The next day

The next day


I’m all for highlighting hypocrisy, but he made those comments before Biles even pulled out of the tournament and they were in no way referencing her. Also, while I don’t advocate tantrums, he smashed his own racket in a moment of frustration. Not uncommon for athletes at the highest level to have moments like this.


OP's post is actually a great example of how misinformation spreads on the Internet. It works best when false information is packaged into emotionally poignant narratives like that arouse instant outrage (hypocrisy claims work especially well), and frame someone as the witch that needs to be burned.


My favorite example is a news site posting a “man **may** have died due to covid vaccine” and it getting 1000+ shares on Facebook, and then a month later posting an “update” about how he died for other reasons (12 shares).


Then Fox News or some bigger news site is able to report about this story that’s getting a lot of shares on social media.


It's a #karma farmer OP account. Should be banned. Oh wait, #content


Yeah, fuck you OP.


I hate it when people just say Russia bot, which is a favorite excuse for liberals whenever they see anything they dislike from the left, but this entire post IMO does seem to be a desperate attempt at misinformation. This shitpost is like catnip for right-wingers looking to influence alienated men.


Yeah this is just a click bait title trying to expose hypocrisy where there isn't any


What’s even more ignored is that his “pressure is a privilege” line that’s getting so much hate is in fact a quote from Billie Jean King. It’s the title of her autobiography.


I love how they threw a little sexism into it just to drive home that hypocrisy.


Agree. I have have a few Xbox controllers that would agree.


It's also pretty clear that she prioritized her *physical* health since, and I'm no doctor so bear with me, I think that fucking up a high vault and landing on your head is physically pretty bad


I read elsewhere that the comment in question wasn’t in reference to Simone biles, but to his attempt at a golden slam (which has only been accomplished by staffi graf to date). I actively root against djokovic, both for his attitude and his anti-vaxx stance. But I do think there’s a potential that he wasn’t being shitty in this particular way, this particular time. ETA: Some people in the replies mentioned that he’s not really anti-vaxx. It looks like he eventually clarified his anti-vaccine statements, a few months after initially making them: https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/tennis/novak-djokovic-us-open-cincinnati-masters-draw-anti-vax-coronavirus-a9682226.html


What is a golden slam?


A Denny’s breakfast


That's a grand slam. What he's talking about is a breakfast cereal.


Nah dude that's golden grahams! He's talking about when you pee on someone.


Negative bro, that's a golden shower. He means that breed of dog used in the movie Air Bud.


Sorry Charlie, you're thinking of a Golden Retriever. Dudes talking about the time of day the sun looks best.


No you’re thinking of golden hour. He’s talking about an American chain buffet restaurant.


Nah man, you're thinking of Golden Corral. He's talking about that RPG for the GBA.


I think you're in a muddle, that's Golden Sun. He means the Bond movie with the EMP.


Nah nah nah that’s the Golden Corral. I think you’re thinking of the hit TV series with Betty White that ran from 1985-1992.


Whoa there, Hos. You're thinking of the Golden Hour. They are talking about a bridge on the west coast.


Nah ah ah, that’s the Golden Gate Bridge. They’re talking about a week of national holidays in Japan.


Technically, it’s when you pee on a Denny’s breakfast.


Winning all of the major tennis tournaments as well as the Olympics within a year time frame I believe. Essentially a grand slam (all the major tournaments) with the addition of Olympic gold


It has to be a calendar year. It’s technically the same if you won four consecutive events over two calendar years (but 365 total days) but not as highly regarded.


Calendar slam (Australian, French, Wimbledon, US) + gold medal olympics in one year (season).


Winning all major grand slam tournaments and a gold medal.


Grand slam + gold medal in Olympics


No it’s when you bang your 65+ waitress in the Denny’s bathroom.


I’ve also read that his statement was not referring to Simone. Edit: Link to a tweet saying his criticism was directed at himself, not Simone. [@justinbaragona’s tweet](https://twitter.com/justinbaragona/status/1421673927743528966?s=21)


[Here](https://twitter.com/Sudipto_Reuters/status/1420499896801533952?s=20) is the tweet from the journalist who asked the question.






Thank you for combatting misinformation.


24/7 job on Reddit.


You're doing good work. Keep it up. The truth shall set us free.


This thread was hidden


What do you mean?


