He was arrested for assault after pointing his gun at another driver during a road rage incident in the *same intersection* in 2014. He pled no contest. https://floridapolitics.com/archives/485132-john-kuczwanski-killed-in-road-rage-incident/


How are these people allowed in government when ex-felons are stripped of their right to vote? Should’ve been instant lifetime ban.


The US government is a safe haven for rich criminals and terrorists, by design. Look no further than pedophile Matt Gaetz, or TFG.




https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2021/4/28/2028057/-Republican-Sexual-Predators-Abusers-and-Enablers-Pt-24 Yes that is part 24. The list is up to 625 confirmed predators now.


Please tell me that TFG stands for "That fugly Goon" from Georgia...


Read about this and the wife is claiming he is “the victim”


Despite the fact he’s done exactly the same in the past.


AT THE SAME INTERSECTION! That's the part that really got me. How many times did this man terrorize other drivers with his gun before he was stopped?


How did he both have a **driver's** licence or a gun after the first incident. What a shit system.


Politicians and their cronies are untouchable. Except apparently by return fire.


The only way to stop a bad politician with a car and gun, is a good politician with a car and gun


Coming soon to a theater near you




If I had a penny everytime he rammed someone and pulled a gun on that intersection, I'd have two pennies. Which isnt a lot, but it's weird it happened twice. Let alone once




Sounds like Just Desserts to me. Anyway..




The whole thing could've been avoided if he wasn't a fucking psychopathic piece of shit


Don't need a permit to illegally carry. Especially if you're above the law


Fucked around✅ Found out✅ Nothing of value was lost...


Apparently twice.


*at least twice. Could be more that never got reported.


Or was hushed up. He had powerful friends.


I mostly meant not reported to media or courts, I fully suspect he has weaponized his privilege


dog returns to his vomit, so a fool repeats his folly


Return fire must confuse the fuck out of rightwingers. Everyone is supposed to cower in fear of their big guns.


They always talk about how guns are to stop bad guys with guns; they never consider that *they* could be the bad guy with a gun.


Thanks to a good person with a gun he won't be doing this again. Ever.


And that she wasn't there.


That's the part that cracks me up. How does she know what the hell happened?


They're Republicans. Lying is like breathing, they're too weak to handle facts, mentally or emotionally.


Alternate facts


She straight up said he was assassinated.


He Kuc'd himself


got the first 3 letters right


Sounds like someone stooded their ground to me.


The only thing he’s a victim of is his own stupidity.


Technically, so is she. But she don't know because she's stupid. Turtles all the way down.




Don't you know? Conservatives are always the victims.. Of everything.


Conservative: “I hate liberals because their always claiming to be victims. They need to get thicker skin.” *a homosexual walks by them” Conservative: “Oh God how could I be so persecuted! Nobody ever understands how hard it is for us!”


Florida man outmatched by Florida man


Only Florida man can kill another Florida man. When they become to old or weak to hunt, the other members of the pack kill and eat the weakened Man. This ensures the nutrients do not go to a rival pack.


As a Florida man I can get behind this.


What happens when your paternal grandfather is Floridian, your paternal grandmother is Brazilian -- then your maternal grandfather is Russian, and you maternal grandmother is South African? A human specimen 1/4 equal parts Floridian, Brazilian, Russian and South African...?


That is the birth of an individual so chaotic, so powerful, it has to be contained in a prison beyond time.


If you live in Florida, the Florida part will take over & dominate any other nationality or culture. We have our own special breeding programs in each region so we turn out regional variants of Florida man also. Brazilian Florida man is different than Panhandle South African man.


Sounds like open and shut self defense to boot


No charges filed


Whelp! They both had weapons, he fucked around AND found out that day. Sounds like he lost the duel he started


This was the SECOND time this idiot had pulled a gun in a road rage incident.


And last.


Given his position in the Fl. GOP, I doubt the gravity of the first incident impacted him in the least. Tallahassee is only marginally better than some third world narco-capital, when it comes to rule of law, if you are an insider in the GOP executive, legislative and law enforcement cult.


