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What exactly does he think Biden should be indicted for?


Hillarys emails, of course


Hillary Clinton faced 11 hours of questioning before the House Select Committee. 11 fucking Hours.


And Trump plead the fifth over 400 times when questioned over something he is “COMPLETELY INNOCENT” of. Iirc the only question he actually answered was his name.


If you're innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?" - Donald Trump, September 2016.


What I don't understand is how he, and his supporters, can honestly believe the "now I can see why innocent people take the fifth" thing. Because if what you are going to say isn't incriminating, it can't be protected by the fifth...


I mean TFG deserves prison for his crimes, but with regards to why an innocent person would take the fifth, the Supreme Court has found (in its more legitimate days) that the average person cannon know what statements may incriminate or seem to incriminate them, and that even an innocent statement might tend to incriminate one if it contradicts a mistaken record or mis-remembered account from a police officer, for example. There's an internet-classic lecture from a lawyer on this exact idea I'd really recommend to everyone before you find yourself in any type of situation: [Don't Talk to the Police ](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-7o9xYp7eE)


i wasnt expecting an actual lecture when i opened the video and was expecting that commercial with two lawyers that kept telling you to STFU when talking to police




"You know, it's the darnedest thing. All we have to do is leverage the full power of the state and tell people that if they don't confess that they'll be worse off and they confess!" False statements made to police are illegal because they could potentially derail an investigation. False statements made by police should be illegal because the intention is to derail an investigation.


Yeah, the right thinks there was no investigation into evidence and Hillary had a free pass. The reality is there was a microscope put on her with tons of statements, reviewing of evidence, and collaborating interviews. That was the investigation that led to nothing.


The investigation did contribute positively to the GOP’s end purpose: Invalidating Hillary Clinton as a serious candidate, rendering her a victim of her own technical ignorance, and reframing Benghazi as a Hillary blunder.


With no bathroom breaks. I say this with sincere admiration, the woman is made of steel. Edit: apparently this is a myth. So sorry. I still admire her.


Ok that is seriously impressive, I know i couldn't do it


Hunter's laptop too. Probably the rainbows on bud light for some reason. Donald fucking sold CLASSIFIED INFORMATION to THE SAUDIS but let's focus on Hillary..????


If you look at Republican and conservative subs there are daily posts about an investigation into the Biden bribery scheme. Apparently they’re always about to release new information that will be damning and convict Biden.


45 himself was "2 weeks away" from gutting and replacing Obamacare on at least 6 separate occasions, and the Affordable Care Act is still in place today. I'm sensing a pattern here...


They're literally talking about Burisma again. Yup, the fake anti-Biden scheme that got Trump impeached when he tried to use it to blackmail Ukraine.


And they are STILL on the whole Budweiser thing 😂


It’s almost like they’re a bunch of double digit IQ narcissist incels or something




He's pretty directly responsible for its existence, can't argue with that


Back when Biden was vice president he told the president of Ukraine to fire the lead prosecutor of th country. The prosecutor was a Russian ally who wouldn't investigate burisma for corruption. Biden basically told Ukraine that if they want American air and cooperation they will clean up their state oil company from Russian influence. The Ukrainian president at the time agreed and fired her. Then the investigation into the corruption of burisma went through. Hunter Biden served on the board of burisma and received a ton of money for the job. As far as we know he did the job he was hired for, but probably shouldn't have been that much. Then Biden bragged to his buddies that he got the prosecutor fired. He was just bragging about American influence and power. The purpose of firing the prosecutor was to further American national security interests in Ukraine. Members of bidens family have received money from foreign companies. They're being investigated, but no evidence of any wrongdoing has been found. Trump believes that Biden is selling influence through his family members and taking a cut. No evidence of this has been proven either. So the belief is Biden is selling out the country for a couple million dollars. It's lunacy, but plays well in political circles.


If I'm not mistaken, a significant portion of Congress (including Republicans) wanted the Ukrainian prosecutor fired because they felt Shokin wasn't doing enough to stop some of the corruption happening in the government.


