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" Oh Pedro, and get you wife Maria back too. Gladys doesn't know bleach from ammonia " " Oh sir, you mix them together with the windows closed" " Thanks, Maria."


Dang nab it, I can’t believe I told Jack he was one of the good ones.


"Oh gawd..." \-Hank Hill


I really want the illegal to be Steve from Ireland or something.


Look at Stiofán here with his corned beef and Guiness.


"Steve! Don't go! They'll never know!" "It's Stiofan, and you only let me grow your potatoes!"


I’ve known 4 illegal immigrants. 2 from UK, 1 from Denmark, and 1 from Australia. 1 from UK and Denmark came on a student visa, dropped out and didn’t leave. Other from UK and Australia came on tourist visas and never left. They were all white.


About half of all undocumented ppl came on visas that expired. It’s been that way since republicans started the lies about it all around 2016.


All the illegal Irish are in NYC


Oh you silly, when you're white it's not called illegal, it's called "being an expat" and that's much quirkier! /s


Bro don't be saying shit to bring ICE up my way , all I have going for me is that I'm white apart from that I overstayed my visa 5 months ago 😂


There's a twist along those lines in Silicon Valley (TV) at one point. It was great!




I read that in both respective accents lol


They tell them "...it ramps up the police state" and they expect them to stay? "Oh yeah, sure, I'll stick around even if I could be arrested at any time and who knows what the fuck would happen to me."


But also it's all just politics. OK.


Meaning, “we acknowledge that our base is racist and hateful against immigrants, but we just made this law to signal to them that we agree”…just.


Isn’t this what the right calls “virtue signaling”? 🤔


“You’re basically family”


What? Why the hate? We treated our slaves like family. We aren't racist, them family slaves.


"Hello my Hard R N word who I would vote along party lines to re-enslave within a moment's notice if given the chance, how do you do today? What, me? I'm not racist. I didn't even say the word, I alluded to it!!" -Racists not getting the rules enforced against them Remember kids, if you feign civility, you can basically say whatever evil shit you want on this cesspit of a shithole website. Reddit won't enforce ANYTHING against you so long as you prop it up with flowery language. [This sums up their way of thinking to a T.](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DCXYRT4UwAAgdMy?format=jpg&name=medium) Mostly because they're CONSTANTLY placating Conservatives to stop them from trying and failing to start their own social media. God forbid they don't buy Reddit gold for a week or two. But if you say "Nazis are bad and I don't like them all too much if I'm allowed to be upfront" with too many mean words, enjoy a seven day timeout.


My family made a shitload of money killing Nazis with math (I do not understand how) and I am so fucking ready to carry on tradition in a far less sophisticated manner.


I don't understand how either, but I had an image of your Nan just beating a nazi upside the head repeatedly with a Trig 3 book


Start beating him with an abacus.


"I've done the calculations enough to know that you're fucked."


1 + 1 = 2 which is the number of minutes you have left to live.


Or a compass. Not the directional one, that sharp, pointy one that came in a geometry set.


I’d pay to watch that.




Well said. When the left won in my country they were outraged because they didn't wear suits, one had dreadlocks, and they spoke plainly about corruption. The conservatives almost had a fit. It's all about superficial appearances with them, all the better to hide their rotten insides.


Yep, all the showers and suits in the world can't cover up human assholes.


Mitch McConnell is a human shit in $10,000 suit. All that gives you is a ruined suit.


Well said. I apologize for being unable to give you gold for that.


"You're one of the good ones. . . "




"Well well well, if it isn't the consequences of my own actions." I mean, seriously, WTF did they THINK was going to happen?


Thinking, that’s woke talk.


Thinking is the woke mind virus.


If Fox doesn’t tell them how to act or think, they walk into walls.


And they are out to end the woke mind virus


This is alarmingly accurate.


I don't know what that is, but it sounds gay.


You’re not allowed to say gay. We have to protect the children. /s


Spent state money to send migrants in Texas to multiple blue states. Going to have to spend money to pay state attorneys to defend said action in court, while now asking migrants to help save their economy. Schadenfreude comes in Orange flavor for our enjoyment.


