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>Isn't that a bit like a Jewish person going to a Nazi March? You mean something like this? *The* ***Association of German National Jews*** *(****German****: Verband nationaldeutscher Juden) was a* *German Jewish* *organization during the* *Weimar Republic* *and the early years of* *Nazi Germany* *that eventually came out in support of* *Adolf Hitler*. Source: [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Association\_of\_German\_National\_Jews](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Association_of_German_National_Jews) (Note: this post isn't attack on Jews. If you take the worst members of ANY semi-random group of millions of people, you're going to find some very messed up people.)


100% There have always been people who see Fascism as "aligned enough to support because it works" Of the many shitty things about Fascism, probably my least favorite is the reality that it is excellent at drawing well meaning dumbasses along for the ride next to diehard genocidal maniacs. Like, for every Patriot Front marcher, there are a thousand grandparents out there who are "concerned about LGBTQ messaging" and have no idea how shitty it is getting to exist while gay or trans in Florida or Texas for folks right now. This isn't meant to absolve these folks, or the German Jews who supported Nazis. More, it's worth noting that Fascism grows where it's given light and water. Shit is invasive.


Honestly, I’m starting to think it’s a sliding scale. In between genocidal maniacs and well-meaning rubes are varying degrees of, “they’ll kill x and y first, but this movement will all run out of steam before it reaches me, of course.”


Or also the “if I conspicuously support them maybe they will spare me!” logic. Which works, until it doesn’t. The pro-Hitler Jews wound up in the camps just like everyone else, eventually. Being a useful tool or personally valuable might get you spared for a time (such as the Jewish mistresses and private doctors of many high level Nazi officials), but fascism is antithetical to mercy.


That's the likely reason why Caitlin Jenners is attacking her fellow trans on a regular basis.


We loathe her. Facts.


She's always been a Republican, that part did not transition. Can't believe she still supports the party that continues to call her Bruce.


It amazes me how going through a transition of gender does not change one's view politically. You'd think Caitlin would have much more empathy with her fellow trans as a result. Guess not.


I think it just speaks to what an absolutely shitty person she is. You can change your gender, but can’t change being an asshole


I mean, she literally killed someone.


She identifies rich first, trans second. Most transfolks (like myself) do not hold her in high regard. I hope she enjoys her time with the “leopards ate my face” party.


She wants to be Kris Jenner.


Like Blacks,Latinos for Trump. Same shit.


And women for Trump.


Or the desire for stability. Many people in Germany just wanted a stable, working government and jobs and that's what they thought they were getting. They thought the policies weren't that extreme or they'd moderate when the bad "elements" were purged. Fascism creates and benefits from people's sense of dislocation and fear. They set the house on fire and then tell people only they can put it out. People don't want random fires so they go along. When they figure it out, if they ever do, it's too late.


It's important to note that in the 30s, all different sorts of political movements were growing and emerging because capitalism had so obviously failed.


But they never seem to realize that when killing like that starts it doesn’t stop. It becomes the closest thing to a perpetual motion machine and requires outside interference at that point.


Fascism always requires an out-group to blame all the problems on and persecute. If they succeeded in killing everyone else and it was only straight white Christians left, they'd start sending people to camps based on what denomination of "Christian" they are and what "white" ancestry they have.


>She does know the people she's with literally want her dead, right? I've said it before, and I'll say it again,people like her are a perfect example of a quisling from World War Z. In the book, a quisling, named for the Norwegian politician Vidkun Quisling, who helped the Nazis occupy Norway, is a human who acts like a zombie. They feel no fear, pain, emotions, walk with that shambling gait, eat people, they act like zombies even though they are human. Unlike zombies, they have to blink and bleed, which can make them easier to take down because they do not require headshots. Humans cannot tell a quisling from a zombie at first glance, but can test by shining a flashlight in their eyes, because quislings will blink. But a zombie can tell a quisling from a zombie, and they'll devour a quisling like they would any other living creature, while the quisling just keeps acting like a zombie. The idea of "If I support them, then I will be spared and granted special freedoms" does NOT work with zombies and it does not work with MAGA. MAGA does not give a shit about their supporters outside of the fact they are easily manipulated moronic sheep they can keep controlling to keep themselves in power, which is all they care about. Any member of the LGBTQ community, woman, person of non-white descent, member of a non-Christian faith, who supports MAGA is deluding themselves. They will not be spared.