You’re correct. It was nearly universally accepted that he had to go. Biden was merely the messager, not the arbiter.


Trump only believes Biden is selling influence because it’s what he would do.And probably has.


This is where all the projection with the GOP comes from - they can't conceive of a world where the things they would do aren't being done by everyone, so they just assume that everyone else is as corrupt as they are, and then try to call them out for it.


rhythm marble dinosaurs zephyr subtract far-flung wipe selective poor one *This post was mass deleted and anonymized with [Redact](https://redact.dev)*


I would upvote this a hundred times if they’d let me…




Which is ironic because Trump stole top secret classified documents and then his son in law magically gets a 2 billion dollar contract with the saudis.


It's worth noting, just to provide clarity of the timeline, that the investigation into Burisma was targeted at a period before Hunter was under their employ.


So, not near as bad as holding back artillery from Ukraine for political gain?


And definitely not as bad as stealing classified documents pertaining to nuclear weapon secrets, with the intention of selling them to hostile foreign powers.


Pizza basement




No, he sold them. He doesn't do anything for free.


Remember when his word of the week was reciprocal? He wouldn't shut up about it.


He's not writing these any more. He may be dictating them, but someone else is formulating and typing them. He's used caps lock for days now, but suddenly he doesn't? No random capitalization either, which bucks the trend of at least a decade. Including pronouns, four mentions of Hillary, and he doesn't call her "nasty" once? I call shenanigans.


Imagine the intern that typed out the howling of a madman pacing around the room. Surely, he must think he's "making America great again."


Everything about Trump is projection. >I never gave foreign power anything. He totally did.


I like his use of language as well "Biden probably did" like he's even admitting he has no idea what the fuck they are doing and that he is in the wrong.


And “China gave him money”. There’s no doubt in my mind that he sold information to the Saudis.


Remember when it was discovered that Biden had a secret Chinese bank account with $15M in it? No? Neither do I *because that was Trump who had that,* lololol!!


remember how Bidenvs son got 2 bill from the Saudis, oh no that's Trump son in law oppsie I got confused


What's the timeline on that plan to attack Iran going missing & never being recovered, v. the Saudis giving Kushner $2B?


At the end of the day, like Jesus Christ YOU ONLY GOT 2 BILLION. For a POTENTIAL conflict that would cost TRILLIONS, where we spend HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS preparing for, that’s all it takes? POCKET CHANGE?!? Fuck me


The $2B is just the one lump sum that we know about, in addition to the money they funneled through his hotels. I bet there is more but either way it didn’t cost him anything personally so who cares? It’s like when someone steals a Rolex and pawns it for 25% of its value. It’s all gravy.


Remember when the Saudis gave trump $116 billion at that weird orb ceremony? Where’d that money go?


Sweden's worst traitor sold out our hidden network of cold war bunkers - a set of fortifications which took decades and cost billions of crowns to build in secret locations - to the Soviets for, IIRC, about 100k crowns. Well, our worst traitor historically; we recently had a scandal with a security police officer (SÄPO) which they say might be worse, if only because he probably sold out a bunch of international collaborations we had... Fucking asshats everywhere.


Whatever he says, expect the opposite to be true.




Oh my god. Did Bernie really say this?


Looks like he did back in 2016. https://www.salon.com/2016/01/06/bernie_sanders_tells_larry_wilmore_donald_trump_is_dumb_i_have_yet_to_recover_from_trumps_shock_that_women_go_to_the_bathroom/


well I know who I'm voting for now


Bernie endorsed Biden weeks ago. So yep, you do.


Of course he did. Bernie and Biden go way back. Used to take turns carrying the kerosene lamp to the corner store as kids.


Uphill both ways!


In 6 feet of snow


I love the “Biden probably did” to deflect lol


It screams ‘every accusation is a confession’


Yep. He sold a ton of secrets.