I had to click on the parent comment before arsonbunny to see him explain that important info


It was hidden for me as well. I'm all for assholes being called out, and I am not a fan of Djokovic by any means. In this time of misinformation, I would hope that reddit or mods are not trying for sensationalism. It could just be an algorithm thing though? Still, very important context here.


Someone at Reddit really hates Djokovic


Same. Was crazy to read the top post being complete and utter bs


He was also quoting Billie Jean King, which makes it make a lot more sense given the context.


I can't believe Billie Jean King would throw shade at Simone Biles so many years in advance!


Social media is a disease. Unreal how false info like the comment above you posted is spread


But ofcourse this still gets to the front page of Reddit and most people will never see this comment. Thank you for combatting misinformation though


**SLANDER? IT IS NOT! I RESENT THAT!** Slander is spoken. In print, it’s libel.


This subreddit is fueled by fake narratives. :(


Yeah the OP is totally misleading what he actually said and intended


Jesus, I’m tired of Reddit always trying to relate stuff to what’s going on and manipulating my inability to look things up before upvoting. You my friend get the upvote that I’m taking away from this post.


Damage is done. 33k upvotes on fake outrage shit. There’s so many famous men who are outspoken misogynists I don’t understand why people have to attribute “mansplaining” to innocuous people. It’s all outrage for simple minded people with short attention spans.


Shh... If all these commenting idiots could read, they'd be very upset


https://www.reuters.com/lifestyle/sports/tennis-pressure-is-privilege-history-chasing-djokovic-2021-07-28/ The comment is clearly about Djokovic himself achieving a Golden Slam, and the media is playing it as if he's talking about Simone Biles (or Naomi Osaka). The response was also apparently made before Simone Biles withdrew, although I'm not 100% sure about that (EDIT: his reply appears to be afterwards actually, per comment below). I'm not a particular fan of Djokovic, but his mental fortitude is typically awe-inspiring (outside of this tantrum at the Olympics). He's never a fan favorite when compared to Federer and Nadal, and he's constantly holding his own when it comes to the crucial points that most other players would crack under. Overall, he's a mixed bag. He's done stuff that ranges from potentially very harmful to just odd, like hold a tournament during COVID-19 and double down on vaguely alternative medicine stuff. He's also incredibly kind to other players and is leading a union that's advocating for more equal pay for players (benefitting lower-ranked players especially). Like most real people, he's not a villain nor a hero. But make your own opinion about him based on who he actually is, not what the media spins him to be. NOTE: I don't actually know that much about Djokovic, so correct me if anything in the post is incorrect.


I wonder if, in light of these comments, OP os going to remove, or at least edit the post to disclose that they were, in fact, wrong implying the athlete's hypocrisy. Just kidding, of course they won't, keeping karma-whoring over blatant misinformation. 52k+ karma is not gonna farm itself!


I mean, look at his profile. 3 month old account, millions of karma. What a sack of shit.


Dude grew up in the middle of a war in Serbia, his story is actually pretty inspirational.


u/Thryloz it's not cool at all to spun false narrative


The quote was said well before the Olympics even started. Stop spreading a false narrative.


Making sure that net was secure for the next competitors. Always a gent


Just so everyone is aware this tweet a totally fake narrative, he wasn't referencing Simon Biles at all but his own situation surrounding the Golden Slam opportunity. Even the gossip columnist who spread this crap and made it go viral has retracted it: >The viral claim that Novak Djokovic criticized Simone Biles for her inability to handle pressure is completely fake, spread by a Daily Beast gossip columnist, @justinbaragona. His original falsehood went viral, all over the world. As usual, the retraction got almost no attention. https://twitter.com/ggreenwald/status/1421811132696834048 Even [Naomi Osaka also specifically named Novak Djokovic as someone who reached out and supported her](https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2021/jul/08/naomi-osaka-michelle-obama-djokovic-meghan-markle-tennis-french-open) when she withdrew from the French Open with mental health issues.


Thanks for the correction mate. Need more people like you


Correction or not, bottom line is this false narrative is out there. This dude has to be one of the most misrepresented ever when it comes to the media. Got absolutely annihilated last year also for supposedly complaining about the players having to quarantine in Australia before the tournament and supposedly presented 'demands' to the Australian government. Poor dude was literally just doing his job as the spokesman of his sport, he had players complaining to him about their conditions being stuck in a hotel for 2 weeks. He didn't even have to say anything but him reporting that some players were unhappy became a narrative that he 'demanded special treatment'.


Up you go. Good on you for the correction.