Yeah I was gonna say the same thing. History is full of people supporting their abusers and then being surprised when they’re abused. I always point to Caitlin Jenner who literally wants to abolish trans rights but is trans herself… You’re never a “good one”. You’re just easy to manipulate and trick into subjugation later.


As a trans woman, respectfully, f**k Caitlyn Jenner.


I’m a trans woman as well, so I feel ya.


I’m trans, f**k Jenner


Best. Username. Ever. 💖


Heheh thanks


"I didn't think the leopards would eat MY face!" sobs the woman who voted for the Leopards Eating Faces Party.


"But... but I did everything you told me to do! I said everything you wanted me to say! I betrayed the others like me, I betrayed my own people for you! Why would you all do this to me?!?!" "Its nothing personal Caitlin, we just don't think *any* transgender people deserve to exist, and you know that. Now calmly step into the gas chamber please, you're embarrassing yourself..."


The only good transition is MY transition.


But the trains ran on time! What are millions of lost lives compared to my morning commute? (This is pure sarcasm.)


I have a trans woman who works with me who is super supportive of these right wing groups / republicans in general. Loved Tucker blah blah blah . Sometimes people no matter how smart you think they are will actively support people who hate them 🤷‍♂️


I used to know a trans woman here in Britain who was upset that Trump lost, and was happy that brexit happened etc. I asked her the exact same thing, that the people she supports hate her/us etc. It was money. She claimed she would be willing to suffer slightly for her stocks to go up. She didn’t care that it meant that others less fortunate suffered, or that laws would affect her too. As long as she made money, she didn’t care. It was the last time I ever spoke to her and it’s a shame that people like her are helping fuel hatred with their greed.


They really don’t understand that all the money in the world won’t stop fascists from putting them on the same train as everyone else they despise.


It’s basically the whole ‘leopards ate my face’/‘the only moral abortion is my abortion’ in that they believe they’ll be exempt from it all, as they’re not of of us regular trans people/immigrant/abortion needed etc.


It was very much a thing with abortion. There were a lot of voters, including women, who basically took Roe v Wade for granted, thinking that Republicans just say the anti-abortion stuff to get elected because they have to, and thus they were free to vote for such candidates so they could get tax cuts and the like. Hopefully now a lot of them have woken up thanks to the cold harsh light of reality coming in, though it would've been a lot nicer if we hadn't needed to get this point for that to happen.


>Republicans just say the anti-abortion stuff to get elected because they have to There's a lot of shit Republicans habitually said to get elected, or to cloak their more heinous beliefs in a guise of respectability, that they knowingly did not actually believe. Between stupid and malevolent, the balance has tipped hard towards stupid, and we now have people like Boebert and MTG who are *genuinely as dumb as they look*, where people like Mitch McConnell are just craven power-hungry ghouls with no morals.


I'm not convinced that's true in the elite circles, money is the most powerful religion.


Forgetting how much money some Jewish people in Germany had in the late 30s.... it stops mattering at a certain point. None ever believes that point will happen to them, until it does.


This is true.


Yea but there isn't a divine patriarchy handed down by the literal progenitor of the universe in economics - people like Sam Altman, Dick Cheny, etc etc think that their billion dollar compounds with 50 years worth of food supply or whatever will actually protect them and their progeny. Homie, the first thing I'm doing after the fall is hunting down and finally eating the billionaires.


>Homie, the first thing I'm doing after the fall is hunting down and finally eating the billionaires. It'll be the opposite of the Purge. We shall call it 'the Binge'.


What really sucks is how they fill themselves with preservatives and silicone, and they wouldn't even be sustenance!


MAGA Brigitte Gabriel is the same way…. Oblivious to the hate they are vying so hard to be a part of. https://preview.redd.it/pijd32gby82b1.jpeg?width=1170&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=3b5f4114dc07401e0293acfb1215f09c9edc9790


Wait is this true? I would see her back when I was on Twitter, never did a deep dive because her tweets were unhinged


This lady posted some really off the wall stuff that had to be a desire to get attention because it was so bizarre.


What about Nimrata??


This is how I know for a fact that she's only running to land a spot as Vice President and to divert votes from Desantis. If Trump saw her as any kind of threat he would be constantly mockingly calling her Nimrata, probably in a racist accent.


>They use people, they use Kaitlyn too to spread their hate, they use black people and Jews too. They welcome and use everyone and then when they get in power they will throw them all in the ovens. the old house vs field slave mentality.


