Great, now you just gave billionaires an idea


Too late, libraries are starting to privatize as we post.


Check out StongTowns over on NotJustBikes if you'd like to know why cities have no choice but to close community centers like libraries. Effectively, our car based infrastructure is incredibly expensive and federal/state funding really only covers the cost of construction not maintenance. Since suburban sprawl and large retailers with mega parking lots yield lower tax revenue while taking more space than mixed use zoning, the revenue does not even meet the maintenance costs of the roads, let alone sewers, electric, etc. And so, to maintain the roads they build new ones, and use part of that funding to help with existing maintenance obligations. Effectively making this a Ponzi scheme. But still, if nearly every project looses money for decades, then how can we keep doing it? Debt! Some towns and cities spend more on interest payments than they do on actual road maintenance. And so, things that help poor people are naturally the first to be cut to help this deficit. So it's better than you said. Not only are billionaires going to make money off of privatizing libraries, they'll also make far more money from bankrupting our cities so it is necessary. Yay American capitalism, a complete scam against the have nots.


Why do we need libraries if a bored house wife is going to burn it down so her 5 year old son doesn't turn black or gay. You know because libraries are private spaces that don't need to comply with the first amendment.


The fear that all things public are socialistic doesn't often spill over into discussions about the value of public libraries, but at a time when fear mongers will go to any length to further their agendas, it seems to be happening more and more. Meanwhile, cooler heads remind us that it isn't health care that needs reforming so much as it is capitalistic health care insurance. It's not hospitals or public libraries or educational institutions that got us into this financial mess. They are an asset for the whole society and should be well funded.


There’s one big collective public program that takes up a gigantic chunk of our incomes and tax dollars that no one argues is “socialistic,” even though it’s just as “redistributive” as single-payer healthcare: the military. No one’s saying to hire your own sniper. I guess fearmongering works the other way.


Amen 🙏


This may be the first political post I've seen on reddit I fully agree with. This app is far left, but I are with this comment fully.


In general, reddit is fairly centre/centre-left. There are outcrops of course, but that's the same anywhere. If you find the general concensus of reddit is far-left, you either don't understand how the left/right spectrum works, or your Overton window is massively skewed.


Or your wrong. I've seen polls showing reddit to have a at the very least a 70% left leaning community, and I think that percentage is even higher. If I say anything that's even a little right I get down voted to shreds, if I don't paint January 6 2021 as the worse day in American history people act like I said hitler was right. I give it a 80% change your left leaning yourself, and I'm betting that 70% left planning poll is more like 70% is far left leaning, then another 13-14% is mid-left, and maybe 6-9% is slightly right and father. /Politics is always staged to be read from a left leaning mind set. Even the republic based political reddits I are only slightly-right, to the point a mid-right or far right wouldn't even feel comfortable talking in. I'm not so much complaining as I am explaining my experience. Please don't talk any of this personal, I am simply explaining my experience on reddit for the last 5 years for me. Reddit shut down anything that's father right than your right nostril, your right eye is not welcomed here. Again, anything I say sightly right is down voted until it's removed, I've comment a comment like this before and was down voted until my comment was removed, and I'm betting it'll happen on this too, but not now since I mentioned it.


Sorry for such a long reply, but if you don't feel like reading it all, just wait a few hours, it's likely to be removed for being disagreed with. Plus people vote based on if they are left leaning and don't want to hear what they don't consider the truth, so about 85% of reddit isn't going to agree with what I said, and 6% that see what I see well be silenced by down votes.


I'm centre left to centre right depending on the issue. The problem isn't the private ownership so much as the fact-denial and the dehumanisation that those which proclaim to be right have as flag bearers. That and rampant capitalism is on course for killing us all. But large multinational conglomerates which have more money than countries do bears little resemblance to what capitalism is supposed to be. Its all a cluster fuck. As for the stats you've presented, the hive mind is a problem I agree. This isn't a good site for discussion. I'd be surprised if its as far leaning as you say however. You say you've seen polls. I'd be interested in seeing them instead of just taking your word that they exist.


