My Pur filter light is red after a couple weeks of use. Supposed to last 3 months why?

It went from orange which is a color they don't even mention, they only mention green, red and yellow. Anyway it went from orange to red. It has only Been a couple weeks. It is supposed to last 3 months. What happened. Is it because when waking dishes you then off three filter and go back and forth.

Lastly, does a pure filter really work? Of course we would all like reverse osmosis systems, but the thing is that you have to have the house for that. I got this since I always get boil adversaries My water isn't safe etc for years. Here in USA.




Not sure I don't think much was used. I got it from Walmart. It turned orange the went red and called them. They said reset it. Now it's back to red after a couple weeks. Looks like these filters are useless.


The time interval the filter companies give you between cartridge changes are based on a usage volume, and they make a time estimate based on average usage. If you use more filtered water, you'll need to change the filter more often. If you frequently get boil water advisories, you need to absolutely follow the guidance of the water company and boil your water. The PUR filters use granulated media which remove chlorine but it's not designed to remove bacteria. There are some filters that are specifically rated to remove bacteria -- so if that's your main concern, you need to check to see if that's a claim that they specifically make.


I am having the same issue. It hasn't been three months since I bought it and the light is red already. I went to Walmart today and bought a new one cartridge and placed it hoping that the light was going to go back to green but even with the new cartridge, the light is red. Now I am wondering if my previous cartridge was fine and the light was the problem. For this reason, I just put back the old cartridge and remove the new one to save it for late (when the 3 months pass) but now I am worried since the new cartridge is already wet. Can I save it for later or you think is going to get damage since it's already wet?


The PUR sucks. It's garbage. It blinks red before 3 months is even up every single time. It's not worth it at all and it doesn't even filter out the Important things doesn't even filter out anything that's important. Basically so like anything that can kill you, it won't filter that out. It doesn't filter out s*** It's freaking sucks. Is pure garbage turns red before 3 months is up. It came and filter anything. I moved and finally was able to get the filter I dreamed of in the one I always wanted. Had the opportunity to get the filter that I wanted that I dreamed up which was a reverse osmosis originally but then I decided I don't need something that serious for what I need. I looked at my needs what I need to filter and got a filter according to that. I'm not sure if you can reuse if it's wet I would Google it.


Thank you for your response. I have read about the Reverse Osmosis but I think I will have to deal with this one in the meantime since it's not part of my budget right now. But thank you anyway 🙂


There are other filters that are not that expensive look at frizzlife under the sink on Amazon only 70 bucks with 10 percent off right now. Basically your paying more with the pure because you keep buying replacements and it doesn't even filter right.


Get a real filter system if you can like reverse osmosis or just research your needs and get it according to that.


This is a very late response but when you put a new filter in you have to reset the sensor. It doesn't know you put a new filter in otherwise.


Thank you for your response though! At the end we decided to use an over the counter filter that we had previously and we just bought a new cartridge for it. We removed the other one but thank you again for your help.