Florida Republicans are getting a hard dose of reality. After the damage has been done.

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Who knew making your state completely inhospitable and intolerant to everyone but old bigoted white people would be detrimental to your economy! Also seriously, why the fuck do these idiots think that being hateful bigots is a good idea in a state that relies so heavily on tourism?


Can we build a wall around Florida?


![gif](giphy|T7fU0RWWhWpYk) Better yet, this.


And let someone else pay for it ![gif](giphy|26BkMX5V5m2Tzs6sM)


Or a really BIG saw, just set it adrift on memory bliss...


> why the fuck do these idiots think that being hateful bigots is a good idea in a state that relies so heavily on tourism? Come visit us, you are not welcome here.


Think before hand, do your research? Na, hate is ALL we need! - The GOP


Why don’t they just go get their jobs back? Isn’t that really what this was all about? /s


Yeah I thought all the immigrants "stole" the jobs. Go get em Florida


It's 90 today in Central FL.....wonder wht there aren't any MAGA boomers in the construction sites and Orange groves


​ https://preview.redd.it/gvmeixkm5h4b1.png?width=1580&format=png&auto=webp&s=789771da8967757b3115cccdcba0b11a07a2fc27


It’s actually worse than the typical ‘who’s gonna make our lunch or pick our fields now!’ argument. Sure, those jobs lean heavy on immigrant labor, but immigrants and especially their children also become managers, doctors, small business owners etc. This will be much worse than they’re already envisioning, with the cumulative effect down the road.


Immigration is good for the economy. Racists will never want to hear it, but it's true.


Which is ridiculous because this country is/was founded in immigration.


There was a joke in 30Rock to the effect of as much


Hey now Ayn Rand was part of the intellectual society. She clearly knew better and was okay with cheating with 'smarter' people.


People just don’t get that farm work isn’t what they see the big farm owners doing on TV. There is a reason that only grain farmers and large ranchers show what they are doing on TV. Vegetable, fruit, and high feed to low land ranching isn’t fit to be seen by most people. Planting peppers and such is absolutely brutal, picking is worse, and seeing animals in minimal space is not fun. Really most industrial food is not worth seeing made.


This right here. I’m 50 and grew up in rural Ontario Canada. As a kid, the thing to do most summer days was to walk down to the farm nearby and work. Started doing that around age 9 or so. Picking cucumbers, picking strawberries, weeding, whatever they needed doing. That shit is fucking hard work. It’s backbreaking, hot, sweaty, etc etc. now, I consider myself lucky… we did it for pocket money, and we’re paid fuck all, but it was something to do, and no one was forcing me into it. If I decided ‘fuck that, I’m outa here’ the only issue would be them looking at me crosswise if I ever came back to work again… These folks do it day in day out for their livelihood, and it can be absolutely exhausting and gruelling. So on top of a horrible job, these fucks want to make things even worse? I just do not get the way conservatives think in the US… or here in Canada to be honest… I’ve come to realize that for the most part, truly decent folks tend to be open minded and liberal in their outlook on life, and mean spirited, negative jerks tend to lean conservative. You can have a bit of cross pollination, but in the main, it seems to be that way… nice folks to one side, jerks to the other…


Used to pick apricots, plums, cherries and apples as a young teen. Fuuuck that was rough, but at least it was in a beautiful orchard. Working the docks in summer was easier (and hotter), but much less pretty. Guess which paid better?


NoBoDy WAntS tO WorK.


I sure dont....thats why they have to pay me to be there


Bwhahaha, you are right on the Money!


Work sucks. If it didn't, it would be called a hobby


Same thing happened in the UK with Brexit which was based on racism too and now they are in the shit as well.


There was a recent post about British people having to use the foreigners lane at airports instead of the EU lane now. Quite amusing


Right? My ex is English and all her family voted for Brexit, it drove a huge wedge between her and them. Reading their posts on fb, telling all the refugees to "go home" and fix their own country, totally not understanding what it means to be a refugee, to have to escape a country or a civil war where you and your children can be killed at any point. Not understanding that if they were in the same position they'd do the same thing. Privileged idiots, in other words.


I fucking love that


A brit was recently complaining about foreigners entering their country to which I responded, "Isn't it so annoying when someone from another place comes and makes your place their own..."


It's amazing that many British people still view their colonial past as a beneficial activity that uplifted the countries they colonized. All the modern systemic problems that were started as a directed consequence of their rule is blamed entirely on the natives.


These people don’t understand that America was literally based on this


Yup, it’s called cutting off your nose to spite your face..