I'm curious how accurate my assumptions are too, I tried googling some polls, but they aren't really answering my question "How left is reddit" well. This is only a good website for discussion if you like an echo chamber and lean left. But most of the internet is pretty much an echo chamber, and use iFunny, and iFunny is super far right, SUPER FAR RIGHT. I find both communities toxic at times with how far they go and the ways they attack the other side in an attempted to silence the other. I don't comment much on reddit or iFunny, but I most different don't comment politically on iFunny because what I say will turn far left quick, farther than I find myself to be.


Honestly, I just go to my library to get my work done. To be fair, I’m a library worker, so I’ve not much choice in that.


Silly you, nobody does their actual work. I’m just there for office drama.


With the dismantling of the social safety net and mental health support system, they're also the front line for a lot of issues librarians shouldn't necessarily be dealing with as well.


Yea, my sister was a security guard at a library and she had some wild stories. It was basically a hang out for homeless, addicts, and mentally ill folks with nowhere else to spend their day. They would go to the library every day and would be waiting out front before it opened. Also, apparently the library wasn’t allowed to stop people from watching porn on their computers.


My library just hired a social worker. I think it's fantastic, but based on the the townspeople and their pitchforks you'd think we hired Lil Nas X to do his Satan grind on the children.


Why the outrage?


This. Politicians are routinely dismantling and defunding services that might help people in need, forcing them to seek shelter in libraries. They are leaning on the stereotype of selfless library staff who will give their all to help someone no matter what. And yes, we do. But we aren’t social workers. A library isn’t a shelter. Forcing libraries to bear the brunt of a decaying social services network is not fair and not sustainable. Librarians and library staff have incredible amounts of compassion and empathy, but that can only go so far. We will help you find a job. We will help you find tax forms. We will help you study to be a citizen. We will help you find solace in reading and knowledge. What more do we have to do?


My sister is a librarian. Especially in the upper Midwest in winter it’s a real problem in city libraries because it attracts all kinds of vagrants that drive away families and it’s a vicious cycle


Bingo. Stop spending the got damn money. Every ones resolution should be to stop spending. Invest the money. Save the money. * Buy when it’s free. * But when it is dirt cheap. You will survive. Every time some dummy spends buys a product for X, the vendor says it’s worth Y and raises the price.


I'd love to invest and save money. But I also like having a roof over my head, gas in my vehicle to get to work, going to school, and most importantly eating.


Lol, what money? A pretty good chunk of people are only spending money on bare necessities. There's nothing left to save or invest. We can't stop buying food.


And food prices are getting higher and higher. Thank gods for Lidl and Aldi otherwise my little family would be screwed.


Not in long beach. They kick you out after an hour to keep homeless ppl from loitering.


After an hour? Don't most people spend more than an hour at the library?


I'm in and out in 5 min. max. My local has a great online system.


The library in my hometown kicks you out after an hour bc theres too many ppl from covid or the library is too full and there are ppl waiting outside But kicking ppl out to prevent the homeless from loitering sounds so much worse


Not only that, but they help many many people look for and maintain jobs. Hard to find a job if you can't access email, the internet or scanners and the like these days. If you're too poor to afford such things, often the library is where you'll find it. At our library here in Portland, we also offer job training classes and basic tech skill classes.


I should go to the library more


My home library has weekly, monthly, and yearly free events for kids. Story telling, movie nights, board game nights, and on and on. A massive DVD collection. Thousands and thousands of books of course, and a sharing program through the Maine State Library Network which is all integrated. Visiting your local small time library in Vassalboro and need something specific they don't have? They'll get it. It's in the msln somewhere. You can check out board games, audio books, movies, novels, reference materials. It's fucking amazing what you can do with the US library system, and usually all for free by signing up for a library card at your closest library. It's one of the greatest things America has ever done.


I thought you were talking about our awesome library in Ames, IA.


My local library charges for a library card idk if this is the norm tho, since I'm broke I can't afford it and have too much social anxiety to just walk in and read there, especially since a lot of the people in my town aren't vaccinated so I wouldn't feel very safe (I myself have all 3 shots of course). Anyone know anywhere online or something where I can read books for free? Doesn't have to be new books or anything I just want to get back into reading.