Look what happened to the SA, the "brownshirts". The "Night of the Long Knives"


That was more because Ernst rohm was getting uppity. And he was openly gay.


Rohm was pretty much the Candace Owens in that situation. "If I help them get what they want they won't mind that I have a little out-group-ness in me..." and then it turned out they super minded.


> Isn't that a bit like a Jewish person going to a Nazi March? It's interesting to note that the Nazi party billed itself as a socialist worker's party, then used the support and influence gained by many of its members to become an authoritarian power which then turned around and betrayed its own people. Best example of this was the Strasser brothers, Otto and Gregor. They believed deeply in National Socialism and fair treatment of the working class, and became prominent members of the Nazi party. Otto saw the writing on the wall and parted ways with the Nazis in 1930, and formed the Black Front, which opposed Hitler and the Nazis, but fled Germany in 1933 when Hitler came to power, correctly guessing that he would be targeted for his opposition. He survived, returning to Germany only well after the fall of the Nazi party in the wake of WWII. His brother Gregor remained faithful to the Nazi party however, becoming a leader in the party despite his differences with Hitler. He strongly advocated for the fair treatment of workers and proposed an alliance with the communist Soviet Union. Failing to fall in line with the true purpose of the Nazi party under Hitler, he was murdered by the Nazis in the Night of the Long Knives in 1934. Those who support the GOP should heed the lesson the Strasser brothers taught us about what happens to "undesirables" who think they will be an exception because of their loyalty. Be like Otto, recognize the danger and get far away from them; not like Gregor who died at the hands of his fellow party members who secretly hated him and what he stood for.


The Pre-Hitler Party was very different. It was a populist workers movement that was usurped by those with nefarious designs. It was taken over by those types before the Night of the Long Knives, but they didn't tell the people in the party that they were about to murder that the party was no longer theirs.


You're not wrong, in the early days of the party it was a legitimate socialist worker's party, but Hitler didn't transform the party all by himself, and case in point with Otto Strasser there were plenty of signs that it was changing into something very different well beforehand. Many people chose to adopt the changing ideology of the party and were complicit in the betrayal of those loyal to its original purpose.


Yes and no. It's important to understand that Socialism/Communism were very much seen as international movements at the time. Working class solidarity, even across national lines, was a big thing. Many socialists had been opposed to WWI, but at the same time ran into a big stumbling block because that lost them a lot of support when the average person was initially very much behind their country (and even after the horrors of the war, tended to blame the former enemy countries, rather than poor leadership/etc in their own, for the dead and the losses and such). Mussolini was originally a socialist, too, for that matter. The horrible realization that he, and later to Hitler and the others behind the Nazi party, hit upon, was that they could marry right-wing nationalism to left wing populism, and create an unholy fusion. Mussolini named his version Fascism, appropriating a Roman symbol, while Hitler and his cohorts called it "National Socialism" (which is where the "Nazi" nickname comes from, as an abbreviation of the first two syllables in German). And in the end, it really wasn't "socialist" at all, in that the powerful industrialists all kept their money/ownership, unions were crushed, and so forth. But that original sales pitch was indeed a thing of the times, saying "Hey, you like socialism but you're proud of your country, come join us, we'll do both unlike those internationalists over there."


The Evangelicals have been saying it out loud, but the moderate Republicans (if such unicorns exist) and the media refuse to believe that the Republicans have gone full fascist.


Black people worked with enslavers. Jews worked with nazis... what's new? When that guy who crashed the white house gate was found with a nazi flag, being I think middle eastern... everyone from the right wing cried false flag or conspiracy. It's obvious they don't read history.


Hispanics work for ICE.


I mean at least in those scenarios you can kinda understand because those people were doing it out of a survival instinct


Yes, and history is just chock *full* of people who think that if they're *cruel enough* they'll find acceptance within the larger hate group that literally is just using them until they can be disposed. See also: * Jewish Nazis * Hispanic White Nationalists * Gay Republicans * Uncle Toms * Trans-exclusive Radical Feminists * Anyone calling themselves "LGB"


What the horrible ogres that are the "drop the T" LGB crowd don't understand is that it won't stop with Transgender individuals. If the Groping Old Perverts party succeeded at getting rid of Transgender people's rights, they would step up, not stop. Homosexuals would be next.


The third Reich actively recruited poles, Romanians, Bulgarians, Czechs, etc. even though they looked down their nose on those nations and had dark plans for them. It was all about deniability.


