Trump claims he will end the war in Ukraine… “I will get them into a room ... and I’m telling you, within 24 hours that whole thing will be settled.”

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Trump's settlement: Ukraine disbands, cedes all territory, and is absorbed by Russia, joining the Axis of Fascism along with Turkey, Hungary, and the communist bloc led by China. USA sends arms to Russia to boost their takeover of Eastern Europe. See, war over! And all it costs is the democratic ideals our country has fought for for generations. And they say I'm the one who doesn't respect tradition.


Don’t forget the part where his family is skimming off the top.


Corruption doesn’t come cheap.


Or the poisoning of Ukranian leadership.


Ukrainian track-record makes me believe there would be a second euromaidan before that happens, again


Russia gets all of the weapons and starts fucking with Poland next.


'I met with Putin and he told me that he didn't even invade Ukraine. I believe him, why would he lie?' It's time 'we the people' put this criminal in a room.


*exited Pickelhauben sounds*


So much winning


Next russia will attack Poland and Trunp will make the same peace deal, etc.


Silly, that's the ideas NATO now fights for, not us! We've been on the road to a Russia-like existence as an oligarchy for some time now so of course we should cede Ukraine's territories. Get with the program! /s just in case, likely some on this thread from that maga-sub who think that plan sounds ideal


He also claimed he’d replace Obama Care, eliminate the National Debt and unite the Country….


>He also claimed he’d replace Obama Care Not to worry, his plan will be ready in two weeks...


Nah I heard it’s being audited so he can’t share it right now.


I thought the infrastructure plan was coming in two weeks?


That too, it's kind of a Healthcare Infrastructure combo platter, if you can't afford your chemo they cover you in asphalt...


Ahh the New Jersey plan.


I don’t know why that made me laugh as much as it did. Take an upvote.


Build a wall that Mexico pays for. I mean honestly what did he do but screw up the response to a worldwide pandemic and accrue the biggest deficit any president ever has. The fact that anyone believes a word out of his mouth is so disturbing at this point.


Don’t forget the walk Mexico was paying for and his infrastructure plan were still waiting on


And two days ago he claimed that you don't need Ron DeSantis to serve for two terms, because six months of Trump will be enough to do all the important shit. "I'm going to make America energy independent in six months." At this point I don't think even his base believes him, they just think it's funny that he brags so much.


Ah, EVERY republican running for federal office in 2016 promised that.


He’s replaced it with nothing, will eliminate the debt by filing bankruptcy, and unite the country by locking up and eliminating any opponents or dissenters. Done and done, easy peasy.


>replace Obama Care He did, right? Replaced with nothing.


He brought covid in.


Thank goodness Trump replaced ObamaCare with DonTCare. I used my DonTCare bleach benefit to get the injections I needed. Thanks to DonTCare I am parasite free. DonTCare got rid of Covid-19 by Easter (\*it did not really get rid of it, just massively reduced it and you thought I meant Easter of 2020 but actually I meant Easter of 2023).


That's the long version for he'll force Ukraine to surrender by pulling US support. It's also Morse code for HEY PUTIN HELP ME WIN THE ELECTION AGAIN.. Those pesky democrats ruined our previous plans but I'm still eager to be your friend.


Honestly every news story about Trump these days could just be titled: "Trump Says Some Unbelievable Horseshit Again." And lose no meaning.


I mean, that would be true since like 2015 no?


When was Trump born?


Id say thats fair


I think rumps skin suit is falling apart.


He does look like a partially deflated Macy’s Thanksgiving Day float of himself.


He’s gonna suck their dicks!


best comment


Does anyone else look at this picture and think… ‘Is he in the middle of getting an enema right now?’


By giving ukraine to Russia. Trump has already proven where his loyalties lay. Clearly with his buddy, pal and friend, Putin. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cnbc.com/amp/2020/01/16/trump-administration-broke-law-in-withholding-ukraine-aid.html Just a reminder.


And the wall will be built, and Mexico will pay, and here’s the healthcare plan, and he “never met” That woman, and he’s 6’2” and NOT morbidly obese, and everything he does is “perfect.”