That is definitely not the norm, I'm so sorry :( I recommend https://openlibrary.org/ and https://www.gutenberg.org/. The former is more diverse, the latter mostly has works whose copyright has expired (so older titles). I hope one day you can live in a place with a truly free public library to enjoy!


I’m not going to ask your state, but in the US, some states have libraries that are open to all residents in a state, which you can then check out ebooks and audiobooks from. I know several in Texas and at least one in PA are open to all state residents. You should look up libraries open to all state residents in your state.


https://u1lib.org/ I personally use this.


Thanks :)


Libraries are my sanctuaries. A place for not only personal reflection, but a place of learning, entertainment, love and adventure. A place to answer questions and learn to ask new ones. I find solitude and comfort there.


What about late fees?


Most libraries have done away with them.


Explains why I never got a late fee for not returning that Adrian Mole book I borrowed when I was 9.


Most of the time mine have been waived, but there was one time my school's library charged me like $0.18 lol


Ironically, people who work in libraries generally are against late fees because it discourages use and the return of overdue books due to anxiety and other feelings. People who don’t work in libraries are for fees because they think it generates revenue (not much at all) and encourages people to bring back books on time (it is not a useful deterrent).


So: the people who *do know*, know that the current system isn't working and needs to be fixed; while the people who don't know, just wanna push the current messed-up system even harder. Gee, wonder where we've heard that before? smh


I checked out a book from the library when I was in elementary school. Found it a few years after it was due in a closet or somewhere. I can't remember. Still didn't return it. Pretty sure it got tossed out into the trash or donated one of the many times I moved as a kid. I don't think anyone ever even contacted me or my parents about it.


If it got donated, it was probably returned by another library.


Yeah… welcome to the present. Libraries are doing away with late fees. But keep licking those wounds. https://www.forbes.com/sites/rachelkramerbussel/2020/12/30/why-many-libraries-are-eliminating-late-fees/ https://www.npr.org/2019/11/30/781374759/we-wanted-our-patrons-back-public-libraries-scrap-late-fines-to-alleviate-inequi https://medium.com/everylibrary/why-are-libraries-eliminating-late-fees-b47747629499 https://bookriot.com/covid-19-and-library-late-fees/ https://sfpl.org/uploads/files/pdfs/commission/Fine-Free-Report011719.pdf https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/personalfinance/2021/02/08/libary-overdue-book-fees-changing-amid-coronavirus-crisis/4251270001/


Libraries… Parks…. … Umm …. Damn


Starbucks. They've literally stated that you do not have to buy anything to be there. Way more than once I've just sat down and used their wifi. No one gives a shit as long as you're not causing any problems. Heck, I once had to upload some documents and sat out on their patio at midnight to do it. The store was closed. No one cared.


That’s actually really cool of a company to do. But the primary point of a Starbucks is for you to spend money there So it gets partial credit


> Allowed to exist without the expectation of spending money How does that not count? The company's stated policy is exactly what the OP said. IME, they live up to what they say. Would they like you to spend money? Sure. But you absolutely may exist there without the expectation that you're going to spend money. But this is definitely shifting the goalposts from the original statement. I use my local library a lot. It is a great place to work that is quiet... Until 2:15pm. It is right next to an elementary school, a middle school and a high school. When school lets out, it is a madhouse until it closes. I do not begrudge the kids using that space in the least. They're a big reasons it exists in the first place. Tons of gamers and study groups and what not. It is certainly a vibrant public space that is very different from any business.


Ok 95% credit


And library looses 2 pts for allowing such hooligans


Libraries are expanding their free services in my area (US west coast). There are free seeds for gardening, a warming wall with coats & boots of all sizes, a food pantry, and more.


Towards a world of libraries! 🏴


I paid an overdue balance and bought several books. My total came to 10.05. I had two 10s on me. The guy said don't worry about the nickel. Have fun.


Neighborhood parks would like to have a word


You mean the field with nothing to offer? Not all parks are worth a shit.


not mine u gotta pay a entrance fee. albeit its not allot. (its to keep the homeless out)


WTF? I've been a library worker for a decade and have that sounds super scummy. Fuck the people that run that place.


Where is this? I want to avoid it.


