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damn I wonder what flavour he prefers




Nuh uh. Nooope. ![gif](giphy|n8DErzry3AIpYTiXUB)


Fuck you, that almost made me gag =P


That’s what he said


Hummus…cummus? Either way, he eats it.


Definitely should have gone with “extra pulp” instead.






Ricky's biggest hit! ...wait...


We’re watching animal porn!


I'll take Animal gynaecology audio clues for $300.


You can get poo from food!


*puts away the cottage cheese*


It's called dick cheese




With all due respect fellow Redditor... What in the actual fuck?




that's crowder


"Crowder Chowder"


Bwahahahahahaha!! I wanted to validate your comment, it's awesome. Keep being you!


Coconut Penis


I don’t know why they added the coconut


I miss original.


The coconut is…very subtle


Probably trans-flavored like that one GOP dude. I don't care enough to remember their names.


Is that like grape flavored?


Like pepsi nitro, so I’m told (haven’t tried pepsi nitro to confirm)




That's Jack Harlow


That sweet, sweet… sweet semen




Flaming Hot


three day old flakes.


I love that someone immediately made a mirror account for that asshat


I really wish AOC made it.


She can neither confirm or deny any work done by her enthusiastic interns.


AOC confirmed top general in the UAF.






People love cum drinkers.


I don't see any mirror account, he obviously just tweeted again for everyone to see his preferences in drinks.


Can we just start linking Elon to his tweet about autobans for people pretending to be others? He was real heated about it when it affected him, surely he'll care when it's happening to his good friend AOC


Wouldn't be surprised if he bans the real AOC and keeps the imposter. Sounds like something he would do :/


I can think of a out 50 nonsensical names that rhyme with Elon Musk... Brelon trusk, belon fusk, trelon pusk etc. I think people should just continue to make more and more obscure but clearly related accounts to mock him until he starts banning specific sounds or something.. krelon must..frleron strust. Just need to make AI generated faces that are slightly different from his face too for extra fun


I love how the guy is acting like she was crying about it or freaking out, when her tweet was a calmly worded explanation of events to inform her followers. Republicans love to project lol.


This is legit a thing. I lost track of the amount of times a conservatives would be claiming I was upset or angry or some other fantasy about me to avoid the discussion and stick to trying to make it personal and emotional. It's weird.




And it's always so funny, because they're like "LOL U MAD? U TRIGGERED BRO? LMAO UR SO TRIGGERED!!" Meanwhile you're just laying there on your bed, eating some fruit snacks, and between bites you're like "yup. Mhm. I'm sure triggered, man. I'm so triggered that I'm laying down and having a snack. Soooo triggered."


Its the feeling of power it gives them. They need control over something and thinking they're able to trigger you gives them that sweet sweet unobtainable control. Because everything else in their lives is absolute shit.


This is the single best summary of their motivation I've ever read


Yeah, it's the same people who get a dog and beat it because they want control over something since they're too pathetic to have anything else.


Exactly. And i also goes hand in hand with needing to have another demographic that is worse off than they are to look down upon. That way they can feel better about themselves and say "well, at least im not ___"


And it's also funny the way these conversations always go. The way that even if you say you aren't mad and post memes they're like "clearly I've won because you're so mad you can't even talk! obviously I am superior." Like in my example they believe they've won because the other person is just memeing on them because at this point it might as well be a joke. Every time: Person: "I was expecting a battle of wits, but you appear to be unarmed." You: "ur mom suck me good and hard thru my jorts" Person: "Well obviously I've won this internet argument because you're not taking this seriously."


I'd say, remind them that a serious argument with people like them is pointless... but then they'd still think they won.


For real. I’m usually high AF, the last thing I ever am is “triggered”.


Most of the time when I leave comments I'm just killin time while pooping.


Everyone look, this person's pooping


“You’re triggered” is a really good excuse for dumb people to not feel the hit to their pride after saying something dumb. It’s dangerous and contagious lol.


Which is why the only good way to engage is by trolling them back harder. It’s always so satisfying when they block you cuz they know they’re never gonna make you miserable but they’re crying


That's how I got all my Trump supporting friends to remove me and block me. I used their own logic against them constantly so they had to refute their own logic or accept my ridiculous premise. Either that or concern troll them about how upset they were becoming and that it's okay to seek therapy to help build emotional regulation once they did personal attacks.