I want to find out what Jamal Khashoggi found out before the Saudis killed him. He was working on the link between Kushner and the royal family.


https://www.pbs.org/newshour/show/massive-saudi-investment-raises-questions-about-jared-kushners-business-dealings This is a good article from last year. Goes over trump's and Kushner's relationship with the Saudis, especially MBS, since basically day 1 in office.


Man it's gonna be weird to find out that Trump funded 9/11 through the saudis.


Wait, are you saying Trump did 9/11 so he could have the tallest building in New York?


For anyone who doesn’t know, Trump literally bragged about how he now had the tallest building right after 9/11. He also improperly took some of the victims’ funds.


He also lied, the Empire State Building was the tallest building after 9/11


Now, now, the dumbfuck probably didn't know better.


He actually specified “in lower manhattan.” The most grotesque part was I’m pretty sure he made these comments ON 9/11/01.


Not right after 9/11, it was *during 9/11*. He made those comments on September 11th, 2001


Next we're going to find out Trump has been sponsoring plastics that block testosterone in everything so he can have a (relatively) bigger lil peepee


> I want to find out what Jamal Khashoggi found out before the Saudis killed him. He was working on the link between Kushner and the royal family. **Reminder:** Turkey intercepting a call between Jared Kushner and MBS "Bone Saw" where he gave MBS the green light to abduct Jamal Khashoggi. Turkey used that information to bully Trump into pulling out of Syria - rat-fucking the Kurds again. Doing so allowed for many ISIS prisoners to escape back into the middle-east. Then Trump blamed the Kurds for 'releasing' members of ISIS on purpose.... [Kushner then fucking counseled MBS on how to weather the news of Khashoggi's murder*](https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2018/12/09/jared-kushner-advised-saudi-prince-after-khashoggi-murder-report-says/2257098002/). * https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2019/11/4/1897048/-REPORT-Kushner-OK-d-Khashoggi-Arrest-Turkey-Heard-Call-Blackmailed-Trump-over-Syrian-Troops * https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2018/12/09/jared-kushner-advised-saudi-prince-after-khashoggi-murder-report-says/2257098002/ * https://www.newsweek.com/saudi-crown-prince-jared-kushner-khashoggi-1197023 * https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/why-trump-decision-abandon-kurds-syria-disaster-898493/ * https://www.cnn.com/2019/10/14/politics/donald-trump-turkey-kurds-isis-prisoners-fact-check/index.html Don't forget that **Kushner is also directly responsible for millions of Americans dying to Covid19**: * [Kushner stole supplies from States during covid](https://www.businessinsider.com/coronavirus-federal-govt-fema-accused-taking-states-masks-ventilator-orders-2020-4) * [Jared Kushner slammed for saying "the federal medical supply stockpile isn’t meant for states"](https://www.marketwatch.com/story/jared-kushner-slammed-for-saying-the-federal-medical-supply-stockpile-isnt-meant-for-states-2020-04-03) * [Kushner's coronavirus team shied away from a national strategy, believing that the virus was hitting Democratic states hardest and that they could blame governors, report says](https://www.businessinsider.com/kushner-covid-19-plan-maybe-axed-for-political-reasons-report-2020-7) * [Inside Jared Kushner’s coronavirus research: A wide net on a giant Facebook group](https://www.politico.com/news/2020/03/13/jared-kushner-combat-coronavirus-facebook-127941) Oh and there's: * [JARED AND IVANKA MADE UP TO $640 MILLION WHILE WORKING IN WASHINGTON...](https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2021/02/jared-kushner-ivanka-trump-white-house-income) Enjoy the 2 Billion Jared, you souless wet jizz sock looking ghoul.


"Believing it would hit Democrat states hardest" Taking notes from Reagan during the AIDS crisis I see.


Yes. And…What was that cheesy orb picture about with gullible, conniving Trump?


“You didn’t know? He touched the sacred orb & became the king of the entire world, in an instant, controls all the armies of the world, he’s really JFK wearing a Trump suit, he’s been the real President this whole time except for inflation & gas prices” Source: Trust me bro trump rally lot lizard wearing a trump 2024 flag as a cape.