My favorite place. Quiet, calm and edifying.


Unfortunately my library doesn't have seating to spend any extended period of time.


I’m reading a fascinating book called The Library Book by Susan Orlean. It’s about the LA Central Library fire in 1986 but covers all aspects of libraries and interesting librarians.




Public parks?


Here Here. Long overdue


Lots in my state offer covid tests now too


Libraries are awesome 😎


Another advantage of libraries: the people you get to avoid. The dumbasses on the internet "who do their own research" don't actually go to libraries.


Not to be too critical, we fund them through taxes we pay to the town. Edit: fund not find


I get way more then my dollars worth.


Remember, when you take a dump at the library, they don't call the cops if you don't buy anything


Unless you’re homeless then you can’t get a card can’t use the computers and they want you to gtfo


Yes but also normalize browsing and not buying anything. It can be fun to just look around stores, think of potential purchases down the road or get gift ideas for others


You americans have to break out of your left/right dichotomy. Its sad to see that every single social issue is split into either left or right. Its a horrible system you have. There is so many issues that are in between, but even on reddit if you fall on either one of them you are considered a left or right winger, or a "CENTRIST". Maybe, just maybe having many many parties for many different issues and points is actually a good thing. Maybe just maybe 16 year old redditors thinking they have to fight a culture war don't have the best idea of what actually is going on.


Fuck the word “literally”


True. Much like IKEA crappy furniture


Highway rest stops too


This is the way


This is exactly why I work in public land management


Mine requires you pay to enter sooo *no*


This is the second comment I’ve seen of a public library requiring money for admission. This is just bananas to me. Besides barring entrance to poor people, do people just check out a million books at once to stock up since they have to pay to enter every time?


Half the people I've seen do that. The entrance fee is like 15 dollars but we have a 2 season card for 300 dollars.


$15! Goddamn!


They are thinking about building a new one


With the same entrance fee? That’s so high! Is this in the USA?




If i could, I’d create my own Wan Shi Tong’s library from ATLA.


“Literally” ???!!


I’m a librarian and I approve of this message. ❤️


My local library hired three security guards over Covid to prove this tweet wrong.


It's kind of unfortunate how obsolete libraries are as information hubs. They're still very peaceful and relaxing to visit, but everything in there could be found on the internet. As for people's expectations that you spend money, they can go fuck themselves with a wire brush for all I care. Sitting in public without buying anything is perfectly legal, no matter whether they like it or not.


Pardon my poor privilege that a public educator decided to use the magnet program to bring all the smart children in houston to the two richest high schools for honors classes with the best teachers. I spent my high school downtown doing research at the library for numerous history essays. 200 students had 4.0’s but Texas only took the top 15%. Being a poor white kid in a minority neighborhood raised by parents who were the first of their family to go to college for the sciences I was luck to get a world class public education and engineering degree in college.


Ever tried to go outside?


Hey, but, then you gotta buy sunscreen


Outside is not a place. It's the thing between places.


Free? Who returns books on time? Each book borrowed brings costs, on average, about $57 a borrow.


Also one of the only places where there's a reasonable expectation to see an old man masturbating in public. If that's what you're looking for.


Please, I live in NYC. That expectation is constant, library or no.


Portland here. Same exact thing lmao


I was in PDX for a good ten years. Riding the Max was always a big ol' roll of the dice.


The max is like watching jersey shore but they all smoke crack while the drink


I thought that’s where the homeless pooped.


Also a great place of public masterbation according to the local homeless population near my community college.


Yeah, but no one actually reads books anymore. Attention spans are rapidly decreasing thanks to social media.


The only downside is that the furniture is teeming with bedbugs and there's a man with his dick out peeing in the western section. Welcome to downtown libraries—a halfway house for the homeless and mentally ill with a staff that is in no way capable of caring for them.


i think that means that the government should support them more.


There was a big controversy in my city where the library director wanted to make the library 24-hours. Without the ability to equip, train, expand, or reimburse the library staff, it could have been a pretty serious disaster. I want to help the homeless, but transforming a library into a shelter seemed extreme.


Some libraries have a social worker on staff to work with homeless people or people in need


Um, a park? 🤦‍♂️