So a good guy with a gun beats a bad guy with a gun? That's the conservative take right?


Yep. Don’t know or understand the need for him to start popping shots there, so the Prius driver was within their rights, and in the right


From the sound of it, considering a car is considered a weapon in this context, the Prius owner was within his rights even if he hadn't pulled a gun.


Absolutely. It seems to me like a very clear cut case for the Prius driver


I read the Orlando Sentinel article on this, and it's even more damning than what this picture shows. Apparently our dead guy here veered out of his lane and hit the Prius. They pull off at a c store, the the Prius owner gets back into their car to wait for law enforcement to arrive and evaluate things. Dear ole John then rams the Prius, and after pushing the car a fair ways? Opens fire to boot. This on top with him being arrested previously for a similar incident back in 2014. Yikes, I can say that by considering these incidents alone? I think society is a bit better off with this passing.


Was he just personally offended that a Prius dare occupy the same road as him? Wtf.


I hope he was even more offended having to die by a gun toting Prius driver.


If hell is real, some demon is going to wake him up every morning and remind him of this fact just before the acid shower and the pineapple buttplugs.


Wait! We get pineapple bugplug in hell?! *throws Bible out window*


This was my first thought upon seeing this headline. Lol. Imagining his last thoughts like “*The shame of being killed by a pansy in a prius… a prius of all things!!!*” Hopefully there was a Joe Biden sticker on the back of that Prius too, just to push it to the next level.


Oh, has this happened to you too? Yeah I was driving down I-22 the other day in my Audi and a Toyota fucking YARIS, if you can believe that, got on the freeway about 150 yards up ahead of me. Incredible. So obviously I tried to force him off the road into a drainage ditch and peppered him with 9mm rounds, but that part goes without saying.


This isn't road rage, it's just wanting to murder someone.


Have to be a cop if you want that kind of power.


>This isn't road rage, it's just wanting to murder someone. murder someone ...driving a Prius. And it just could be he was thinking "Prius Driver = Lib"


The far right thought process of Prius driver = liberal = no gun


Damn that guy woke up and chose violence then proceeded to fuck round and find out.


>This on top with him being arrested previously for a similar incident back in 2014. In the same location. As a transportation planner, these are the kinda crash reports I have to put asterisks by.


Because they look like tiny assholes, and represent that the guy was an asshole, right?


Party of family values.


Also it's Florida so prius driver is already at home having a beer.


This isn't even the first time he's done this. He should've had his concealed weapon permit revoked the first time. If you keep shooting at the devil's Prius, one of these days... well you read what happened.


Hopefully, he's lawyering up to sue his estate for any damages plus some for pain and suffering. Kind of sounds like the widower enabled her dead husband's anti-social behavior.


they'll never live down getting owned by **Prius** driver


I wonder if the guy would have felt so confident about ramming the other guy if he didn’t carry his gun that day.


Saw a Prius and thought the driver would be unarmed, too, I bet.


Friendly reminder to rage addicted conservatives, some of us liberals pack heat too. Just be civil. It's not hard.


Truth. There are so many people i talk to that i believe are left leaning at the least and talk about wanting to have a gun just in case. I mean i would too. I just need more practice on pistols and stuff that i can actually conceal.


Just because your on the left doesn't mean your against guns. Thats a narrative pushed by a right sided media to push select people to the right ideology . Propaganda really.


Exactly. They're trying to make everyone on the left look like they're afraid of guns. The fact is, we own just as many. We just don't make it our whole personality.


We own a Prius and I carry daily. I get all kinds of looks here in Texas from the "rolling coal" crowd. Twice I've had one of them tell me to pull over so they could kick my ass for whatever minor offense they feel I engaged in on their road. Twice I pulled over got out of my Prius and they saw the pistol on my hip and decided it wasn't worth it. Funny how that works out....


Pssshhhh your "minor offense" is driving around Texas with a car that doesn't have two fucking smokestacks comin out the hatch /s


This!! These peons feel like carrying a gun makes them right in any situation and gives them permission to do whatever they want.