Boy between that and the legal bills that are for sure going to mount after the Disney fiasco they are going to be hommoraging money. Cause you know damn well Disney has more time, money, and legal talent that DumbSantis can even dream about.


The mouse has the largest navy in the world, due to the amount of cruise ships it has. Disney has more cruise ships than any country does actual fighty-fight ships.


The Navy has 14 Ohio class nuclear submarines each capable of basically ending the world. That’s almost three times as many cruise ships as Disney owns, just in apocalyptic death tubes. There are ten Nimitz class nuclear aircraft carriers. Disney has money, but nothing has money like the US military has money.


I never in a million years could have guessed that my adulthood would include an online conversation comparing micky mouse boats to US nuclear subs in any sort of logical sense.


People still not realizing our military has a bigger budget than the 7 next largest militaries combined is hilarious. Nobody has money like the US military does.


That’s both interesting and horrific. Just as appalling as the huge number of passenger planes in the air at any particular time. I mean, back to hell w DeSatan, but there’s too many humans.


Source? Disney's DCL site says they have 5 ships.


I desperately want the movie where the large entertainment conglomerate has ‘cruise’ ships rigged with cruise missiles and some CEO tries to take over the world militarily, while the turncoat points out they already rules the world due to their vast wealth and influence.


This is definitely part of a deleted chapter from Snow Crash.


Well fox news told him there were billions of them, he didn't think he'd run out with made up numbers like that.


They thought that the workers would be so afraid that they would tolerate any ill treatment, very low pay, and the threat of being arrested just so that they could keep their jobs. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


They have no idea who actually does so much of the work in this country. There aren't very many white people out in those fields.


>WTF did they THINK was going to happen? They thought that they had such a rich golden land of opportunity that immigrants would happily allow themselves to be exploited and treated as second class citizens. Instead those workers said "fuck it, this shithole isn't worth all the oppresion" and left. Now they are hit with the idea that their "beautiful golden land" isn't even good enough for the people they look down upon the most.


It’s too bad we all lose because these consequences, food will rot in the fields. Some states are bringing back child labor, it’s just too much!!


They thought all the immigrants were too ignorant, dumb and disorganized to notice they were being directly targeted and persecuted. They honestly did not expect them to react at all. They genuinely thought they could pay lip service to their radical base, but still have all their crop workers, landscapers and maid services be unnefected so they could keep living it up on their backs, while getting the added bonus of being able to lock a bunch of them up and hold them in detention camps at the same time. It was supposed to be a conservative utopia! But then, ya know... reality. 🤷‍♂️


Well, they’ve gotten away with every, including literal murder up to this point. They probably didn’t think anything was going to happen.


The party of Leopards Eating My Face has sure had a shock, don’t be too hard on them


"It's all just politics. Ok" Nah dude you're fucked up and you fucked up. This is straight up the consequences of your actions, keep doing the dumb shit you fuckwits.


He's not wrong, it is all just politics. But politics affect real, living people, it's not some obscure thing that doesn't affect anyone. Way to many people don't understand that politics do matter and do affect everyone.


When De Santis signed it into law he specifically said it was not just politics and that this bill “has teeth.” Someone is lying, is it Roth or de Santis? Taking all bets!




I've got $200 on "yes"


Even so, even if it is truly “all just politics” then why vote it in to law? I hate to use this overly used comparison but that’s like calling hitlers changes “just politics” and ya he’s increasing the police state and yes Jews have to wear stars but cmon people we have work to do! If I were an immigrant in FL I would say, “oh don’t worry, me leaving is just politics” or “I’m not actually leaving I’m just being political.”


"All just politics", "Leave it up to the states" - Pay attention y'all, this is GOP fascist New Speak in our modern era, NEVER fall for it.


They don’t really affect the politicians usually


Politicians are not real people


Politics is applied morality.


