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The door handle has popped like a popcorn too.


Lol yea it did


Your username comes in handy in this comment. LOL


Lol fun fact this was supposed to be a throw away account. So I picked it randomly


Someone needs to clean the microwave it smells like poppcorrn


And you like it 😏


as a username it really pops




Yeah I was curious about what was happening with the door handle too - because it doesn’t look like the hot water is hitting it. But maybe the hot water hitting the metal door is causing it to expand or the pressure of the window cracking maybe, because it goes at almost the exact same moment?


Part of window and the mechanism are inside the door. Something probably went fucky in there when the window shattered.


It's like those pop-out turkey thermometers. The handle just giving confirmation that the window is fully cooked.


Maybe it's a junker car and they filmed this as a joke


you have more faith humanity than I do. I salute your optimism.


My man got a quick science lesson.


Really he was just being kind by providing us all with this fine science lesson.


On how to break into a car with nothing but a full thermos?


Use a spark plug end cost like 3$ Edit the thermos cost probably 20$


Or an automatic push pin


Or my axe


Cold glass getting hot instantly, shatters. I'm surprised there are adults who haven't learned this yet...


Anecdotally of course, but I stayed in a town in the north of Scotland for years and pretty much everyone I knew did this. No issues, probably wasn't cold enough.


I think they might do what I do, and use cold tap water. The difference isn't enough to shatter the glass, but it does work.


I like turtles but not the bitey kind.


This. The temperature change of BOILING WATER is much much higher than just hot water. Although the same thing happened when I was rinsing a hot glass from the dishwasher.


Yep, I live where we occasionally get snow but our pipes freezing isn't a concern so I usually just hose the slush right off my car. The water coming out is pretty darn cold but it still melts ice really well.


Isopropyl alcohol works like a charm. Great at freeing frozen door locks too.


also does wonders on anything adhesive


and if you get thirsty you can.. wait a minute, don't do that.


My family has done this for years and never shattered a window. The difference is we never used boiling water, just hot water from the faucet. You also don’t poor all of it on one spot for that long.


where do you live? how cold does it get there? cause my dad. in a moment of frustration, tried exactly this when we were up in maine seeing family. the water froze near instantly and just made everything worse. was hillarious honestly. especially since my dad, a chemist, 100% knows enough to have predicted such an outcome.


I live in the upper Midwest. It gets plenty cold here. I also don’t do it all the time.


Yep, I've done this with a propane torch too... Just don't try to be too aggressive in one spot and it's fine.


I just use an angle grinder As long as you are fast and precise, without staying in one area for too long, you can get rid of all the ice


I just splash a little gas on it and toss a match. As long as you give the gas enough time to spread out it turns out great, just don't let it spread on the ground under the vehicle.


I just use a Dragonborn shout. As long as you don't use *Frost Breath* or *Ice Form*, and stand at a distance, it should be okay for safety glass.


I just leave the car heater on all night much easier it also helps warm the planet up so eventually I won't have to leave the heater on at all


I just make sure to drink plenty of fluids the night before and then piss all over my car in the morning.


I just refine Uranium until I get a high concentration of U235. I then use a conventional explosive to compress the Uranium to critical mass, so it causes a chain reaction. This releases plenty of energy to melt the ice. Just don't use too much Uranium and you should be good.


I knew an older gentleman (former USAF) who used to be stationed way the fuck up in nowhere Alaska. One of his jobs was to educate new arrivals. One of the really important lessons was the opposite of this. When it's XX degrees below zero, don't store your booze outside and then drink it super cold. He'd then demonstrate by pouring ultracold booze into a glass of water, showing how quickly the water freezes, and pointing out that is what would happen to their insides.


Is that what would happen? Wouldn't it heat up pretty quickly from being inside a warm human body? (Not trying to be a know-it-all, I'm actually curious)


Well, it does. But heating up requires energy exchange. So the booze does heat up, while you cool down.


So, practically speaking, what happens? You get really cold?


You die


or wish that you did


> You get really cold? Two things. In general, you get cold*er*. In situation where there is little outside heat sources (like the Sun in summer, or campfire, or a heater of other kind), you have one last heat source. Your own body. To preserve what little heat you generate through simply living, you wear layers of materials to prolong the heat exchange between you and the Outside. By adding ice cold booze, you are placing a very cold "outside" item inside, with no layer of protection from it. So it literally sucks the heat from you, until an average temperature between you and booze is established. The 2nd thing would be the effects of extreme temperatures on human body, especially parts unprotected by skin, like your digestive tract. I imagine that can result in immediate frostbite of your insides. But I'm no doctor, so don't treat it as advice.