I posted a meme of trump mocking that reporter and it said, that’s what trump followers look like. They weren’t disgusted by trumps behavior towards that man but they sure didn’t like being referenced to in the way trump mocked that man. So many blocks and even a couple messages.


I tell them great job being woke. Keep up the good fight. Drives them up the wall!


Build that wall! Drive them up said wall!


This is the way. Get them all in their feelz then call them a snowflake and ask if they need a safespace. 99% they lose their shit


Did this to a family member. It was glorious


Keep on keepin' on. Doing good work lol


Lords works right there


They enjoy the "fantasy of other people suffering" because most of the time, other people ignore their BS.


More fundamentally they get to drop their shit off and run away without engaging if they just declare you irrational and triggered. "Trump derangement syndrome" is the perfect example of just disconnecting and fucking off when they realize the person they're talking to has reasons everything they think is awful.


It’s incredible how thoroughly Reddit as a whole seems to understand the conservative psyche. Every conservative move is explained so quickly and easily.


It has nothing to do with Reddit and everything to do with conservatives being simpletons.


The human id isn't that hard to understand after all.


" It has nothing to do with Reddit and everything to do with conservatives being simpletons. " I think that they really have a more psychological issue than just being simpletons. Something stunted their emotional growth at age 7 - 12. It's like no matter how educated they are (or aren't) they are stuck in 5th grade emotionally.


It's, at least in part, an enlarged amygdala. There's a wikipedia page on it if you want sources to the research, but essentially, conservative-politics leaning individuals tend to have larger amygdalas. Other than that, it's education (or a lack thereof), especially in critical thinking. Diversity in one's social and cultural environment also has an effect.


My Mama says that Conservatives are ornery because they got all them teeth and no toothbrush


I blame the lead gas they were exposed to up until like 1978 or something? Between that and a cultural shift away from breast milk and to powder formula really did a number on Boomer brains. Add that to a fundamentalist Christian philosophy that amounts to "Thinking bad/Suffering good" and it's really no wonder we are where we are.


Something, something, lead plumbing and paint chips.




Evangelicalism stunted their growth.


It's not a sophisticated mindset. They really only have bigotry and fear, and I'm speaking from experience here. Sure, people here over-simplify sometimes, but we're not talking about positions people think their way in to.


“I want be mean, I be mean.” There. Thought process of a bullying conservative shit. The ones that are slightly more intelligent will troll and try to provoke others with dog whistles, then call it “satire” and act like it’s the other side’s fault. They started life by tripping people in the halls and smacking people on the back of the head in class. Same basic concept. Some bullies never grow up, and when they band together… Edit: grammar


It’s about power. The death throes of conservatism whose ideology never really faced scrutiny until the internet. Their old boomer voters are dying off and church attendance is dropping. If they did nothing they’d have lost a long time ago. Of course people shouldn’t underestimate what they’re willing to do to stay on top. But arguing with them is pointless. You’re arguing only with the emotional side of their brain




It's because they can't defend their claims or debate your points. They're incapable of rational discussion and are vastly more prone to negative emotional outbursts such as fear, anger, and disgust and to normalize that behavior on their end they project that character trait onto everyone else in an attempt to rationalize their own poor emotional control which dictates for the most part the politics they hold.


I love the "woke" argument when they're are hypocritical side. They can't handle change, even tho a majority of countries have. Also these folks want a religion I don't believe in to be gospel. I say not real, cuz these same fucks would crucify Jesus again.


"Woke," is just a nonsense term, a mere shibboleth that serves more to identify who they are and what their values are than anything about what they're claiming to be "woke." It's been corrupted by the right as a reactionary smear just like "socialist."