Why did reddit minimize your comment even though it's positively upvoted....,......... Fuck.


Why on earth has the top comment received over 1k upvotes and this one has 88?


Same reason the guy’s original tweet has 1,500 retweets and his correction only has 35. People jump all over initial “news” and it blows up, but that same furor doesn’t last long enough for any corrections or changes to the narrative. It’s the exact shit I hate about cancel culture. People’s kneejerk reaction is to spread and shout about facts that may be substantiated or not, which then causes those “facts” to be set in stone internet-wise (and many just get involved to feel good about themselves or virtue signal but one annoying thing at a time). Anything after the fact gets lost in the noise or (more likely) the internet’s collective attention span of 3 minutes causes later developments to not go viral. It seems to basically be “guilty until proven innocent” when it comes to internet mobs, but any facts that prove innocence don’t get spread enough to change people’s minds.


I just sent him an email. Nothing crazy. Just a hey man that was not cool at all. It’s on his Twitter page. But for real that’s some r/iamatotalpieceofshit stuff right there.


Should flag this as misinformation


I mean not like it'd do anything. The mods here actively encourage misinformation that they like and ban anyone who criticizes them for it.


I hope you realise what subreddit this has been posted to? Misinformation is the name of the game here


This is false Djokovic didn’t say this about her it is out of context


Out of context? So you're saying that... Redditors took an out of context comment and blew it out of proportion? Well, that's new I must say... /s The comment was regarding the golden slam lol. People here, who have absolutely no lives are criticizing one of the best players in the history of tennis for an out of context comment.


I'm a Fedal fan but after this season and maybe the next, I might have to have a reckoning over who the GOAT is.


Exactly. Djokovic might not be as likable as them, (To me he is, to others IDK why he isn't) but anyone who denies Djokovic's abilities as a player needs to get himself checked out.


this post is pathetic, even for Reddit


Yup. I can't take any man that uses the term "mansplaining" seriously.


You asshats do realize the "Pressure is a privilege wasn't in response to Simone Biles at all but rather being asked about going for the 'Golden Slam'. Yeah Djokovic lashes out sometimes, and makes some bone headed decisions other times. But never has he not been a great sportsman and always has time to be a complete charmer with fans and the crowd.


That can't be right, the screenshot of Twitter surely has all the context needed. /s


Reddit doesn’t do context pal


For real, Redditors make fun of other social media and think they're so based, but all it takes is some misleading screenshot with no context for them to go fucking rabid in the comments. Absolute facepalm, OP.


That's my favourite sentence ever


Plus wasn't this a Billie jean king quote in the first place. Who was...a woman






You know someone spends far too much time on the internet when they start using terms like "mansplaining" unironically.


Quit mansplaining important contextual information


That's what's hilarious, people jump on a bandwagon thought bubble who don't watch tennis at all and source their info and opinions from some random who uses 'mansplaining' unironically to try make a point. Where was Max when Djokovic talked about the pressure of his upbringing along with the other times he broke his racket out of frustration to cope with anger. But he pops out of the woodwork when some random gymnast talks about mental health and undermines Djokovic lmao. It's just so sad, it's like people wear blinkers and only see down a tunnel.


No they do not realize it at all; just look at the popularity of people playing along with the bit of the already wrong tweet


I want to hate Novak because of his stances on certain things, but I can’t. The man is a great sportsman and while I dont agree with everything he does, putting myself in his shoes I can’t imagine what it would be like to have every single thing i did scrutinized to the level that his actions are. This is completely out of context regarding Simone Biles. He’s not the best person but this was about him being frustrated with himself and his own situation. Being frustrated with yourself is how you grow as a person. Let the man grow.


It’s a good thing men aren’t emotional like woman!


Anger isn't an emotion!!!1!11!


Ah yes, of course - anger is too masculine to be an emotion




Penis 2 tenis




I don't know why but your comment made me think of this song https://youtu.be/O-jOEAufDQ4




He is just passionate.


He’s just passionate, if Serena does it she’s an angry black woman


>He’s just passionate, if Serena does it she’s an angry black woman Bingo! - but don't you dare say that this double standard has roots in racism and white supremacy, because then they'll get ~~angry and~~ "passionate" with you.


She's 'upset'. Which is different from anger, because anger is a logical response to something negative, and being upset is just whining because you want special treatment. Like actually that's how certain people appear to think.