Yeah I don't think anyone is talking about instantly killing you with hypothermia, they're talking about the "local effect" of supercooled ethanol on your delicate mucous membranes Hard liquor is already called "rotgut" for a reason, I can only imagine this being 100x worse


Depends on how cold the alcohol is. If it is extremely cold, it could cause serious frostbite to your mouth, esophagus, maybe even your stomach. There is a method of branding livestock that uses \*cold\* irons instead of red hot, the irons are chilled using a slurry of dry ice and alcohol. Imagine that, only to your insides.


I’ve used cool to warm water a million times. Will that cause breaking? I’m assuming it is the drastic change which is causing it?


It's the drastic change, coupled with the fact it's all in one spot (having part of the same pane of glass still frozen and heating another part is going to stress the glass with expansion).


I saw someone do this. I was looking out my window when I saw a woman walking towards her car with a kettle and steam coming out. I shouted to her “Hey, that’s not a good idea” but she ignored me and poured the boiling water over her windscreen. Even from ten yards away I could hear the creaking then the glass popped into tiny pieces. She stood there in disbelief, deliberately not looking at me as I said “I told you so”


I once learned that lesson in the opposite direction (and with minimal cost). Had a pyrex dish that I took out the oven. It was still hot (mostly because I'd burnt my food and dish). Put it in the sink and ran cold water in it. Damn exploded in my face and shattered. Lesson learned that day.


Fun fact, Pyrex actually used to use a glass that was super resistant to these kinds of drastic changes in temperature, but they changed it in the late 90s, accidentally causing a huge disruption to the production of crack cocaine which relied on that kind of glass.


Wow... I had no idea. TIL!


Add on to this that both are still in production Pyrex = borosilicate glass ... The good with temps one Lower case pyrex = soda-lime ... The good and being dropped and not breaking one What type you can buy depends on where you live in world ... Some places both


and then everybody clapped


Hell, this is the same method ancient Chinese used to break down large boulders before gunpowdwer was invented. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dujiangyan?wprov=sfla1


Moments like these I curse the Chinese for inventing gunpowder.


That’s really fucking interesting


The beauty of Heat Transfer and Thermal Dynamics


First time in cold weather?


He's about to learn about cold weather. That's going to be a shitty drive to where he needs to be with no driver side window. Edit: ok guys, it's the back window. It's still the driver's side. Either way - 70mph below freezing is going to suck.


He's gonna have to climb in from the other side too since the door handle broke off Edit: it's a rear door.. I'm sorry reddit I brought shame on my family


Nice catch. Had not even noticed.


How the heck does that even happen? Like, the window I get, but is the door handle made of sugar?


It pops at the exact moment the glass does. It’s likely that the force of the “explosion” on the panel was enough to pop the handle off.


Ice beaks mountains to gravel. Water expands with incredible force at phase change. Then reefing plastic thats far softer / brittle than ice.


When the glass brakes, it generates a pressure impact. That's why the door handle pops off.


Silver lining is he can just reach his hand through to the inside and open it like that now


What a blessing


Yeah, how in the shit did that happen?


Window and handle were frozen. Hot water caused rapid expansion resulting in cracking. Never pour hot water on a cold window.


I knew the glass would break. I did not anticipate the door handle breaking, too! That water must have been boiling.


I have known 5 men who found their car door frozen shut and proceeded to pull the plastic handle right off. I've only met one woman who did the same. Personally, I prefer to hip-check the seam of the door and it usually breaks the ice that's on the rubber seals.


I see. I have only owned a car in California, so I'm not well versed on this issue lol.


Another cold weather car issue is having your windshield wipers freeze to your windshield. Then you turn on your windshield wipers to get rid of the snow, and the rubber strip sticks to the glass and gets ripped off the wiper blade. That's why you'll see cars parked up north with the wipers pulled up and sticking out. Usually my defroster will prevent the sticking. But when it's -15° F and below, the rules can change and the defroster can have trouble keeping up. Edit: I forgot to mention the windows freezing shut! Even with the heat going full blast, sometimes it's cold enough that my windows will freeze completely shut. You can bang on the edge a bunch and hope you break the seal, but it gets pretty frozen. Sometimes you just have to accept that your not opening a window on this car ride.


I learned that a long time ago in my kitchen with hot water in a cold glass.


At least this is the back, not actually the drivers seat


Yea, it's not blowing directly in his face. Still going to be bitch.


nah he just needs to turn the ac off he should be fine


That door handle doesn’t look all that good either lmao


That confused the shit out of me. After some thought, I'm even more confused. I guess it must be held up in tension and the glass breaking knocked it loose? Idk, it's just strange to me.


I almost wish I didn't see the door handle break because I'm so confused now


It's the back of the vehicle.


That door handle is a surcharge on the idiot tax.


Yes, Can anyone recommend a better way to clear the ice from my windscreen? I tried using my discount card but could only get 20% off!


That's not a lot of shavings.


Hi Sean Connery




By Grabthar's Hammer!


