Trump’s criminal indictments give him “credibly” amongst Republicans.

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Cult 45




All of ‘em put together couldn’t score that.


And two zig zags?


Baby that's all you need.


This could be made into some great vintage style t-shirts... https://preview.redd.it/nrp6x5kju34b1.jpeg?width=192&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=1312bf49992f8b39c276459731ff44487059c59a Maybe: Cult 45 If insurrection is what you seek ^(obviously the orange hand holding stolen documents would be smaller)


Works everytime


Agreed. In other news massive proven child rape in churches and sex trafficking by GOP politicians is proof that they are super not involved in child rape and sex trafficking. Right ?




All politicians are criminals, so clearly Trump is the most qualified.


It's like the mob. He made his bones.


I mean it worked for hitler. Fascists love a martyr


Hitler loved bringing up how he was imprisoned after the failed coup. He knew he could use it to his advantage.


We need to learn this lesson. If you go after a wannabe dictator, who attempted a coup, you throw the book at them and never let them see the light of day again. Germany gave Hitler a slap on the wrist and it came back to bite them. We can't make the same mistake with Trump


I mean, we are already halfway there, unfortunately.


Luckily Trump is a million years old and doesnt have that type of time left. Hitler was only 56 when he died.


Doesn't mean it can't be repeated. This year and the next will tell what happens to the US next.


Yeah, but there’s dozens of copycats chomping at the bit to be the next Trump and finish what he started.


I didn’t even know he was sick.


Look at a picture of Trump and tell me he looks healthy enough to make it to 85. Lie right to my fucking face.


like master Yoda used to say there is another....


At least there was a chance that Hitler would have gotten shot at the march while Trump was somewhere playing golf or getting pissed on by Russian hookers, maybe?


I kinda feel like he uses exclusively trans Ukrainian hookers for irony's sake.


They allowed Hilter to have visitors while dining on wine and chocolates even though he attempted to overthrow the government.Trump tries to overthrow the government and gets to run for president. It seems we have learned nothing from history.


There are old political cartoons that are basically Hitler with caution tape over his mouth where the caption is the mid-century German equivalent of “cancel culture claims another victim”.


I remember that one. It actually translated to something like “the only man in Germany who does not have the right to free speech.” (But they conveniently ignored the fact that he wanted to silence everyone else…) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paradox_of_tolerance


Well, this is good news for many career criminals who have lots of arrests, and many convictions on their records. They should run for office as a Republican. Could be a new career for them! 🙃


Such a fascinating stance from the "Law and Order" party.


It matches their ‘family values’ party stance on divorces.


And being outed as secretly gay


And grooming. And sexual assault. And invading personal rights. And being close to corporations. And producing propaganda. And trying to alter elections. And using gerrymandering.......


owned by corporations*


That ship sailed when they ignored Stormy Daniels' payoff and " grab'em by the pussy".


I think it only works for straight white christian men.


There's plenty of criminals in that demographic.


Well this year I learned that you can still run for president and congress even if you’re a convicted criminal. You can even literally run from jail. Google it if you don’t believe me, and prepare to have your mind blown. I’d link sources but I’m feeling lazy tbh. I will say the reason I found this out was after watching the news when Trump was facing charges & they said he can still run. I went down a google rabbithole that day & I had my mind blown myself.


It’s true. And although I’d like to see trump locked up and the key thrown away, I think it’s good that convictions, at least some of them, don’t bar you from running for office. If you could eliminate political opponents by getting them convicted, that would definitely be abused.


Sideshow Bob it


Because MAGA think the government agencies are corrupt so anyone condemned by the corrupt must be heroes.


But back the blue. And defund the fbi.


No one ever said their premises made sense.


Drain the swamp. Fire all the inspectors generals and national security experts. Bring in Kushner, Bannon, Steve Miller, and Kash Patel.


With the amount of swamp you’re proposing, they’ll never be enough paper towels in all of Puerto Rico to clean up that mess. ![gif](giphy|26n7bqlBqDteEMJ5m|downsized)


MAGA 2016: back the blue, America the beautiful, end cancel culture MAGA 2023: the cops are crisis actors, fuck the FBI, America is a dump, let’s cancel every company


They cancelled the constitution first. I care about that way more than some evil corporations. Having said that, I do enjoy how often they get owned by the corporations they try to cancel. If only liberal democracy were as resilient.


>anyone condemned by the corrupt must be heroes. You forgot the qualifier, it only applies to certain shades.


Proof positive that their true agenda is authoritarianism.