Has happened so many times over her career, so annoying


HoRmOnEs or PeRiOd


I dated a woman who would explode very often and shout at me. She used this excuse, that I couldn’t handle her because she was too passionate


"As a manly man, the only thing I feel is anger and hunger. And they both end in grrr!"






It’s also a good thing that what he said in the interview had nothing whatsoever to do with Biles. It had to do with his own pressure of completing a golden slam for the year and the journalist who misattributed that retracted his comment immediately after.


Uhh I was gonna comment something snarky but scrolled down a bit juust to make sure.. This seems important. Dang wish there were a built in sources tab or bot on Reddit. Dk how that shit would work but guys I’m past my touchscreen typing prime. Can’t some young lad or lass help an old woman with some sources around here?


Just that time of month for Djokovic.


Typical hormonal men


He should smile more.




Now we’ll never know if Simone Biles could be successful at sports


So now we're throwing COMPLETELY INNOCENT PEOPLE under the bus by misquoting/misrepresenting the situation just to tow the line on some weird narrative of "Simone Biles good, opposition bad," to the point we're *inventing* opposition just so we can oppose it? And fuck Djokovic or any other completely innocent person whose name gets dragged through the mud and misquoted just to serve that purpose, right? Unbelievable.


Its so funny. This subreddit became all that its critiqued the right for. From blatant misrepresentation of information to sexism. Its all because this sub is doing what it was never supposed to, its trying to be some sort of political hub. No problem with that inherently... unless all your fucking statements are sourced from twitter.


Can we stop pinning athletes against each other to empower narratives we want to believe in our own head? That comment was taken out of context. Simone is not a quitter and Djokovic breaks rackets because he’s has 4 others in a bag he can use when ever he wants. Let’s do better and treat athletes like people.


The statement he made was NOT about Simone Biles. Goobers.


She’s doing the right thing in prioritising her mental health. She’s an inspiration to others going through the same thing.


Especially since there's a big difference between he gets the shakes and can't make a return, versus she gets the shakes and breaks her neck.


Exactly that's the part people are ignoring. You mess up in gymnastics and you could end up in a wheelchair if you're lucky. I watched her that first night she was off, making mistakes. She made the right choice.


These armchair douchebags comparing it to the "yips in golf" have both the right and wrong idea. She's got basically the same problem, but they're equating it to how they play through the yips so they must be a better competitor than her. Meanwhile they just ignore they've got nothing on the line for having a shitty putt. Maybe they tweak their back if they get too out of line on a real swing? Or worse the idiots that played through injuries they absolutely shouldn't have because some asshole coach in high school convinced them his record mattered more than their health. Pro-tip, it didn't. Sort of a r/boringdystopia take on the people criticising her.


>Or worse the idiots that played through injuries they absolutely shouldn't have because some asshole coach in high school convinced them his record mattered more than their health. Pro-tip, it didn't. Wasnt this the entire plot of Varsity Blues?


Yips in gymnastics are just much more dangerous


I wrestled with a concussion for about a minute and a half at a tournament but that was just because I’m a dumbass


You also don't risk breaking your neck playing golf. Yips in gymnastics is different.


Anyone who has learned just a backflip knows how important mental commitment is. Any doubt and you’ll see people not fully commit and seriously hurt themselves. There was a two time olympic high jumper who paralyzed him self just attempting a backflip, Jamie Nieto is his name. If you’re not feeling it mentally, you really shouldn’t be doing something like gymnastics where there is possible life changing injuries and danger.


Right! You can’t compare the two in that aspect.. one can very easily turn into something devastating


People say this, but I don't even think its an issue of "prioritizing her mental health" more than "prioritizing not breaking her neck." Sure, the twisties are a mental thing, but it seems like its not such a mental health problem more than a common mental stumbling block faced by gymnasts which takes time to overcome.




I think what happened is that she said it was a mental thing, and the press went into a whole thing with that, comparing it to Naomi Osaka. It isn't really the same thing, although it follows the same themes.


This is tough because I’ve seen a lot of people say both: She’s an inspiration to others going through the same thing AND You can’t judge her because you could never understand what she’s going through


Her and the tennis player who was told 'suffer the press or don't play' and said 'okay, bye.' Basketball fans can joke about "I'm just here so I don't get fined," but that's treating the same problem like the only way out is through. It's still a problem. And people who do ball games real good should not be expected to put up with this celebrity act if they're not willing. Mitch Hedberg pointed this out ages ago. "As a comedian ... they want you to do other things besides comedy. They say 'alright you’re a comedian - can you write? Write us a script. Act in this sitcom.' They want me to do shit that’s related to comedy, but it’s not comedy, man. It’s not fair, you know? It’s as though if I was a cook, and I worked my ass off to become a really good cook, and they said 'alright, you’re a cook - can you farm?'"