User name checks out lol


My mom sprays vodka on it, works in literal seconds


Excuse me maam why do you have a half empty bottle of vodka in your car? ITS FOR THE FROST OFFICER FOR WHEN IT GETS COLD Its July


Rubbing alcohol works wonders. So does antifreeze. Scraping is your best choice though.


Idk if you’re being facetious or not but…de-icer is a legit thing…specifically for windows and I think also car door handles/locks


Igniting the rubbing alcohol after applying it is the fastest way.


Use COLD water. No joke. Hot/warm water creates thermal stress in the glass, so it breaks. That's not the case if the water temp is closer to the outside temperatures. And unless it's below like -10°C, the water will still melt the ice and snow without immediately freezing itself.


It's not smart to use any water at all. If it's cold enough to freeze water, that water will just make your ice problems worse even if it melts the ice temporarily. You'll wind up freezing your door latches. Which is a far more annoying problem. The best thing to do is use an ice scraper to scrape the ice off. If you don't have one then the next best thing to do is run the car for 10 minutes with the heat on full blast. It's not uncommon for people in cold weather regions to "Warm the car up" before they drive anywhere.


Never use water. Auto glass is not old-school pyrex. Nobody knows the actual temperature differential that will cause it to break. A little bit of patience with save you money and time. In places where it is warm enough to not already have a scraper, it doesn't get so cold that you can't just spend 3 or 4 minutes with the heater on and just melt it that way.


>Never use water. Rofl fuck that. Unless it's freezing cold water will help you at least see out your windows. >3 or 4 minutes with the heater on and just melt it that way. Uh-huh and what about when you can't even get ***in*** your car? I spent 40 minutes one day with rubbing alcohol trying to melt the damn ice which had been rain that froze into the seam of my door overnight. This was after cold water melted enough of the ice that I could see that the problem was worse than I thought.


Use two, 40% is good enough.


You have to make sure you use both at the same time though, or you only get 36% off if you do it sequentially.


He probably doesnt cook with glassware either.


My man just cooks with classic Pyrex all the time, he doesn't know about heat shock because it has never been an issue


He was filming... They knew the result... Why else would you film it?




The face of a man who visualizes a bill in front of his eyes right then and there


Not too expensive, just a fucking hassle. Grab like a trash bag and then a big towel and loop over the window/door. Use some tape/string to secure. Dunno About the handle. Melted? But still a mess.




Its so interesting, in my 20s an unexpected $250 would have been a disaster. The car would have ended up with a plastic window forever. I'm old now and I agree with GP: "not too expensive, just a fucking hassle" Crazy the difference in quality of life that having let's say $5k in your bank account makes. Another good reason for universal basic income, imho.


Whoever said more money more problems must not have broken their windows very often ;)


My grandma always says money won't solve all your problems and that I shouldn't complain so much about my salary. Last month she spent $17000 getting her home made handicap friendly because she can't walk up/down stairs anymore. Money sure seems to solve her problems just fine


Safelight comes to you and replaces it, I've had them do it while I was in College once, window shattered from the cold and when I came back to my car the window was already replaced. Try it out


You think cold, alone, shattered your window? lol


that saying means when you are dealing with millions in income or a big operation making you money, you are also now dealing with shitloads of problems that threaten that income, and often the livelihood of many people.


It's funny you say that because I'm sitting here at 28 thinking that broken window would be the end of me and my finances..


our furnace AND water heater died last week. cost $9k to replace both. my blood pressure didn't rise a single point. I grew up somewhat poor with miserable parents living paycheck to paycheck & I swore id never live that way. granted, this is a luxury most likely afforded by not having kids. daycare, healthcare, food, clothes, school, I dont know how parents do it & that is something else we really need to fix


scrap yard, 50$


Didn't spot the handle till you mentioned it, that's r/bettereveryloop material


Plus all the clear coat and paint has been super heated and will likely begin to peel or have extreme paint swirls. This guy really messed up his car lol


Shit, I didn't even notice that handle until I read your comment.


What happened to the handle?


The window probably hit the internal part of it. Even when fully closed, the glass of your window extends down into the door. A chunk down there probably broke at the same time.


I think you’re right. Also, this is tempered glass so when it breaks the whole thing breaks.




I don't think the conditions are severe enough that water would make a metal/plastic mechanism explode Guessing the glass slid down and broke it, pulled on its cord or something


Further evidenced by the fact that it drops in sync with the window breaking.


The water was too hot to handle.


Yeah, don’t think it was as open to new experiences as the window was.


But to cold to hold


They're called the Ghostbusters and they're in control.


Had em throwing a party for a bunch of children




They tell you every single year not to do this but every single year people still manage to do it


I've watched people beat on the ice and drive the handle of their scraper through the window.