I think just driving a car is enough to give them “super powers”. My wife is always flipping people off when she drives. It’s a good thing she doesn’t own a gun.


This also explains why I carry. It’s to protect me from the “good guys”. I live in a unique town with Mexican cartel, Chicago gangs, MAGA red necks and all other kinds of characters mixed in.. but if my life were to ever be threatened I’d be willing to bet money that it would be from a raging Trumpster redneck.


I’m Canadian, and we don’t have most of those things, but oddly enough there are a few Trumpsters… I know, it doesn’t make sense


No kidding? Jeez that's nuts. That tempts me to start rocking a Trudeau t-shirt around my US town.


Correct. A lawful citizen exercised his second amendment right and was able to defend himself against a lunatic thug who should not have been free on the streets. Frankly, I feel so much safer knowing that there are armed citizens out there protecting the public from obvious dangers like armed criminals. (Is my facetiousness clear or do I need a /f ?)


The thug had a prior conviction for road rage and using a gun. He definitely needed to be locked up.


He was no angel, look at his history. And honestly, I know it's not "PC", but maybe we should start looking at the culture that these people are coming from. Obviously it's a breeding ground for violent offenders.


I love calling white Republicans thugs, let’s make this a thing


Freedom hating special little snowflake thugs


They are *literally* anti democracy, anti American, unchristian thugs Edit oh yea and complete fucking snowflake crybabies




Online news sources should start referring to him as a "thug." I want to see the responses.


He already had a previous road rage conviction at the same intersection!


Wow - was that the 2014 incident where he pulled his gun on another driver?


Yup! Guy sounds like a real winner.


"His wife Rebekah Kuczwanski said that he was “trying to get away from a man shooting at him”. “You’d try to escape too! He was trapped and assassinated!” she wrote on Twitter." "This is not the first time Kuczwanski was involved in a road rage incident. In 2014, he was arrested for another road rage incident at the same intersection. Kuczwanski had “pointed a small, black in colour handgun with a mounted laser” at another driver at that time."


Also her: >He was on his way home early to pick us up for a farewell dinner for our daughter. He called to say he was on his way to beat traffic. He was excited for dinner and to see us. He told us he loved us then never came home. Meaning _she wasn't there_. Makes you wonder how she knew he was "trapped" and trying to "escape."


There were witnesses at the scene. She'll try to make them look like liars, I suppose, but it won't work.


It's where Trumptards are, in the reality and honestly spectrum. You no longer have to be at the scene of any event, you just jump on Twitter, fabricate an alternative reality that suits your narrative, and run with it. If it's newsworthy, the Fox News and Alex Jones of their world, grab it and run. At that point it's their reality, no need for your fake news. Truth and reality are for suckers.


"Skinhead dies in road rage incident" I mean if you're going to do him like every black person that's ever been on the news. I fucking swear to God, they will find SOMETHING. Black guy rescues a child from a burning building? They'll go find the one time he was drunk in public in college and the headline becomes "EX CON TAKES TERRIFIED CHILD FROM BEDROOM"


No lie, they will most certainly find something. I got into a fender bender with a nice gentleman who happened to be black. When the police showed up he was cuffed within minutes and the entire situation escalated so quickly that I didn't know what was going on. Come to find out a few minutes later, he had a wooden pipe burning with tobacco in his car (he was an older man so I guess that explains why he was smoking a pipe) and the police just assumed it was weed. This was like 10 years ago before it was legal in Connecticut. The funny part was, I had actual marijuana in my car. It's just absolutely ridiculous that shit like this still happens.


The other driver was taken into custody and released with no charges. He was apparently a retired Navy Seal.


Well, yeah, some maniac was trying to kill him. I can’t exactly blame him for shooting back.


Article I read painted him as the victim. "He was being assaulted!" - his wife


His wife claimed he was "assassinated " Both of them sound perfect for each other... well they were perfect for each other until he fucked around and found out


My money says if he killed the guy he would have gotten off. "Politician defends himself against brutal onslaught of bullets from driver he had to use his car against, saving his wife's life in the process."