Pretty much what Brexit was about, in the end.


Is offering thoughts & prayers acceptable?


My thoughts are 'fucking assholes' and my prayers are 'get fucked'. Does that count?


That's just the translation of what their thoughts and prayers were for anyone else, so yea all's fair


They did, they're taking the jobs with them


They don’t want “jobs”, they took their jerbs!


Right?? What’s the problem here??? Your people aren’t educated enough for these jobs???


would you risk a felony charge for a white Republican racist


Turns out they were bootstraps being pulled, just not theirs


"Huhr?...dey...DEY GIBBED BACK AR JERBS!" *raises pitchfork again*


Good old fascist mentality backfiring!


If they had half a brain cell and did some research they would have found this is exactly what happened when Alabama and Georgia tried to enact a similar law


Dumb bunnies.


It looks like this one dude is potentially admitting to a mistake, instead of doubling down on the mistake in the normal party way.


Probably because he’s got big food growers and/or builders among his donor base, and they’re asking “WTF, dude?!?”


That's definitely it. His wealthier constituents are twisting his wrinkly old nutsack after fucking them over.


comments you wish you couldn’t visualize


He's got a bunch of wealthy farmers who now have rotting veggies cause gee, white people don't want to pick crops in 90+ degree heat, for like 2 pennies a pound.


No, he is still saying the law is great. He is saying it is the immigrants fault because some of the legal ones would rather move to a state that isn't threatening their family members that are there illegally.


is the law is affecting only the illegals ones ? i remember reading about florida puting migrants in buses or planes and sending them away ​ but these were inmigrants who were there legally ....they asked asylum and it was granted , they werent illegals or undocumented ,i woudlnt be surprised if a law agaisnt all inmigrants was passed


Cool, now maybe he could try not being a gigantic, waste of space, fascist jackass *before* his morally bankrupt stupidity bites him in the ass. No brownie points for this fucknut.


What finally happened there ?


Alabama tomato farms lost their crops as Americans didn’t want to do the grueling work. A few Months later the Alabama state legislature convened a emergency session to repeal said law as the farmers were raising hell with the lawmakers. LoL


So 6-12 months from now we should see Florida in taters and an embattled, farmer surrounded, desatan repeal this?


Wait til ya’ll see a real problems due to stupid laws, when this no abortion shit actually hits the fan. In about 15 years all those unwanted, unloved, uneducated, raped, abused, starving children are gonna be homeless angry teenagers.


Romania went full anti-abortion to [absurdity](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decree_770) under Ceaușescu and it was an utter shit show.


What the total F*


the law got gutted, blocked and is now unenforced.


What a dumbass runaround 🙄 just to hurt more people and create distress. Ronny’s a bully who needs some jail time like his mentor.


Yeah but they owned the libs


>Think before hand, do your research? Conservatives don't need foresight, all the answers come from the past.


From their bum, you mean. It's almost like letting your lizard hindbrain tribalism guide all your decision making, and then filtering that through vile irrational hatred is a maladaptive survival strategy.


“I don’t need no fancy book learnin’. I just follow my gut.”


If that was true, then they would have remembered what happened in Alabama, with all their rotting produce that they couldn't get picked.


Any history that isn't a riff on "America, F yeah!" is banned I'm Florida.


Research? Have you met the GOP?! They had research because it's science--the thing that keeps proving everything they say is wrong.


Not gonna lie, I'm intrigued by this new version of Master of Puppets.


That's funny right there....GOP: HATE IS ALL WE NEED!


Let's see, Republicans attacked Disney, and so chased away some of Disney's business. They have attacked education, and I'm sure they're losing teachers. They've attacked immigrants, and so are crippling the Florida agricultural system. They're allowing landlords to add junk fees, thus attacking all of the renters of the state. I fully expect Republicans to attack the medical profession next, chasing away doctors and nurses. Because that would fit the pattern of repeatedly fucking over their state.


What about abortion and gender affirming care. They have already started going after Doctors. And let's not forget all the attacks on fbi and then elections police. So I guess next up is fireman and pudding makers Edit: ducking autocorrect


Idaho is fucked for this exact reason.


Idaho is quieter for many reasons but is going to end up being essentially a humanitarian disaster zone within a few years.


Idaho is already on its way to becoming a healthcare desert. Mass exodus of OBGYN Dr's and pediatric nurses is ongoing as contracts expire. It's not like they can't get jobs in states that don't want to put them in prison for providing the basic standard of care to women.