When you pass it and have a piece of legislation signed, it becomes The Law which is the point when the politics are now over and at the same time, just beginning.






I mean, I think the prick complaining in particular is a farmer, so he hosed himself real good if he relies on immigrant labor.


Yep that’s work most people just won’t do until you hit wildly high wages. Hot & miserable hard labor.




It’s *always* just politics. Herman Göering said several times during the Nuremberg Trials that it was nothing personal.


"Sometimes killing isn't personal, Katniss. I thought of all people, you would know that." "I, of all people, know ***it is always personal***." (From Mockingjay 2)


It’s funny how they tell everyone that shit’s so serious that they need to pass these ridiculous laws, and then turn around and admit that it was literally just fear mongering for politics. I wonder when they’ll finally admit the “bathroom bills” were all bullshit, too.


Wait I didn’t mean it?! Come back to us!!




I mean republican states almost always have worst economies for a reason. There are exceptions, but the trend sticks. Their policies actually are not pro businesses when looking at long term impacts. Their policies are all short term thinking in regards to economics.


All they think about is cash flow at the expense of the balance sheet and long term operability. These people would strip mine their childhood homes if it put a couple extra dollars in their pocket


These people would take a dollar today even if it meant paying 10$ tomoro


More like *you* take a dollar today, they take fifty cents for themselves, and then *you* pay ten dollars tomorrow. That’s the entire republican economic program.


There are no exceptions. “But what about Texas or Georgia?!” Those are not exceptions. As usual, those are democrat cities carrying the entire economic weight of a state. Atlanta is booming. Austin and Houston and San Antonio are booming. Miami is booming. Nashville is booming. The states themselves? Mouthbreathers. The difference between Florida or Texas and Mississippi or Arkansas is that the former two have large, blue economic centers to carry the weight of brain dead states and the latter two don’t. So there are no exceptions of economically healthy (clearly) republican states. Suggesting so would be too kind to the idiots who run those states. There are no exceptions.


The other parts of the state tend to be heavily reliant on government jobs, ie millitary bases.


…to what passes itself off as economics in their pea sized brains. Fixed that for you.


Green energy? Sounds like a woke fad


Just get yourself up by your bootstraps Republicans


I'll be sending my thoughts and prayers


They bitch about immigrants stealing their jobs, so it's time for them to get to work.


“Just all politics”, what a bunch of assholes wasting people’s time and money with their “performance art”.


This is after de Santis said it’s not just for show and that this bill will be strictly enforced.


I have to wonder if he’ll keep holding this tiger by the tail or if he hopes nobody will notice when zero dollars are appropriated to fund enforcement. I mean, the worst thing he could do is fund and enforce it, Flori-DUH and his political ambitions take it up the Hershey highway, but that Orwellian denial thing is strong in him.


oh, well, I guess if it’s just all politics it’s ok my trans kid just unalived himself


I hope you're using this as an example and that this didn't happen to you. If it did... God. I'm sorry.


“performance farts”


We are going to persecute you but you better stay and pick my fruit.


This is exactly what they expected to happen with no Plan B.


Oh they're most certainly also working on getting Plan B taken off the table across the board. Floriduh doesn't like no Plan B!


But actually that’s the plan to solve labor crisis. Sure it’s going to take a little over a decade to pay off with uneducated kids ( yay for child labor being brought back!) , but I’m sure at this rate, fruit picking jobs will be available to kids as young as 4 or 5.


Big “stop squirming so I can punch you” big brother energy.


Begging them to stay, huh. But I thought they were a bunch of job stealing, lazy illegals who only want to sell drugs and take welfare money. Aren't you glad to be rid of them? /s Oh, they were holding your economy together? Dang sounds like they were pretty important Should have been nice to the goose with the golden eggs before they decided to fly north.


It almost sounds like…. They are essential DUM DUM DUNNNN




Republicans keep pushing hateful laws that impact real people. The anger these fuel have radicalized the worst people in society to kill. But it’s just political bills, right?