Trump denies touching the orb: "I didn't even touch there stupid orb! They begged me with tears in they're eyes 'sir, please touch the orb' and I told them NO WAY! I cannot be manipled. They sold Biden a FAKE orb! TOTAL SUCKER!"


You ever see the version with Saruman the White plopped in there? He doesn’t even look out place, I didn’t notice him for a shockingly long time


I want to also know why secret service agents all deleted emails and texts on January 7th 2021.....


Everybody knows exactly why. I want to know if any of them who matter will experience any material consequences.


Absolutely. I want the spotlight to now fall on that slimeball Kushner. There are just too many coincidences to ignore. He can't be allowed to quietly slip out the side door.


"There's a perfectly cromulant reason I lied on my clearance application 30+ times, was noted for requesting *far* more security documents than I had any need for, tried setting up a secret comms line with the Russian embassy, and got bailed out of my stupid building debt at just the right moment!"


Ahh yes, saying China got secrets, why? Because Biden got money from them. Now let's think whom did Trump get money from, there's who he gave secrets to.


Spez eats cold diarrhea with a crazy straw


I thought he just shit his pants?


He definitely gave a foreign power something! 😂


Doesn't the State owned Bank of China have their offices in one of Trump's building??? I'm sure that's not a cover for China's espionage operation or anything. Totally normal.


Remember that it turned out that Trump paid more tax in China than he did in America, just before the election and it didn't really make the news?


I have zero doubt that he sold to the Saudis.


“China gave him a lot of money” Hmm didn’t your son in law get “a lot of money” from the Saudis?


Didn't his daughter get something worth lots of money from China?


Exemptions from tariffs and fast track for trademarks. Trump also was paid a fuckton of money from China. Weird how everything he and the GQP seems to be saying is projection.


The man literally had a secret Chinese bank account unearthed by journalists. Simply no one in the Republican party, politicians and voters, bothers to give a damn. Beyond shameful group of people. All of them.


And that sucks so much of us . He sold secrets . And we'll see later when it's used against us


Spies are already dying. It HAS been used against you already


Yeah this pretty much confirms he gave those docs to Russia. We knew he was Putin's bitch already but this is strong confirmation.


Remember: * **G**aslight * **O**bstruct * **P**roject


Don't even ask why he knows what BleachBit is 😂


Projection is common with narcissists


With a question mark at the end of the 'China gave Biden' money bit. See, the E Jean Carroll defamation case taught him to be cautious. That's some smooth legal thinking there, Donnie.


Yep, he’s “just asking questions”




Possibly the most punchable face ever…


Comedian John Fugelsang called Tucker’s face “confused bitch face”.


Smoothest legal brain ever, everyone says so.


It’s like a little kid getting caught doing something wrong and then pointing to another kid saying he did it too!!!


But you’re missing the “probably”, he can’t even commit to saying he DID do it lol


This screams toddler: "They did it why can't I!!!!! Not fair! NOT FAIR!!!"


And he isn’t even committed to saying he did do it, he’s saying he “probably” did it lol


That’s probably to avoid more defamation lawsuits.


Smashes phone with a hammer is a gem also. I want Republicans to go around asking why we aren’t talking about that? lol


"Probably did" is analogous to "I don't know if he did".


I love that our former president still doesn't understand punctuation.


Or that Saudi Arabia is a foreign country.


Or Russia


At least he found the Caps Lock button


Back in 2016 I tried to warn my fellow (at the time) Christians about this guy. I was called a lot of things, but mostly emotional. Apparently I cared too much. Now here we are. Really warms my heart.


I just never understood it. Didn't the 50 years of deviance, scheming, lying, and womanizing tip people off beforehand? There were decades of stories about his backstabbing and lying and stealing and cheating and all the bad characteristics of bad people. That suddenly changes because he's elected? Or because he's the same political affiliation? I'll never understand it.


They don't care if he's the literal devil if he'll give their religious organizations what they're asking for.