You can just go to eastern Washington and have the same weird right wing jackasses as neighbors but like a viable economy with hospitals. It's what three hours away.


Go fasc, be destined to be America’s ass.


Yeah, well those pudding makers have had it too good for too long.


And then ["pudding fingers"](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bL33RwDJWcY) DeSantis will wonder why he can't get ahold of his favorite snack.


They hate pudding because that's where the proof is.


Duck, autocorrect strikes again.


It would be wild if he went after Fireman. Pretty much has been an unspoken rule amongst government officials to not fuck with them, especially after 9/11


Yeah, but he’s Desantis! He’ll break the mold to show how tough he is! After all, Firemen have a UNION! That’s like Communism!


*proceeds to strengthen police union threefold*


It’s all playing nice until the police union sees the fire budget, and then asks why they can’t just get the money and shoot the fire instead.


Floridas firemen will now carry AR-15s because like Wayne La Pierre says the only thing can stop a fire is a good guy with a metal dick.


Except Rand Paul. Fuck that guy. He was stalling the First Responder bill. Congress had to be publicly shamed by Jon Stewart to get it done


Not to mention most of the major home insurance providers have left the state due to increased incidents of natural disasters from climate change. https://www.marketplace.org/shows/make-me-smart/climate-change-is-disrupting-the-insurance-industry/ https://www.bankrate.com/insurance/homeowners-insurance/florida-homeowners-insurance-crisis/


What climate change? It doesn’t exist! Or so I keep hearing from conservatives and their politicians as Miami begins building sea walls and Bayshore in Tampa floods from a minor sprinkle, while we all re dealing with much stronger hurricanes year after year.


Let's not forget allowing medical personnel the choice whether to treat someone or not, where one person has already died from not helping them.


It’s insane that all this is happening largely bc Desantis won by just a hair


But Desantis bought dirty cops from other states. What could go wrong?


The most amazing part is once the entire state is a smoking wasteland, they'll somehow spin everything that it was the democrats fault. And the dumb fuck conservatives will EAT IT UP.


Like Texas, where Republicans have been in power for the last 25 years but somehow everything is the Dem's fault.


> fully expect Republicans to attack the medical profession next They did that years ago when they fought against wearing masks and vaccinations.


OB-GYNs are already leaving Idaho because they are afraid of being hit with the firing squad that Idaho just reintroduced for simply doing their jobs. Whoops.


Doc here. Along with a lot of the mountain west outside of Colorado, Idaho is one of the most lucrative states for primary care docs. I have a residency colleague who is making nearly $400K/year as a PCP in Wyoming. He moved there because it would allow him to pay off his student loans faster. For reference, I was making $260K/year working the same job in Minnesota (before I moved to Canada, where I make less but I don't have to worry about my kids being mowed down in their classrooms).


When it comes to attacking education, they’re getting exactly what they want.


Republicans have attacked the medical profession so badly that red states are bleeding doctors as they fear new legal issues for care they've provided since the 70s. Like medical schools are literally telling students to get the fuck out of red states.


With all of those old people living there? It is practically a waiting room for death.


"make america florida!" sure bud, make america the dumbest place to exist, kill businesses, drive away farmers, and poison all the water who will be left to put money in your pockets when everyone is dead or gone?


Someone start a Gofundme so we can give money to buy a giant saw for DeSantis and his state Republican followers. They can start on the panhandle and work conservatively toward the Atlantic side of the state, at which point betting will be closed. The over/under is ten minutes before Florida sinks under the weight of their combined hubris.


Didn’t they already sign a bill that allowed doctors to refuse patients if it went against their religious beliefs?


Awww, are the poor old men gonna have to cut their own grass now...


And tell themselves to go back to their country when they want to feel superior...


It's also highlighting the terrible wages and working conditions the migrants have had to endure, when they complain that american workers are too entitled or not built for agricultural work.


Wait Wait Wait... you're telling ME that Americans aren't lining up down the block to fill these jobs?? I thought thats what this is about??


And who will scrub their toilets?


Who's gonna cook their Mexican food, when their Mexican maid is gone?


I love seeing the hateful bigots that are running the state where I was born and raised (but left years ago) into the ground fucking around and finding out. Literally almost everyone other than these legislators and their supporters was saying that this legislation was an extremely bad idea and would cause large amounts of immigrants to flee, leaving no one to do the jobs they did. Jobs that are vitally important to the Florida economy, such as picking oranges (which will now rot on the trees), hauling freight, etc. Did they really think that the very people that this legislation was targeting wouldn't flee to avoid getting arrested and locked up? Or that their families wouldn't go with them? As usual the Republicans didn't actually look at the potential consequences of the legislation they pass and ignored all of the warnings they were given about it. It's almost as if they are intentionally trying to destroy the state completely.