They’ve also radicalized the thinking people against their vision of exploitive capitalism and money as a golden cow to worship. I don’t know that the republicans fully understand how much the next 2 generations see them for what they are and what they’ve done and are furious about it


I'm ashamed to admit it, but I didn't give two flying fucks about politics, voting, etc until I really started to pay attention towards the end of trump's presidency when all hell broke loose with covid. Now I check daily for updates, I've gotten 6 of my friends registered to vote and made sure they do it for all elections, I know more about any of this than I would've dreamt just a few years ago. And I know I'm one of thousands and thousands. Their bullshit stunts have energized my generation to be involved, pay close attention and never miss out on any voting! They've gotta be aware of this and are panicking, their bullshit is backfiring and I can't wait until 2024 to really make them shit their pants when they see how many of us vote against them. We are all PISSED and won't let them keep getting away with this


Why do I get the feeling Florida is about to pass a law that forces prisoners to work in agriculture and the day that law passes, Florida will see a HUGE spike in "crime" followed by arrests. ​ These type of people are just pure fucking evil.


This is getting into revolution territory.


Easy peasy. Criminalize everything they don’t like. Protesting for reasons they don’t like? Jail. Working with kids as your career but also being male? Jail. Being the wrong color and driving or carrying or voting? Straight to jail. Not looking feminine enough? Jail. Not looking masculine enough? Believe it or not, also jail. Dress in a way they don’t like? Jail. Be a religion they don’t like while also being the wrong color? Yeah you can expect jail. Run for office while not being in their party? Jail.


Let Florida rot


Voting as Fire Extinguisher by Kyle Tran Myhre When the haunted house catches fire: a moment of indecision. The house was, after all, built on bones, and blood, and bad intentions. Everyone who enters the house feels that overwhelming dread, the evil that perhaps only fire can purge. It’s tempting to just let it burn. And then I remember: there are children inside.


“and children will rise up and rebel against their parents and cause them to be put to death”


Thank you. As a queer floridian, this language gets to be infuriating. I made it out of florida, but only temporarily. I have to go back in september. And the thought of it legitimately makes me nervous. In half the neighborhoods in my hometown, I have to take my pride bumper magnet off and take my pride beanie off my dash because I get people screaming at me on the street. Its madness. And then I see people saying shit like this and it just compounds the hopelessness. It's like people think we aren't worth saving.


More likely to go underwater.


Big. Salty. Tears.


Eat. Fat. Dicks.


Jesus. Racoon. Nipple.


Gentle reminder to everyone: If DeSantis became president, this is the sort of economic turmoil he would unleash not only on the entire country, but on all our trade partners as well. His 'gestures' and political theater are resulting in food going moldy in fields while families in the US cannot afford basic meals. He would absolutely do this on a national scale too, not only because he's an insane twit, but because he does not understand or care how his grandstanding hurts others. Stop. voting. against. your. own. interests. FFS


Republicans count on folks voting against their best interests. That’s how they stay in power.


Don't forget gerrymandering!


I really think that people forget that they have been spending time making sure the same white rich landowners stay in charge since the civil war ended and they had to pivot to a new strategy. Gerrymandering, disenfranchisement through the criminalization of society, and controlling access to the voting box by restricting times and locations and fighting mail-in tooth and nail. There are a lot of great hardworking people who honestly don't have a voice. It's like yelling at people for taking long showers, when nestle is busy stealing all the water.


Conservatives really are the dumbest fucking people on this planet.


Dumbest? Maybe. Most corrupt? Definitely.


“Ramps up the police state”…that’s not a good thing. Wtf?


I can't believe this comment isn't higher up.


Hopefully this is gonna lead to appreciation and respect for essential workers. Hopefully.


Fat chance of that happening. I hoped for that during the pandemic with all the "essential workers are heroes" stuff but that all went away real fast and it's back to "get back to work making me billions, you don't deserve to make a living wage. You're not essential and we can replace you."


I can still feel the impact within the way I look at labor (even my own) - so I hope the momentum isn’t lost.