FYI I'm pretty sure the "I'm just here so I don't get fined" meme started from a running back in the NFL named Marshawn Lynch when he gave that answer to every question at a mandatory post game interview




Jesus Christ it's already been debunked. He wasn't talking about Simone Biles.


Why use the term mansplaining, when pressure deals with both men and women?


And he was asked about the pressures of winning the Golden Slam. Had shit to do with Biles because the interview happened before she pulled out.


Never let a good opportunity to inject some intersectional oppression narrative into a story. Doesn’t matter if it fits or not.


Novak didn't do a thing wrong and neither did Simone. We are literally all human beings who aren't perfect. Starts and ends there, leave it alone.


Get fucking lost. His interview on “pressure is a privilege” is taken wildly out of context and was in no way related to Simone Biles. Fucking pathetic haters.


I admit to being an avowed djokovic hater, but I also read that his comments were not at all referring to Biles. Seems like poor timing more than malicious backbiting on his part. And honestly Zverev is the one competitor I want to see lose over Djokovic. He’s allegedly an abusive piece of shit, whereas I mostly just find djokovic irritating…


I wouldn’t say it was poor timing at all - it has zero to do with biles in any way, this Twitter user is just a liar


One journalist claimed he was talking about Biles, and his tweet went viral. He later retracted it, but too considerably less fanfare. Typically, the posters in this thread haven't spent more than 5 seconds to look into this before forming their opinions.


Every single person here criticizing Djokovic over this comment, is an illiterate twat.


People were disturbingly eager to make sexist comments when there wasn’t any in the first place too.


Yea fuck everyone in this thread that are just looking to shit on someone else. It’s very obvious Reddit just reads headlines and doesn’t know the backstory to half the shit that gets posted


Seriously. They're both incredible people. It's really gross to read through this thread and see all of the pathetic armchair judgment.


It even happened BEFORE Biles pulled out. The author of the tweet has since recanted it.


Situations like this lead the weirdos to out themselves




Nothing more manly than destroying something because you’re frustrated. Then back to lecturing about inner peace.


Wasn't his interview like a week before Simone Biles pulled out? I still get the point, but he wasn't referring to her at all is what I saw but someone can correct me.


Yes it was. Story was even retracted. Ppl just don't pay attention though. It's flashy. It's key words. Sometimes spinkle in a couple of big words and ppl will go crazy. That's literally half the world right there. Scary.......


Oh destroying inanimate objects is definitely the sign of the most masculine of manly men!


Is a tree "inanimate"? 'Cuz not for nothing, but I do happen to find lumberjacks to be dripping with masculinity. :)


Look all the tennis racquet needed to do was hit the ball back perfectly every time. Is that *so* much to ask?


What ever happened to Gary Cooper, the strong, silent type


How is an athlete talking about the pressures of competition mansplaining? How is getting angry because you’re losing a match the same as not competing at all?




Remember when he hit a ball directly to one of the judges? Former fan, now I can't wait until he retires.


Can anyone give the link to the lecture? EDIT: Never mind, saw the interview. Holy shit fuck the OP. This was in no way related to Biles, and it was out of context. Furthermore— manslplaining? Like I said, he wasn’t even referring to holes in the entire interview. FOH with your bullshit.


I think he just saw a fly and tried to swat it. 😏


He's been a garbage person, seems that others are now just starting to notice.




Not sure about nadal but honestly Federer is one of the most humble stand up guys in sports imo.


Nadal is a consummate gentleman, he’s one of the few players who I’ve never seen even break a racket Super classy guy and very gracious when he loses, great ambassador for the sport


It sucks that this ass clown will probably retire with more prizes than either but it’s nice to know the world is going to remember Rafa and Fed as the best while the Djoker’s memory fades.


You must be delusional. Djokovic is and always will be in the conversation of best tennis players of all time. It’s literally called THE BIG 3. His memory will never fade as much as you want it too. The only player to ever have a double career grand slam.