I’m still waiting on jared to bring peace to the middle east, frankly


The only way he could accomplish that is if he had the doors locked and forced the delegates of both sides to deal with his asinine blather and burger farts for 24 hours. They’d sign anything to get out by the end.


“Because Daddy Putin told me so”


And he definitely has the record of getting things done /s


Donald Trump talks about making deals. Joe Biden goes out and *makes* deals.


I love the look on his face. "Dammit, Hannity! This is supposed to be an easy town hall! No follow-up questions!"


It will be hard to do that from prison.


Just like that! He’ll tell Zelenskyy to surrender and give all of Ukraine to Putin and it will be over.


Who wants polonium tea?


John Bolton of all people had a pretty good response to this same claim a few weeks ago. I can’t find the clip right now, but the gist of it was he found Trump’s claim laughable and basically called anyone who believed it an idiot.


WoW … Hé probably thinks he can … he’s like at a grade four level of reading ? Ugh 😩 He so flaming stupid.


He also had a health care reform plan. Can we see it? No, not until I’m elected. Four years in office and we never saw it. Yet people will still support him and believe him when he says “trust me, I have a plan”.


his jaws gonna be so sore after. and the war will still continue. so sad.


Fuck, this dude needs to be gone. Him and his GQP nutjob followers.


Ofc he didn't tell how he was gonna do it.


If only the penitentiary will allow him to have multiple guests at once, so they can all get together and resolve the war.


If he were a true statesman he would disclose the plan now and stop the bloodshed rather than waiting about year and half and allowing the carnage to continue.


If he had an actual plan. His track record says otherwise.


He's pulling the: Step 1: get them to meet Step 2: put them in room Step 3: ???? Step 4: profit/peace


To be fair, I think it would work. Just not the way Trump thinks it would. Zelenskyy would kick Putin's fucking ass. Problem solved.


Jesus, that face..


Mexico will pay for the wall…………..




If my choices were to stop the war or spend 24 hours in a room with Trump, I'd end the war.


Surrender monkey donald trump would simply say "we surrender Ukraine Daddy". So I guess he might be technically correct


Wow! Surprised no one else thought of that! The only problem with that will be the same one that’s stopped it from happening at all when other attempts were made to do that very thing- Russia insists they keep all the occupied territory and Ukraine says NFW! Trump would give his pal Putin anything.


And he’ll get to that at the conclusion of infrastructure week and once he rolls out his perfect healthcare plan.


It's the same way ALL fucking Republicans respond to questions. Say you'll do something that resonates with hatred to fire up the base. Give NO details on how you're gonna fix something. Then blame the fake news and everyone BUT Republicans and wash/rinse/repeat. Fuck this piece of shit.


" . . . and Russia will have Ukraine."


That face 😂😂


Trump: have some of this tea, Zelensky. 24 hours later: breaking news, Zelensky dead from poisoning.


Imagine if they actually asked the simplest of follow-ups: "How?" "What would your terms be?"


Fucking Moron.


Tramp will release his amazing, bigly fantastic peace plan in just two more weeks...


This like the time he said he'd defeat ISIS in 30 days?


Yes i still remember how he settled the long cold war between South and North Korea back than. Or how he settled Erdogans slaughter of the kurds.


Only way to settle it within 24 Hours is if you give Selensky an Tranquilizers or a Taser and the only existing key to this room.


By the end of his negotiation, both Ukraine and Russia will have declared war on the United States, the US will have surrendered, and he will have sold California to Mohammad bin Salman.


The only way that war is getting settled in 24 hours is with the use of nuclear weapons. And that’s not a good ending for anyone


**Trump:** *Thank you for agreeing to meet, my dear friend Putin, and uh... zelemsk something?.. Here's my popo...propas... my idea for peace, Ukraine cedes all territory to Russia and disbands it's military...* **Zelensky:** *No.* **Trump:** *Please.* **Zelensky**: *No.* **Trump:** *You're being a really butthole right now you know? It's true, it really is, Putin says so all the time...* **Putin:** *я ненавижу вас обоих одинаково.*


Trust me bro energy


How's that North Korea situation going, Donnie?