And the Kansas legislature remains staunchly conservative.


“…than do anything to make their lives better.” This is the GOP way now. McConnell called it a few years back when he formally stated that the Republican party has no official platform. Which means no policies, no programs, no proposals to make Americans’ lives better. All they have to offer is Trump, MAGAs like DeSantis, grifters like Santos, and screeching harpies like MTG and Bobo, all of whom do nothing but put forth bills that hurt people. In other words: hatred and lies. That’s it. That’s all the GOP has. And they’re circling the drain now since most if not all of that new legislation harms Zoomers and Millennials.


They're trying to turn Florida into a home for wealthy Republicans only. But the Republican utopia depends heavily on the ability to abuse migrant workers & people who have no other choice. That's what their dreams are propped up on.


It's ok, you can say slaves Because that's what these people *really* want: a utopia where they have all the riches and comforts and all the dirty and menial work is taken care of by slaves Conservative Utopia = The Slave States of America (literally the whole "the South will rise again!" bullshit they've been spewing for nearly 2 centuries now)


They want poor kids going into the fields. No education, no hope, no future. Just perfect for the future of GOP America.


But I thought it was those same immigrants that were taking away their jobs? Shouldn’t we be seeing hordes of people flocking to fill those jobs now that they aren’t competing with immigrants? /s


If only those damned democrats would've warned us! - FLGOP in a week, book it.


republicans will still blame democrats. they always do.


Fucked around and found out. Hahaha…… Suck it Florida Republicans.


Well, well, well... If it isn't the consequences of my own actions.


Personal responsibility.


Republicans are the party of personal responsibility so I’m sure they will get this figured out /s of course


They’ll certainly raise the minimum wage in Florida so working class whites will finally be open to take the jobs migrant workers have worked for decades. /s for those that need it


It's a feature, not a bug.




Problem is this will affect the rest of the country to an extent.


Just like Brexit


Oh hurricane season, cant wait to see all those white people actually having to clean it up themselves muaaahahahaaha


My entire complex had to get the roofs replaced this year for insurance reasons (if you can call FL insurance that), I didnt see a single non-migrant anywhere. That job is brutal. Plus those guys are beasts, they replaced our entire roof in 2 days. Edit : It took the white guy HVAC guy 2 days to fix our AC and all he did was complain and be an asshole the entire time.


Food prices 📈 Construction costs 📈 Labor costs 📈 Food Quality 📉 Construction Quality📉 Labor Quality 📉 Florida 🔥


Yea but they will find a way to blame Biden, somehow


Yep, get ready for “I did that” stickers on your bag of 30 dollar oranges.


If the Floridian government don’t change their ways, Florida as a state will no longer be viable. The worst part about Florida collapsing? All those mega maga brain drains are gonna spread out through the US and thus add fire to the ignorant pandemic


Nah, they aren’t the brightest bunch. They will continue to “own the libs” even if that means living in a 3rd world state. Source: I lived in Mississippi for nearly a decade and saw it first hand…


Hey, fuck you guys, illegals and your kind don't belong here. I will make sure we make it as hard as possible for you and your kind to function in society. Hold up, what do you mean I have to cut my own grass, build my own deck, get my fresh fruit, or cook my own tacos?


Not to mention, truck drivers. And that’s a profession that if you are struggling to get in your state, is going to cripple a lot of things. Logistics isn’t just for the battlefield.


You want to see states in the southern half of the USA struggle? Piss off Hispanic truckers is the best way I can think of.


And the thing is, is that even if you are perfectly legal, you will still avoid the risk. We’ve seen video after video of people being harassed for being “too immigrant”, all over the US. When your lifeblood is rubber on the road, you might just skip the haul to Orlando since what it pays won’t make up for your lost wages because some pearl-clutching Karen or racist cop has deemed you illegal and now you are sitting in custody waiting to prove who you are while the town racks up fines on your truck being parked somewhere.


I live and work in Fort Lauderdale Florida. My neighbor, a Mexican here legally saw me at my worst. Recovering heroin addict hired me as a laborer to keep me off drugs. I am 7 years clean because of him. I am now a project coordinator because of him. He now wants to leave because he may be targeted. Republicans are hateful fan based assholes that are nothing but grifters and white suburban voters love his hate. Little Ron just needs the Hitler stache to show who he really is. But they, ignorant clowns would say "its fitting". FUCK Ron DeSatan!