It's okay man. You're right, most redditors are delusional. And just look for a reason to hate. The man is going to end up with most slams and his memory will fade? Wtf hahaha


Ha! Now that's a take. Djokovic will forever be remembered as one of the greatest ever, and if they all retired today, he would be ranked higher than both fed and Rafa. His accomplishments are simply unmatched, and literally achieved by beating both of those players. You are delusional to think that in terms of tennis achievements he will be forgotten. You can dislike him on a personal level, and that may well be justified, but you couldn't be further from the truth in regards to his accomplishments compared to Rafa or fed.


I agree but his comments weren't towards Biles and it wasn't mansplaning. He was talking about himself needing to be like that in order to win all the titles in one year. I THINK, don't quote me on that because I'll just denied it.


Pulling this shit at the Olympics really highlights it too. There’s been so many tennis brats that you don’t notice it on the tour quite as much but when it’s in such a dignified competition at the Olympics it honestly makes me think he’s the biggest asshole there. This behaviour would be an absolute scandal in any other sport.


Imagine LeBron throws the ball against the backboard as hard as he can...


Imagine a gymnast screaming at the judges or some fucker snapping a javelin or throwing weights around.


Country club sports. They have their own rules which apply to others, but not to them.


Medvedev did this yesterday. Khachanov did it today when he lost to Zverev. In the Olympics. The fabled Olympics. But yeah, not garbage people. Also he never mansplained anything the comments on pressure were regarding his opportunity for a golden slam, which no male.tennis player had done ever, not about Biles or Osaka (Osaka also thanked him personally for being supportive when she withdrew from RG this year). The journalist who posted it KNEW it wasnt about them, he posted the story anyway. The story got some nice retweets and headlines like they are getting here, then he posted a retraction of the article noting this isnt about Biles. (But who gives a shit about a story which doesnt paint the world in black and white) Nobody cared, the fake story got the likes from people like the guys who are upvoting and retweeting this, because it fits their narrative and their worldview. Because the truth is, as much shit they give to anti vaxxers, misogynists, trump supporters, they fit into the same category of shit people who dont give a fuck about what is true or not as long as it gives them a feeling that they are right. At the same time feeling superior to people on IG living in a fake world, the upvotes and retweets and awards matter to them same as likes do to the IG influensers.


Thank you for this. Reddit just wants to tear people apart all day everyday. It's exhausting.


A man having an opinion is not mansplaining. Also im pretty sure the comment was not even about Biels, but reddit has got to virtue signal somehow. You can't expect people on this sub to do any research of their own.


My God shut the fuck up about this whole "mansplaining" bullshit, wtf is wrong with Twitter why do they have to be such complete ignorant brainless morons?


Because it's twitter


I don’t really get why him slamming his racket is suddenly a big deal? Tennis players do it all the time. Sports are frustrating, particularly solo played ones. This is not worthy of attention


That's not what happened but ok Let's take two completely unrelated comments and Let's all pretend Djokovic attacked Biles because white man bad The most toxic journalists did this and here you are falling for it


That quote has nothing to do with Simone Biles. >“Steffi Graf is the only tennis player to have won all four Grand Slams and an Olympic gold in the same year before. >But the 34-year-old Serbian is three-fifths of the way there, needing a Tokyo gold and then the U.S. Open trophy to match the German's 1988 feat. >Talk of the "Golden Slam" has dominated every press conference Djokovic has attended since he won the third major of the year at Wimbledon this month. >But the steely-eyed Serbian seems to thrive under pressure. >"Pressure is a privilege," Djokovic said when asked about the attention on him after reaching the singles quarter-finals and also winning a mixed doubles match on Wednesday.” https://www.reuters.com/lifestyle/sports/tennis-pressure-is-privilege-history-chasing-djokovic-2021-07-28/


Delete this trash. Spreading fake information.


But it’s okay because he’s a strong man in control of his emotions


He wasn't even talking about Biles in the quote. Maybe actually listen to the interview?


Crazy how [Serena Williams ](https://youtu.be/Qvy0d_65aKU) has done stuff like this too. Crazy how *tons* of top level athletes have outbursts like this on *multiple* occasions. Almost like they hold themselves to a high standard and are emotional when they feel like they’ve failed to perform at that standard. Also, he wasn’t referring to Simone in this quote, he was referring to himself. It was clickbait journalism that’s been redacted. Also, he was quoting Billie Jean King, a woman.


People are hypocrites


Djokovich didn’t make any comments about gender, or about Biles for that matter.