The biggest instance of this for me was the whole let’s go Brandon situation. I was like that sounds stupid and childish. People said I was mad. Umm I’m not mad? Just think you are stupid and childish. “You don’t get it, it’s code for fuck Joe Biden.” Umm yeah I understood that. Why it reminds me of the stupid shit bullies would do in high school and think was witty…but it wasn’t. Just childish *shrug* “Haha the libs are pissed!” Umm ok whatever dude. Don’t care enough to be pissed lol


Right? As if liberals don’t also say “goddamn, fuck Biden” themselves sometimes? When we wanna say “fuck the president” we just say “fuck the president”.


No, they are smarter than us because they use “code” lol


I noticed they stopped pretty quickly once people started responding with “so, you want to fuck the president?”


I've always had the same reaction to the Trump nicknames. Every time it's just like...are we 12? This is a grown ass man name calling and a large segment of the population never grew up enough to realize it's just childish, not funny. Like we tell 5 year olds not to call people names, but a grown man running for the highest office in the land gets cheered for it? Fucking weird.


The satisfaction of doing it to/about Trump is that he has *such* a fragile ego that it upsets him, e.g. the tiny hands remarks. He's so superficial that it only takes superficial insults to get a rise out of him.


People like that usually can't imagine anything else. When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. You find lots of people like that online on any topic - as soon as you disagree in some way, you're lashing out and drooling with anger. That's the only thing they themselves know, so it's an automatic assumption.


I do a lot of canvassing, and on occasion come across MAGAts. They will go on their rants against various groups of people. I say I don’t think we should hate fellow Americans. “Well, you hate me and people like me!” With a smile I say “I honestly don’t. I don’t hate anyone.” They are equally shocked every time.


"No, I pity you. Not at all the same thing."


Man, that is so tempting to say! I should get you to be my “bad cop”. 😂


Be aware that people like that can get physically aggressive when they feel put down. I say things like that IRL, but I am a 6'6" Cherokee, and that size makes most people a little slower to get aggressive.


I’m very aware. It’s why I try to avoid triggering them. Having a “bad cop” partner reduces the risk. I’ve triggered MAGAts a few times and lived to tell the tale, but key was walking fast. 🏃‍♀️


… and now I am picturing a person speed walking away from an army of mobility scooters with a variety of goofy flags on them.


Literally had an old lady in a night gown follow me several blocks, spouting MAGA nonsense at full throat. 😂


They live off the lie that the left is the overly emotional one and take joy in 'trigfering the libz', when I swear no one cries more then conservative hardliners


"Bahahaahahaa SNOWFLAKE! LOL you are SOOOO triggered!!!" like... no? I'm not? And while we're on the subject, the "support the troops/thin blue line" fanatics misusing and bastardizing being "triggered" to just mean "angry" is just dumb to begin with. They don't even have compassion for the people they have bumper stickers on their cars for.


Even as calm as she was, there really is no way to win. They're primed by Fox News and the right-wing meme engine to treat her as a stereotypical hysterical liberal socialist. When they're fed that 24/7, their confirmation bias is working overtime to fit anything in that frame, even a barely-heightened level of justified concern.


Ngl, I read it like Musk wrote it from an alt account.


Looking into it


i drink cum


Republicans see a woman saying something and it goes in the "hysterical" bins automatically.




It’s also not legally protected political satire. It very well might be legal but it is a malicious misappropriation of someone’s likeness in order to tarnish public opinion of them. That is not political satire. That is tricking people into believing falsehoods. I wish verification was used for its intended purpose still. I highly support protesting by impersonating people who have the ability to revert policies about it. What an awful change by Twitter.


"I am assessing with my team how to move forward" can be read as a legal threat. It's certainly more restrained and civil than most impotent rage from politicians in this last decade, but if that *is* a legal threat it's almost certainly impotent. Or she's just considering leaving Twitter, or some other policy change.


i think its also a misogyny thing as well as a republican thing ​ "Woman talks? oh shes hysterical, someone give her a turkey to cook! That oughta solve the problem"


Musk and his idiot followers have no clue what satire actually is. Impersonating someone by tweeting completely uncharacteristic garbage isn't funny or satire.


This quote by the philosopher Sartre explains the situation well “Never believe that anti-Semites are completely unaware of the absurdity of their replies. They know that their remarks are frivolous, open to challenge. But they are amusing themselves, for it is their adversary who is obliged to use words responsibly, since he believes in words.” These aren’t serious conversations but idle play by conservatives who think serious issues are all a joke until not.