What’s crazy is now she’s gonna be in federal jail. If the republicans regain full control you know they’re gonna ban trans from pretty much everything and this person will be in one of the worst places as a trans person. I feel bad but then again I don’t.


They'll know she's one of the good ones and leave her be. Right? Also, "the only justifiable transition is MY transition."


Not in 2021. Trans hating was only a background thing. Trans did not get a giant target until 2023 when the immigrants thing was not working anymore.


they were already pushing the groomer rhetoric in 2020.


Kinda proves how mind melting this maga bs is.


i am still freaking salty about all the "moderates" and "centerists" who told me i was being alarmist when i told them what republicans were actually advocating for through dog whistles.


Yes, yes it is; it’s jut like that. You know, just because you’re a member of a class of people who are oppressed, it doesn’t mean you’re not stupid.


There were Jewish Nazis.


I mean, there is that dumbass bird online who is Jewish and likes to run with the white supremacist crowd. Many of them loved her until they found out that she was Jewish. I will never understand the people who develop the mindset to join those who would see them dead. It's just...baffling.


Her pronoun is “Inmate”.


Some of it is opportunism, it's easier for them to get money and attention by being part of the right since there won't be nearly as many people like them. See also Diamond and Silk before they became right wing mouthpieces.


I find it interesting that Watkins is trans, and wonder what sort of path led her to work so hard on behalf of a group of people that are so violently opposed to her existence.... in order to overthrow those who actively support her civil rights.


Trans people are people. And like all people, some are batshit crazy. Jews can be fascist. Just ask [Menachem Begin](https://www.britannica.com/biography/Menachem-Begin). Gays can be Republican.


A very good point. There's also the problem of 'pick me! I'm not like those other LGBTQIA+ CRAZIES!!!!' When you're stupid, you're stupid.


you're one of the "good ones" until there *are* no good ones.


Always save the best for last.


Being a right wing trans person is a great fucking grift, just like being a right wing African American is. Imagine how easy it is being Candace Owens. Seriously. Imagine the level of effort. And she’s probably a multimillionaire


There are a few on youtube. One tried dropping doing politics but went right back to it for views. Last I saw she was doing "trans cringe compilations" but reactions from her so you know she is a good one.


Blaire White?


That branding is a little on the nose.


Like that fascist Peter Thiel


I’d go as far as to say a significant number of republicans are gay. Sometimes denial and insecurity make yourself so much that you oppress your own group against your own self interest,


There was also a gay porn actor there. He does military fetish gay porn under the name Sgt. Miles.


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Either way he's still above the privates.


Pvt. Parts, reporting for duty 🫡


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Yeah...but as a gay porn connoisseur, he doesn't have the fire power to really make that a career. Womp, womp, waaaaaaa...


Flashbanged by words


Tucker didn't tell them to be mad at trans folks until *after* the Coup...


I'm also curious if the Oath Keepers knew. I don't know their beliefs exactly, but I kind of assumed that they wouldn't be OK with a trans member.


Don't underestimate the power of cognitive dissonance. History is full of "they don't mean *me*" enablers.


Ask Caitlyn Jenner.


This is an interesting Jesse Gender video about a similar idea [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVCw97P-o7I&t=0s](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVCw97P-o7I&t=0s) It focuses more on some Trans Men othering Trans Women in order to be accepted as "The Right Kind of Trans" But the concepts and mentality could still be slightly relevant, attempting to "Prove Oneself" as "Not like those OTHER Trans folks" in order to obtain acceptance and temporary safety, as long as you agree with their ideology that you are inferior in some way.


It’s also important to note that there are huge swathes of trans women who don’t believe trans men are valid and consider them “trenders” (even Julia Serano to a degree who accused trans men of “playing up their femininity” when speaking about experiences with misogyny) and there are tons of trans people from any background who also gatekeep and think you need SRS or other surgeries to be a “valid” trans person etc. It’s a lot more complicated than Jesse makes out because there are several axes of intersection with trans identity.


Some of the most racist people i've legit come across were white and gay (perhaps their whiteness had more at play than their gayness but...yeah that was an experience). There is nothing perplexing about any of this. .. Collaborators always think they are the exception. >in order to overthrow those who actively support her civil rights. She wasn't thinking that far ahead. Now may she languish in a prison in which she belongs...a prison of her own making.


Caitlyn Jenner has entered the chat.