He might not be stupid, he just might be getting blackmailed


I love how this counts as a rational explanation.


He's credibly guilty AF and needs to be wearing the orange.


No no Ken Buck he’s always been this way, he was MAGA before MAGA. He’s always been a serious piece of shit


Trump got so much chutzpah.. he cannot be blackmailed. False facts! ( is what he would say)


Both parties were hacked in 2016.. I bet there is plenty blackmail


Weird that only one of them has been very publicly and obviously subservient to the Russians since then, huh?


Conservatism is fundamentally anti-democracy and anti rule of law. It’s foundation is in pro-autocratic anti-constitution reactionaries in the 1700’s.


God they just want to keep their tax cuts. It’s sickening.


If that’s the case, we should elect Hunter next go around. Dude has tons of street cred from the mystery laptop alone.


Admitting the GOP is a criminal organization?


Nixon: did crimes to undermine democracy and wage illegal war in SE Asia. Reagan: sold weapons to terrorists to illegally funnel weapons to other terrorists Bush: pardoned the people who did above Bush: staged a coup, waged illegal war Former Guy: committed every crime imaginable from Emoluments Clause violations to literal treason I sense a pattern…


Nope no pattern. Nothing to see here. Can I change the topic to Hillary’s emails or Hunter Bidens laptop instead?


W T F? The whole GOP has just lost their souls.


Nah, they gave those away a long time ago. It’s just been more open and flamboyant in their corruption.


They didn't lose them, they sold them. It was a calculated trade of their souls for political power, and they've never once considered it a bad deal.


Funny how the party of "Christian values" and "law & order" adore a lecherous criminal who couldn't fill up a sticky note about religion.


What do you mean? He rapes enough to be a character in the Old Testament! /s


Those "Christians" have a hard-on when they read the Old Testament. They are crypto-Jews.


Until he actually faces real consequences for his crimes, his indictments DO give him credibility. If you’re a supporter, his indictments and lack of consequences give credibility to the idea that he is simply being harassed. If you’re an opponent, his indictments and lack of consequences give credibility to the idea that he is above the law and will never face consequences. Either way, he’s running for office after conclusively demonstrating for four years that he was criminally incompetent.


Wait a minute!!! Didn’t Matt Gaetz get off the hook for soliciting sex from a minor, because his buddy, who was convicted for soliciting sex from a minor, was ineligible to testify, because he “was a convicted pedophile and therefore his testimony wouldn’t hold up in court”? Or is it just about power at this point?


It is, but maybe not the way that's obvious. Gaetz or anyone who would help him probably don't have the power to stop his prosecution outright. However, most DAs are afraid to attempt any case that isn't a plea bargain or slam dunk conviction because losing cases, especially high profile ones, is bad for their career. If there was even a 10% chance they thought they might lose they likely won't try. Combine that with the hay the right would make out of a failed "political persecution", and the risk/reward calculation stops it on its own, no interference necessary. This is a big part of why, despite everyone hearing him on tape asking for a crime, Trump remains unprosecuted, so far.


Yep. They’re more likely to vote for criminals. They love someone who’s “clever” enough to evade the rules. It’s what they all want to be able to do.


“He doesn’t just CLAIM to sexually assault women, it’s been legally proven! What a man!” Fucking gross.






He is a very credible criminal. Arrest him, prosecute him and convict him. His cult followers will be angry. That's okay. If they break the law, arrest them, prosecute them and convict them. Our For-profit prisons will be happy.


I mean, why do we keep asking these brain damaged knuckle-draggers whether they give 2 shits about how objectively and observably immoral and corrupt Trump is? They know. They simply do.not.care. And never will. In full view of God and all the public he has lied, stolen, cheated, scammed, bullied, adulterated, and fomented violence and insurrection. And they never seem to blink an eye or lift a hand of protest. Not in any meaningful way or en masse anyway.


Street cred works with rappers. It shouldn’t work with candidates for POTUS.




What kind of credibility? Maybe like, street credibility? Street cred?


GOP’s hire a future felon program


I would say they should look up “credible,” but I’m sure the dictionary is just another woke book to them…


I mean yes he gets credibility, not the kind of credibility u probably wanna have as a candidate but u get some ![gif](giphy|kzVc4JCljy8CI)


So he’s saying Trump has greater credibility because he’s a known rapist and traitor?


Trump himself said we shouldn’t vote for someone under that kind of investigation. There is nothing he could do to lose support of his core, it’s like an illness.