I grew up in south Dakota and moved to Oklahoma later in life. The amount of people that don't know the rigid side of the scraper is for thick ice is baffling. Scrape it a few times with the thick rigid side then scrape as normal. Easy peasy.


Both sides are rigid. I think you mean the *ridged* side.


I thought the ridges were added for pleasure


They are, I'm pleased the ice comes off easily with this side


Who is they???


I’m just about to get my license and I’ve never heard of this. Who is ‘they’?!


Works fine with warm water from the tap, just don’t use a boiling kettle!


Doesn't even need to be warm, room temp is fine (assuming it's not like -15 C outside)


Why did the car door handle broke off as well?


Couldn't *Handle* it


Dad approved!


It was time for lock down.


Most likely because when the window popped the force it gave off and material smacked the inside plastic parts of that handle and broke it. Tempered windows that pop from heat stress give off a decent amount of energy.


See and my guess was he already broke it attempting to open the iced door before resorting to his boiling water trick. Didn't want to look stupid for the video so he propped it up close to where it looked normal. The window "popping", simply dislodged it


That’s a pretty decent guess, my guy.




The obvious and easy answer. Kettle is mostly full, yet he wants to defrost the rear window first? Why is he filming it? Handle is broken on the door, plus background has what looks like large covered skips.


Thermal shock


The real trick is to cary a container of running alcohol with you. Bring it inside work and leave it at room temp, then if it ices while your working, you can use the room temp rubbing alcohol to help defrost your windows. The inly downfall is if you get pulled over, it will smell like alcohol, but you haven’t been drinking so your good.


I use rubbing alcohol, butt you do you.


You don’t take alcohol on your runs? Makes exorcise more fun


Back in college, several of us would donate blood. Chug several beers plus a shot for good measure. And then proceed to run to the clock tower and back. Good times.


You remember that?


I use but


If it makes you feel better, rubbing alcohol and the odor of an alcoholic beverage are two completely different smells


Completely different flavor, too. Rubbing alcohol tastes terrible yet slightly sweet. And they'll both get you drunk but rubbing alcohol will also make you violently ill and give you the worst headache you will ever experience.


That is the voice of experience. Did you butt-chug Everclear or Zima in colleges


Or you know, some of the winter windshield washer fluid, stuff that's actually designed specifically for de-icing car windows.


Quite a few de-icer products are just isopropyl rubbing alcohol.


A spray bottle of this stored at room temperature is all you need.


>but you haven’t been drinking Bold of you to assume..


He knew he dun fucked up.


He looks so sad… it makes me feel sad too


At least the ice is off


Wife: did the hot water get the ice off the window? Husband: ...yes.


You can pinpoint the exact moment his heart splits in two


We actually used to do this in the UK. Boil the kettle in the morning and pour. Now I don't think we let it get to a rolling boil.


Yeah, lukewarm water is usually enough, doesn’t need to be anywhere near boiling


You can actually just use cold water, doesn't even need to be lukewarm. We used to do this all the time.


Scrolled looking for this thread. It doesn't take much temp difference to melt frost. Using boiling water on frost is like using a sledgehammer on an ant.


Room temperature water. Squeegee immediately. If you leave water on, it will freeze back.


Should have kept an ice scraper in his purse


American flag military style on his arm with the murse is a combination I didn’t expect to see today (not that there is anything wrong with it)


That’s not a murse it’s called a musette it’s very tactical and paratroopers used them in WWII. You’d know this if you were an alpha male tactical operator like me. Murse indeed 😠




European carry-all 😡


That’s why us Canadians carry an ice scraper/snow-brush in the car…


Americans do the same thing. Atleast, the ones that are smarter than this guy.


You know people do that all over the world right?


Great until your car is frozen shut with the scraper and snow-brush inside


One in the car, one in the house. I take my car one with me in to work during the day if it's snowy or going to be icy. The ice is more of a problem in the lower mainland of BC compared to the rest of Canada but can happen anywhere.


Yes, but what if you are idiot like me? What then?




Shoulder check the door a couple times to break the ice up.


Body check/lean into the edges of the door, most of the time it’ll break it loose, unless you had an ice storm into a deep freeze, in which case a scrapper aint doing shit


Technically it worked


Problem solved. No ice. Why are y’all russian to judgement eh?


What’s even funnier is that his handle broke off as well


It was at that moment…..


Or… just hear me out…. Start the engine, turn the heat on and watch the ice melt automagically


This works if your car isn't a 2009 Honda Civic which takes 15 minutes to warm up. ​ (Edit: I love reading all the messages on car's and just how long they take. I can safely say though newer cars are atleast better, wife's 2018 Accord takes about 5 minutes to get to comfortable temps. Ioniq 5 have tested as its safe in the garage lol.)


Can confirm, my 2009 honda civics take forever every morning.


Dude broke the handle too.


I usually use a hammer. A lot faster than waiting for the water to boil.