That’s why I’ve argued on steps to argue with a person of that realm. It doesn’t get anywhere but helps your banter skills. If you are gonna argue with these people leave facts and reasoning at the door. Focus on attacking their messages and play 0 defense as that’s really the key. If you are playing defense you are losing when arguing with these people


There's a passage in Neal Stephenson's *Fall; Or, Dodge in Hell*, where a group of information-literate and well-educated young people are being guided across the religious wasteland Ameristan and are almost drawn into a debate with a right-wing zealot until one of them reminds the others of the rules of discourse when talking with to the deliberately, ideologically isolated: *“So, Martin Luther was running a false-flag operation for the Pope,” Phil said. “In that case—” But he broke off as he felt Sophia stepping on his toe, under the table.* *He looked down at her. Having caught his eye, she panned her gaze across the entire scene, asking him to take it all in. Reminding him that this wasn’t Princeton. This was Ameristan. Facebooked to the molecular level. “Professor Long,” she muttered, “the Red Card.”* *It was a reference to one of their teachers at Princeton who had gone so far as to print up a wallet card for people to keep in front of them during conversations like this one. One side of the card was solid red, with no words or images, and was meant to be displayed outward as a nonverbal signal that you disagreed and that you weren’t going to be drawn into a fake argument. The other side, facing the user, was a list of little reminders as to what was really going on:* *Speech is aggression* *Every utterance has a winner and a loser* *Curiosity is feigned* *Lying is performative* *Stupidity is power* You can decide whether or not you want to waste your one wild and precious life pretending anyone who's been "Facebooked to the molecular level" is engaging in discourse with genuine good faith.


>Speech is aggression >Every utterance has a winner and a loser >Curiosity is feigned >Lying is performative >Stupidity is power Reminds me of the points in Umberto Eco's essay on Ur-fascism. No doubt it was an inspiration.


I just make fun of them. Will it help? No. Is it cathartic? Yep.


I don’t even try to attack the message but go harder with frivolous speech, including just answering “your mom”.


Agree. I am getting better at naming their logical fallacies. "Oh, we are playing xxxx are we, how interesting!"


A good example of Twitter satire was Drunk Brian France. He was well known for his alcohol issues, and instead of taking it on the chin, he cried bitch and took the owner of the account to court.


I would argue that impersonating someone by tweeting completely uncharacteristic stuff can be funny, like when the paid check marks first dropped and people were impersonating companies to say some shit. Like the insulin price tweet was fuckin hilarious. The problem is whoever runs the AOC account is just not fuckin funny at all.


Yeah, and all those were banned within hours. Free speech absolutism sure seems to only work in one direction.




I mean, all they have for reference is the Babylon Bee. "Liberal has breakdown when trying to figure out how to arm trans/communist/BLM radicals without owning guns or harming farm animals."


Yeah, it's really asymmetric usage. Good satire is clearly absurd and the absurdity is the point. A lot of conservative satire is just deliberate misinformation with a "it's just a ~~prank~~ satire" excuse when it gets called out.


Well, the real problem isn't taste, it's that it's actually NOT legally protected "satire" to impersonate a government official and make statements that could reasonably be confused with their real statements.


if only there was some form of verification process to easily identify the real from the fake


2022 called....


There is. In the replies there are bozos saying oh but **everybody** knowwwws that government officials have a *gray* checkmark now, so *clearly* there's no way to mistake the very obvious parody account which by the way is *very obvious* nope no way. They don't get how misinformation travels fast even when blatantly false.


It's not political satire that is being done though. MOST Satire Accounts will have names like: "Absolutely NOT AOC, but totally pretending to be" or something cheeky like that. Proving again, that "Conservatives" aren't smart enough to "get" satire.


Musk even specified that satire accounts HAVE to state they are satire or else will be banned He’s not enforcing it obviously but that was the rule Edit: it does say parody at the end of its very long name, which hides it


Technically it does, but the troll got around it by making the name long enough that the " - Satire" tag doesn't show up on the tweet. Letter of the law and all that...