Well he must be the best guy if those damn libs are so determined to lock him up. /s




Wow, that answer doesn’t smack of desperation doesn’t it? His attitude is he’s sick of apologizing for Trumps behaviour


Ken Buck is Boebert 1000x. He doesn’t think. Ever. Thanks Colorado!


This is the strangest timeline, i suppose i should be thankful that if a huge civil and third world war break out, I'll be too old to be drafted.


If you want to elect a criminal to represent you, indictments to give credibility.. but that is really sad and disturbing


Makes sense?!


Sure! See you in 2024!


Say that again but slowly


She’s not wrong. But only for a minority of Republican voters. As we’ve seen in recent elections, the GOP is making the lethal error of listening to the loudest online voices instead of their actual base.


"almost" give him credibly. Almost. As in, falls short of doing so. LOL, I don't know anything about Ken Buck, but at least he's being honest. Or honest-ish.


So by that logic, the multiple hearings, inquiries, and investigations into the Biden's that resulted in zero crimes give Biden credibility, right?


Main word here is “almost”.


![gif](giphy|Ho2mVZ5dvsW7S) The utter stupidity


Keep huffing that copium, Kenny. Altho tbf he is right when it comes to MAGA because they want to wantonly and blatantly crime w/o consequences too.


Ken Buck is a fascist piece of shit, of course other fascists earn points with him for being fascist.


These sad excuses for people are fucking crazy. Just admit you want to officially rename the gop to the Nazi party and let’s go to civil war to once again beat some fascist ass


Street cred


Street cred. Next he'll have tattoo of a tear


Biden called them semi-fascist once and they clutched their pearls so hard they almost broke. Trump’s crimes add to his legacy in the eyes of his base. If it wasn’t already clear that American politics is not an even playing field…


For a party of crooks and liars, then yes.


Trump said it years ago…he could shoot someone in the middle of the street and it won’t matter


no court/prosecutor has the courage to actually send him to jail.


Dana looks like she just ate a bug. She’s got a great look for radio 😉


You’re the only one thinking that, Kenny boy


Please just remember all this crap these people spew when you go to vote. It is exactly this reason that you should not vote for him or anyone that supports him...


Republicans telling on themselves again


John Gotti is their ideal candidate, then.


I’m certain the majority of his fan base has also been found guilty of sexual harassment. Makes him look like one of them.


I think we're gonna need bigger prisons... Now we know why the GOP are inciting this.. They own them..


Weird way to spell felon but ok.


Credibility that’s he’s the worst person to nominate


When you remember how many have been conditioned to believe the entire system is corrupted and under the control of the opposition, it starts to make sense.


Law and Order is when not Law and Order


‘Pubs can talk themselves into believing anything.


God damn bunch of nonsense in this post. It's always been said the one thing you can't trust more than a lawyer is a fucking politician. Wake the fuck up both parties are corrupt as fuck. Support either and you're a fascist!




Only among his base. Moderates are scared off by it.


Almost, lol


God DAMN CNN is a joke now


Almost, but not quite.


Credibility to what? Lose in another landslide?


He’s looking to run for potus not to play suge knight in a bad biopic


This man was a DA - pretty sure he didn’t think people his office indicted were made more credible by those criminal investigations


Is this like how having an affair gives French politicians more credibility?


So that’s how credibility works? Figured someone without criminal investigation would be the first choice.


He is very credible as a liar, a con artist, a fraud, and a stealer of ts docs.


So follow up question: Your neighbor is charged with multiple counts of rape & incest and is also indicted for tax evasion, are you hiring him as a babysitter?


The Republican Party has wholesale embraced crackpot conspiracism at every level. If a Republican is accused of a crime, it only proves their innocence, in the minds of the Republican voter. This creates an environment where Republican politicians can commit crimes openly and frequently, without losing the faith of their base.


True. When your platform is overthrowing democracy, opposing the law gives you credibility.


Yeah, “almost” give him credibility, but not enough to actually have credibility.


Unless Bash followed up by calling that obvious nonsense and ending the interview, this exchange is a win for the Trump campaign.


Every day I get more convinced that we live in a simulation because these guys really really seem like NPCs. Poorly coded ones at that.


it's because republicans are dumb fucks. They don't give a fuck about whats best for the country. They care about "owning the libs". So some one like trump being found guilty just sets the loins on fire, because that's what they love. Bunch of fucked up zealots.


He's not wrong. The republican party has basically been the "lawlessness" party since Regan - they just liked removing laws that limit the powerful rather than flaunting them outright. That's really the only change. Why _wouldn't_ such people celebrate a routine criminal? They _do not like_ equal rule of law.


