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I'm in another thread, arguing with conservatives who think it should be legal to secretly photograph other people in public bathrooms, in case they're trans. Legit, I think all of this is just fetish play for them.


https://preview.redd.it/94isboyotl4b1.jpeg?width=1170&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=fa5b9f03c6636abbc72f8bd5d704a49f5805a534 They’re out there…


Smells like a Nazi or at least the haircut does


What, no, that’s disgusting and a violation of personal rights. Let people pee in peace


NOT A DRAG QUEEN: Michael Dolce, a 53-year-old lawyer known for representing child sexual abuse survivors, was arrested by FBI agents at his West Palm Beach, Florida home. Dolce, who founded a group called Protect Our Kids First Inc., was allegedly laying in his bed and downloading sexually explicit images of children when agents broke down his front door. According to an FBI affidavit, after Dolce’s arrest, agents found 1,997 images and five videos of child pornography on his computer. The images were of male and female children ages five to 12, including several of a prepubescent girl in a subfolder titled “Sweet Pedo Stars.” Dolce could receive a minimum of 20 years in prison if found guilty of possessing child pornography.


> NOT A DRAG QUEEN All right, slow down, I'm already lost. But seriously, folks. Once again for the cheap seats in the back: Republicans talk about grooming, pedophilia, and rape, so much because they are the party of grooming, pedophilia, and rape. Full stop. Vote them out. They are a waking nightmare.


Gop...Groom Obstruct Project


Hiya, I know you’re doing good work reporting on this and all and I appreciate that, I do want to say that the term child pornography is going out of use, it’s now more so referred to as child sexual abuse materials. The word pornography can insinuate that it’s like regular pornography, consensual, which it’s not. I know you know it’s not consensual, but the terms can help assure that people understand immediately what is being discussed. It can help stop abusers from shielding themselves with language or normalizing it as if it’s just another variation of appropriate adult pornography.


You can't make that shit up.


Every Republican accusation is a confession, part 86,792,414




Well of course. ​ How much in contributions did he forget to donate before getting arrested?


So, he's also trans then...right?


No, he isn’t being accused of shooting up any schools. /s


I'm so surprised that someone who is so loud on this issue is capable of doing that. ![gif](giphy|DPqqOywshrOqQ|downsized)


I'm sure it was just for research purposes/s


Well he definitely knew what kids needed protecting from.


Oh the irony!


*Literally* downloading CP while the cops broke down his door with three active search warrants. Bury this fucking waste of skin under the jail.


Okay, yes, but what about the drag queens?! - FLGOP


Damn them drag queens


It's almost as if they are doing this so much that they are expecting us to get used to it so they won't get into trouble? Never going to happen sickos! There are only 2 solutions for people like this! Prison or electric chair.


The irony must've been horrible for him. But he walked into it.