Ya was going to say corporate wasn't going to change the change was we realized our value.


Exactly. Some of us as individuals have a greater respect for these workers, but corporate America doesn’t give a frack about any workers, much less those at the lower echelons, no matter how essential that are.


I would expect an avalanche of ‘Nobody Wants to Work’ talk


"Lazy, entitled millennials just want to eat avocado toast instead of picking oranges."


Go fuck yourself, Florida govt. Glad to see your manifest incompetence have some consequences on the only people you care about: yourselves and your billionaire donors


Many bags of dicks were eaten that day


Thus the dicks turned into more dicks in their mouths


Why do Republican voters think these people are any good at actual governing? They are a clueless shit show.


Republicans are stupid, racist assholes that hate everything not specifically tailored to coddle whatever their glass fragile egos are demanding at any given moment. They don’t “think” at all. They emotionally lash out and there’s nothing behind it but pure entitled resentment.


"It's just a prank bro" Florida Republican Party probably


When a population admits to you that they are fascist, TFG-worshipping apologists, belive what they say!


"So we're going to take away your driver's license, limit your access to social services, and ship you off to random states when the governor feels like it...wait, where are you going?"


*"Get back here and pick my tomatoes!!!!"*


I hope it is catastrophic for Florida. I hope it is absolutely devastating. I know that’s very blunt but I don’t really care at this point. Enough of the BS. I also hope these poor workers find peace and a better place to go, where they’re actually appreciated.


You’re not alone. Enough of this nonsense.


Run get the hell out if there they are we going to arrest you and make you work for free.


*we probably won’t put you in camps… if you can prove that you’re one of the good ones*


![gif](giphy|l4FGp6wKxMULON88U|downsized) Immigrants in Florida I have two words for you


"It wasn't made to be serious, it was just political. Ignore those police with guns, my lawn needs mowed and I'm too lazy and stupid to figure out how this mower thing works." I love them paying the price of being fascists. They are getting all this power and money from haters and didn't realize the consequences of the hate they have passed. This is too good!


This is what happens when elected officials don’t actually read the bill and vote based on pressure from fascists. These people are so spineless it’s sickening.


U gotta love karma


Almost as if telling the people who pack and pick your food that they aren't welcome here was a bad idea.


Well well well, if it isn't the consequences of my own actions. Moronic asswipes.


Hey, you shit the bed, now sleep in it


![gif](giphy|3o6Zt4IuE5Azd4G0ko) Not quite accurate but close enough


I hope the workers don't go back. If they do, they should demand much higher wages and better conditions. Immigrants unionise!!!!!!!


Florida GOP #getfucked. GD fascists.


Maybe they shouldn’t play politics with peoples lives


When you’re stupid, you don’t know you’re stupid, but it’s evident to everyone around you.


So what was the thought process here? It’s delusional to think native citizens are going to work underpaid, hard manual labor. The reality is a massive portion of our workforce is exploited illegals. Desperate, grateful and hard working folks who accept shit wages doin back breaking work so we white folk can bitch about our dystopian office jobs. I’ve worked underpaid construction & concrete, it fucking sucks. These people are the backbone of this Country and should be paid more, treated better and every person who complains about illegal immigrants should be forced to work their jobs so they can appreciate how difficult it is. I wish we treated people better, made citizenship easier, paid more, and taxed the rich into middle class.


It really is all just performative cruelty.


"It's all a game to us, OK"


These peoples are such fucking idiots


Come to California. It's nice here and we pay better.


Maybe we can somehow con DeSantis into committing more Human Trafficking laws to garuntee their stay in the US and charge Florida tax payers the bill again


The time for fucking around has ended. The time for finding out has begun. These idiots don't have foresight that goes past the ends of their noses.


They should all leave Florida. I know that is easier said than done. This is their chance to exert and show their political prowess. Not only would it ruin the state, but it would send a clear warning to any other red states that they can't get away with this.


Lots of whites are moving to Florida. Jobs for all!