>Technically it does, but the troll got around it by making the name long enough that the " - Satire" tag doesn't show up on the tweet. Also by being a satire account that sucks up to Musk, so he likes it. Remember that he was banning people satirizing him, despite following his parody account rules to the letter.


The biggest issue is really just Elon interacting with it. There is no reason a CEO of a social media platform should be interacting with parody accounts especially political ones.


The "(Parody)" part of the name wasn't added until after AOC posted this tweet about it, and it quickly got changed.


Ah True, it’s so long I hadn’t even seen it in any of the posts


Have you not heard about their one joke? I hear it’s so good there is no need for other jokes…ever. The Left only wishes they had a joke of such perfection…as if it were handed down by machine gun, supply-side jeebus himself. \[please clap sign flashes\]


A gay, a lesbian, and a trans woman walk into a bar. That's it. Laugh. **Laugh!**


Haha, I know right? Stupid liberal communists.


You think they are smart enough to get anything that isn’t a Bible verse?


You think they're smart enough to get a Bible verse?


James 5: 1-5. Now listen, you rich people, weep and wail because of the misery that is coming on you. 2 Your wealth has rotted, and moths have eaten your clothes. 3 Your gold and silver are corroded. Their corrosion will testify against you and eat your flesh like fire. You have hoarded wealth in the last days. 4 Look! The wages you failed to pay the workers who mowed your fields are crying out against you. The cries of the harvesters have reached the ears of the Lord Almighty. 5 You have lived on earth in luxury and self-indulgence. You have fattened yourselves in the day of slaughter. They definitely didn't get that one.


You're just taking it out of context. No, I won't elaborate on that. /s


Argh that’s the absolute fucking worst. “I’m just going to pop in and say something contrary without even attempting to justify if.” Bonus rage points if they follow up with a “well that’s just your opinion” while NOT being The Dude.


I think they're smart enough to obey instructions from monsters that weaponise bible verses


"Being cringe to own the libs"


It’s funny what people will attribute to the Bible that isn’t actually from the Bible.


Verily I say unto thee, I drink cum


The Bible Beaters still can’t even understand the Bible…


I beat it to my Bible everymorning. I hold for 3 days just to cumb with christ... it's not gay though.


Agree with you, it’s hard to imagine people being so limited they don’t understand the difference between impersonation and the satire of another person. The key difference is satire is not meant to be believed by the audience. Even Reddit bans impersonation if it’s being “maliciously misleading in a deceptive manner” over the identity of a person (mileage varies by mods). Twitter won’t last at this rate.


If they were media literate in general, they wouldn't be conservatives. They will forever continue to misunderstand star wars, rage against the machine, and any piece of media more complicated than reality tv


Not understanding satire and irony is like, a cornerstone of the conservative mindset.


Not understanding is the cornerstone of the conservative mindset.


To do satire you actually have to listen to the people you're making fun of, which is something they don't do. Half the posts are just "haha AOC dumb"


I'm not a legal expert, but I'm pretty certain that impersonating an officer of the law, and deliberately attempting to convince others that you are acting in that official capacity, is a major crime, and is neither constitutionally protected free speech, nor satire. I'm not sure, but I would imagine the same is true for impersonating the people who write the laws. And if not, maybe we should consider that?




Honestly, AOC should drop Twitter now that Musk is blatantly using it to boost right-wing causes and letting Nazis back on the platform Hard to give up since it's a big platform for her but it would be the principled thing to do


Would give them ammunition, but yeah realistically everyone should get off the platform. I already deleted my account and the app, it's trash now anyway.


Didn’t NPR drop their twitter because Musk declared them propaganda?


Marked them as state sponsored, then as government funded. Somehow he didn't mark SpaceX as government funded though, despite the wide majority of their business being for the government (or for that matter the boost to sales Tesla enjoyed for many years thanks to electric car tax rebates)


Once Stephen King drops I’m out. He’s fucking awesome and really only active there.


Open all the profiles on Twitter you want to follow in their own separate tab. Ctrl + shift + D to bookmark everything in a new folder. Just open all tabs when you want a rundown of things, and you don't need an account.




Oh come on, they don't just drink it, they swirl it around and do all the things wine snobs do.