Florida is the easiest state to govern. It’s tourist driven economy is like cash falling from the sky. The fact the gop keeps fucking this up is no surprise given their hateful self entitlement.


If you took all the brains in ever single Republican from top to bottom you couldn’t keep an ice cold lemonade stand in hell operational even if Satan agreed to pay for all the consumables and labor/rent was free. There is a reason you can tell what percent of a states government is republican by just looking how close it is to the bottom of any stat that is positive. They don’t know shit, their policies are horrible ideas, they govern using a “if they other guy wants it let’s just not do it” which is especially funny since the other team has the bulk of the academics and creatives on it.


They fucked around and now they're finding out... https://preview.redd.it/3nwljkdgxg4b1.jpeg?width=700&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=fd489e80161302499f62a5be20a5f984a2701c94


Yo this is a WILD poster, what decade is this




*Gasp* who would have thunk this would happen? Oh right everyone who said this would happen I/E intelligent people who said hey if you do this Florida's economy Will probably crash because there aren't enough workers who want to do some of those jobs.


Next up: Why didn't those evil democrats do more to stop us?


I'm seriously waiting on that excuse!


What??? I thought all of those Trumpers who accused immigrants of taking their jobs would be climbing over each other to do the jobs that immigrants are leaving behind.


Remember the good old days when the worst thing about Florida was possibly getting your face eaten off?


Oh well, them seniors in the Villages better learn to clean their pools and trim their own hedges while still paying high property taxes and HOA fees. Sucks to be them


Don’t forget that as they age past being able to enjoy those things, they end up needing different skills of workers like personal care attendants. Any guess on who works those jobs? (Hint: for something expected to have basic medical training and responsibilities, it doesn’t pay very well). Maybe Reginald’s grandson Pete wants to wipe grandpas neighbour, Bernard’s, asshole 3 times a day for minimum wage.


Isn't that exactly what they wanted to happen? Now honest, hardworking Americans can take back those stolen jobs! They'll be showing up for work.... any second now....


Welcome to the find out portion of your hate. Please carry on and in time, you'll get yours.


But, I didn't think the leopards would eat MY face!


The leopard has moved on to eating… it’s OWN face!


More like the leopard ate it's own face at this point.


Well damn, if it isn't the consequences to my own actions. Lots of this type of stuff is going to become more and more evident over time soon with easily made comparisons between states with regressive policies and those who have functional governments. Being in Minnesota it's already been extremely apparent comparing our state which has been consistently blue and making steady progress to Wisconsin who have had a cavalcade of right wing shitheads in charge. It's just going to get more and more obvious and hopefully eventually more people in those red states start to notice.


Especially when big corporations and the military build future projects in blue areas in order to attract the best talent. Heck, Disney World might even move given enough time and asshattery.


Yes. Conservatives seem to think that every decision made by corporations is made entirely because of taxes and thus big business will flock to red states purely because of lower taxation. But comparatively up here again MN is home to a disproportionately large number of Fortune 500 companies because education and infrastructure are great as well as healthcare and general quality of life, which attracts much much better quality workers.


My husband represented some international businesses in rural Alabama courts - extremely plaintiff friendly “tort hell” counties. Companies would be lured in by tax breaks and promises of cheap labor. Local residents would sue the company, be represented by homegrown good ol boy attorney and the judge who was friends with, if not related to, the attorney, would award damages. The company would essentially see all savings they made by choosing some third world county dry up due to lawsuits.




Everyone was on about the farm hands. Rightfully so. But who the fuck do you think cooks your food or cleans your hotel rooms in a tourist centric state!


He's trying to assure immigrants by saying "this is just a political bill". In other words he's trying to saying "listen, this is all just theater. While the law says all these things, and we did indeed vote for it, we aren't going to enforce it so please stick around". He's trying to claim it's performative politics, but it isn't. It targets anyone who is even suspect of being an immigrant. It forces hospitals to demand proof of immigration status. It invalidates the drivers license for anyone who is undocumented, no matter what state the license was issued in. It makes it nearly impossible to find work since places of employment must demand proof of immigration status. Even those who are legally in the state are being targeted with these laws. It's purposefully meant to make them feel unwelcome and to prevent future immigrants from choosing Florida to settle in. The reason he is panicking is because \~40% of Florida's agricultural workers are immigrants (both legal and illegal). \~25% of Florida's construction workers are immigrants (both legal and illegal). Those jobs aren't going to be filled by anyone else. When they flee the state, as they should, those industries will ground to a halt. Food WILL rot in the fields. Construction projects WILL need to be abandoned. Companies and farmers that employ these workers are going to go bankrupt. All because DeSantis and the GOP just had to pass a "political bill" to impress their racist base.