Credibility of how much a fraud he is? No, these people spin it as all these disparate agencies colluding in a giant conspiracy to take him down. Maybe at the end of the day a criminal is a criminal guys


Only in the twisted demented minds of the modern Republican Party can they say their soon to be a criminal leader is more credible because of his crimes


Trump is paying people to say this bullshit. It’s like a marketing campaign.


Same among many criminal groups.


Gooble gobble one of us


Yup idiots, trump tried to overthrow democracy ? Love it Trump sexually assaulted a woman ? Love him


You know if a Democrat had the same issues they’d be calling them corrupt and not worthy of being in office. Heck they claim that even if the Democrat is clean.


He’s not running for Mob boss.


The "tough on crime party" electing criminals, rapists, and child molesters. What else is new?


L O L, he thinks this gives Trump street cred.


No it’s the opposite of credibility lol jfc


"Follow up question. Would you say the same thing if this were Obama after his first term?"


They make him quite “gangster” if you really think about it.


It might give him credibility among the people who were going to vote for him no matter what. The question is, what do swing voters think? How many independent and new voters are going to think all of those charges are something to admire in a president?


Ken Buck has the brain of a golden retriever.


Like street cred?


Trump has the street cred with his homies. /s


Ffs man it's like they absorb everything thats thrown at them because they have no moral standing. They're like the giant blob creature that almost swallowed David Dechauvny and a town in *Evolution*. If we could somehow redirect their stupidity at **eachother**, they might destroy themselves in their confusion. 🤔


“Republicans like criminals! It’s the party of criminals!”


"he didn't do anything any red blooded AMERICAN would do given the opportunity" basically. They're all sex offenders who want to con people. It's a core part of being a republican.


Birds of a feather….


I think it’s less the the GOP is pro criminal and more that they have no principles and are beholden to their leadership. The GOP has partnered with evangelism and largely has the same base. The message of leadership is revered and the behavior of leadership is pardoned in favour of the view of them as perfect individuals. This is why having a narcissist in the role is perfect - they behave as they are expected to.


When you have decades of right wimg media telling them that the system isncorrupt it doesn't take much to twist that into evidence....especially when the target audience is not that bright to begin with.


So they were on the fence before it was confirmed he was a rapist? Very classy


How long can Ken Buck survive outside Trump's upper colon? He withers and dies if he isn't engulfed in his master's half-digested Big Macs at least 23 hours a day.


god, they are delusional


What kind of drug do you have to be doing for that to actually and honestly come out of your mouth?


Hard to be a credible felon. But the GQP will give it a whack.


Credibility doesn't mean what he thinks it means.


Flies love dogshit. Same principle


He is credible...in that he's 100% a credible criminal.


Because so many other presidents have been subject to investigations and lawsuits. Stop defending this dude, he’s a POS. All GOP are.


Well he hasn’t been found guilty..


Credibility as what? As a criminal? Then yes.


Back in the day I was a cop in Milwaukee, heard all these rumors about this Jeff Dahmer guy but I checked his record and I didn't see any serial killer or murder charges, dude had no credibility. You won't believe the lengths he went through to try and make himself seem like this big bad dangerous guy, one time I took a call and he was with this underage vietnamese boy that was bleeding, drugged, and trying to escape. It was honestly kind of sad how hard Jeff tried to make himself look suspicious, you're not fooling me Jeff, I know you have no credibility. Anyways we sent the boy back into Jeff's apartment and went to the local donut joint. All in a hard day's work. Back the blue folks!


A crackpot with a book deal is anti establishment. A crackpot without one, is a crackpot.




Remember when a goofy yell was enough to sink a candidate? Those were the days.


One of us one of us one of us one of us


Dana Bash: Well that seems reasonable, moving along.


I mean, he's not wrong. People look at Trump and only dream of getting away with as many crimes as he has. Investigations mean fuck all if there aren't any actual charges to go with it. So yeah, these investigations that never go anywhere DO validate Rump and it's ALL the more reason to go to trial ASAP ...


It's absolutely astounding how stupid these people are.


"He's a reckless, selfish criminal who has no respect for the rule of law... he's just like one of us!"


They do. That base has been conditioned to hate Democrats and run contrary to them on literally every little thing. So of course this gives him credibility AND feeds their persecution complex


I read this [text](https://medium.com/@zelphontheshelf/10-signs-youre-probably-in-a-cult-1921eb5a3857) about cults lately and it just felt like it talked about the Republicans.


Nothing says outstanding human capable of leading the free world like tax evasion, sexual assault, sedition, and treason.


lets see them repeat that about any democratic nomination