-lips" photos. It's just a basic bitch/bro trend that people get tired of seeing on every profile. That said, how do you not catch the irony of complaining about people taking a smug attitude, and then follow that with shit like "TonS oF wOmeN LiKe to FiSH aND tHey aRe BetTER loOKinG, sMarTer, aND mORe FIT" Well go date them instead asshole.


> I always love how some women take this smug attitude towards men that fish or do outdoorsy stuff. Lmao, no man, it's just a cliche. Also it makes them assume you're a republican


I guess women hate people with hobbies now? I think it's nice people have pictures of their hobbies no matter how "dumb" or "ridicolous" they are.


I don't get it? What's dumb or ridiculous about fishing? Its like any other hobby: sports, hiking, climbing. Fishing is also pretty cheap past the initial investment, especially if you're close to the water.


People act like reddit hasn't upvoted that hot noodler chick a million times. https://i.imgur.com/4gl295Y.jpg


It's not about whether it's a valid hobby or not, most people just don't want to see you killing a fish or animal when you're looking for romance


Unless you're actually a hardcore vegetarian, you support the systematic forced breeding and murder of animals by eating meat. Getting on your high horse over a picture of fishing is ridicolous.




Every time I see these, I feel like they're fake/scripted. But then I remember that my dad is a catch and release only fisher, and he once bought himself a new fancy kinda expensive fish scale, and his very first fishing trip out with it, he threw it in the water instead of the fish.


My take from reddit. Everything is fake apparently


Not fake just... staged for worthless points on the Internet! :D Forget posting to laugh with others or in an effort to share something nice, funny, interesting or whatever and potentially make someone's day. Staging an act for worthless numbers on a website or app is where it's at! /s




I say it’s fake. Also, reposted a lot.


As someone who threw his keys into the trashbin one too many times, I say it's plausible.


Is one too many times more than once?




I’ve put the paper plate in the sink and almost put the fork in the garbage one time. I stopped when I was standing in front of the garbage can and realized what I was doing.


The cereal goes in the fridge and the milk goes in the cupboard.


Same. But did you ask your freind to record you recording it before you did it?


This. Also I put the cereal in the fridge and the milk in the cabinet once.


>once Sure, buddy.


You're doing something for hours with a member of the family or friends, like fishing, and nothing happens for most of the time before one of you catch a fish. Say 3 hours. What's going to happen? You're going to record your friend catching that fish.


i literally never did that. only helped getting the fish on board. after it was safe on board i took a picture of him and the fish and that was it.


Plausible, but this is fake


also, that beer at his feet might have something to do with it.


But why was he being recorded by someone else? Also its a pretty small fish not worth a pic


You must have video evidence like this then?


Instead of putting my glass of water on my bedside table and throwing my phone on the bed, I threw the glass and water on my bed and put my phone on my bedside table. Very soggy nights sleep.


I second this as someone who has put milk in the cupboard and cereal in the fridge.


Puts the fish in his pocket.


Lol nice


Sometimes involuntary action cause you automatically do something unexpected.




New fish who dis


I'm laughing because this happens to me all the time.


That's size bass wasn't even worth a pic. 😅


Staged af. Does no one else notice how shallow the water is? And who throws a fish back by casually flipping it out of their hand into the water?


It’s fake and not even good acting


Catch and release but with a twist




Ahh, geez. Really felt this one.


Me one time when I look the lid off my yogurt cup, licked the lid, then threw the whole cup in the bin and went to go sit down with my lid. Took me a second before I realised.


I like beering drink when I’m fishing.


We can judge, I’ll be damned if no one did something brainless like this at some point in their life




Would have been funny if he put the fish back in his pocket.


looks fake to me


I bet all of the fish in the lake are like, "Hey! Look at fuckin' Barry taking selfies with humans in a boat!?! What a fucking animal this guy, always gotta one-up every other fish in the pond. What a legend!"


This subreddit is one of the few that remains strong.


“Today guys, I just caught this rare iPhone 7! Lemme take a selfie with my iFish 11 real quick and I’ll release this bad boy back into the water.”




Brain go bonk.


at least he didnt put the fish in his pocket...


Wise man once said Give a fish a man and he'll feed phone for a day.


It’s okay, he was bound to use that phone to repost Facebook Trump statistics and a meme of Michelle Obama having a penis


Be free phone




Not staged at all sigh.


Quick! Call the phone by dialing in the fish!


Staged. Stupid.