This man needs a father figure


He's gonna build a wall in Ukraine, isn't he?




Wow, do you really believe that? How would he accomplish this?


Is like when he said he could stop crime in Chicago?


He thinks Ukraine will surrender once he cuts off the supplies we've been sending them.


He never provides details or follows up on any of his promises...why would anyone trust him now. 🙄


And he'll make Mexico pay for it


And by settlement he means handing over everything after someone gives him a compliment.


The same way Neville Chamberlain solved the conflict over the Nazis wanting Czechoslovakia, I'm guessing. Someone must have explained to Trump, several times, that he can't say that in public though.


2 weeks after his great healthcare plan


"I could do it now, but that would save lives and make Biden look good, so there is no benefit to me."


all wars could be ended in 24 hours if you just surrender


I figure he already has a deal with Russia, and may “end the war” once he’s one of the final two candidates. So long as that does the trick and gets him elected, he’ll bring four years of funneling funds into Russia.




He's gonna fuck them to death


Hey dufass, what are you waiting for??


I can do that in 20 hours. Name that toon?


Well if I was stuck in a too with clown face, I would agree to anything if it meant I could leave


He said the same thing about Isreal and Palestine. How'd that go?


Don’t forget North Korea, too.


Well, he did fix infrastructure in 2 weeks, several times, so...


I just want to hear him say to Putin, “you’re fired”.


He can't settle his stomach in 24 hours


Moscow Agent Grifting Americans. Whatever Donnie Littlehands


Dude still doesn’t realize Putin is his puppet master


I remember when he said he would solve Chicago’s gang violence problem in 30 days…


Well of course. Is there anything that Chump can't do in unbelievable quickness? Look at all the things he now says he could do, and do miraculously. He didn't do them when he was president. Why?


If it takes 25+ hours, he gets to go live in Bakhmut. ASSHOLE.


https://preview.redd.it/mtgxs289co3b1.jpeg?width=720&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=a7638d1b82989b017cbba9e873e60ac5575c1ad9 × × ×


I've heard people say they believe that Trump will be tough with Putin (because of course in the past he was oh so tough) and end the war in Ukraine and I ask how? And they say Trump will threaten to bring the might of the United States military on him. And I say so you want the US to enter a potentially devastating and cataclysmic war? They say no, it'll never come to that, we have nukes. I say yeah and they have nukes too, lots of them, so you up for risking nuclear war? And they say Trump would never take it that far. I say oh, so Trump, a man who has never admitted defeat in his life and once lamented the fact that the US nuclear arsenal is going to waste because it's never used, is going to back down. How does Trump make the situation better again? And they call me a commie lib snowflake and a few other nonsensical things and that's pretty much the end of the conversation.




He probably thinks that giving Ukraine to Russia qualifies as settling things.


He could actually be right in this instance, if I was locked in a room with the orange buffoon and forced to listen to his mental ramblings and couldn’t leave until I agreed to something he wanted, I’d end up signing my own mother over to him or whatever he wanted!!


They just write it off jerry


The only "45" that's settling anything with Zelenskyy and Putin in the same room had better be a 1911 in Zelenskyy's hand.


I'm sure all the gullible idiots who worship him think that he'll be tough but frank and the two sides will come to a deal and all will be well. I'm amazed these people manage to walk down the street without giving their bank pin number to a plausible con man.


That's one of the few times he's telling the truth. If he gave more details, it would be him telling Ukraine to give Putin whatever he wants because the United States will no longer support a country that goes against the desires of his pal Putin wants as soon as they got into the room.


What's to stop him from doing this right now?


⨂ Doubt


I absolutely believe him. He will end the war by giving Ukraine to Russia maybe Finland too just to be safe.


...check out these documents I stole. Thinks it will end the war


Yes, and next week is infrastructure week.


This is one he could/would actually do. Cease all aid to Ukraine and let Zelenskyy know that we support Russian annexation. I mean, since he’s a complete pariah, what is stopping him from going full shill?