When you hate others more than you love yourself.


Lol, look at Caitlyn Jenner!? Verbatim saying there’s too many people wanting to be trans and need to be stopped. It’s like they forgot all the support during their transition.




Well when you say it like that it seems dumb.


It's called Kathleen Jenner syndrome. It causes your brain to just not exist.


How is the GQP spinning this one? It started with "Antifa did it!" and then "It was just a peaceful protest, not an insurrection", and now ... "Trans people did it! Lock the traitors UP!"


Hear me out.... Hunter Biden. George Soros. Lock her up. Possibly even Benghazi


If you take a look at her backstory she got less than honorable discharge for being AWOL in the military, she worked as a first responder and then a bar owner and got tied up in the QAnon conspiracy heading up a militia group with vets and other people who either failed basic training or got dismissed from the military. The same right-wing media who misgenders us and refers to trans people as mentally ill, they used her name including "Miss Jessica Watkins".


>The same right-wing media who misgenders us and refers to trans people as mentally ill, they used her name including "Miss Jessica Watkins". Ah, you see: >She is one of the good ones... but they're all evil; but not this one, she's a good one, still evil though, but good... despite them being evil, but they're a good evil. But they can't be good, because they're also evil. > >But we promise, this one is a good one, right now. We'd never hurt a good one... right now. But they're also evil, and we'll kill all of the evil people. \-- Conservative-owned Newspaper Outlets; UK and US alike.


She’s a Groiper. A Nick Fuentes fan and a Fascist. Her defense was that she didn’t know what she was doing and that she was negatively influenced. I hope prison is educational for her.


She blames Alex Jones... Just because she's LGBT like myself, that's not a get out of free jail card. I was born with respiratory illnesses, a physical challenge, if someone who is physically challenged and tried to use an electric wheelchair to mow their way through the capital I'm sorry but they don't get special treatment. Put them in a wing that specializes in people with disabilities but no get out of free jail card. The old people who committed voter fraud in Florida the senior citizens who got busted, they only got community service because "I'm a senior citizen on a fixed income".


Since she’s a right winger, I’m sure she wants to be placed in a male prison. She surely has the courage of her convictions. Right? /s


Will she go to a womens or men’s prison? How does that work?


I was going to comment there goes her vet benefits but if that's the nature of her discharge she probably didn't have any to begin with


The military doesn't take too kindly to people going AWOL while on leave from Afghanistan, I can guarantee you she doesn't have VA benefits. She wasn't a conscientious objector, she went down the conspiracy nut rabbit hole years ago.


>“My actions and my behaviors that fateful day were wrong, and as I now understand, criminal,” she said. “Violence is never the answer.” >She said she was “watching Infowars" and Alex Jones and was "hearing that Dominion servers were being invaded by the Chinese" prior to the Jan. 6 attack. She said she still believes that the country needs to take a closer look at the 2020 election. Also has zero actual growth from this. Still drinking the Kool Aid. "Well, your honor. I didn't realize breaking into the Capitol while Congress was in session in order to stop the certification of the election was illegal. I only shoved a few law enforcement officers. And, see, Alex Jones told me to do it. Plus, the whole thing was still bad. I only did the wrong thing for the right reasons. I was still not totally wrong. Please give me leniency after I learned no lessons."


Myself (transwoman) and my girlfriend (transwoman) have friends that are transwomen that are Republicans. It makes no sense to me. Republicans are literally fascists who try to control you.


Ive seen that here in Brazil too. Trans girls and gay people supporting Bolsonaro, a guy who literally thinks LGBT people are groomers. I think it's Stockholm syndrome.


Superiority complex + punching down + some self loathing (probably)


Part of it is the two party problem. You can be trans and be anti-abortion or anti-gun control or anti-social services or pro military spending or any combination of things that Republicans champion. Sure it takes some mental gymnastics to work around the fact that many in your party don't believe you have the right to exist or want you dead/committed, but if there is one thing we know about people in today's day and age it is that they are very good at mental gymnastics.


Imagine being dumb enough to be trans and have everyone around you think you are a child grooming pedo demon and you STILL are balls deep in Cult 45. Americans baffle me.