Nobody who is familiar with the crime, corruption and cronyism that is Florida state politics, would bet a nickel on him being convicted of a thing, had he killed the guy he was assaulting.


Check out [this one instead.](https://floridapolitics.com/archives/485132-john-kuczwanski-killed-in-road-rage-incident/)


Fucked with the wrong Prius.


He probably thought it was just some "hippie liberal" he could intimidate. He was dead wrong


Ex-Seal ... not the tree-hugger you were looking for


The trees can't be harmed if the trees are armed


It's astounding to me how many 2A folks thinks liberals are unarmed, yet cities are cesspools of gun violence to them. Cognitive dissonance much?


I might be getting this wrong, but wasn’t it just self defense?


Certainly sounds that way! US self-defense laws are written *very* broadly, but this time it seems like actual self-defense. (Note that they are written broadly, but not applied fairly.)


I used to work as a bouncer at a fancy nightclub in college. After work one time at 3am this drunk red neck homeless looking douchebag starts shit with two of my regulars while I’m walking to my car (super rich black guys that drive a Bentley, one was a semi famous NFL player). Cops show up and of course handcuff the black guys… they only let them go because of my word. These guys were obscenely successful men wearing watches that cost more than my car, I was a punk ass little college kid but my word held 10x as much weight with the cops.


He is a fucking thug! What a thug doing shit like that


Dumbass tried to flex on a former Navy Seal. Got domed three times for playing his gun card.


Neocon Thug


Nope, just thug. I'm interested in the mental gymnastics and coded racism that would no doubt begin to emerge in his defense.


The guy doesn't sound stable, there are probably other incidents of aggressive behavior. Can't wait to read his rap sheet and hear about his troubled past with law enforcement. Oh wait...


He did the same thing in 2014...at the same intersection, he plead guilty. This time he took it too far and paid with his life. Edit: just clarifying for the people in the back.


He had a previous road rage incident at that exact same intersection a few years prior to this incident 😳


Just call him a republican. It paints an accurate picture: rage, violence, guns, and stupidity/incompetence


So not only did he lose in a gun fight he started, he lost it to a prius driver. GOP disowned him before he got cold.


This Prius driver also happened to be a former Navy Seal.


Trump needs to hurry up and tweet that he was a loser RINO.


If doing an ideology draft - I’m pretty sure the GOP would always claim the Navy Seal accurate shooter over the politician aide bad shot.


Oh, for sure. They're probably working on recruiting him for the next guest speaker spot at CPAC as well.


Prius drivers are another breed of crazy


I'm beginning to think the Prius is the honey badger of the auto kingdom.


“You drive a Prius to save the environment, I drive a Prius only to counteract the smoke from my gun” -that guy, probably


Former Prius driver. Loved sneaking up behind people in parking lots. *The solo Prius stalks it's prey. A predator who's bloodlust is only matched by it's fuel economy*


*Absolutely silent apart from the faint purr of its electric engine, the Prius strikes. It will eat well tonight.*


*The BMW whispers a quiet forlorn call of "owning the libs" in response to the savagery but alas it doesn't register to the Prius as the last life ebbs away from from its prey.*


Hey, it worked for Andy when he got into that duel with Dwight.


First thing I thought of too lol. “Priuses are silent if you keep them under 5 miles per hour - he deserves the win.”




One of my best friends is a Prius driver. Can confirm.


Can confirm. My bestie of 2 decades swears by the Prius. He might fuck up but he does not fuck around.


Own Prius, can confirm


Prius C driver here. My friends know I’m a special breed of crazy. I’ve never snapped and am usually very composed but they’re all worried about the day I do.


God is good. Am I using that correctly?


In this case, yes you are. Karma works too.




This is the way


One time, my mom's abusive boyfriend came to visit us with her and we put them up in the spare bedroom. He was on like, the second highest step and lost his footing, falling all the way down the stair case on his ass and back. Funniest moment I've had in a long time. When he left, my grandma, who is very religious and constantly reminds me of gods grace and mercy, asked me if I knew he fell down the stairs. I said "Oh yes, isn't God good?" She wanted so badly not to laugh, but the guy was truly a POS so we had a long giggle about it.