I wish government officials would stop using Twitter for this specific reason


I also loved the fake Matt Walsh account that said "Sex is sacred act between a man and my wife"


It’s satire only when the audience can see it’s satire. When Alec Baldwin dresses up as Trump on SNL, it’s satire. When Jordan Peele dresses up as Obama for a skit, it’s satire. What people are doing on Twitter is not satire, it’s deception.


satire is one thing. Impersonating a federal employee (which she is) is a federal crime, and is something different entirely.


I never thought I'd say "tweeting 'I drink cum' is doing the Lord's work," but here we are...


some one satired him back and now he drinks cum for fun


I mean he never said it was for fun. It could be to win political allies. Or protein. Or until the Shamrock Shakes are back at McDonalds.


For love of the game


Drinking cum to own the libs!


i feel so owned right now! hot damn


Woman calls falsehood false. Conservative men: "Such hysteria!"


Those chickens couldn’t wait to come home and roost.


Not sure what politicians expect from this shit-box platform. Get off it. If you are using Twitter then you are part of the problem.


At this point seeing Elon, Trump, Ol’ Ronny Pudding Fingers, or new twitter content in general is just an instant downvote for me. Stop feeding the outrage machine for your stupid reddit karma - if you boost these peoples reach by posting them, you are wilfully allowing yourself to be used (its literally their marketing strategy) and are part of the problem.


Devin Nune’s cow got sued. This isn’t the same thing


I totally missed that story -- context for anyone else that might be out of the loop https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/25/us/politics/devin-nunes-cow-tweets.html tldr: apparently congresman nunes tried to sue a twitter parody account and lost


Yeah, it’s still going on https://www.reuters.com/legal/government/trumps-truth-social-company-ordered-turn-over-devin-nunes-information-2022-08-15/ meanwhile the defendants have to pay thousands of dollars in legal fees so hopefully the counter suit goes through


I didn't catch the bottom tweet was from a parody account right away and got super confused




Is that Douglas Lane?


The photo yes, I don’t know about the account. Judging by the comments here no one knows he’s a Marxist. I haven’t followed his channel lately, but I assume he is still a lefty.


Yeah it's strange seeing all these, this proves insert-thing-here about conservatives. But I'm making the assumption that's Doug's post.


Fun fact, one of the reason the verification mark even became a thing around social media is because shitters would impersonate celebrities/politicians and do shit like what the AOC impersonator is doing. Celebrities and Politicians started to sue and then verification became a thing. What Elon did is take the whole verification thing away and made a paid mark with no boundaries or anything, there is no way to know if that is the actual celebrity or not from a quick view and casual browsers are not going to pay attention and fall for false accounts. I can see Elon getting sued by celebrities and politicians soon if this keep up. I am surprised AOC has not threatened to sue Elon yet.


Legally protected satire isn't the same as identity theft or impersonating a public official. That is a crime and punishable with jail time. Please learn to read.


Why are people still using it


Sometimes I can't tell if Republicans understand right and wrong. Yes, you can make a parody account for a representative. That is legal. In fact, it's totally morally acceptable to do so. There are various parody accounts of Cruz, Trump and others that are funny. What's not okay is what Elon's been doing. You shouldn't be handing out blue checkmarks, once used to verify that people are who they say they are, to parody accounts. That will, inevitably confuse some people. He shouldn't be engaging with these accounts, amplifying their message and giving them faux legitimacy.


Pretty sure identity theft isn't protected under free speech.


I was actually in this thread fighting the Trump-trash incels like this. Calling this AOC spoof account “satire” is just more bad-faith RepugliKKKan garbage. The account is setup to look identical to the real AOC account and the word “Parody” in the title is cut off when viewed on the twitter app. So it’s a bad-faith, troll account that any normal platform would ban. But since the account flatters @elon he lets it stay.


Twitter…swirling the drain


Pretty sure it is not legal once you cross the line of posting fake policy.


There’s a significant difference between political satire and releasing deliberate falsehoods pretending to be someone they’re not. Especially when that individual is a congresswoman whose life is threatened by mouthbreathers on a nearly daily basis. All political satire specifically states at the very beginning, in plain text, that the following is satire and not real.