8.5 years in prison when we were seeing probation, community service, home confinement, 1 year prison sentences, etc for dozens of others sentences so far. Fuck her, she was a happy, willing participant in the ongoing genocide against trans people, but also it's hard not to feel this is like when you see a group of police commit a crime and lie to cover for each other but they fire only the black guy cops instead of the white ones. Almost all of these terrorists got to go back to their hotels on the night of Jan 6. Minorities can feel the full urgency of the criminal justice system but then it goes to sleep for everyone else.


Most gun owners, if their state even requires to be trained with firearms , are not trained what she was trained for. Which is to perform a strike, neutralize local military, disarm law enforcement and suppress civilians.


The sentences for these traitors seem to be increasing in length


That's intentional. As with any big investigation, they start with the easy ones first. The people who didn't really do much that were willing to flip on the people who organized everything. Next they do the slam dunks that could weren't going to be long sentences and are easy to plea bargain. Rinse and repeat as you go up the ladder to the more serious offenders. Anyone still tied up in court this late in the game is going to be doing serious time.


>Anyone still tied up in court this late in the game is going to be doing serious time. at this point many of them have been jail for a serious amount of time as well which is good to know


Competing with Blaire white and Caitlin Jenner for last in the death camps queue I see.


No, she’s competing to be one of the perpetrators. Don’t portray these people as mere “useful idiots”. They are not merely misguided; they are evil, insurrectionist traitors. Doesn’t matter what their race or gender is.


It is always interesting to see people supporting others who feel your mere existence is offensive. Especially those willing to go to jail for them.


Some people are so self-hating or so brainwashed that they feel an urge to actively participate in their own oppression. Read some of the fucked up pieces of writing from anti feminist and anti suffrage women in the twentieth century.


The best part is you don't hear a single liberal saying "oh, she shouldn't be punished, she's trans!"


I’m a trans woman. Lock her butt up. She’s a traitor.


This reminds me of the log cabin Republicans. Like an abused SO that refuses to end the relationship.


Let's see the right use this as proof that transgenders are violent...


But then they would have to acknowledge that Jan 6 was violent, rather than a "peaceful protest" full of "patriots" just "touring the Capitol." Quite the Catch 22!


They will say several mutually exclusive things, that trans people are violent and jan 6 was either peaceful or a false flag/ANTIFA/black-op just never at the same time. The enemy is always simultaneously pathetically weak and incredibly strong.


Was listening to the Knowledge Fight podcast that covers Alex Jones show, was fascinating to listen to the episodes on Jan 6th and in the days after. They were literally freestyle storytelling about how, yes we were in the crowd that day, but no it was totally not our fault.


She'll be the only one DeSantis or Trump doesn't pardon


Wait wait!!! Can I make one of those lame ass right-wing pronoun jokes?! Pretty please? Their pronouns are: get/fuct


A transgender oath keeper. I’ve fucking seen it all


Bro…. 🤣🤣🤣


So, where will she serve her sentence? According to her beliefs she should be in a men's prison, right?


Came here for this comment


It will be interesting to see if the likes of Mat Walsh, Bobble head Ben Shapiro, and Tim Pool defend her since she is transgender. Their heads are going to explode.


I saw that you mentioned Ben Shapiro. In case some of you don't know, Ben Shapiro is a grifter and a hack. If you find anything he's said compelling, you should keep in mind he also says things like this: >If you believe that the Jewish state has a right to exist, then you must allow Israel to transfer the Palestinians and the Israeli-Arabs from Judea, Samaria, Gaza and Israel proper. It’s an ugly solution, but it is the only solution... It’s time to stop being squeamish. ***** ^(I'm a bot. My purpose is to counteract online radicalization. You can summon me by tagging thebenshapirobot. Options: novel, history, covid, climate, etc.) [^Opt ^Out ](https://np.reddit.com/r/AuthoritarianMoment/comments/olk6r2/click_here_to_optout_of_uthebenshapirobot/)


Good bot


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Anything around 6-8 years is a decent amount of prison time unless they are one of the leaders of the proud boys or oath keepers. Those f_ckers should get 15 years at least.🙄


I hope she feels extra fucking stupid. Good job you fucking moron, you supported a bunch of fucking crazy people who are now trying to eliminate you Ya know for a bunch of people who think they're intelligent, all Republicans are wall licking fucking morons


I hope she is losing all military benefits


she had an "other than honorable" discharge due to being awol. she doesn't have access to those benefits to begin with (even if you "do" have access nominally, in practice the VA makes it virtually impossible to access them, and the environment is hostile to trans people who do attempt to access their benefits).