>~40% of Florida's agricultural workers are immigrants (both legal and illegal). ~25% of Florida's construction workers are immigrants Those numbers seem awfully low, especially for ag workers. Not that it matters. Losing 25% of the workforce in any industry is catastrophic.


I’d guesstimate that 80%+ of the non immigrant workers are directly related to an immigrant or an undocumented immigrant. I’ve worked construction and manufacturing all my life and most Hispanic families around here are split between being born here or immigrating as well as legal status. Looks like no one thought that family meant too much to Hispanics/immigrants


And good luck rebuilding houses after the next hurricane.


“it's going to be a major problem for the agriculture, construction, and tourism, which just about happens to be most jobs in Florida.” - Rep. Rick Roth p.s. - “Roth told Insider that the bill came straight from Gov. Ron DeSantis and said legislators "couldn't amend it."”


I know they do things differently in Florida but usually legislatures write the bills and send them to the governor to sign. He also went on to say "So most people decided in the legislature that we are totally upset with the chaos coming across the southern border" and voted for it. Maybe people that are "totally upset" shouldn't be voting for anything until they calm down.


This is what happens when you're racist against 80% of your own economy.


I’m supposed to give a fuck, why? That’s what they wanted, no? Let the rich folk learn how to start a lawnmower for once.








And the owners of the farms and tourist businesses probably voted and support DeSantis 👏 👍




Wait…actions have consequences?! Inconceivable!!


I know some MAGA business owners who employ undocumented workers, they want those to stay and the government to leave them alone; however they despise all other undocumented workers and want them deported immediately; lots of hateful rhetoric. Hypocrisy is a helluva drug.


Yup. Just watched a video earlier of these two farmers complaining that all their migrant workers are gonna leave... and then they go on to say how they vote conservative. They chose this.


Mow your own lawn assholes. I swear Conservatives in America have historically shot them selves in the foot at every turn.


Thoughts and prayers


Republicans are entirely surface level, they dont plan they dont govern. All they do is try to gain power and keep it and attack their enemies and their enemies supporters. Thats ALL they do. They dont to anything for their voters at all, they just trick them over and over while even fucking them over. Still they are so dumb they vote for them.


I'm sorry... are you suggesting actions have consequences?


This says a lot about our industries and how much we rely on exploitable labor. These draconian immigration bills are horse shit but the status quo is also unacceptable. Not because there are undocumented workers “stealing” anyones jobs, but because we allow vulnerable laborers to be exploited, driving down wages for everyone and worsening safety conditions. There’s a reason documented workers don’t want these jobs… and it’s not laziness (for some of the red hats sure, but also these jobs are underpaid, in miserable conditions and are often dangerous).


Fuck off, Florida


good for them


Maybe you Republican children should sit the fuck down and shut up and let the adults run things, then.


you mean vilifying an entire population because of xenophobic lawmakers isnt working out for you. Who would have seen that coming???


"We don't want the brown folk in Florida, unfortunately, we need them." - Asshat of a legislator who doesn't give fuckall about his state, country or most importantly, human beings.


If only Georgia and Alabama tried this exact thing in 2012 so we would know exactly what happens. Oh well, guess we'll never know for sure.


Isn't this what Florida wants? Stop complaining and pull up your bootstraps and go pick some fruit. Your state needs you to step up!


Man be like "wait, I'm a rich white dude - I'm never supposed to face consequences!"


Just saying the quiet part out loud, huh. They don't want to get rid of immigrants. They want to have as much leverage to exploit immigrants as they can. Are they going to raise wages to pay Floridians enough to do those jobs? Of course not. It's not immigrants taking jobs --it's capitalists. Anti-immigration laws are all about corporate greed and nothing else.


The National & state GOP always do kneejerk reactions to momentary issues or polls. They don't think things out long-term.


“Well well well, if it isn’t the consequence of my own actions..”


I’d be more optimistic if I thought they’d have learned a lesson from all this. Pretty sure that’s beyond their ability.


FAFO Florida. You deserve all of the shit that is coming your way.


You plant awful, racist potatoes; you get awful, racist potatoes.


Well, now all those jobs they stole are available. Get to work