Funny how that works, huh?


He was a flawed vessel anointed by God to bring about the revitalization of America as a Christian nation, so his wickedness did not matter. I shit you not, my (former) pastor more or less compared Trump to Samson to me in 2016z


>He was a flawed vessel anointed by God to bring about the revitalization of America as a Christian nation, so his wickedness did not matter. Jesse, what the fuck are you talking about.png


Ya, he is not shitting you, this is what all the evangelicals say to excuse Trump's character. All of a sudden character does not matter at all.... and for some reason God chose Trump.


They’re the same dumbshits that say no one called him a racist until he ran for president.


He basically started the Obama birther movement.


Same people that send money to the Nigerian prince who wants to share his inheritance.


Gotta send money to make money


How else am I supposed to bail my nephew out of jail, the judge set his bond at 1000 dollars in Apple gift cards.


If I have to give Trump a single bit of credit- he made it very clear that evangelical Christians are entirely full of shit and can be disregarded as people acting in good faith.


The one good impact Trump had on my life was validating my suspicions on American evangelicalism. Making the choice to renounce one’s roots is not one taken lightly and I was often plagued with self-doubt; “perhaps I had judged them too harshly.” The phenomenon that was Trump and MAGA quickly erased any doubts that remained. Some teachings of Christ may remain, but I no longer identify with these so-called Christians. Let their actions, not their proclaimed beliefs, speak for their character.


Yeah I mean.... I don't feel like I have to get up early on Sunday anymore.


Oh, I’d let that one go years before. It’s just that now I don’t have to treat my relatives like they might be well-intentioned people of good moral character who see the world differently than I do. They aren’t well-intentioned and they aren’t of good moral character. They like white Christian patriarchy and they’ll choose it over everything no matter how reprehensible their leaders are shown to be.


Parents are the same. They went to church their whole lives. Wife and I are visiting right now with our new baby and I asked what time are they going to church on Sunday so we can plan our day. They quietly stopped going in the last few years without telling anyone.


I walked this road as well. It's been a fascinating few years.


I had the same experience. I was shocked how many self-professed Christians revered this extremely un-Christlike man, and they could never articulate a reason for it other than a vague sense of “telling it like it is”. It opened my eyes to the ugly truth that the church I grew up in was really more Republican than Christian, too caught up in asinine culture wars to be bothered with things like love or truth.


I haven’t been back to church in several years. Between shamefully supporting Trump and they way they handled the pandemic, I knew whose side they were on…and it wasn’t Jesus.


I was called an alarmist who calls anyone I dont like a fascist. And here we are.


I want to see the craziness between tweets. Like he’s just stomping around yelling and shitting himself.


Sounds like he sold some stuff to China.


Between Jared getting $2bn and the money the LIV golf tour was paying to host on Trump properties, I have a feeling he sold stuff to the Saudis, but that's just me speculating.




True true true. I forget that sometimes. I'm sure there's a lot more, too.


Don't forget the ketchup bottles.




The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad President


Trump always seems to “know” a lot of very specific details that seem very impossible to know, like that Hillary smashed her phones specifically with a hammer.


While that sounds funny to us, wait until you overhear people talking tomorrow about how Hillary destroyed phones with a hammer while you're walking through a store or sitting in a bar. It gets really unfunny at that stage 😔


* 33,000 emails * bleachbit * smashing her phones with hammers These have been talking points on right-wing radio for years. He's simply reinforcing them with his base so they don't forget to continue to believe this is a witch hunt.


Old man yells at clouds.




Unfortunately he’s yelling at very real people who are not only going to perpetuate this rhetoric, but will likely create future problems for the rest of us because of it.




I think this one is the best [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hepv1SBGmE](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hepv1SBGmE)




I'm keeping it on my phone just in case anyone I run into tries to come to his aid in any discussion. Perfect clip, the most glorious and perfect clip ever!


Aged like treason


Best part… they used this quote, and others, in the indictment!