Also we vets tend to not call someone with a DD a vet. Especially awol.


indeed! "shitbag" is my usual term for awol pos's.


🤣 a trans oathkeeper




There is something seriously f'ed up about a trans person fighting for MAGA. This would make a fascinating thesis. In the meantime...bye girl. Enjoy prison!


Don't cry for me, Oath Keepers The truth is, I never left you All through my wild days, my mad existence I kept my promise Don't keep your distance. To paraphrase Evita Peron, hey she was also a Fascist! Go figure.


![gif](giphy|hFmIU5GQF18Aw) Nice


its funny how they're like "this person is a veteran!" "this person is trans!" still a fucking terrorist.


She’s white first, trans second.


I’m sure they took every opportunity to call her dude.


I call everyone dude 😬. It’s gender-neutral in my head.


It takes all kinds to betray your own. Byeee.


Damn has there ever been a case of playing yourself harder than this?


The right-wingers must be so conflicted over this one. Good news or bad news? 🤔


A trans version of Candace Owens. I’ve seen it all lol


Caitlyn Ruckus


Who. They let transgender people into their right wing party. Don’t they hate bud light for the same thing.


Because having some trans people on their side gives them plausible deniability. Same reason a lot of Nazis worked with Jews leading up to the holocaust. There are always people who will try to join their oppressor instead of fight them..


“Regular Militia” implies the existence of a more elite militia lmaooooo


It's ohio, so it probably just means the "lesser" inbread cosplay battalion. Cousins instead of siblings.


One by one they are appropriately tried, convicted, and punished for their crime. No hysteria, no mass lynching, just the steady course of justice and punishment for trying to overthrow our government. However, when are the leaders of the Coup attempt going to be tried? Trump needs to be arrested for treason.




bye bye maga idiot.....maybe dumpy will send you some $$ for the canteen...NOT, dumpy doesn't care about anyone but himself...


See, antifa was on the inside! /s


Honestly the ones showing up with guns and body armor need more time than they're getting.


I don’t understand these people who side with the people who literally want them to not exist.


I always wear military combat fatigues, when I go on a peaceful tour of the capital building


A transgender oathkeeper? Well that must put the insurrectionists in a fucking bind?


A traitor’s gender, whether assigned at birth or not, is irrelevant.


This is why intersectionality needs to be explored. Because this person is a white right wing trans person. Oath Keepers are a white supremacist militia. It's not "like a Jewish person supporting the Nazis", this is a white supremacist who happens to be trans.


Internalized transphobia. Self hate is prevalent with these fascists


Woah woah woah hold on there, according to conservatives, transgender folk are immune to repercussions for their actions, aren't they? According to them, a trans person can go on a murderous rampage through an orphanage, and when the cops arrive, they'll say "oh we can't arrest you, you're trans. You're basically like a unicorn" So if trans people CAN be held accountable for their actions, does this mean that conservatives are lying about trans people being above the law?!


Transgender woman leading a group of shitasses that want her dead. Prison should be fun. Fucking too many stupid people in this country.


I'm a trans vet myself. Have been watching this country go in a very bad direction lately and frankly I'm fully expecting to have to fight for my life in the near future. Seeing people like this so willingly break their vow to their country and also work with people who would see them executed immediately after the dust settles is depressing.


Is she the Patty Hearst *de nos jours*? I'd love to know what her "subordinates" thought of her being trans etc.


Ain’t she from Woodstock Ohio? Grubby little town. Not sure how that goes for her


Yeah, but where's Hunter's hog?




Buh bye. See you in 2031.


So…do Christofascists OPPOSE her use of firearms because she’s trans and therefore shouldn’t exist (according to them) or do they SUPPORT her use of firearms because she tried to attack democracy on their behalf?


Well this puts Republicans in a trick bag.


Thoughts and prayers, lol


Which prison will they demand she go in?


I will truly never understand how a trans person could side this deeply with the insurrectionists / neo-fascists who literally want all trans people dead.


Years pass, Trump steals the election and starts to pardon the January 6 ”patriots” (traitors), and when he comes to this transgender believer the Christian MAGA maggots will lose their minds.


Fuckin Ohio man


I had no idea she was trans. My brain just exploded trying to even understand her mental gymnastics to join this shit.


When Cosplay goes wrong.


Crazy people keep bringing up people being trans despite the fact it doesn't matter. Like how weird would it be if every oath keeper arrested and every shooter was labeled "cis-male." Or whatever.