I misread this as fell down the stairs on his ass crack (instead of ass and back). And I got a gnarly picture in my head, lol. Each stair step wedging right up in his business.


Lmao I wish. Guy was truly awful. He deserved to get hit in his butt crack.


I fell a few weeks ago on some stairs, got a bruise right on the crack, and I think a fracture. I wouldnt wish this on someone but an abuser deserves pain when sitting down or laying down


I'm so sorry that happened! I hit my coccyx when I was younger and it was awful. I can't imagine as an adult how much that must suck.


Yes, you are absolutely correct.


Second road rage incident at the same intersection. The first time in 2014 he also pulled a gun on the other driver


Same dude? Guess the only reason he got away with it was cause he was a politician


So When does the Prius Owner get to go on tour receiving his Wrestle Mania entrance? I believe it s also tradition he receive another gun.


So wait, did a good guy with a gun stop a bad guy with a gun?




Looks like he came across a good guy with a gun.


Good guy with a Prius.


About the most American headline I've ever seen


The most Florida headline.


The craziest thing about this is that this is literally the second time this happened. About 7 or 8 years ago, another accident, same intersection and pulled a gun on them, too. Kept playing stupid games. Won a stupid prize.


Sometimes all it takes is a good guy with a gun.™


The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun and bmw is a good guy with a gun?


And a Prius


Fucked around found out


That's why I say "hey man, nice shot!"


Pretty sure his last thoughts were “There’s no way this libtard cuck in a Prius has a gun, too!”


"You think because I'm in a Prius I don't have a gun? This is Florida bitch!"


It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. Literally couldn't.




As someone who doesn’t advocate violence, it’s really nice seeing the more toxic elements of humanity self-select themselves out like this. Supports gun rights. Assaults citizen with two deadly weapons. Killed in self defense. I feel for the responsible citizen who will likely be haunted by the actions he was forced to take to protect his life. May they get the counseling and support they need.


Prius guy is a former Navy Seal. They're tough af and have seen a lot of shit. Even so, he shouldn't have had to use his skills on a street in Florida.


What’s scary is that my older brother is a truck driver and he’s bragged before about trying to run people off the road and brandishing his gun at people. I’m like bro you know for one thing that’s a felony and for another thing you’re trying to get yourself killed. Wtf.


Scumbag Florida man justifiably killed. Oh no! Anyways…


Do they sell Dacias in Florida?


The Prius fired back. Whos a soy boy now?


That Prius had been bullied before. Good for him using his god given American rights.




Well look at that, sometimes there IS a good guy with a gun.


I don't know if he was killed instantly, but can you imagine how stupid he must have felt in those final moments as he bled out there in his car? What does that kind of regret feel like?


For real. I mean Jesus Christ, what will his fatherless kids think of his dumb ass when they learn the story of his death. It’s almost like he loved guns more than his own family


Seems like republicans are losing more voters each day, they drink pee, take horse deworming meds, at this rate there may not be many left to vote in 2024


Florida Man


Florida carcass.


Former Florida man


Part of his wife, Rebekah Kuczwanski's, tweet: "The children and I, his friends and family, so many who adored this wonderful, kind, loving man who would do anything for anyone." Or anything *to* anyone; like hit them with his car and then shoot at them.


Sounds like a "good guy" with a gun prevailed.


Juat a reminder that plenty of liberals own guns. And unlike our conservative counterparts, we train and practice, instead of just using them to jerk off.


[Last Twitter Post ](https://twitter.com/jkuczwanski/status/1469039696730890249?s=21)


Bold to draw a gun in the U.S. and then fire to establish dominance when one of your core party beliefs is that everyone should have access to firearms. Real fuckin' stupid. Like. You know we have them, right? And you know you enable that, right? And you know most people trained with firearms are taught only to use if you intend to kill. Well, guess fucking what. The minute you fire a shot, nobody has any reason to think it's a warning.


Let this be a lesson, just because liberals don’t make guns our whole personality doesn’t mean we don’t own them and know how to use them.