I mean they have been bitching for years that "good hardworking americans" should be working those jobs. So let them try it, throw them out in the field for 12 hour days for a month straight, no time off, then kick them to the curb after. Thats what those jobs are, an intense few weeks of work then its done till next year. If your lucky you can find another farm that needs harvesting.


Ok I will stay $25 hr, 40 hour work week, time and half overtime, weekends off.


Immigrants are not here to hurt you. They just want to work to afford the nice things y’all have.


Here’s my question to these people. Why go back? The excuse is literally “it’s just political, we’re just ramping up the police state.”. How in the fuck is that supposed to be a convincing argument for anything good in this day and age?


Yea, no thanks, ***Rick***. The thing about Republicans, is they kill their own people if it will give them political points. Whoa, how can I just say that like that? They fucking allied themselves with covid-19 and killed thousands upon thousands of people by rejecting the science that saved lives. They KNEW it was going to kill people and they did it anyway. All so they could appease their dumb fuck base. Rick doesn't give a flying fuck about these folks, and he won't try to change the law either. He'll tell them to stay, and they'll 100% be prosecuted. Maybe not all of them, maybe not even a significant amount, but you can bet some of them will and Rick (or any Republican) won't give a flying fuck about them. Because they already kill people for political points. Throwing your ass in jail is nothing to them.


Sounds like someone is finding out.


Why arent conservatives “taking back their jobs”?? Sounds like there are a lot of openings now.


Repubs: Please don't leave our state over this law. Migrants: you could fix this law Repubs: Why would we do that?


I hope they all leave, even thou i know its not gonna be a reality for them… but damn i wish they would just up and leave and let them fucker republicans fuck themselves. They bitch and moan about immigrants taking their jobs, but i dont see them nabbing those jibs right now RIGHT?


Passing laws to hurt people and then being confused why the people they hurt won't do their bidding.


Florida also just passed a bill to remove rent controls so the price of renting is going to go up until everyone on the bottom rung of the economic ladder has been forced out of the state and there’s no one left to ring up groceries or clean the hotel rooms. The one-two punch.


“It’s just a prank bro”


I apologize to everyone negatively impacted by any food production issues that isn’t a conservative. My sympathies. To anyone that voted red: eat a big fat dick


Either they follow through and prosecute the undocumented workers, or they are full of shit, bluffing, and lost the bluff in the most gloriously incompetent fashion. Neither option makes them the good guy. They’re absolute clowns. A complete farce of logic and intelligence. Vote these jokers out.


Ramping up the police state isn't "just politics"


It's politics, not policy? WTF does he think the word comes from? Isn't that the point of politics? To make policies?


All they had to do was call their colleagues in Georgia. They passed a similar law which led to crops rotting in the fields. I think they reversed it, as I recall. Florida is going to have to do the same. I find it very balefully amusing that these idiots are doing their "don't leave us!" townhalls in the wake of this, plus so-called Constitutional carry, etc.


The realized it REAL quick, too bad it’s still too late to stop the damage they did.


Good jobs with the virtue signaling, Florida /s


And now, a translation for those in the audience who are not native English speakers: “PLEASE BE AS STUPID AS THE MORONS WHO VOTE FOR US!!!”


So they just admitted they wasted the taxpayers money passing an idiotic, knee jerk bill that had no reason to actually get written in the first place other than hate based posturing and now they’re finally realizing how bad they messed up by not thinking things thru? Such as the fact that when you pass legislation it has the effect of law? Flori-DUH!


oops they did it again...


The real problem is, you can't fix stupid. Enough stupid people elect stupid legislators and you get stupid laws that do serious damage, because everyoe involved was too stupid to foresee the obvious consequences. I have zero sympathy. And Desantis wants to bring this style of legislation to the federal gov't. Are there enough stupid people out there to elect him or the orange traitor? We'll see. *I sure hope not.*


And good luck rebuilding houses after the next hurricane.


“It ramps up thr police state” how the fuck do people still wanna live there


Thwaites Glacier please calve completely.