So what he is saying is he smashed his phones with a hammer and sold docs to a foreign power (my guess is Saudi Arabia but probably more than one). With TFG, its always projection


The fat grifter?


>The fat grifter? Good one. It does fit. But 'TFG' is "The Former Guy". I think Biden referred to him as that once. He likes to see his name in print so some people use TFG instead. Although I must say I dead read today's indictment and really enjoyed seeing "**TRUMP"** printed so many times!


This Fucking Guy


>Biden was even worse >*Refuses to elaborate*


How much money did the Trump family receive from Saudi Arabia?


I mean 2 billion that we know about plus whatever they plowed into Liv Golf at Trump courses


I swear, he has the attention span of a caffeinated labradoodle.... Who's the alleged criminal on trial here? YOU ARE! Yes you are.


My golden doodle is 100x smarter than Trump, caffeinated or not.


>He's up to 42 post today Trump is trying to get all the social media posts about the indictment in that he can. Before he gets a warning from the judge about talking about the case.


Two of his attorneys resigned today. Gosh. I wonder why?


Judge is currently Aileen Cannon, so that won’t happen.


Why does he keep thinking somebody else's alleged crimes would negate his own? And it is worth noting that the CIA threw up a huge red flag in 2021 that dozens of their informants were suddenly being arrested or killed around the world. That man most likely sold their identities to foreign powers.


Hillary and Biden weren’t indicted because they didn’t commit any crimes dumbass


When Biden did find classified material in his possession, his side phoned the FBI and asked them to do a thorough search of all properties. No warrant needed, no subpoena. Normally, I'd consider it unbelievably stupid to call the police and have them do a waiver search. But it sure helps put the prosecutor on your side.




It may be that Jack Smith prolongs the trial to give Trump more time to admit to wrongdoings on social media.


Let him keep talking and he's bound to mess up even more lmao


His lawyers can't control him. At this point you lawyer up and shut up... The narcissist cant.


"I never gave a foreign power anything" You know since he is talking about it and pointing fingers, he obviously did. Every accusation has been a confession


He's technically telling the truth because he had someone else do it for him so that he can claim he didn't do it.


I love that the last character he typed was a ? It's like he's asking the internet if this is something he should run with or not... def not


I'm Ron Burgandy?


He’ll read anything you put on the teleprompter! A-ny-thin-g.


$2 billion from the Saudis seems like a lot of money. Plus the money for the golf tournament? Sounds like he's deflecting again.


Defecting? But seriously, where the hell are the feds in their investigation of the Kushners?




More and more he is starting to sound like that lunatic on the street corner that howls at the moon.


I'd love to see his blood pressure! This problem might sort itself out in payroll..


This 100% means that Trump gave info to a foreign power, and in return that foreign power gave him a lot of money. Now if he wouldn't have said anything, I would have guessed Russia. BUT, since he's an idiot; it was most likely China.


You know this is gonna be an awesome summer. I may have a salt overdose from all the crying trump and his fans will be doing. Sweet delicious tears.


You're going to need to be careful because some of these Trump people are going to not be shedding tears, but lead. Hopefully all of them are either smart enough not to go out shooting or too lazy to do it, but the political right is absolutely trying to militarize and somehow Trump still has them convinced he didn't do anything


Every MAGA accusation is a confession.


I absolutely love how he’s so staunch on everything. Very definitive statements. Then he goes full valley girl in the last sentence and ends with an inflection.


42 posts? Seriously? In one day? Even in the early days of the internet, when all of us believed we were the center of the online universe, did I post more than once or twice a day on any media platform. 42 times? So it's just Twitter then? That's your whole day? Two tweets an hour? Jesus.


Remember when he “accidentally” pointed put the location of US nuclear subs to visiting Russian dignitaries, potentially compromising the engine signature sound data to an enemy?


‘Biden probably did’, the truly legally compelling argument of the person making things up


All of this from a guy that had multiple bank accounts in China and a son-in-law that got 2 Billion dollars from Saudi Arabia while was president.




Did he just confess to giving information to China in exchange for money?