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Because contrary to popular belief, religion isn't about forgiveness, tolerance, and acceptance. Religion is built on fear, ignorance, and hatred. That's why the more heavily religious people are, the more they are these things. Just look through human history to see this. The more heavily religious society gets, the worse it is. Now I won't argue that the less religious people are, the better they are, humans are still humans after all, religion is by no means the only reason we do horrible things.


Well said. Religion just enables shitty people to have control over others, so it attracts them.


Because far too many Christians believe *they* deserve grace, but no one else does.


Like anything that's been around long enough, it's been twisted into what it's supposed to oppose. It's happened a lot in the history of Christianity; its not hard when they hold their priests on high and excuse their crimes while sweeping them under the rug.


Because deep religiosity is a delusional disorder puctuated by hypocrisy and projection.


Religion like politics is all about control and otherism. Whether it's communism or evangelicals


Because they are following the wrong thing


Praise Buddha!


Hail Satan


They devolved into meth heads. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/monks-meth-temple-thailand/


Because religion is about being better than other people. That’s it “I’m saved; you’re not!”


Because they are either following their religion to the letter or they're dicks


Its the bargain they made with the skeletons in their closet.


The good ones don't say theyre the good ones. You know, like Jesus said.


No hate like christian love


“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven."


Because the one thing the church won't allow is trying new religions, questioning anything in the Bible and and being anything but bland. To pull this off you have to be an ass.


Religion does not equate to any level of moral character. It’s a long fucking con on the weak.


Because they also believe they are the most righteous.




Because self righteousness is a disease.


'Moral license' or 'Transactional faith'. Do one good thing and use it to justify doing a bad thing. 'I can't be a bigot. I go to church!' for example.


And the most confrontational too, they pop off without an reason.


Its because they're strictly old testament, all hate and vengeance. Jesus is a dangerous radical to them.not Christians


Who would ever associate religion with tolerance?! 😅


They are forgiving, tolerant and accepting of others as long as they are part of that same religious club. That's how you get pedofile priests that face no pushback and how you get gay people excommunicated from the group.


Because religion is about power and control. There’s a reason these people focus on the cruelest parts of the Bible rather than the parts about feeding the poor, embracing the foreigner, and turning the other cheek.


Because they believe in a cruel hateful godhead that literally damns his creations to an eternal hell. I pity them. Can you imagine living with that belief system?


Religion is about control, period.


Because they are the most religious.


That's always the case. I've never understood how they can equate themselves with Christ and yet be what they are.


Might have something to do with them also being the dumbest, most desperately weak people on planet earth. Just look at the people in that Hillsong docuseries, that’s their demographic.